Haunting and Abandoned Places around the World

Traveling is an adventure for everyone in some way or another. However, most of the people try to voyage across the world to find peace, tranquility, exploring the utter beauty of the world and so on. Yet there are a few who don’t flock to the most renowned and beautiful sites and try to find out a different approach. An approach that is much more amusing and adventurous, comprising some of the scariest and haunting places around the world. To those thrill lovers, Travelation has jot down a list of top 5 haunting and abandoned places around the world:

1. Hashima Island, Japan:

Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island is a small Island close to Nagasaki, this small island once used to be the home of nearly 5000 miners who worked every day to find the finest quality of coal from this fossil rich island. Once the coal mining got over and all the resources were consumed with the replacement of petrol against coal from this small island, the place was abandoned. Travelers tend to visit this place every now and then to experience what is left over here and explore the shadow from the past with a creepy look. You can find number of houses abandoned and in fragile condition as well as many leftovers of the miners who once lived here.

2. Isla de Las Munecas, Mexico City:

Isla de Las Munecas

Nestled in the outskirts of the Mexico City, Isla de las Munecas, also known as Island of Dolls is among the most thrilling, spooky and haunting places on earth. The home of endless creepy dolls, hung on the trees and walls of the town, is witnessed by tons of tourists every day. Once used to be an inhabited town, the city got deserted after the caretaker found a dead girl in the canal and collected all the broken dolls and hanging them to the walls and trees in the remembrance of the dead baby girl.

3. Garnet, Montana:

Garnet, Montana

One of the most renowned ghost towns of the America, Garnet in Montana once used to be the home hundreds of people back in 19th century who came in search of gold. Inhabited for more than 20 years by nearly a thousand miners and excavated for gold throughout, the town caught fire and was abandoned by the habitants and is ever since a wonderful getaway option for voyagers seeking a vacation with adventure and excitement. Garnet has been the site of famous movies as well as several documentaries featured across the world.

4. Tower of London, London:

Tower of London

Tower of London is among the most renowned attractions in London as well as one of the most haunting and striking places on earth. With the rumor of spiritual presence in the place, several people have claimed to witness the ghost of Anne Boleyn (wife of King Henry VIII) nearby the hall areas holding a separated head of hers and searching for her husband who brutally executed her. With the blooded past and an association with the royal family, the site is extremely visited by the tourists as well as expeditors to have a sight of the notorious ghost.

5. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh:

Edinburgh Castle - Scotland

A historical fortress as well as one of the most preserved architecture of the Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle is among the most suspected haunted place in Scotland. With a reputation of one of the most haunted places in Scotland, where many visitors have claimed to witness the ghost of Phantom Piper and strolling spirits of several other characters from the history of Scotland. The Edinburgh Castle has been one of the biggest attraction for the regular tourists as well as paranormal researchers who have made several visits here to find the trace of paranormal activities.

Our world is huge and is filled with many unexplained phenomenon. If you are among those who have been hunting down these places and in search of finding something concrete that can be adventurous enough to feast your crave for thrill, you will find plenty of places around the world and travel tips to conquer your fear while visiting these extremely striking sites. So, travel the world with Travelation and enjoy the vividness of this extremely spooky blue planet in the middle of the infinite

The Hidden Gem of Angkor Wat

Visiting Angkor Wat is among the most ravishing experience one can ever have. Beating the biggest attractions of the world including Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal and Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat has made its place among the top 3 must visit places in 2016. The sprawling attraction of Cambodia that has brought Siem Reap on the global tourism map, Angkor Wat has been drawing millions of tourists each year, showcasing them the utmost beauty of medieval era through an utterly beautiful architecture and tales related with it. If you too are planning to visit Angkor Wat, you might need some travel tips to explore this huge plaza in order to discover the best Angkor Wat has to offer. Following are the tips that will help you to have a memorable trip to Angkor Wat:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

1. Keep an Account on Tuk-Tuk:

The most common hassle faced by tourists taking flights to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat is to find a ride from the hotel room to the temple. If you are capable of handling huge crowd and can enjoy anyway while being surrounded by huge gathering, you are good to go. However, if you need to explore the place more peacefully with hassle-free transit, you must know the availability timings, fares, total distance and hubs of Tuk-Tuk. This way, you can save a lot of time finding the best Tuk-Tuk while saving big on local transit expenses.

2. Buying a Pass of More than 3 nonconsecutive Days:
Angkor Wat Plaza is quite big place and have endless options to explore. Most of the tourists take only one day pass and attempt to explore the temple in one single day which is practically hard. However, if you have bought a pass with more validity and nonconsecutive days’ access, you can enjoy your visit to Siem Reap while exploring the other parts of the city and visiting the campus during good weather conditions. As most of the places can be explored from the outdoors, you need some optimum weather conditions to stroll around the premises and discover remarkable beauty and carvings on the wall of the temple.

3. Early Visit to the Plaza to Dodge Tourist Flocking:

It is often said that “early birds catches the worm” and the proverb fits exactly when it comes to Angkor Wat. As the day begin, tourists from across the Cambodia, tend to flock around the temple and make it more crowded. If you wake up early and visit the plaza, you can get deep inside the premises while witnessing the utmost beautiful sunrise from the grounds of Angkor Wat. Early visit to Angkor Wat will help you to save more time finding the ride as well as easy check-in to the temple.

4. Avoid Cliché Exploring Patterns:

Most of the tourists tend to follow the basic pattern prepare their expedition bounded with two circuits. However, if you have the map of Angkor Wat and know how to decode the basic instructions, you will get the creamier part of the temple and can enjoy many astounding and unexplored things. You can also dodge the huge crowd following their guides who tend to show only the outer crust of the beauty of this temple. Try to break the flow and explore many unseen places that are full of excitement and adventure and you may end-up getting the most unique experience and seize them in your camera.

5. Explore the Outskirts of Angkor Wat:
Angkor Wat is quite a big place and even the surroundings of the temple is quite fascinating itself. Visit Ta Prohm (Site of Tomb Raider by Angelina Jollie), Bayon, Banteay Srei and much more. These places are full of wisdom and you will find plenty of spellbinding views and sites that have been the most remarkable findings by Cambodian archaeology. Besides, the outskirt is naturally rich and have a big stretch full of blissful landscapes.

Visiting Angkor Wat has always been a delight for travelers from across the world and if you are planning to travel Siem Reap, you cannot come back without witnessing the biggest and best archaeological site in Southeast Asia. This sprawling site can be visited in several ways, however if you are looking forward an expedition like no other, you will find the travel tips mentioned above helpful and worth sharing with others.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is not just one of the most trending thing among youth, but also the most beneficial opportunity for students. There are times when you don’t find the subject or course in your city/state and you have to travel abroad to pursuit your dream. Studying abroad is a life changing experience where at one place, you get the chance to pursuit your dream subjects, but also you become a perfect tourist. Studying abroad helps in many ways and if you or someone you know is planning to go abroad and study, following benefits may help you decide about whether you go for studies in abroad or not:

  1. Studying Abroad Will Help to Learn New Language


Studying abroad helps one to understand and get flawless in the respective language of the city/state/country he is studying. Although, there are always language learning courses available nearby our locality, yet if you are trying to learn another language fast and efficiently, then there is no better way to make such thing happen than studying abroad where your action become a reflex and you can speak fluently without putting so much strain on your mind remembering the vocabulary or the grammar.

  1. Studying Abroad Will Help to Understand New Culture and Lifestyle First-Hand


Studying abroad opens various dimensions of understanding a whole new culture and its deepest qualities. Culture is vast and beyond anyone’s imagination where the dimensions are not limited to the food, language or the festivals. If you are in some other country around the world, you learn various things that makes the respective culture more ethnic. Studying in a different culture will help you to understand the cultural roots as well as support to enhance your personality and broaden your thought process.

  1. Studying Abroad Will Help to Learn About Yourself


“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” This quote by Dalai Lama himself will give you a gist life. If you are studying abroad, you will realize about the culture, language, food, traditions and appearances, but above all, you learn about yourself. Studying abroad gives one sufficient time of self-exploration which allow one to focus on self-realization which is not only expand the thinking, but also clear the mind and help making the better future.

  1. Studying Abroad Will Help to Create a Better Resume


Believe it or not, if you have an international university or a college/institution from some other country, this makes your resume much heavier and outstanding from others. No matter what you have learned or achieved during your studies, a name of educational institution from some other country can make a big difference. Also, education taken from other country will broad your mind and will help to make better decision which is well-versed by the employers these days. So, get an edge in the race of career and brighten your future.

  1. Studying Abroad Will Help You to Explore the World


The best part about studying abroad is you get to travel and without being worried about reaching home on time. While you are in some other country, you are not only making every day productive, but also enjoying every minute away from home. Don’t hesitate from trying the best cuisines, potations, visiting whole new places in free time and exploring everything in your reach. That way, you are learning about the subjects while exploring a whole new world every day. There is no better feeling about knowing that you are traveling a whole new world while learning about your passion without being interrupted by the regular life.

There are endless reasons that can prove that studying abroad is the best idea these days. Now if you are planning to get enrolled in some course abroad, go for it without being worried about the travel expenses, as Travelation is offering a fascinating range of student travel deals. So, start preparing to discover a whole new way of traveling.

Cultural Difference between Europe and America to Know Before Taking Off

It is often stated that the world is really big and there are plethora of cultures and people following them. As we change our geographical location, we get surrounded by a whole new blend of culture which may seem a bit familiar yet different from the place we belong from. If you are traveling transatlantic, you will feel a certain difference in the culture as both America and Europe have been at two different geographical locations and belong from different civilization for centuries. If you are a traveler and planning to take flights to Europe or boarding flights to USA, you will feel the different by your own as you de-board the flight. So, be prepared to witness the following changes in culture as you travel to the other part of the Western Civilization:

Difference of Language, Vocabulary and Expressions

Difference of Language, Vocabulary and Expressions

The basic difference you will find between the European countries and United States is the language, gestures and vocabulary. Where in European countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands and more, English may seem a bit literal and the vocabulary is vast, Americans tend to use the expressions more often and have slightly soft vocabulary. Also, there are is a bounty of countries that have different regional language like Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German and more that are obviously different entirely.


Difference of Driving Habits

Difference of Driving Habits

American and European driving habits are quite different. Whereas European drivers prefer manual transmission cars, American drivers enjoy driving automatic transmission cars. Also, the dimensions and shape of the cars in both continents are quite varied from each other. It is often said, that when it comes to cars, size do matter for American drivers whereas European drivers enjoy driving rather small vehicles which are easy to park and convenient to drive. Secondly, the shape of the cars also varies a lot. American cars are preferably in sharp-edge shaped whereas European cars tend to be designed in round and circular shapes.


Difference of Measuring System

Difference of Measuring System

The metric system between America and the Europe is totally different. As per the European cities, the measuring system goes in meters, grams, liters, Celsius etc. whereas American culture follows measuring in yards, miles, Fahrenheit, pound etc., making it completely different and hard to understand in daily life system. European measuring system is new and adopted worldwide whereas American measuring system is old Imperial English system which is followed in some parts of the world as well as majorly in the America.


Difference of Personal Habits and Lifestyle

Difference of Personal Habits and Lifestyle

The daily lifestyle and personal habits of both American and European varies a lot. Whereas Americans are considered a bit loud as well as expressive as compared to the Europeans, the personal thought process makes a lot of difference. The European lifestyle consists sharing thoughts, ideas, experience among the acquainted people whereas Americans are fond of finding out the experiences and thought process of strangers with huge enthusiasm which may play a vital role in adapting a whole different civilization across the Atlantic Ocean.


Difference in Using Public Bathrooms/Restrooms

Difference in Using Public BathroomsRestrooms

If you are a traveler and exploring the cities by road, you will need to know about the public bathroom/restroom culture of both transatlantic continent. American bathroom system is much more convenient than the European, where you will find bathrooms open for public all the time and free to use. On the other hand, European cities tend to charge for using the restroom and are closed during the off time. American bathrooms on the highway are open for the travelers all the time and easy to use whereas the European highways have limited number of restrooms and are hard to find if you are traveling during late hours.


There are hundreds of other cultural differences that can make a huge impact on your journey. Hence, if you are taking flights to Europe or have booked flights to USA, and planning a long vacation, you must understand the basic lifestyle and cultural difference as the change may abrupt the traveling fun.

Top 5 Must Visit City Parks in the United States

In a desert of concrete and high-rise buildings, city parks work as an oasis to calm your soul and feel the closeness with the nature. A perfect place filled with nothing but true natural beauty and tranquillizing freshness is all we need to spend a weekend escape and get one step close to the much needed relaxation. To give you the finest getaway option with prominent exploration ideas, following are the best city parks across the United States that are best suitable and featuring much more than a swing set or a few rides. Check out the list of the top 5 city parks and plan your summer getaway accordingly:

Central Park, New York

Central Park, New York

Nestled in the middle of the city, magnificent purpose built park opened for public in 1856, Central Park of the New York City is among the most visited attractions of the city as well as a refreshing place to enjoy the evenings with family and friends. Featuring an astounding range of attractions within the premises including gardens, reserve and the famous Metropolitan Museum of Arts, the park is indulging enough to keep you on your feet for a very long time.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Resting like an oasis in the middle of the mountains, ocean and the concrete jungle, the beautiful Golden Gate Park of San Francisco is among the most visited city parks of the United States. Opened for tourists 1870s, this bewitching park is stretched in 1000 plus acres and offer an impeccable range of attractions within the premises. House of De Young Museum, lakes, botanical gardens and California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park is one of the most beautiful attractions for tourists visiting San Francisco for their summer travel.

Cal Anderson Park, Seattle

Cal Anderson Park, Seattle

Ideally nestled at the outskirts of Downtown Seattle, Cal Anderson Park is among the most naturally rich and beautiful city parks in the Washington State. With a quick accessibility from every part of the city as well a picturesque view of Seattle skyline, Cal Anderson Park makes a perfect treat for voyagers visiting Seattle. Stroll around this huge natural area filled with sport courts, pools, shelters and much more. Enjoy the grassy lawns and vast stretch of trails during a day picnic in Seattle while adoring the refreshing aura and bewitching landscaped beauty in the heart of Seattle, Washington.

City Park, New Orleans

City Park, New Orleans

The most happening place for all age group, the striking natural park of New Orleans is among the highly visited attractions of the city. Featuring largest and oldest oak trees in the world, Open Air Sculpture Garden, Botanical Garden and so much more, this place is extremely gorgeous and enhances the beauty of this sprawling metropolis of Louisiana. Where at one place, elders can stroll around these giant and old oak trees, children can enjoy the beautiful and adventurous rides at the theme park located within the premises to keep the kids and teenagers indulged.

Balboa Park, San Diego

Balboa Park, San Diego

Probably the biggest attraction in the San Diego, known for the statue of Rocky Balboa Statue from Rocky III, this striking urban park comprises a number of attractions within its premises. With a number of indulging attractions like Balboa Park Carousel, Miniature Rail Road, Photographic Arts Building, San Diego Zoo and Sefton Plaza are the key attractions of Balboa Park which are absolutely amazing to keep visitors from all age groups indulged. Besides all the renowned places, the park itself is quite serene and refreshing. Stroll around for a day and enjoy a picnic with family and friends while visiting San Diego.

There are a big number of city parks across the United States, which can make a perfect getaway options for your summer travel. So, make this summer a memorable one and explore the finest city parks across the United States by finding cheap summer travel deals with Travelation and avail special discounts and summer travel offers.

Top 5 Coral Reefs around the World

The world is vast and filled with countless of amazing attractions. From the depth of caves till the summit of mountains, most of us have seen it all, yet there are certain things that are equally amazing, yet unexplored by tons of frequent travelers. The most picturesque creation of the god, Coral Reefs or commonly known as the Sea Gardens are something that can stun you like no other. The colorful gardens in the depth of the oceans, with impeccable beauty and striking formations, coral reefs has been and will always be one of the most soothing, beautiful and blissful attractions to unearth beneath the ocean surface. Following are the best coral reefs around the world that are waiting for your visit and unveil their beautiful identity:

Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

Off the coasts of New Guinea, in the Papua Province, the splendid coral reefs of Raja Ampat is one of the most bewitching coral reef stretch on earth. Featuring thousands of fish species, vast range of corals and endless beauty, these coral reefs have been one of the most remarkable and visited coral reefs of the Asian continent. The marine life in the surroundings of these coral reefs are among the finest and highly visited by the tourists and professional divers throughout the year.

Palau Reef, Micronesia, Oceania

Palau Reef, Micronesia, Oceania

A combination of more than 300 islands constructed through volcanic eruptions, the striking archipelago of Micronesia is one of the renowned diving attractions in Oceania region. With Palau Coral Reefs, the place gives a new charm and exposure to the travelers and have become a hot favorite travel destination for nature lovers. Discover the tremendous beauty of the corals beneath the ocean surface where you will find more than 1300 species of marine fauna as well as a heavenly stretch of coral reefs. Discover the splendid marine life and dive in the depth of the ocean to witness some of the most beautiful, weird and unseen creatures floating around you in their natural habitat.

Belize Barrier Reef, Belize

Belize Barrier Reef, Belize

A streak of coral reefs stretched in miles off the coasts of Belize, Belize Barrier Reef is among the most renowned and remarkable diving spots in the world. With a superlative beauty and a variety of thousands of marine life creature, this coral reef series brings a new charm and joy in the life of frequent divers. Considered like a second paradise for frequent voyagers, this coral reef is something you will cherish for the rest of your life. Swim around Manta Ray, giant tortoises and a big number of picturesque underwater fauna while admiring the natural beauty of such a scenic stretch covering a big area beneath the turquoise blue water surface.

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Indian Ocean have always been the biggest catch for ocean lovers. The beautiful white sand beaches, bewitching coastline and endless islands are the first thing you will come across. However, if you dive deep enough, you will be able to reach to the biggest beauty of the region that is living under the surface for centuries. The coral reefs of Aldabra Atoll are the most beautiful thing to witness on the Indian Ocean and if you are a fond of marine life, you will consider Aldabra Atoll like a second heaven. The area filled with turtles, whales and endless underwater fauna will amaze you by its impeccable beauty and will offer you an experience of lifetime.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

If you are a diver or even have read about anything about diving and marine life, you will be well versed about Great Barrier Reef. The biggest and best stretch for divers, snorkelers and coral explorers, Great Barrier Reef or GBR is the Mecca for adventure seekers. Dive down the surface and discover a whole new world filled with colors, thousands of unseen things and a vast stretch of endless beauty while swimming around the beautiful turtles and colorful fishes that are so hued, that you might wander about the exact color they have. Swim a bit further towards the Coral Sea and you may come across the beautiful yet deadly sharks swimming around you.

There are endless of other places that have the best coral reefs and most of them are yet to be explored. Discover the purest form of nature and experience the various hues of the almighty’s creation by flying to your favorite travel destination filled with charming and picturesque coral reefs. So, if you are craving do nose down the ocean surface and have the urge of witnessing this whole different world in flesh, quickly pack your diving gear and book your flights with Travelation.

Top 10 Life Changing Travel Experiences

Once the great philosopher Lao Tzu said, “If you are always busy doing something, you cannot enjoy the world.” means everything if you have a slight interest in traveling. We all share the same passion of exploring the world and see the vividness in the creation of the almighty while adoring the myriad hues of the earth. Hence, here are the 10 travel ideas that can be the life changing experience for you, giving an exposure of how beautiful the earth is and what makes this planet special.

1. Join at least One Festival in the Europe


Festival in Europe
Europe is one of the biggest cultural melting pots in the world, and celebrates a big number of cultural and traditional festivals throughout the year. Join any one of the best and the biggest festivals of the continent like Venice Carnival (Venice, Italy), La Tomatina (Valencia, Spain), Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany), St. Patrick’s Festival (Dublin, Ireland), San Fermín (Pamplona, Spain) Notting Hill Carnival (Chelsea, London, England) and a big number of other festivals that are not just the best festivals of the respective region, but expose the spectators with the most unusual experience of their lives.

2. Visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World


Seven Wonders of the World
Exploring something ages old can be the most stunning experience one can have and if you have the Seven Wonders of the World in your travel bucket list, you might feel the real excitement of visiting such gigantic structures that were made centuries before the invention of the modern technology. Be it the Great Pyramids of Giza, Christ the Redeemer, Great Wall of China or any other place, visiting these places are the finest experience to have and travel the world. The exciting beauty of these places is unmatched and you can thoroughly enjoy as well as having an exposure of such a huge, beautiful architecture filled with tons of surprises and hidden jewels.

3. Be a part of New Year Celebration in Australia


New Year Celebration in Australia
Australia is the first continent that welcomes the New Year every single time and enjoys the day with great pomp and show. Welcoming the New Year whilst enjoying the finest firework show of the world is something that can be cherished for the rest of your life and the overwhelming experience of those moments when the ball drops is simply superb and priceless. The New Year is ideal to celebrate in Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane where millions of tourists gather and cherish the first night of the New Year like no other.

4. A Ride of Glacier Express in Switzerland


Glacier Express in Switzerland
Swiss Alps are the most beautiful Alps of the world and give away the most stunning and scenic experience with opulent luxury. And if you are riding the Glacier Express to witness the eternal beauty of this stupendous place, you can have the most stunning experience of riding between St. Moritz and Zermatt that comprises a total trip of approximately 8 hours, crossing 291 bridges to cover the distance of more than 2000 miles. This journey can be the most enlightening experience when you can not only admire the beauty of these scenic resorts, but can also find your place in this big and beautiful world.

5. Nature Expedition in Indonesia


Expedition in Indonesia
Indonesia has been a melting pot for flora and fauna that has brought the attention of millions of tourists each year. Whether you like the sandy beaches, rainforests or Komodo dragons, this picturesque and culturally rich island is something that you will never forget. Home of the largest living lizard and one of the finest national parks in the Asia, Indonesia is a unique and blissful experience to have. The resorts, coconut trees, boardwalks, endless ocean and exotic beaches are the second most beautiful natural attraction to amaze you.

6. Visit Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat
The most renowned and important archaeological site of Southeast Asia, Angkor Wat is much more than a historical architecture. The soothing complex is the home of countless relics of the history and culture of Cambodia. A day trip to Angkor Wat is insufficient to explore even the half of the complex and you might need a real guide to explore and understand the relevance of this stunning architecture that has surfaced many enthralling stories and from Cambodian culture in last a few years. The simplicity of the architecture and a sunrise view in the Angkor Wat Complex is the best thing for spiritual enlightenment.

7. Join the Festival of Holi


India is considered to be the kaleidoscope of cultures and is the most bustling subcontinent in Asia. Among the huge list of the festivities celebrated in the country, Holi is the most exquisite experience you can have in India. The festival of colors celebrated every year in March, is the most fascinating thing you can come across. Where people throw colors and water on each other, this festival symbolizes the unity without color, contrast or religious discrimination and offers an equal chance to everyone of enjoying this charming and colorful festival.

8. Go for African Safari


African Safari
The African continent is globally renowned for its huge array of flora and fauna and East Africa is proudly leading the world with an impeccable range of faunas. Explore the a whole new world of wildlife, while visiting the finest wildlife sanctuaries safaris of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia, that are very well renowned across the world and shares a priceless experience of discovering and knowing the behavior of wild animals, reptiles, birds and more while these creatures vulture around in their natural habitat.

9. Northern Lights Tour in Reykjavik


Northern Lights Tour in Reykjavik
The magical city of Reykjavik, Ireland is globally renowned for its tranquillizing culture along with a splendid view of Northern Lights every night. The coldest habitat city and the nearest town of North Pole, Reykjavik shares an experience of a lifetime where at one point, there is an endless stretch of deadly freezing landscape and on the other hand, you can actually look up in the sky to witness this serene view of northern lights and understand the unique creativity of almighty.

10. Go Everest Trekking in Nepal
Go Everest Trekking in Nepal
The summit of the highest mountain on our planet can be the toughest thing a human can come across. However, if you are trying to taste the thrill of such a dangerous, adventurous and picturesque summit, you can go and join the climbers at the base camp in Nepal which is a great hotspot for tourists to admire the remarkable beauty of this gigantic structure, standing alone to kiss the sky. Fly till Lukla and join the trekkers at the base camp, which is accessible by the helicopters and can save a lot of time and energy for trekkers planning for further trekking.
There are several more incredible travel tips and journeys that can give you a lifetime experience as well as offer you the spiritual enlightenment like diving Great Barrier Reefs, Walk on the Great Wall of China, A visit to Taj Mahal and more. So, next time you seek a getaway really bad, don’t forget to look at your travel bucket list and enjoy the beauty of travel and book cheap flights with Travelation.

Australian Islands – Heaven on Earth

Australia, a country that contains a whole world within itself, is among the most prestigious, beautiful and dreamy country, comprising countless attraction, natural sites an exquisite culture to look upon. However, the real natural beauty of Australia is treasured at the bewitching Australian Islands that are often said the heaven on earth. Each year, millions of travelers from across the world head their way to the iconic and picturesque islands of Australia, scattered across the Tasmania Sea, Great Barrier Reef, South Pacific Ocean, Great Australian Bight and Indian Ocean. Following are the most heavenly islands in the Australian region that are tremendously beautiful and renowned worldwide for their vast variety of adventure and natural bliss:

Hamilton Island, Queensland

Hamilton Island, Queensland

Among the most renowned and largest inhabited island in Whitsunday Islands archipelago, Hamilton Island has this striking range of attractions and spellbinding natural aspects. Comprising bewitching beaches, azure water, tempting culinary, exquisite wines, wonderful event calendar year, marvelous flora, extraordinary fauna and so much more, the island is truly the greatest among all the other isles on the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy bushwalking, snorkeling, wildlife exploration, laid-back beaches and endless of other activities whilst soaking the pleasure of being on one of the finest islands of Australia.

Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean

Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean

Among the most bewitching as well as renowned islands on the South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is one of the oldest inhabited islands of the Australian region and is perfect for a laid-back beach holidays off the Australian coasts. Comprising cliffs, mountains, lagoons, beaches, pine trees, dramatic landscapes and so much more, this naturally blissful island is somewhat 150 minutes of flight away from the Eastern Australian coasts and remains full with tourists throughout the year. The optimum weather conditions and adorable attractions of the island makes this small isle an absolutely perfect heaven alike place to enjoy great escapes in Australia.

Abrolhos Islands, Western Australian Territory

Abrolhos Islands

The exquisite archipelago off-the coasts of Western Australian Territory, Abrolhos Islands are the most renowned beach getaways for locals as well as tourists from across the world. Known for a tremendous variety of flora and fauna spread across the archipelago, travelers love to explore the wilderness of various islands in the archipelago whilst enjoying the fabulous laid-back beach resorts scattered across the inhabited islands. An ideal place for coral explorers and snorkelers, this region remains lush by the sea adventure lovers throughout the year.

Flinders Island, Tasmania Sea

Flinders Island

Located on the Brass Strait, on the northeastern edge of Tasmania Sea, the sprawling island of Flinders is the largest as well as the finest isle from Furneaux group, known for its fabulous stretch of coral reefs. Often described as “Mountains in the Sea” Flinders Island was once known to be the home of pirates where they use to slaughter thousands of people. However, as the time passed by, the land became one of the naturally blissful and adorable island of the region, drawing thousands of tourists every year and showcasing its heritage, culture and history among voyagers. Enjoy the fascinating coral reefs and fauna beneath the calm ocean surface with fabulous diving sessions in Flinders Island.

Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island

Commonly showcased on various travel and wildlife TV shows, the Phillip Island is quite renowned for being the home of cute penguins as well as the wilderness. Every year, millions of travelers from around the world visit the Phillip Island to witness the unique penguin parade which is the finest nightly experience to have at this deserted part of Victoria Islands. Besides all the penguin parade, travelers can also enjoy the adorable view of fur seals that are quite rare to find in the other parts of Pacific Ocean.

Australian coasts are featured with thousands of islands under its territory and each island have its own feature and significantly drawing millions of tourists every year. If you too have a keen interest in the nature with a desire to enjoy the thriving culture of Australia, then quickly start packing and book cheap flights to Australia with Travelation.