Five Unique Places to Eat Around the World

The diversity available in our world is simply surprising and when it comes to culinary diversity, it’s even more than complex and wider than the cultures who originated the culinary. However, to make the food and the splurge even more interesting, a number of restaurants have broken the orthodox methodology, and came up with some new and exciting way to please their guests. Here, we have come up with a list of unique places to eat around the world where you can not only taste some of the finest dishes, but the specialty in settings will stun you even more:

Five Unique Places to Eat Around the World

De Kas, Amsterdam

A spectacular restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been into a food traveler community for more than a decade. The specialty of serving a menu with a diversity of culinary, magnificently refreshing settings of the greenhouse and the uniqueness of harvesting ingredients within the premises makes the restaurant a worthy entry in the list. Order what you want to eat from the menu, and the staff will prepare your food from the herbs and vegetables brought straight from the greenhouse fields harvested on the very same day of your visit.

Dinner in the Sky, Montreal

If an indoor dining with the surroundings of greenhouse isn’t refreshing enough for you, then it’s time for you to take your dining experience to the next heights. And by heights, we actually mean it. Dinner in the Sky in the Montreal is among the most exclusive and unique dining experiences you can ever have where your entire dining table is lifted 160ft. by a crane after strapping you with your dining chairs for a blissful sight of the city’s skyline and refreshing breeze touching your cheeks. This mobile restaurant is one of the unique experiences that will take your dining experience to a new height.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

If you are afraid of heights, yet love to have a dining experience with unique factors, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Rangali Island Resort, Maldives is there for you. Designed approximately 16ft below the sea level, with a seating capacity of 14 people, this underwater restaurant is an awesome experience to have. Transparent acrylic roof with 270 degree view of the surroundings is an impeccable experience you can have in the Maldives. By keeping the safety of visitors in mind and constructing the restaurant with zinc paint coating and steel structure to safeguard the restaurant from saltwater and fauna collision.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, San Pablo City, Philippines

Underwater dining may scare a few of you if you don’t like creatures floating around you. However, a picturesque dining experience can be found in Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in San Pablo City, Philippines where you can have a beautiful view of the waterfall in front of you and soak your feet in the fresh and clean running water whilst tasting some of the most admirable delicacies from Philippine culture.

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

A completely bizarre dining experience awaits you at Modern Toilet Restaurant situated in Taipei, Taiwan, where dishes are served in squat toilet shaped dishes and make you sit in the dining area based on the bathroom. The restaurant where you can use the tissue from the toilet paper hanging on the wall next to you and seats that are in squat-shape toilet seats. In case you have a curiosity of how they serve drinks, the answer will terrify the soul out of you as they serve urinal shaped cups to serve and pour your drinks.

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How to Travel Full Time for Cheap Before You Go

Travel is an inseparable part of our lives and sometimes all we need is a destination and a budget to go for it. However, many times when we are out of budget, we can’t be a full time traveler and need some tricks and travel hacks to save as much as possible. With a lot of research and references from various frequent travel authors, we have come up with the best techniques, through which, you can travel full time for cheap and plan everything before you go.

Travel Plans

Be Flexible with Your Travel Date
Being fixed on your travel dates may cause bit of an extra charges and expensive air tickets. Believe it or not, if you are a bit flexible on your travel dates and have better ideas to keep the spirit of travel alive, you can save a lot than you can imagine. Here is some advice; try to exclude weekends, festivals, special occasions and peak season. This way, you can skip the hard-hitting demand of flight tickets and avoid the higher prices on flight tickets.

Budget Accommodations Instead of Luxurious Hotels
When you are away from home and try to be a true traveler, the ideal way is to choose a budget accommodation and avoid flashy, lavishing and over-priced hotels. Go for hostels, budget hotels or any acquainted person’s house for a stay. Also, you can select even better options like sharing accommodation with a friend who is traveling with you and so on. This idea keeps your travel spirits on top as well as open the opportunity to explore your destination even deeper with a close connection with locals.

Avoid Booking Too Early or Too Late
Many of us have this misconception that booking flight late can cost us more and with this ideology, we book our flight tickets too early. However, there is a big chance that you end up booking your flights at a higher price. It is being said by many travel authors and experts that booking too early can cost you even more. So, booking date may vary as per the occasion. The ideal time to book a flight ticket is 50-90 days prior to departure date. However, the time can vary in case of a big event coming on your desired date.

Go for Budget Airlines
We all know, luxury comes with expenses and the same proverb is true in context of flight fares. Booking flight with a luxury airline or charter flights can cost you way more than a regional/budget flight. It is observed that booking a flight with a budget, flag airline or regional air carrier is much cheaper than the luxury airlines. Hence, booking a flight with the respective country’s flag airline or with an airline which belongs to budget alliances will help you to save more for your travel.

Picking Cheaper Destinations
Picking a destination for your travel is the most important part of your planning. Be aware about the cost of living, the total distance and duration of travel which will be incorporated in your travel expenses at the end of your trip and can seriously damage your budget for future. A destination with cheaper airfare, budget cost of living and great attractions is the key to a budget yet thriving travel experience.

There are chances that you may find a better way to save on a flight ticket whilst planning your upcoming trip. However, there are no specific travel tips that may help you to get an assured savings for your next travel, but planning in smart way can save a lot than you can think of, all you need is a bit more research, and you can save plenty.

Top European Cities You Must Visit in Your 20s

There is an age in which, you must experience the diversity of the world and if you are looking for myriad dynamics and cultures in the world, Europe is the best example of it. Be it history, culture, lifestyle or colonial background, Europe possesses ample of cities that have features alike. In your 20s, it is the best time to experience all of it and learn a lot about the various civilizations. Be it England, Greece, Italy, Spain or any other country, you will get enough chances to get the exposure of tempting information which will help you to broaden your thought process in many ways. Here are the top European cities you must visit in your 20s:



The engaging city of Canals, the magnificent capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam has always been a catch for people in their 20s. The engaging lifestyle, captivating history and mesmerizing canals has always been an attractive thing for travelers. A city which has a lot to learn from, Amsterdam has been a captivating city for teenagers who have a keen interest in traveling and Dutch history. The marvelous libraries and heritage places scattered across the Amsterdam are simply superb and easily accessible with bike rides.



Among the most artistic cities in the Europe and the capital city of Iceland, known for Northern lights, Reykjavik has plenty of things to explore. In your 20s, you can enjoy the marvelous landscapes, captivating lifestyle and engaging culture to explore. Visit Reykjavik during summers and enjoy a daylight of approximately 22 hours in a day. With number of adventurous activities to indulge in like fishing, hiking, biking on mountains and sledding, you can enjoy the thrill along with the exposure of the city which is the northernmost capital in the world.



The city of love and home of one of the seven wonders in the world, Paris is among the most desired, loved and visited cities in the Europe. All the adults have the desire to visit Paris once in their lives and if you are in your 20s, you probably love to have an exposure of exquisite lifestyle, captivating culinary and endless architectural marvels available in Paris. Get the experience of an unplanned trip with loads of improvisation and quick thinking when you are in Paris and learn a lot about the history of France from numerous museums scattered across the city.



The largest city in the Europe and the capital of United Kingdom, London is one of the must visit cities in the world. Whether you are in your 20s or 60s, the exposure of visiting London is unmatched. Magnificent restaurants, theater shows, bustling streets and captivating street festivals are the most engaging things for teenagers who are up for their London exploration. Visit Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and a number of other fascinating architectures of British capital and soak yourself in the marvelous beauty of London.

Bunol, Valencia


The city that has earned its fame in last a couple of decades for an exhilarating and unique festival of tomato fight, Bunol in Valencia is among the most hyped and engaging destination to visit in the 20s where you can learn a lot about different dimensions of cultures in the Europe. Visit Bunol during August and experience the thriving and the captivating festival of La Tomatina which has been one of the most spectacular events and a panoramic festival to attend for last a few years.

The 20s is the time when you stumble upon various experiences and we all have heard that experience is the key to success. Hence, book your flights to Europe now and get ready to have an exposure of completely different, diverse and fascinating cultures in the European continent.

Awesome Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

The bond between the father and the child is something that is impossible to describe, and to show that love and affection towards your father, you might look for the best gift to present on Father’s Day. No matter what you gift to your father, it will always be a precious gift. Yet, all of us try to bring something out of the box and present something unique, special and priceless to our dad like all the incalculable love and affection they gave us since our childhood. The time when giving a printed tee with your picture on it has come and gone, yet there are a few new and innovative ideas that will be best to have a perfect Father’s Day this year.
Father's Day Travel

Gardening Kit
We all have seen our dads to working in the garden and loving their plants more than anything. Well, guess what! A great gardening kit with all the equipment and gardening accessories can be a perfect gift in case your dad loves gardening. Gifting such kit is an exceptional way of showing your love and affection towards your dad and his passion. A perfect Father’s Day gift that will not only help you to impress your father, but also helpful to keep the environment healthy.

Golf Kit
Who doesn’t want a golf kit? A sporty kit full of golf gears and golf clubs are a wonderful and plush gift to present your dad on Father’s Day. Present this cheerful gift to your father and tag along to some great golf course around you to have an outing as well as cheer him up by showing your passion towards his favorite sport. Many of our parents weren’t able to afford such high-class gears, and now it’s our turn to fulfill what they desired whilst earning all the money to fulfill our requirements.

A Bottle of Expensive Liquor
No celebration is complete without a quality wine or liquor and if you are looking for the best gentleman gift, there is nothing better than an expensive bottle of wine/scotch. Presenting such gift will help you to not only giving a precious gift, but to make a bond on a different level with your father. Try to figure out his favorite spirit and get the bottle of the expensive spirit within your budget to impress your dad.

Antique Watch
As much as it sounds more cliché, presenting an elegant and antique watch to your father gives them the idea of how much you love them and eternal that special bond between you and your dad.A Vintage style watch that can go with his best tuxedo, his golf tee and everything he like is the best gift that will keep reminding your love to him every time he checks the time.

A Lavish Trip
No matter how expensive gift we bought for our father, yet all he wants is to be accompanied with you during a hectic and busy life where none of us have time for any of these things. And to make a special time as well as a special day for your father, a trip to some place nice like London, Orlando, Paris, Milan, Dubai or places alike are something you can present to them.

Find some great deals to take your father away and spend some quality time as the market is flooded these days from the father’s day flight deals to offer not just great escapes but a budget savvy delight to bring that magical smile on your dad’s face. So, don’t wait! Book now.

Incredible Caribbean Island for your Destination Wedding

We all have dreamed about that special moment when we tie our soul with someone and promise to be with them till the eternity. That day, the wedding day is a special day of everyone’s life and everybody wish to make it perfect. Whether you wish to make this day special with your friends, go and do crazy things or design your wedding the way you planned for years. Many of us have planned for the destination wedding and if you are among those and about to get married, you should consider it to be on the beach. Caribbean Region and its isles are considered as among the most fascinating places to make that day even more special. Sandy beaches, outdoor flower decoration, magnificent backdrop and that refreshing atmosphere to set the mood on swing is something you might want to bring in your wedding. Here are a few destinations in the Caribbean region that are picture perfect to make your wedding day even more special.

Destination Wedding

  1. Negril, Jamaica

A small yet panoramic town in Western Jamaica, Negril is globally renowned for being one of the most awe-inspiring destination wedding locations in the Caribbean. The laid-back beaches, fabulous backdrops and tremendous resorts make it a picture perfect place for a destination wedding. Soak your souls in the refreshing and bewitching beauty of the beaches whilst tying the knot with your love.

  1. Vieux Fort, St Lucia

The southernmost town of Saint Lucia, Vieux Fort is a fantastic place to make the most special day of your life even more beautiful. The picturesque coastline, calm and clear water, magical backdrops and outstanding spongy sandy beaches gives a perfect setting for the day of your wedding in the Caribbean region. With a big number of resorts and private beaches, you can seize the beauty of your wedding day with the best of natural and cultural beauty in the Caribbean Islands.

  1. Bridgetown, Barbados

The capital of Barbados and one of the most prosperous, picturesque and plush cities of Caribbean Islands, Bridgetown is a spectacular place to get married. The city where everything is just a swing away and the natural and architectural beauty makes the special day of your life even more precious. With countless resorts and beautiful beachfront, you can seize the best day of your life in pictures and enjoy the time admiring your love and the beauty of nature in the surrounding.

  1. Long Island, Antigua

Among the most fascinating islands of Antigua and Barbuda, Long Island is a fantastic place and a perfect island for a destination wedding in the Caribbean. With a number of resorts and private beaches, this quaint island makes a gorgeous destination wedding place. Walking down the aisle and exchanging rings in the surrounding of surreal natural settings is something that you and your love will remember for eternity.

  1. Nassau, Bahamas

The capital city of the Bahamas and among the finest beach holiday destinations in the world, Nassau makes a perfect Caribbean wedding destination with ample beauty, pure nature and brilliant backdrop settings. The resorts and the beaches create a magical atmosphere for an enchanting event which is the most beautiful moment of your life. Destination wedding here is a perfect way of getting married and worth every single penny.

There are endless of other beaches and islands in the Caribbean Islands archipelago, and if you love to travel and wish to make your wedding day, the most precious moment of your life, get cheap flights and elope with the love of your life.

Things to Remember About Memorial Day

Memorial Day or formally known as the “Decoration Day” is among the most prestigious events in the USA, organized to show the gratitude and honor the martyrs from US Army who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep the safety and prosperity of the nation. Observed on every last Monday of May, the occasion is much more than a weekend vacation. Cities and towns including Washington, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and all other places across the USA host the parade of the Memorial Day along with many military personnel along with veteran organizations. Here are a few facts that everyone should remember about Memorial Day:

Memorial Day

The origin of Memorial Day

In 1868, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day, it was started in the remembrance of the soldiers who died during the Civil War. A massacre which took more than half of million soldiers. The day when the family and volunteers from different veteran organizations gather around the cemeteries of soldiers and decorate their graves with flowers and the national flag to honor their sacrifice.

Progression of Memorial Day

Over the period of time, the Decoration Day begun to organize a tribute to not only those martyrs who died during Civil War, but also in various other battle nation witnessed. Whether it is World War I or any other conflict. People of the USA started to show their tribute to all the brave soldiers who died saving the nation and its prosperity. It was the time when the annual event was observed on May 30th every year.

Customs of Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, the national flag is raised till the half of the staff and kept alike till the noon, then people raise it to the top of the staff till the sunset. The half-mast position is a symbol of remembrance of those half of million soldiers who gave their lives during the war. Whereas the full-mast position is in the honor of living veterans.

Memorial Day Must be celebrated

The congress from Capitol Hill created a law which states that it is mandatory to celebrate Memorial Day. Not that we need a law or reason to celebrate the occasion that honors the freedom fighters, yet there is a moment of remembrance which is fixed at 3 PM (local time) on Memorial Day. The celebration where everyone attends the parade, people go to the war cemetery and show their respect towards the martyrs or pay a visit to the war veterans.

How People Actually Celebrate Memorial Day

Now days, people from across the United States celebrate the festival by attending the parade, going to the various war Cemeteries, setting barbecue at home and enjoy get together and much more. As it makes a long weekend, many people plan an escape to the nearby destinations and celebrate the vacation with family and friends.

If you too are looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend and seeking a way to enjoy the honorable day by traveling some place nice, you must go for Memorial Day flight sale that will give you a way to enjoy the day as well as save a fortune.

Worlds Most Affordable Destinations for Solo Travel

Traveling the world is a dream for most of us and sometimes, we have to walk towards our dream alone. Whether you are an adventure lover or history, there will be times when you have to step out alone and enjoy the destinations. Solo traveling not only gives a different exposure of seeing the world, but also hit seriously on your budget. If you are a true traveler, you might want to save some good money whilst traveling and here we are bringing best budget destinations for solo travelers.



The Portuguese capital Lisbon is among the most fascinating destinations in the entire Europe, encompassing vibrant culture, fabulous cafés, museums and much more to indulge a solo traveler. With a lot of things to do for free in Dublin, you can take the pleasure of dwelling into the Portuguese past via museums, art collection of Picasso in art museums, admire the fascinating Portuguese Gothic architecture, stroll around the market places and a lot more.



One of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and a perfect city to go solo, Bali in Indonesia is a great destination to visit. With a list of over a thousand places to visit and many astounding temples around the city, you can enjoy a trip to Bali at an affordable price. Go for the heritage walk, take trips to the wildlife sanctuaries and majestic cultural tours to the temples of Bali and you will cover most of the places without spending much.



Visiting the cultural capital of Australia solo is itself an exciting statement. With tons of attractions and number of natural bays, Melbourne offers an immense variety as well as a complete spell of fun to the visitors. Walking around the city, biking or using public transport saves a lot as the entry fee of places is quite nominal and will not require much of the spending.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap

Neighboring the largest temple complex in the world, Siem Reap is a city with loads of wisdom. The city which is known as the one of the most budget destinations to stay in South-East Asia, Siem Reap is a fantastic place to explore the magical places, including Angkor Wat, Angkor Archeological Park, Silk Farms, National Museum, Landmine Museum and many other places.



Flanked by Bhutan, Tibet and India, Nepal is a wonderful country that flourishes with many magnificent backdrops, and the capital Kathmandu is among the most serene and tranquillizing places in the world. Traveling solo and on budget in Kathmandu is the best thing you can do. The city where accommodation is quite affordable and most of the sightseeing can be done by foot, the city offers an immense variety to look upon.

The world is really big, and if you are willing to travel solo and wish to save a fortune, there are a number of other cities like  Bangkok, Reykjavik, Sydney, Goa, Cape Town and many other cities that worth visiting. What all you need is cheap flights and you are good to go any place you like and enjoy the best of it.

Travel Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

In our daily busy life, all our mother wants is our company and wish to spend some quality time and cherish the moments. Forget about expensive gifts, flower bucket or anything flashy and fly away with your mom for a memorable vacation. There were times when you weren’t around and both you and your mother missed each other, this Mother’s Day payback all those concerns and fly away to enjoy and cherish the mother-child bonding. If you are confused about which is the best suitable destination to visit on mother’s day, here we have a few ideas that will help you decide the most memorable vacation of your life.

  1. Rome


There is nothing better than a visit to some culturally rich city and when it comes to culture, what could be better than Rome. A fantastic city known as the capital of Italy has been a great host for decades. Go and take a selfie with your mother at the Colosseum or experience the spirituality at St. Peter’s Basilica, enjoy the finest Italian delicacies and visit Palatine Hill to explore the history of Rome, everything you will do will be priceless.

  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

If you are the one who like things off-the-track, and love to bring your mother on your adventure shoes, you better start packing for Las Vegas and strengthen your bond to the glamour and dazzling lifestyle of the fine city of Nevada. Go partying and enjoy endless in the most enthralling city in the USA. A place to enjoy great breakfast buffets in the mornings and live entertainment shows at an affordable price is the most ideal way to woo your mother and give her the most cheerful escape of her life.

  1. Bangkok


An uncommon destination to visit with parents, yet a city with many dimensions, Bangkok is a place that will sort many things out and will offer an entirely unique exposure. Where on one hand, you can explore the heritage of Thai culture, on the other hand, you can go and enjoy endless shopping with your mother and help her to fill her cart with all what she need at an affordable price.

  1. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

In case you or your mother share the interest of wildlife safari or have the desire to experience one, Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is the best place. The place where all the aspects of nature, i.e. flora, fauna and backdrops combines and exhibit its beauty is truly a place to go camping and for wildlife safari. You can easily find number of wildlife safari resorts here that will offer you the exposure of the real beauty of the nature.

  1. Zurich


Zurich, a city with elegance and style, a place where everything is beautiful and attractive, can be an option for you to select for a perfect Mother’s Day escape. Stroll around the Lake Zurich, Kunsthaus to explore the galleries preserving European artistry, St. Peter Church to experience tranquility, Swiss National Museum that preserves the Swiss history and craftsmanship and Lindenhof where all the fantastic Roman castles, parks and ancient history is blended with the modern lifestyle.

There are many more options based on your mutual interest and once you starting to think of it, you will surely come up with a conclusion as well as a perfect destination to fulfil. Just start searching for Mother’s Day flight deals now to make a lovely escape with your mother whilst saving a fortune.

Top Places to Visit in May

The month of May brings a variety of opportunities and if you are a true traveler, you will like to cash the opportunity and get going for a beach, a place with cold climate or with better ways to beat the heat as well as loads of fun and excitement, without thinking twice. Whether you are a student, a housewife or a businessmen, you will surely would love to take some time for yourself, and get along for your dream destinations. Well, here we have brought a list of the top 5 destinations that are absolutely perfect for your May vacations.

  1. Malta


There is nothing in this world better than sitting on the European beach shores and sipping a margarita with your love. An absolute heaven, basking in the central Mediterranean, the archipelago of Malta is among the most exotic beach vacation destination and a perfect getaway destination in the month of May where you can soak yourself into adventure and tranquility at the same time as well as avail cheap airfares to explore this fascinating Mediterranean island.

  1. California


The western coasts of California are the best places to enjoy the enthralling month of May where you can get delighted by the adorable lifestyle. The weather, the cultural festivals and so much more will keep you indulged in the beautiful and lively lifestyle of the state. Dwell around the exotic beaches and tranquilizing resorts of San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Malibu and more.

  1. Punta Cana

Punta Cana

Typical sandy beaches and exotic all-inclusive resorts have always been the first choice for travelers on their Dominican Republic vacations. Encompassing sugar-white beaches, exotic resorts and fantastic shoreline, Puta Cana is a place to admire the absolute artistry of god. Travel Punta Cana in May and have an exquisite time adoring the nature and exploring the exotic sights whilst saving a fortune with cheap flights due to low season.

  1. Athens


Athens and the rest of the Greece is world renowned for being the best destination to visit in the month of May. With an outstanding culture and fantastic weather conditions, the city of Athens becomes a perfect host for every traveler. Explore the medieval architecture, fabulous natural backdrops and fascinating museums across the city that will offer you an immense insight about the rich culture, fantastic history and extraordinary natural bliss in Greece.

  1. Bali


Conversely an ideal city to visit in the month of May in Asian continent, Bali is truly a bliss to experience. The marvelous temples, tranquilizing beaches and adorable festivals are the specialty you will witness at first place when you visit here. Despite being a lesser-known city for summer season vacations, Bali is an unorthodox destination for May vacations.

We just have brought a glimpse of the options you have to enjoy May vacations away from home and countless of other options are there to be explored. Now, it’s your turn to book cheap flights for your favorite destination and fly away.