Best Winter Vacations in the US

Winter season is the coldest time of the year when the mountains get covered by snow, winds get stronger and chilled and a new face of the natural beauty can be seen in a different way. For some it is the favorite weather while others always look for a reason to escape it and spend it on a Beach, islands or a place that is warmer.

Since the weather has already started getting colder and the snowflakes will start to shower soon, planning a trip to a wonderful destination is the need of the hour. If you too are looking forward to spend your winter vacation in a wonderful place, here is the list of the top destinations we have compiled just for you. Pick one that suits you the best and fly right away.

  1. San Juan:

    San Juan

    Located on the Atlantic coast of Puerto Rico, San Juan’s warm temperature and the amazing culture will steal your heart away. This capital city of Puerto Rico has each and every factor that can make your holiday a memorable one, beaches, lively culture and amazing sights to explore. Whether you wish to enjoy a sun bath on the beach, dance all night or play a round of luck at the casinos; all the ideas can become true only if you plan a trip soon. Old San Juan, Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan National Historic Site, etc. are the top attractions of this lively place.

  2. Honolulu:


    Well, there cannot be a better way of spending the winter break at a balmy place and amidst vibrant surroundings. A wonderful place for all sorts of vacation, Honolulu is favored place for almost every age group. Wonderful resorts, fine dining, numerous shopping sites and amazing nightlife scenes make Honolulu a perfect spot for spending a fun-filled vacation. No matter who you are traveling with, there won’t be a single moment for anyone of you that will give you boredom. So, pack up your bags and head straight to this vivacious city to make unforgettable memories.

  3. Phoenix:


    This sprawling and beautiful city is yet another destination that we have picked for your winter break. It has been among the top tourist destinations of the nation that not only have the perfect weather but also has a treasure trove of things to do and explore. Enjoy golf, relax in a spa and shop till you drop; there is so much to see, discover and enjoy that you’ll love each and every moment of your trip while being here. There are many spots that can be explored including the Desert Botanical Garden, Heard Museum, Camelback Mountain, South Mountain Park, etc.

  4. New Orleans:

    New Orleans

    Last but not the least, New Orleans, also nicknamed as the ‘Big Easy’, is also a great option for spending the winter vacation as its temperate weather and calm ambiance gives you immense pleasure. Vibrant nightlife, live music scenes and a blend of the French, American and African cultures make New Orleans an amazing destination to be at. Mardi Gras Festival is yet another reason of visiting it in the winter season and creating wonderful memories. The impeccable charm of this beautiful city and the numerous partying spots will make your vacation all the more memorable and happier too.

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The Best Adventure Travel of Australia

Australia is a vast country and a huge continent, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, which is known for its charming grace, alluring beauty and some breathtaking sights. It has been a popular tourist destination since last many decades and attracts many visitors from different corners of the world. A wonderful spot for almost all sorts of vacation, Australia has a huge treasure of sights to explore, activities to do and places to see.

This beautiful destination has a wide range of beaches, islands and mountains that add style and elegance to its impeccable beauty. A favorite destination for travel enthusiasts and backpackers, it has numerous places and spots that are perfect for an adventure freak too. If you only know about one part of this wonderland, here is another that defines the new phase, i.e. Australia as an adventure land. Here are top adventure travels you can witness on your next trip:

  1. Great Barrier Reef:

    great barrier reef australia

    Spread in an area of 1,250 miles, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest eco-system in the world, which is situated off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. With over 600 types of coral reefs, 1,625 species of fishes and endless variety of marine animals, this 2,300 km long eco-system is a wonderful spot that happens to be a favorite activity for many snorkelers, divers and under water explorers. Diving, snorkeling and scuba diving are the best way to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place. If you too are a nature lover, explore it soon.

  2. Kakadu National Park:

    Kakadu National Park

    This national park is home to 2,000 plant species, hundreds of bird species, flatback turtles and saltwater crocodiles. This 19,804 km long natural preserve encompasses wetlands, rivers and sandstone escarpments that make it a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation in the lap of the nature. Situated in the northern territory of Australia, this biodiverse natural preserve is yet another adventure spots in the country.  Maguk, Gunlom Falls, Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls are its major attractions that can be explored apart from swimming, croc spotting, bird watching and taking walk tours.

  3. Sydney:


    This largest city of the country boasts a wonderful charm and many eye catching spots that could steal your heart away. With many beachfront harbors and beaches, it is a wonderful spot for spending a fun-filled vacation. Apart from its cosmopolitan culture, there are many more sights and iconic landmarks that will leave you spellbound. Lively beaches, world class restaurants, seas-side vacation and sailing with the seas waves, are the best way to feel the adventure in this awesome place. Take your travel buddy and head straight to experience it yourself.

  4. Perth:


    It is difficult to imagine adventures in a beautiful city but to believe in them, you need to be here soon. Situated on the southwest coast of Western Australia, this alluring city has sandy beaches and riverside parks that offer a treasure of adventurous activities to do. Skydiving, hot air balloon ride, paintballing, mountain biking, snorkeling, underwater diving, whale watching, hiking and walking trails are some of the exciting adventurous activities that you can witness while being here. To get the head over heels experience, plan an excursion soon with your buddies and create some magical memories.

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Top Romantic Destination for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the most loved and awaited event of the year that is being celebrated by lovers and couples worldwide. This special day holds a special place among the ones who are always drenched in the rain of love of their partner. Gifts, chocolates, flowers, special gestures and the lovely talks are the common ways of celebrating the Valentine’s Day, but this time do something different and woo your partner with your love and care at a different destination.

This Valentine’s day, celebrate the bond of your love at an amazing destination of your choice or your partner’s choice. And if you don’t have any plans yet, we have brought the list of the most romantic destinations where you can spend a romantic and loveable vacation.

  1. Paris: What could be better than celebrating the love day in the city of love? For last so many decades, this alluring city has been on the list of many travelers especially the love birds or the people who wish to make memories with their beloved. The lovely charm, amazing ambiance and the eye catching attractions and spots will help you relive your old memories and make the best of the Valentine’s Day. Book your flights soon to save yourself from last minute hassles.
  2. Paris

  3. New York City: Spending 14th February in New York City is the dream of many couples and if you are getting a chance to do that, do not let that go so easily. Though not as much as Paris, but NYC is also among the love cities of the world that will give you chance to create some enchanting memories with your loved one. The cobblestone streets, lively cafes and numerous museums make it a wonderful destination where you can easily spend a romantic break.
  4. New York City

  5. Istanbul: Istanbul happens to be one of the most romantic cities of the world and celebrating Valentine’s Day here will help you strengthen the bond of your love and make it a remarkable affair. There are many beautiful spots here that will leave you spellbound. Bosphorous Straight, Basicila Cistern, Topkapi Palace museum, Haghia Sophia, Princes’ Islands, Golden Horn, etc. are few of the attractions that can be discovered to enjoy a memorable trip. Do not forget to have a candle light dinner date with your beloved in one of its restaurants.
  6. Istanbul

  7. Prague: With its 1,000 years old rich heritage, Prague has a treasure of things to see and explore. Charming gardens, beautiful landscapes and alluring sights make this European city a lovely place to spend a vacation at. The feeling of love and romance can be felt in the air itself and the magic will leave you awestruck. Spend Valentine’s Day here with your lover and open your heart to them by visiting the major attractions together. The lively ambiance and the Bohemian culture will add spark to your visit.
  8. Prague

Since the day dedicated to love comes once in a year, it should be celebrated with enthusiasm and love. Pick up a destination and fly to any of these destinations by booking a romantic travel deal through Travelation.

Christmas Around the World How Various Countries Celebrate the Festival

Each year on 25th December, the whole world celebrates the big day or the Christmas Day. The day that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ who dedicated his life for humanity. Though there is one more story related to the day, which reminds us of the Santa Claus who brings gifts and happiness from heaven. It is believed that only the lucky ones get the chance of enjoying his gifts. There are many more real and fake stories that have been heard around but no one knows which one is true and what should not be believed.
Similarly, there are different celebration traditions related to the event that happen in different parts of the world. You may find it weird but actually different countries have their own way and method to commemorate this special day. So, let’s have a look at them and see how many do you know and which one you like the most?

  1. Tying up Mom & Dad for Christmas Gift in Serbia: Serbia doesn’t depends on Santa’s gifts, whosoever wants a gift has to follow the tradition of tying up mom& dad with a rope who pay an amount of money and gifts in the form of ransom to get themselves released. The 2 Sundays before Christmas is mom’s turn of getting tied up and the Sunday before Christmas is meant for dad to follow the same thing.
  2. Serbia

  3. Santa Comes with a Scary assistant In Germany: While in many countries and cities, Santa is supposed to be a good man who always brings good things along, the Santa Claus in Germany brings a devil-like assistant to scare the children. The tradition is followed in order to give children a lesson and teaching them to stay away from the bad deeds. The gifts are distributed by both of them to make a proper impact.
  4. Germany

  5. Gifts come on a Broomstick in Italy: Unlike other parts of the world, the Christmas celebrations in Italy usually take place on January 6. Not only this, the gifts are given by a witch on a broomstick instead of Santa’s red bag. The witch comes on her broomstick and gives away gifts to some people, while the unlucky ones get lumps of coal. Interesting, isn’t it?
  6. Italy

  7. Call Santa by the name of Sinterklaas in Netherlands: So while you are in Netherlands, do not expect the Santa to give you a gift. A person named Sinterklaas comes instead with his helper Black Peter to wish you a merry Christmas. Sinterklaas doesn’t lives on the North Pole and his sledge is not the same. He comes on a steamboat all the way from Spain on Christmas.
  8. Netherlands

  9. No Cookies or Carrots, only Porridge in Scandinavia: Now this one is something definitely not likeable at all. Celebrating Christmas in Scandinavia will make you experience a gnome-like character who will get annoyed if you don’t keep porridge for him instead of cookies and carrots. Tomte, the character who replaces Santa in Norway though brings barns and presents for the children. Do not forget to leave the bowl of porridge else you won’t get the gift.
  10. Scandinavia

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How to Travel Cheap on Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year are those two great events when everyone is brimming with joy and happiness. It is that time of the year when we meet our friends, family, relatives and family friends. Most of us have to travel to long and short distances in order to get in touch with them, which is a major hassle not only in terms of traveling but also for money. Traveling on these days is unavoidable and the cost of meeting our loved ones is paid to the airlines and the travel agents, but the joy of reunion makes us forget everything.

Each time this happens and we have to ignore for the sake of our family. But the situation is no longer going to be the same from now onwards because we are giving certain tips on how to save money while traveling on these days.

  1. Book in Advance: Christmas and New Year are two such events that fall on fixed dates, i.e. every year we celebrate them on the respective dates and they never get changed. Taking advantage of this thing, we can save a huge amount of money on our travel by booking our flights in advance. We know we have to fly home, so making the preparations 2-3 months prior can help us save big. So next time when you are planning to visit any of your relatives or friend, book your tickets in September to avoid last minute charges.
  2. Book in Advance

  3. Keep an Eye to all major airlines: Tracking all the offers of almost all the airlines is another way of saving yourself from the huge fares during Christmas and New Year. Most of the airlines circulate extra discounts and offers to its members and signing up for these offers can make you lucky too. Also, you can compare the prices of different airlines and then book your seat with the airline that has the lowest fare. Doing this will not only help you in getting great discounts, but you can enjoy the pleasure of being a special customer for both the airlines.
  4. Keep an Eye to all major airlines

  5. Avoid Last Minute Bookings: This is the biggest mistake most of the travelers make during the major events like Christmas and New Year. They usually book the tickets last minute assuming that the airline is providing extra discounts in lieu of the event, but actually the airlines add extra charges in the form of taxes, etc. and rob the pocket of the customers. To save yourself from being into this kind of situation, always take advance actions and plan your trip accordingly. This will not just avoid inconvenience, but will also allow you to buy extra gifts from the savings that you made by booking the seat early.
  6. Avoid Last Minute Bookings

  7. Be Flexible: Becoming flexible in traveling means adjusting the travel dates according to the event and the festivals. Suppose you have to celebrate New Year with a faraway friend, do book a ticket of a day before the event as it can help you save huge. The same thing is applicable with the timings of the travel as well, flying at odd hours like early in the morning and taking the last flight in the night can give you the opportunity of flying at comparatively lower rates. Think before you book your ticket next time.

Be Flexible

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Top Things You Can Only Do in Dallas

Dallas, the most happening and exciting city of Texas, is a modern metropolis with a bustling culture and vibrant nightlife scenes. Modern skyscrapers, beautiful architectures and alluring landscapes add charm to its flawless grace. From history to entertainment and sightseeing to cultural attractions, Dallas has a treasure trove of things to see and discover.

This beautiful city has been among the top list of the frequent travelers and visitors from all over the world. And if you choose to spend a vacation here, you won’t be depressed at all. The wonderful places, spots and the unique cuisines will make your trip worthwhile. To make the most of your visit to Dallas, here are the top things we have picked up for you to do. Follow the list and make magical memories.

  1. Sightseeing in the M-Line Trolley: Dallas has a rich reserve of eye-catching attractions that will steal your heart away. To give a kick-start to your trip, explore the beauty of this wonderful city by taking an excursion in the popular M-line trolley that takes you through major spots in a very unique way. The interiors of this trolley will make you feel like taking a train ride. Enjoy the sightseeing along with some lip-smacking dishes that are served during the whole process. Book your tickets in advance and enjoy the ride.

  2. Dallas

  3. Take a ride to the Katy Trail: If you love walking and biking along the natural wonders, you’ll definitely love doing this activity while being in Dallas. The Katy trail is a 5.6 km long jogging, walking, inline skating and bicycling path that has some breathtaking views and sights, which is going to leave you spellbound. You can enjoy a beer while chatting and walking through this trail with your buddies and enjoy the serenity as the trail ends. Take a bicycle on rent and paddle through the trail if you love cycling.

  4. Delve into the beauty of Wildflowers at the Arboretum: The lovely fragrance of the beautiful flowers and the exotic wine spreads like a magic in the air of the Arboretum. A trip to Dallas can never be complete without exploring the beauty of the wildflowers that have been preserved well since ages. The amazing ambiance of this place will leave you awestruck and urge you to spend some more time here. Art exhibitions, live concerts and many more activities can be enjoyed in this Arboretum. Also, take time to enjoy the small yet splendid waterfalls as they will give you a soothing experience.

  5. Get wild in the Dallas Zoo: Not many like visiting zoos, but while in Dallas, you have to be to here. Spread in an area of 106 acres of land, the zoo is the largest ecological park in the Texas that has around 406 species of animals including Jaguars, koalas, red kangaroos, wallabies, kookaburras, a blue-tongued skink, and lorikeets. Many events are organized in the zoo for the visitors, especially for children including the Safari Nights, Zoo to Do, Dollar Day, Running for Rhinos, etc. You can have a great time here, so choose your partner accordingly.

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Adventure Travel Ideas for the New Year

After Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the exciting event that keeps our spirit high is the Christmas. This much awaited event is followed by the New Year that undoubtedly is the best time of the year and the time to begin a new phase. With each step into the New Year, we set new goals and resolutions for the same.

While following the procedure and setting ourselves into the next year, we usually forget to live and enjoy the moment. But this time, take a pledge to make your New Year adventurous and memorable. Don’t know how? Don’t worry, here are the top places we have picked up for you to give you a never before experience.

Adventure Travel for the New Year

  1. Everest: If you want to reach the heights of success, hike the Mt. Everest on the very first day of the New Year and half of the battle is won already. There is nothing like climbing the mountain in the winter season. Awesome weather, beautiful surroundings, frozen waterfalls and the towering mountains will leave you spellbound. Isn’t this the best way to give a kick-start to the New Year? What are you waiting then? Pull up your socks and get ready to feel the adventure.
  2. South Coast Track, Tasmania: Do you remember the last time you took an adventurous trip? If no, then it’s time for you to take your travel buddy along and plan an excursion to Tasmania’s South Coast. This 85 km long stretch of land has a wide range of remote beaches, rainforest and alluring landscapes that are going to steal your heart away. The wilderness of this particular spot is satiate all the desires of an adventurous trip and what could be better than spending the first day of the year with your buddy?
  3. Antarctica: Have you ever wondered what does being on the coldest, driest and windiest continent feels like? This New Year’s eve take yourself to this snowy wonderland and feel the magic yourself. The 22 hours broad daylight will give you countless chances of capturing the flawless beauty of this awesome destination. Visiting it in December and January can make you spot the rarest species of wildlife and give you the perfect dose of adventure, which will leave you awestruck. What’s the delay then? Book your tickets now.
  4. Kii Hanto Pilgrim, Japan: What would be your reaction if you get a chance of hiking the great mountains of Kii mountain ranges along with the blessings of the holy souls? This can only happen if you take a trip to the Kii Hanto Pilgrim in Japan. The local people head to the Buddhist temples of the nation in the midnight, just before New Year to make the best of the year. Detoxify your mind, body and soul and enjoy the impeccable charm and give a treat to your eyes.

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England’s Best Christmas Markets

With the beginning of the winter season, the preparations for the Christmas season start gearing up rapidly. People of all age groups eagerly wait for the event to come and take active part in the arrangements. Most of them start creating plans for the same while others are busy in shopping. Christmas has always been among the top celebrated and the favorite festivals which is renowned globally. The enthusiasm and joy the festival brings along cannot be described in words. But one thing that gives immense pleasure to all of us is the Christmas shopping through the special markets.

Taking a stroll through these markets has its own bliss and if you love being in the colors of the festivities, let us take you through the best Christmas markets of the England that are going to leave a glitter in your eyes. Create your shopping list and head to them to commemorate the beginning of this wonderful event.

England’s Best Christmas Markets

  1. Birmingham: Each year during the Christmas season, Victoria Square is lit up with colorful lights and other decorative items because the Christmas Market is all ready to set here. The market begins from November 14 and stretches till December 22 and has a treasure of things, articles and food cuisines that are worth exploring. This German-style market is a wonderful way of shopping different items for the Christmas. Visit it with your family and friends and have fun.

  2. Southbank: Considered as one of the world’s largest markets and art centers, Southbank is a market set on the southern banks of the River Thames. With more than 80 stalls the market boasts a vibrant and amazing range of products that will make you fall in love with it totally. Special stalls are organized for children where they can play and win games as well. The market starts from 16th November and continues till Christmas Eve.

  3. Manchester: The Manchester Christmas Market has been one of the most popular markets in the nation. With more than 300 stalls, it displays a wide range of attractions and products since 1998. The market has been recognized by the National Association of British Market Authorities and has been recognized as ‘Best Market Attraction 2010’ .You can get almost everything here without any hassles. The market has already started from 18th November and will be live till December 22, so shop till you drop.

  4. Hyde Park: Hyde Park is one of the largest and royal parks of London that shines like a diamond during the Christmas season. The Christmas markets beginning from 22nd November make it a wonderful place and add grace to its impeccable charm. The colorful lights, lively ambiance and the perfect weather make it all the more charming and amazing. No matter what kind of thing or gift you are looking for, this traditional market gives you the freedom of choosing from a wide range.

Since Christmas is just round the corner and the markets have already set up, how about taking a trip to them? Take advantage of the Christmas travel deals and fly to any of these destinations without any problem. These cheap Christmas day travel deals will double up the fun of shopping and exploring.