5 Most Serene Lakes in the USA

It is said that if you are looking to witness the best of nature, you must experience the lakes, where you can enjoy days and nights ashore admiring the beauty of the surroundings, a freshness that can be felt at the shoulder or within the lake and the fantastic experience to connect with the nature. USA is full of natural beauty and if you fond of lakes or wish to experience the most serene lakes in the USA, you better start packing, as we are now about to introduce to you with five most amazing lakes in the USA.

  1. Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

One of the most scenic lakes in the U.S. and a picturesque place to be with family to enjoy a serene vacation, Crater Lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the U.S. The glittering effect and blue shade of the lake is the most stunning feature you may witness. A place which has no water-stream to fill the pond, the lake is filling itself purely from glaciers and rainfalls.

  1. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

The biggest water pond in and around Yellowstone National park and among the most fascinating loch in Wyoming State, Yellowstone Lake is a fabulous place for family vacation and to enjoy the picturesque backdrop whilst being delighted by the crystal clear water and lake geyser basins. With quick connectivity from Bozeman with a 4-hours’ drive south from the city, you can easily access a fantastic day-out with family and enjoy the purity of nature and best of serene views.

  1. Lake Mille Lacs

Lake Mille Lacs

At the lands of 10,000 lakes, the picturesque lake Mille Lacs is among the most fascinating subjects to explore in Minnesota. Here, you can not only go for a lakeside picnic with family, but can also get indulged in myriad activities held round-the-year including kite-boarding, fishing and so much more. This is among the selected places where you can not only go for fishing, but also enjoy the dreamy sunset whilst sitting ashore and hit the casinos nearby for more enjoyment.

  1. Hanging Lake, Colorado

Hanging Lake, Colorado

Known for hiking trails and utmost panoramic backdrops, Hanging Lake is a place you must visit once in a lifetime and witness the adorable surroundings as well as the calmness at approximately 7 miles east from Glenwood Spring. Go for camping on the shores or enjoy the swimming deepest if you can and get delighted by the fabulous freshness this lake has to offer everyone.

  1. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Be it about lakes in the USA or across the globe, the list is incomplete without Lake Tahoe in Nevada. A heavenly fresh water lake formed millions of years ago, and surrounded by mountains, skiing resorts and world renowned casinos of Nevada. On the verge of California and Nevada, this delightful place is indeed a treat to visit. Each year, countless travelers take flights to USA and explore the beauty of Nevada and hold for a quick stopover at this fantastic site with a memory of a lifetime.

Although, there are many other engaging places across the USA that have been into the travel bucket list of countless voyagers around the globe, yet if you are up to explore any one of these, just search for the airfares to USA as per your budget and start packing your bags to enjoy the endless beauty of the USA.

5 Perfect Destinations For a Detox

Are you all set to enjoy the festive season to the fullest? A lot of fatty food and excessive alcohol consumption are some of the common ways to enjoy the festive season in every country. And nothing is wrong in this, as we get such opportunities only at special occasions.

But the problem is to go back to same healthy lifestyle and detox the body to re-energise it. Luxury detox holiday is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and bring your life on track. India is full of such destinations. You can book flights to India in advance to enjoy the festive season without any worries about disturbance in your healthy lifestyle. Check out 5 perfect destinations for a detox:


  1. Ananda Spa in Himalayas: Rejuvenate, relax and get healthy lifestyle advice at spas in foothills of Himalayas. You can enjoy spa, yoga and workshops on lifestyle at Ananda Spa in Himalayas.


  1. Taj Lak Palace Jiva Spa in Udaipur: If you want to enjoy a luxury stay in India along with a ‘romantic spa indulgence’, Taj Lake Palace Jiva Spa in the city of lakes Udaipur is a perfect destination. It offers five-hour buffet of signature massage and scrubs on Jiva boat.


  1. Ashiyana in Goa: Enjoy joyful living and free yourself from mental as well as physical worries at Ashiyana – Yoga and spa village in Goa. You can enjoy customized yoga therapy amidst rich flora and fauna of Goa. This is a perfect destination for the individuals fighting with digestive disorders, diabetes, addictions and weight issues.


  1. Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in Kerala: If you want to fight illness and get back good health, Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in Kerala is the most suitable destination for you. Acclaimed to the world’s first Ayurveda Resort, it is a right detox as well as holiday destination in India.


  1. Vana Retreat in Dehradun: If you want to detox in an area surrounded by picturesque views of ‘mother nature’ and hilly areas, Vana Retreat in Dehradun is the right pick for you. If you are confused what you actually want besides detox program, opt for their pre and post arrival ‘Don’t know yet!’ consultation. You can enjoy Tibetan treatment, signature Vana massage and private yoga session.


So, which destination would you like to visit after this festive season?
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Top 5 Things about Italy to Know Before You Go

Italy, the land of dreams, a treasure of alluring landscapes and plenty of eye-catching attractions is a lively and exotic tourist destination that has been stealing the hearts of the people from last many decades. Situated in the southern region of Europe, Italy boasts a serene culture and ancient civilization that makes it a wonderful destination to be at. Home to a large number of iconic landmarks and wonderful sights, it has always been a favorite vacation spot for tourists from all over the world.

With a plenty of things to see, places to visit and spots to explore; Italy is a bundle of joy that entertains all its visitors. Though the warm culture and friendly people make the stay in Italy a memorable experience, but a few things and aspects even affect the vacation. There are certain things that need to be taken care while being in Italy, below is the list that shall be referred to, before planning a trip.

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  1. Tipping is prohibited: Italian cuisine is known to be one of the most amazing and unique experiences in the world. While dining or having a meal at any of the restaurants in Italy, it is advised not to tip the waiters or the bartenders as it is considered to be offensive. The rule shall be followed in each and every restaurant so as to save oneself from going behind the bars.

  2. Be careful with the gestures: Each nation has its own language and culture and thus the meaning of the gestures and actions are also different. Knowing about them is important as using wrong gestures and imitating them publicly could put one in trouble. A local guide can be hired to help exploring the places and understand the language of the people so that a high amount of fine is not paid in lieu of the offense.

  3. Cover shoulders and knees before going to a church: Italy has a treasure of a large number of churches and a major part of the itinerary of the tourists visiting it. A visit to the churches with open shoulders, dresses above the knees and midriffs is not advisable at all. These places are meant for worship and are high in religious importance, so following some guidelines is a must. There are strict dress codes in certain parts of the country.

  4. Never touch a product without permission: The markets of Italy serve various things and items that are attractive and unique. A visit to them makes one witness and delve into the culture of the country. While taking a stroll through the markets, the visitors are not allowed to touch the products without any permission of the seller. Special care shall be given to the grocery items, which can only be touched by wearing the plastic gloves.

  5. Avoid plastic money, Use cash: Many shops, restaurants and places do not accept payments through credit cards and debit cards. Keeping cash is a necessity during a visit to Italy as the shortage of ATMs and extra charges on withdrawal are the drawbacks that have to be faced. Showing extra notes for a cup of coffee, can put one in trouble and charged for tipping. Cash should be kept handy for avoiding uncertain situations.

Though these are the basic things, more can be learned, found and known by booking a cheap flight to Italy.