5 Best Snorkeling Spots in the World

Spending a vacation on a beach and an island is full of adventures and awe-inspiring sights. It is an amazing way to encounter various things, creatures and explore a different world. A number of activities, such as underwater diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, etc. can also be done while being on a holiday. And if you are planning for one already, here is the list of the best islands for snorkeling in the world that will help you make the best of your vacation and convert into a bunch of beautiful memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

  1. Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas:

    Deans Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

    Located in a bay west of the Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas, this astonishing snorkeling spot happens to be the world’s deepest known salt water blue hole that has its entrance below the sea level. Turtles, tampons, jacks, dolphins and many more creatures can be spotted while enjoying snorkeling here. The white sand of the beach melts down as you move towards the depth and kick it with your legs. The best part of this destination is that it remains the same throughout the year.

  2. Norman Reef, Australia:

    Norman Reef, Australia

    The Great Barrier Reef has been considered as one of the most popular and awesome spots for snorkeling. Norman Reef is a part of this Great Barrier Reef and occupies a major part that has some breathtaking views. Spending a tropical vacation here will make you enjoy the tropical culture and weather, which is at its best. Tropical fishes and giant clams are found here in abundance, witness them all while taking a dive. Take your travel buddies along to make it more memorable.

  3. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador:

    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    A volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is known to be one of the world’s famous and amazing wildlife viewing destinations. Snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands will make you discover the real wonders of the marine life. Sea lions, sharks, dolphins, turtles and penguins can be seen swimming if you are willing to enjoy a snorkel ride here. The alluring sites of these creatures swimming by your side will make you wonder in surprise. So, pack your bags and head straight to this island to feel the magic.

  4. Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand:

    Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand

    Connected by a huge sandbar, shallow white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, Koh Nang Yuan is one of the best islands in Thailand that is a renowned destination for amateur and experienced divers. The untouched and unspoiled marine life of this island will make you come across some of the rare species of flora and fauna. You can enjoy snorkeling here, along with sightseeing the island’s miraculous beauty which will leave you spellbound. Make the best of your vacation by being here in this paradise.

  5. Seychelles Islands:

    Seychelles Islands

    Seychelles is an archipelago made up of 115 islands that are definitely one of the best spots for diving and snorkeling on the planet. Known for its beaches, coral reefs and natural reserves; this beautiful destination has a treasure of the best eye-catching spots that are going to steal your heart away. There are many boat tours organized in the island, take one of them and take the help of a guide to find you the best snorkeling spots here.

Now when you have a wholesome list of the best snorkeling spots, do not delay anymore. Plan a vacation soon!

Things to Beware of When Traveling Abroad with Credit Cards

Traveling to a foreign destination is a dream of many of us. Planning the same takes a lot of time and resources. Apart from staying excited and enthusiastic, there are many more precautions that need to be taken care while packing up your bags for that far away destination. One of these is taking care of your expenses and credit cards that can put you in great trouble fi not handled properly.

Here are the few things that need to be taken care while traveling abroad. Follow the tips and give yourself a good overseas vacation experience.

  1. Know about the Transaction Fees:

    Know about the Transaction Fees

    Taking hard cash to abroad is a bit difficult and using the debit cards can make us pay double for certain things. In this situation, credit cards become a savior and save us from the trouble. But have you ever wondered that your credit card can also generate a huge bill while being in abroad? Well, if you haven’t checked it yet, then do not forget to collect information about the transaction fees of your credit card before traveling. This will help you in saving a lot of money.

  2. Fraud Protection:

    Fraud Protection

    Suppose you made a transaction in abroad without intimating to your bank, assuming it as a fraud, your credit card will be blocked by the bank. It is important for you to understand the same and inform the concerned authorities about your travel and usage to ensure a better experience. If possible, tell them about the places you’ve been planning to visit and stay so that they can help you in locating your credit card in case it gets stolen. Make sure the information is recorded properly.

  3. Acceptance of Cards:

    Acceptance of Cards

    It is advised that before traveling to a foreign destination check the international usage of your credit card with your bank. You might not know about the fact that not all the cards can be used at every destination. If your card is among the non-acceptable ones, try to use an alternate card or talk to your card provider to give you some privilege in using the card globally. Doing so will not only help you in knowing about the card, but will make you aware too.

  4. Insurance of Card:

    Insurance of Card

    Not to be confused with the travel insurance, this insurance policy will help you in getting rid of the losses that might occur if your card is lost or stolen. Many of the companies do not provide any kind of protection for the card while you purchase their travel insurance so making a note of this thing is very important. The insurance of the card depends on its limit, so check the limit and apply for the insurance accordingly. This step will help you in saving yourself from irrelevant stress.

Since there are many uses of the cards so we often use it almost everywhere. Taking benefit of the cards is good, but along with that following some travel tips can help you stay smart and active too. Follow this list of things to beware of when traveling with your credit cards and have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in the World

Have you ever dreamt of living near a beach front or in a coastal town? If no, then this list of these beautiful coastal towns will urge you to make your mind to settle on one soon. The alluring beauty, perfect weather and the impeccable charm of these beach towns is worth exploring and is definitely going to make you wonder in surprise. So get ready to sneak into a world of amusement and natural awesomeness that will leave you spellbound.

  1. Polperro, England:

    Polperro, England

    Polperro is a village and a fishing harbor on the southeast Cornwall coast in the south west of England, which happens to be amazing place with the influence and traits of the 16th The secluded coastline, traditional cottages, narrow streets and the colorful downtown make it a beautiful place that is hard to find anywhere else. The vibrant beauty of this place is going to steal your heart away.

  2. Saint George’s Bermuda:

    Saint George Bermuda

    Located on the island of Bermuda, this unique town has been among the third successful English settlement in the Americas. Originally known as the ‘New London’, this small place boasts the 17th-century’s cultural influence and has all the factors to leave you in the state of awestruck. The tropical climate, majestic stone arches and the colorful roofs of the houses make it a wonderful place with extraordinary scenic beauty.

  3. Manarola, Italy:

    Manarola, Italy

    A small town in the northern Italy, Manarola happens to be the second most visited of the famous Cinque Terre towns. This fishing town has a wild and rugged coastline along with small harbors and picturesque buildings that make it look like a beautiful painting. The amazing sea-facing houses will make you establish your own house here and get carried away in the influence of the medieval culture.

  4. Kotor, Montenegro:

    Kotor, Montenegro

    This coastal town is a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor, located in the Bay of Kotor that is supposed to be a World Heritage Site. The natural beauty and the magical charm of this stunning destination will make you fall in love with it. This historic city has a wide range of architectures, narrow streets and buildings that depict the 2,000 year old civilization. A visit to this place will make you discover its incredible grace.

  5. Lunenburg, Canada:

    Lunenburg, Canada

A Canadian port town in the Nova Scotia region of Canada, Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an astonishing charisma that will captivate your eyes and make you appalled. It’s beautifully painted buildings, traditional fishing points and the historic ambiance are the reason why we have added it to this list. To know more about this beautiful town deeply, you need to explore it yourself. Do not forget to watch the old houses, painted in black and white color.

These coastal towns don’t only have a different culture, but many unique things and sights to explore, so to take a never before experience, a visit to these beautiful coastal towns is necessary. Take your travel buddy and head straight to feel the magic yourself.

5 Places Every Traveler Should See at Least Once

Traveling is an activity that lets you explore the hidden vistas of various destinations and knowing them to the depth. It is a process that helps you find a new way of thinking and analyzing the situations and people, resulting in an improved you. When you travel, you eventually give a chance to yourself to discover something new, something wonderful and increasing the area of your mindset that gives you endless opportunities to introspect. Apart from this, it is an amazing way to connect with different people and places too.

Since there are numerous places that can be visited again and again, but some destinations are so good that you just can’t afford to miss them. Here is the list of such places that shall be visited at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey: A city that straddles between Asia and the Europe, Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey that has been among the top influential destinations for the last so many decades. This fascinating city has everything what you want as a tourist and a traveler. From food to sightseeing and cultural heritage to perfect weather; Istanbul gives a wonderful experience to all its visitors. You need to be here soon to feel the magic yourself because the charm of its beauty cannot be expressed in words enough.
  2. Istanbul

  3. Rajasthan, India: This amazing place in India is considered to be the most beautiful destination that has more historical heritage than the country itself. Vibrant palaces, ancient towns, remote deserts and a wide range of heritage museums and architecture prove that the city is a treasure trove for explorers. Nothing can replace the charismatic beauty of this awe-inspiring place that will leave you spellbound. Add it to your travel checklist and visit it once for sure to know more about its history, culture and magnificence.
  4. Rajasthan

  5. Bali, Indonesia: Bali has been known for its volcanic mountains, extraordinary beaches and coral reefs. This ultra-modern destination has the blend of religious, architectural and historical sites that will make you wonder in surprise. The authentic culture of this island nation and the exquisite grace is something you’ll lose your heart for. No matter what kind of vacation you seek, Bali won’t leave a single chance to impress you. There isn’t any reason to delay anymore, pack up your bags and head straight to this alluring destination.
  6. Bali

  7. Rio de Janerio, Brazil: There isn’t a person in the world who wouldn’t have heard about this most seductive and seaside city of Brazil. The vibrant culture, exotic locations and the Brazilian culture together make up a stunning place called Rio de Janerio that has to be on your list of must see. Golden beaches, lush mountains, lively festivals and parades add magical charm to this city. Don’t go with our words, there is a lot more and of course the photographs never lie. Escape to this wonderland soon.
  8. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

  9. Barcelona, Spain: This cosmopolitan city has the power to make you fall in love with it totally. Quirky art architectures, delicious food and vibrant street life make it a must visit destination. There are many eye-catching attractions to discover, including the Park Güell, Casa Batlló, Montjuïc, Montserrat, Casa Amatller, Torre Agbar, Casa Vicens, and the famous tapas bars that cannot be missed at all. Enjoy a world-class vacation experience by visiting it soon.
  10. Barcelona

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The Best Secret Islands in the World

Away from the crowds, isolated and unspoiled lands-islands are an amazing spot that lets you enjoy the wonders of the nature and help you in introspect. The alluring landscapes surrounded with water from all the sides give an amazing feeling that cannot be described in words. Spending a vacation at an island is the wish of almost every traveler and solitude seeker. These paradises are a perfect way to escape the monotony of life and rejuvenate your mind and body with the best, eye-pleasing and heavenly pleasures. If you too have been seeking such kind of vacation and haven’t been to one yet, then it’s time to pack up your bags and follow our list because we have brought the list of world’s secret islands for you that will give you a memorable vacation experience.

  1. Con Dao, Vietnam: The Con Dao islands are an archipelago situated in the southeast region of Vietnam, which is famous for its lovely beaches, coral reefs, scenic bays and the captivating natural beauty. Secluded from the mainland, this wonderful island has a wide range of hotels and beach side resorts, which double up the pleasure of staying here. Activities such as hiking, diving, sightseeing and exploring the wildlife can be enjoyed during the excursion.
  2. Con Dao, Vietnam

  3. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia: If you are looking for a remote island experience, there cannot be a better spot than Gili Trawangan. An archipelago of three small islands, this amazing place will make you feel like being in heaven. Enjoy a laid-back vacation or enjoy fishing, diving and watching the wonderful sights. The prohibition of motorboats makes it all the more interesting place as the only way to reach the island is by riding a bicycle.

  4. Pico, Portugal: It is an island in the Portuguese Azores, which is famous for its black volcanic earth and the UNESCO approved historical vineyards that make it a charming destination. Known as the Black Island, Pico’s impeccable beauty has made it a favorite tourist destination among the natives. The magical spark of this place will leave you spellbound and make you fall in love with it totally. Stop wondering, visit soon to experience the grace of this ultimate destination.
  5. Pico, Portugal

  6. Sandon, Sweden: This unhabituated Swedish island in the Baltic Sea has made a place on our list because of its pine forests and exotic beaches. The oceanic climate of this island is the next thing that can make you fall for it. The spectacular views of the seals and some other rare species of wildlife will make you wonder in surprise. Do not forget to take a bike ride through the forest to feel the amazing charm.
  7. Sandon, Sweden

  8. Andaman Islands, India: 550 atolls in the Bay of Bengal make this amazing spot, named as Andaman Islands. The blend of modern culture and ancient ruins make it a spectacular place that can put you in the state of awestruck. The snow white beaches, far-flung locations, long stretches for strolling and the perfect weather combine together to form a heavenly paradise which has become a popular tourist destination among the travelers. Spend some quality time with your loved one or sit back and watch its miraculous elegance.

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The Best Fall Destinations

The fall season is an amazing time of the year when the colors of the trees become brighter and the weather becomes cooler. The transition makes us experience the best sights of the nature and puts us in the state of awestruck. Fall/Autumn usually starts from the end of September and stretches till March. The bright colors of the season brings prosperity and smiles on the faces as it is apparently one of the most favored seasons of the year. It is also known as the ‘shoulder season’ as many destinations and places get influenced by its passage. Thus, makes it an ideal time to visit them and enjoy their vistas. Make the best of this offbeat season and plan a vacation soon. But if you are wondering where to go, here are the top destinations you should visit this fall to make some magical memories.

Fall Travel

  1. Atlanta: This sprawling capital of Georgia is on top of the list of the destinations that you shall visit this autumn. The amazing culture and the lovely weather will make you fall in love with this city. There are many festivals and events being organized during this period, so you’ll be lucky if you plan a vacation here in the sea. There are many attractions that will make your vacation a memorable one.

  2. Denver: The second spot on the list is owned by the capital city of Colorado, Denver that makes a wonderful spot during the fall season. The beautiful landscapes, attractive sights, astonishing sights and the favorable weather acts as an asset for the destination. This cultural city has many reasons to visit, including the craft beer, skiing, adventurous activities and much more. Plan a trip soon to discover the best spots of the city and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

  3. British Columbia: Surrounded by eye-catching mountain ranges along the pacific coast, British Columbia is a flawless destination that has been the choice of many frequent travelers since ages. Known for its parks, reserves and skiing spots, this wonderful city welcomes all its visitors with great warmth and serves them with the best sights during the season. The majestic valleys, attractive vineyards and exotic cuisines will make your vacation filled with joy.

  4. Napa Valley: Located on the northern part of the San Pablo Bay in California, Napa Valley is a world-famous wine growing region that makes an awesome destination to create some good memories during your trip. The warm weather, scenic beauty and the spotless natural sites are going to steal your heart away. The Californian culture and the harvest festival combine together to give you a pleasant experience of discovering its charm. Visit it soon to feel the magic yourself.

  5. San Diego: This is another masterpiece of California, which is famous for its art galleries, museums, beaches, parks and warm climate. This seaside city is going to captivate your eyes with its phenomenal charisma and leave you stunned. Talking about the fall season, there cannot be a better time to delve into the magic of this city as the natural beauty of this city is at its best during this season. Adventure and fun will be always around if you visit this destination.

There are many more destinations that can be visited, so pack up your bags and get ready for a wonderful excursion. Travelation offering you huge discount on airfares for Fall Travel.

5 Reasons You Must Visit Greece

Greece is a country in the Southwestern Europe, which is famous for its thousands of islands and peninsulas that gives a dramatic look to its beauty. It is also known for being the birthplace of democracy, Olympic Games and the famous Greek cuisine. Not just this, there are many more things that make this nation an important and special destination among travelers from all over the world. So, while you are still wondering what is so special about this nation, what about exploring it yourself. And if you are still not convinced to visit this amazing destination, here are the five reasons that will justify and explain why you should visit Greece soon.


  1. Exotic Food & Cuisines: Greek food and cuisines are famous all over the world. The lip-smacking dishes and the mouth-watering snacks will make you go crazy for the food. The large variety of restaurants and taverns attract many visitors towards themselves and make them relish their taste buds with some extraordinary flavors. So, if you are a foodie and want to discover something new, head straight to this destination with your favorite buddies.

  2. Natural Wonders: If food is not enough to attract you towards Greece, then the natural beauty of this destination will definitely do something good. The impeccable charm, alluring landscapes, beach fronts and the thousands of islands of this nation is something you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Not just this, the lush mountains and the high cliffs will satiate the feeling of adventure that has been aroused for long. The stunning peaks will take your heart away.

  3. Weather: Greece has the 11th longest coastline in the world with around 227 islands. The coastal weather is yet another reason that will make you fall for the country all over again. The sandy beaches, turquoise blue water and amazing sights create a beautiful scenery, which is hard to explain in words. Enjoy a laid back vacation or join the adventure or do whatever your heart says, because the climate is so perfect here that you just can’t get enough of it.

  4. Greece

  5. Cultural Heritage: Greece has been known as the treasure trove of heritage for last many decades. It is the land from everything started and everything comes. The art, culture and the beautiful masterpieces are a gift to the whole world by Greece. Wouldn’t you like to see them all? Of course, you will! Experience the thousand year old culture and heritage by visiting it soon. Do we need to explain anything else now?

  6. People: Last but definitely not the least, a country is formed by its people and the friendly nature of the people of this nation will make you wonder in surprise. They are ready to help you out in any sort of problem, they let you enjoy the vibrant nightlife of their nation and they welcome you great warmth and love. Isn’t this what you need? Won’t you like to be friends with such kind of people? So, what’s the delay? Fly to Greece soon.

There are many more reasons that will make you visit the country, but that can only be found while being here. Book a cheap flight to Greece soon to find out more reasons to fall in love with this amazing destination.