Airport Expenses to Avoid

Traveling often involves many kinds of challenges and things that are not a part of the journey, but you still have to spend time and money on that. People who travel a lot can easily relate to the thing that no matter how long or short the journey may be, there are certain expenses which are very small yet look so big. But there are definitely several expenses that can be avoided that are going to make your travel easier.


If you are the one who travels by plane all the time, here are the top airport expenses you can avoid in order to make your journey convenient and cheaper. Follow them and see how much you can save despite of flying frequently.

  1. Airport Food: The first thing that usually occupies our mind is the food that is presented in such a good way that it attracts your eyes. The food on the airport and even during the flights might look tempting, but it is always necessary that it will be good and fresh. Buying food from the airport is not advisable at all as you are not sure about the quality and also, the price of this food is quite high that incurs extra cost on your travel.

  2. Airport Money Exchange: Many people travel to different countries for various purposes and it is always necessary to carry some cash along that can be used in case of an emergency. The chances may be higher that the currency of that destination might not be the same as that of your country. In this case, people usually choose the money exchange counters to save themselves from the queues. While doing this, they actually add another expense to their list as the conversion rates are different from that of other places.

  3. Airport Car Rentals: Taking a rental car from the airport is quite convenient for us, but it actually costs us more than that of what it is supposed to be. The car rentals at the airport have their own parameters and charges for the journey and may even charge you more even for a shorter distance. Taking a public transport instead will save you from the heavy charges of the car rental companies who have spread business dominantly on the airport. Skip the car rental and go with a public or private transport service.

  4. Airport Duty Free Purchase Outlets: The products at the duty free purchase outlets at the airport might seem cheap to you, but the truth is, only the taxes have been reduced on the products, the prices are higher than the normal ones. The deals are not always good, the prices may be higher than you think, so take a wise decision before buying it and do not forget to compare the same before buying. These outlets do cut prices, but only to attract the customers, so check before you proceed.

  5. Airport Cab Services: Just like the car rentals, the cab services at the airport are quite expensive. No matter whether you are a locale or a visitor, the cab services are going to charge you high with their taxes and extra fees of operations at the airport. Choosing public transport over the cab services is a better decision as the difference between the fares of both is quite high. You can even ask for a cab from the hotel you have booked a stay with and take the advantage.

These hacks are definitely going to make your travel much easier and thus help you in saving a lot. Follow these travel tips to enjoy a wonderful journey at comparatively low prices.

7 Things you learn from Studying Abroad

Going abroad for higher studies is a dream for almost every student. Many people opt for it to become more successful while others go for learning new lessons in life. Everybody has their own motive behind moving to abroad for studies but the struggle and the lessons learnt always remain the same.

It involves money, friends, family and many other things too, but the value of all these is realized only after going abroad. Here are the few lessons that are being learnt while studying abroad, read them all to know if you can relate to them or share it with your friend or colleagues who have been studying or had studied abroad.

    Student Travel

  1. It gives you a lifelong experience: Joining high school after school is a different experience but going abroad for the same gives you a unique experience. Whether it’s the first day of your school or the first outing with your new friends, each and every moment will be cherished for a lifetime and will surely have a hidden message behind it too.

  2. You realize the real value of time & money: From the time of packing your bags to finally moving to your room in the hostel/apartment, you finally start realizing how important money and time are in your life. You tend to become more responsible towards managing your time and spending the money carefully. And eventually you become smart and efficient too.

  3. Language is not a barrier in making new friends: While going abroad, you start meeting new people from different countries, places and languages and suddenly realize that making new friends doesn’t require a language. In fact, you start learning new languages and connecting with people of various religions, caste and sex. Language doesn’t stop you from communicating and connecting with people.

  4. Life is much different from what you had imagined before: Once you are settled abroad, you become more independent and get a new perspective about life. It gives you a new mindset and makes you understand that life is quite different from what you had imagined. The good and bad experiences will make you think in a different way.

  5. You learn to appreciate other cultures: This is yet another change that comes to you once you shift abroad for further studies. While interacting with different people, you come to know about their culture, traditions and many other things. With the passage of time, you get a chance to know them thoroughly and finally you start appreciating and respecting various cultures.

  6. Traveling is not that hard as it looks: Going to a new and different location might sound difficult, but once you have moved abroad, you like visiting new places frequently. The idea of traveling doesn’t scare you anymore, in fact, you are ready to go on a new excursion as soon as possible. Also, the journey excites you more than the destination.

  7. You become independent: The best thing of moving to a new place/ destination is that you have to manage all the things of your own. You are no longer dependent on anyone and are sincere and responsible enough to give a vision to your life. On the whole, you are a self-dependent and confident person.

There are many more changes that may occur from individual to individual, for that you need to experience the student life in abroad once. While you plan to study abroad, do not forget to take advantage of the student travel deals on Travelation and get huge discounts on your travel.

How to Protect Your Bags from Theft at the Baggage Claim

Traveling via plane is the easiest and convenient way of reaching your destination. The journey becomes simpler as the duration of the travel reduces quite a lot. While there are so many advantages of these commuting mediums, there are many disadvantages too. One of the major problems that the passengers face while traveling though plane is the theft of their baggage at the claim counters. Many of them even don’t get it back and lose their valuables too.

Since it is a very important issue and requires special concern, here are the top tips that can be followed to protect your luggage from being stolen at the airport.


1. Choose a Colorful Bag: This is a very clever trick that can save you from losing your luggage. A study says that bright and colorful bags are a thief’s enemies and taking them during your journey can make your luggage safe. So, choose the brightest color of the suitcase and travel without any fear.

2. Keep your valuables handy: Now this is another important thing you need to keep in your mind. Never put your valuables in the luggage, in fact keep it in the bag that you are going to keep with you all the time. This way you can save them from getting lost as they will always be with you.

3. Pack Light: Taking less luggage not only makes your journey easy but helps it from getting stolen. Thieves usually target the bags that are huge in size and are heavier, so the next time you travel, do remember to pack less and limited. Also, shift your important stuff to your handbag.

4. Use Cheap Luggage: Carrying a bag with branded tags and imported stuff can increase the chances of your baggage being stolen. These bags easily get caught by the eyes of the thieves as they are attractive and are considered to have valuable stuff. Taking a cheap bag/luggage can help it from getting stolen.

5. Keep an eye on your luggage during security check: There are chances that your luggage might get stolen during the security check too. Keep a watch on the luggage till it comes out of the scanner and ensure that it is locked properly. In this way, you will be able to identify the thief easily.

6. Look for your bag immediately after coming down the aircraft: This is another way in which you can protect and save your bag from getting stolen. As soon as you come down the plane, rush down to the baggage claim area and grab your luggage before anyone does.

7. Lock your baggage with a luggage lock: Locking the baggage with a lock is the best way of saving it from being stolen. Use a unique lock for better security. You can even go for a GPS enabled lock so that the luggage can be easily found even if it gets stolen.

8. Avoid switching flights: Your luggage may get stolen or misplaced if you check in for a flight from one airport and then go on to other later. There will be no one to look after your luggage and hence you may lose it. So, always take the flight from the same place even if you miss it.

9. Go for Non-Stop Flights: Flying non-stop is yet another brilliant way in which you can save your luggage from getting stolen, especially in the case of international flights where the phenomenon of connecting flights is too common. The more you will change, the more are the chances of losing your luggage.

10. Get Travel Insurance: Last but not the least, taking a travel insurance is one such remedy that can cure all your wounds. Before traveling to a destination, always buy a travel insurance so that you can get the refund of your loss in case it happens. It is a good way of becoming secure.

Always make a list of the luggage that you are carrying, this way you’ll be able to track it. Follow these travel tips and save yourself from getting stolen.

Top Must Visit Destinations of Australia

Australia, the largest island in the world is a kaleidoscope of different cultures, places, spots and attractions. This lively island is also a country, which is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans and has a lively ambiance that will make you fall in love with it. Its exotic cuisines, natural heritage, flawless charm and wonderful spots. It has been a popular tourist destination since the 17th century and has a treasure trove of attractions, sights and places that are going to steal your heart away.

Beaches, landscapes, mountains and deserts; there is an ethnical diversity in this wonderland that makes it an amazing destination to be at. While you are wondering what is so special about this wonderland. Here is the list of the top places that you must visit to feel the magic:

  1. Sydney:


    The largest city of Australia, is the eye-catching attraction of this wonderland that adds charm to its elegance. Situated in the country’s southeastern coast, it is a modern city that has a rich historical heritage. Port Jackson, Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Shelly Beach, St Mary’s Cathedral, etc. are its major highlights that can be explored while being here.

  2. Great Barrier Reef:

    Great Barrier Reef

    This coral reef is another jewel of Sydney that has made it shine like a star in the night sky. The 2,300 eco-system with thousands of islands and reefs make it an incredible spot that will leave you awestruck. An ideal spot for scuba divers and underwater explorers, it is a wonderful destination that is a must visit during a visit to Australia.

  3. Alice Springs:

    Alice Springs

    Situated in the heart of the nation, Alice Springs is a bundle of alluring landscapes, charming history and awe-inspiring sights that attract a wide range of travelers from all over the world. It is a popular spot for hikers and has numerous trails to be explored. Add it to your must-see list and delve into its majestic charm.

  4. Cairns:


    Known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, this tropical city has to be on your list while traveling to Australia. Situated in the North Queensland, it is a wonderful spot to enjoy sailing, diving and snorkeling. Its lively bars, restaurants and cafes shall be explored too.

  5. Melbourne:


    A visit to Australia can never be complete without visiting Melbourne. This coastal city has the influence of the 19th-century civilization, which is going to leave you spellbound. The vibrant nightlife, iconic landmarks and numerous art centres add charm to its grace and make it a wonderful place to be at. Do not forget to visit the National Gallery of Victoria and other attractions to make the most of your vacation.

Australia is an island and a nation with some of the most mesmerizing spots, wonderful attractions and beautiful places that are worth exploring. Plan a trip soon by booking a cheap flight to Australia with Travelation and witness the magic yourself. Do not forget to take your favorite travel buddy along to create some magical memories.

Top 5 Mistakes Tourists Make in Italy

Italy, a beautiful country in the Europe with a long Mediterranean coastline happens to be one of the most diverse and wonderful tourist destinations in the world. Known for its western influenced civilizations, iconic architectures and exotic cuisines, it is a wonderful place that has been on the list of many frequent travelers. Home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy is one of the ancient countries with a wide range of eye-catching attractions and spots that captivate the eyes of all its visitors.

Every year, many travelers take a trip to this wonderland to explore its hidden vistas and make magical memories, but most of them are unaware about the basic things/rules to be followed during the trip and commit mistakes instead. If you too are planning to visit Italy now or in the near future, take a look at the mistakes that the tourists make here.

  1. Over packing:

    Streets in Italy

    Flying to Italy for an excursion is interesting activity and most people take a lot of luggage along with this excitement. Walking on the cobblestone streets with the over packed luggage is a difficult task unless you get an accommodation at a good place. Visitors usually search for stays after reaching the place instead of booking in advance, for which they have to face a lot of troubles. So, pack carefully to avoid any kind of hassle.

  2. Not carrying cash:

    Carry Cash

    Credit cards and Debit cards might be a boon many times, but hard cash has its own importance as well. Another mistake that the tourists in Italy make is not carrying cash and relying on the cards and cheques instead. Most places in Italy do not accept cards and withdrawing cash from the ATM can incur extra charges. Taking cash with yourself can save you from getting into some awkward situation.

  3. Negligence for tickets while traveling in local transport:

    Buses in Italy

    It is observed that the excitement of sightseeing and traveling in the local trains often makes the visitors forget to the buy the ticket. Unlike other countries, a ticket has to be bought before boarding the bus, not from the driver or the tram conductor after hopping on the bus. Keep this thing in always mind or else get ready to pay the fine. Once you buy the ticket, it is valid till you use them.

  4. Wasting time in long queues:

    Book Online

    Nobody likes standing in long queues for the ticket of a museum, concert hall or any attractive spot. But tourists in Italy usually spend their time in the long queues, despite knowing the fact that they can actually book the tickets online in advance. Half of the fun of the trip goes down when the time gets wasted and thus the joy of exploring that spot also gets spoiled. So, the next time you go to Italy, don’t commit the same mistake.

  5. Tipping Unnecessarily:

    No Tip

    Giving a tip to the serving person in a restaurant, bar or café might be a sign of courtesy for you, but doing so in Italy can put in some real trouble. While dining or having a coffee at a restaurant, never ever tip the bartender or the waiter for you may be put in the jail as well. It is taken offensively and is highly avoided so keep your hands under control or get behind the bars.

No matter how strict or weird the laws may be, a trip to Italy is always a wonderful experience. Book a flight to Italy and make the most of your vacation.

Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural event, which is celebrated on 17 March each year. Dedicated to the holy saint, St. Patrick, it commemorates the entrance of Christianity in Ireland and being recognized as an important part of the country. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Republic of Ireland and happens to be one of the most amazing events of the country.

This amazing event also has importance in several other countries, including the Australia, New York, Canada and many other states of the U.S. This cultural feast day is also celebrated with a glee by the Catholic missionaries and several other communities who have put in their efforts to make it a federal holiday. Since the day holds utmost importance in the history and culture, the traditions and celebrations are also grand during this occasion. So, if you are planning a getaway on this holiday, here are the top places you can visit to spend your vacation and witness the celebrations of the St. Patrick’s Day.

    St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Dublin, Ireland: The capital city of Ireland, Dublin happens to be an amazing place to witness the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day. Parades, live music events, traditional dance performances and many more cultural things can be explored while being here during the weeklong celebrations. A visit to Dublin during this festival will also help you in knowing about it’s rich historical heritage.

  2. New York: The lively culture and vibrant nightlife of this city is something that makes it an ideal spot to spend a vacation at. The presence of numerous Irish Americans in this city is the reason that the St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with great zeal here. The cultural events, parades and social gatherings are the main attractions of the celebration during this festival.

  3. Boston: Boston is yet another destination where you can make the most of the St. Patrick’s holiday. It is one of the first American cities to commemorate the day and hence the celebrations are on a huge level. With many Irish groups giving their performances, the city becomes a beautiful place where you can have endless fun and feel delighted.

  4. Chicago: Patrick’s Day celebrations in Chicago makes the city dressed up like a gorgeous celebrity. The Chicago River is dyed with green color and made to look like an emerald. Parades, dance performances, cultural activities and many lively events can be experienced during the celebrations. Overall, the celebrations are awesome and will make you enjoy it to the most.

  5. Buenos Aires: Last but not the least, our list comes to an end with the part capital of Argentina that becomes an awe-inspiring and stunning destination during the festival. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Buenos Aires include traditional games, carnivals, parades, food feasts and partying all night. If you are planning to visit it during the holiday, you’ll not be bored at all.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is just round the corner and you have the whole list of where to see the celebrations, book a cheap flight soon and create magical memories.

Steps You Go Through While Planning A Vacation

Traveling and taking trips is always a fun-filled affair. We all love exploring new places and destinations sometimes alone and most of the times, with our loved ones. It is a wonderful way of connecting with people, knowing them and is also a great way to introspect. The pleasure of traveling cannot be compared to anything else but the pain of planning hid behind this pleasure cannot be defined at all.

A major part of enjoying our travel and vacation depends on the planning that we do while going for the trip. We all face some kind of problems while making plans for our trip. And the struggle is almost the same. Let’s take a look at the steps we through while planning a trip and see how many of us are able to relate to them.

  1. Deciding where to go:

    where to go

    Finalizing a destination is the hardest decision to make. Choosing a place to visit is a bit difficult task, especially when you have a huge group of friends who is traveling with you. The choices are different and the process of picking one becomes challenging. But once it is finalized, the joy we get is out of the world. The feeling of this sheer joy becomes double when we get a good deal.

  2. Thinking why we should travel:

    why travel

    Now this is another hurdle that we need to cross each time we plan to take a trip. The reason why we need to travel is, the question is either we ask from ourselves or someone else asks us. Though the answer is simple, but we fail to explain it mostly and end up staying in the state of dilemma. But we shall never forget to listen to our heart because it is worth sometimes.

  3. Duration of the trip:

    trip duration

    Taking a step forward, when we finally prepare our mind to proceed further, a cloud of thoughts about the duration of the trip, pops up suddenly in our head. If we travel with a group, the trip automatically becomes longer, but if the number of people is less, thinking about the time to be spent becomes hard. The hardest part is knowing that there is a lot to discover but the time becomes a constraint.

  4. Estimating the cost of the travel expenses:

    travel expenses

    Managing the budget is yet another challenge that we face during the planning of the trip. Setting a limit and carrying cash are the most vulnerable situations that put us in confusion and make us re-think about our decision. A big slot of time gets wasted in creating an estimate of the money that we need to spend on the trip. The more we think the more we get confused and it becomes complex.

  5. What to Pack and what to leave:


    This is yet another problem that we have to face every time we are planning for an excursion. The excitement of visiting the place and taking our favorite set of jeans and sweatshirts becomes tragic when we look at the size of our bag that we have packed for the trip. What to take and what to leave is a headache that leads to heartbreak when we forget to take our favorite one.

The scenario may change, but the difficulties would be the same always. So, the next time you plan a trip, do not forget to take travel tips from an expert and book a ticket through Travelation to enjoy great discounts.

Three Worldly Destinations Inspiring Love

With the end of the month of January and the beginning of February, the love starts floating in the air automatically. The magic of the upcoming Valentine’s Day can be seen almost everywhere, especially among couples, who start planning for this special day in advance. Most couples tend to make their valentine happy by taking a short break or a trip to a wonderful destination and relive the loving moments. Romantic dinners, walking hand on hand at the sandy beaches and counting the stars in the night sky while lying by the side of your loved one; are some of the great ideas in which you can make your valentines all the more romantic and memorable.

Different people have their own way of celebrating this special day dedicated to love and expressing them beautifully. If you too are secretly making plans for the 14th February to woo your partner with a beautiful vacation, here are the top worldly destinations you should be heading to, in order to make this special day even more unique for your beloved.

  1. Paris, France:

    Paris, France

    The city of Love, Paris is the perfect destination to spend a romantic and love filled break with your beloved. Whether you are going there for the first time with your date or are celebrating first valentines after marriage, the idea of celebrating it here is simply amazing as the lively ambiance, alluring sights and flawless charm is something that will complete your romance. There are a lot of things that can be done while being here to make your trip wonderful. Visit the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, cruise on the Seine river, explore the fairy castles and dine at an exotic restaurant, each and every moment of your excursion will be filled with love and romance, so visit it soon.

  2. Venice, Italy:

    Venice, Italy

    Venice has always been a special destination that can make you fall in love all over again with your beloved. The perfect aura, beautiful sights and amazing breathtaking views complement your stay here and make it a blissful affair. No matter how long you wish to spend your time here, the beauty and majestic charm of this wonderland is going to steal your heart away. It has been renowned as one of the most romantic cities of the world and perfectly justifies the same. Enjoying the scenic beauty of this stunning city on a boat ride, eating the lip smacking food and staying at the Venice lagoon island are the best ways of making the Valentine’s Day special.

  3. Prague, Czech Republic:

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Known as the ‘Perfect honeymoon spot’, Prague is definitely a destination you should travel to get the feeling of romance and love in the air. The exotic beaches, flawless beauty and wonderful spots are going to leave you awestruck and give a never before vacation experience. The European charm along with the romantic evenings and cool breeze are going to steal your heart away. You can take a cruise ride on the Prague River, go for a candle light dinner at one of the romantic restaurants, attend classical concerts and get accommodation in a lovely and romantic place. Take your beloved to Prague and feel the love all over your mind again.


No matter how romantic a destination may be, the company of your beloved makes it perfect. It’s time to plan a romantic excursion because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Book your tickets soon!