Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

Traveling solo is much trickier than you think it would be. At first, you don’t have anyone to get your back, second there are plenty of things that you have to carry on your own that could have been shared and helped reducing the luggage weight. And on top of that, if you are a women traveler, there are tons of things that you better be knowing. Becoming a smart traveler doesn’t require a doctorate degree. All it need is some smart travel tips that help you to save a lot of time, efforts and above all money. So, here we are, showing the most amazing things every female traveler should know:

  1. Light packing is the key to successful trip


When we travel, we often think of possibilities of worst scenarios and end up doing over packing. As a result, we are not only stranded alone carrying our heavy luggage, but often get in trouble about what to wear and when. This also brings new problems of laundry that cause way more than you can think especially while getting accommodated in a luxurious hotel. Keeping your wearables sorted is something that should be well practiced for a long journey. For an instant, a couple of jeans a few tops and a couple of dresses are more than sufficient for a week-long trip.

  1. Traveling across the World doesn’t require too much makeup


Unlike business travelers, if you are traveling to explore nature, culture, festivals and other worldly factors, you don’t require too much of makeup. Wearing makeup at the outdoors is a waste of time, money and the efforts as the sweaty streets and polluting roads will dull all the heavy makeups. Instead, try some sunscreen with higher SPF levels to stay away from sunburn and heavy pollution. While traveling in the woods and nearby the natural areas, no one is going to gaze up on you, so you can stroll freely without any makeup at all.

  1. Pre-planning is good, but too much planning is bad


It is often said, planning prior to actions bring great results. However, if you are planning a getaway, planning every step, every hour of your itinerary before taking off will kill the mood of traveling and reduce the fun that could have been better while strolling spontaneously. We often leave our itinerary to our home in case of emergency contact, which is a good thing, but planning every second while you are away doesn’t make a perfect trip. Trying something new, something unique and interesting which can increase the good experience tenfold.

  1. You don’t always need someone’s help to make hard steps


Accept it. There are times when you need someone to take the responsibility of your action and you just find a way to get out from the consequences. Finding a cheaper hotel, budget flights, sightseeing tours, guides and monetary decisions are often taken with the help of others. Well, in case you are traveling alone, you are not going to call your father/mother or the boyfriend to take permission of every step taken. Instead, try exploring new possibilities which can come in handy at some level. Discovering new and exciting things is what a travel is all about.

  1. Following safety measures


The most important thing about traveling is to know when to stop and understanding what are the boundaries. Hitchhiking at a strange place may lead to trouble. Also, getting excited and following too much of adventure can be a dangerous thing unless you are acquainted with every aspect of it. Knowing the emergency contacts and practices of your respective destination is also a great idea to stay safe while traveling late in the night or at the neighborhoods that are considered a little dangerous. Also, it is better to know about the local transport off time and basic calculation of fares.

There are several other things that every female traveler should know including the general behavior of local area, dining etiquettes, cults and more while traveling to the destinations in Asia and Far-East. So, if you are a solo traveler, you might like our suggestions to make a safe, happening and exciting trip. Stay tuned for more travel tips with Travelation and share your views with us on the same.

Top Places to Visit this Labor Day

When the Labor Day is just around the corner, everyone is planning for the extended weekend and how to make the best out of it. The time when people are preparing for children getting back to school, Labor Day weekend brings a final treat before the showdown. Enjoy the most picturesque and budget-friendly time by traveling across the region and finding out myriad styles of celebration or stroll around the boulevards of the destinations far beyond on a dreamy getaway. Following are the top places to visit this Labor Day that will allow you to get drenched before a spell full of hard work and boredom:

Labor Day

  1. Daytona Beach

Labor Day comes when the scorching heat of summer ends and there is nothing better than the delight of sand, sun and the sea. To have the most spellbinding and exquisite travel experience the ideal place for adventure lovers would be Daytona Beach, Florida. A spectacular beach getaway destination on the coasts of the North Atlantic Ocean is all what it takes to transform an extended weekend into a holiday full of fun and excitement. Get drenched in the magnificent beach sports or just have a laid-back getaway with family and friends while soaking some vitamins thrown on earth by the sun.

  1. Washington D.C.

Labor Day is a federal holiday and there is no such thing better to celebrate such a holiday than visiting the capital. Go for a tour to the White House or enjoy the National Symphony Orchestra performance for free at the west lawn of the Capitol. There are plenty of things to do during the Labor Day weekend for the travelers that comes with the delight of ample of places that doesn’t require an entry fee. Enjoy ample of music, barbecue parties and more while spending the most enchanting weekend of the September in the national capital.

  1. Paris, France

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box trip this Labor Day, there is nothing that can surpass the idea of visiting the love capital of the world. Plan a dreamy getaway with your love to the heart of the France and rejuvenate the chemistry and the spark among you love birds while saving a fortune with great Labor Day deals that will allow you to book cheap flights to Paris, France along with myriad other destinations across the Europe. Go for a long walk at the boulevards of the Paris followed by a romantic candle light dinner while tasting some of the most spellbinding potations and wines at the City of Lights.

  1. Arlington, Virginia

Arlington is among the most amazing and renowned getaway options for Labor Day and if you too are looking for a weekend escape comprising dancing shows, piping, drumming jams, car shows and more, you better find some cheap flights to Arlington. Visit this Labor Day to the city that get drenched in the celebration of Labor Day and provide an array of performances like sheepdog showcasing, music shows, concerts, dance shows, barbecue parties and more. In case you are having kids along you on this extended weekend, you will find Arlington much more amazing as there are plenty of activities to indulge kids on Labor Day.

  1. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is among the most highly rated Labor Day getaway destinations in the United States. On the occasion, you can enjoy plenty of BBQ parties, beach sports, arcade events, cooking competitions, car shows, barbecue contest and many more things that will not only make you feel good, but will offer you an experience of lifetime. Visit the Grand Park that is considered to be the hub of all sorts of entertainment during the Labor Day celebration. Here you can join thousands of people celebrating the occasion while enjoying fascinating performances by the regional and international music artists.

There are plenty of other places across the North America where you can spend this extended weekend with family and friends. Yet if you like to keep the spirit of Labor Day alive and enjoy some cheap flight deals, you must try at least one of the places above. So, if you are up for some great escape on this extended weekend at the end of summers, try Travelation and you will find some of the finest Labor Day deals to save your budget and book your last minute getaway.

Apps That Will Make Traveling So Much Easier

In the world of modernization and drastic developments in the science and technology, we often forget the usage of smart accessories and applications while traveling and use orthodox methods during our trip. As a result, we either end up heading the wall or find an outdated outcome. To give frequent travelers an edge from other typical travelers, Travelation presents a new era of smartphone apps that allow you not only utilize the most apt device in your pocket, but also usage of technology to find better outcome. If you are planning a getaway in near future, following travel apps will be the best help for you to reduce pain and confusion:

  1. Road trip Apps


Driving along with family and friends is the biggest responsibility as well as the best experience you can have. For the travelers taking frequent road trips, these apps are the lifesaver. Try Waze for latest traffic updates on highway and follow your route according to the congestion. Apps like Gas Buddy, Toll Smart, iOn Road, Roadside Americas and Roadtrippers are the apps that will help you to determine your next stopover and find the gas station, toll charges, speed limit alerts, and attractions at roadside respectively. These apps are extremely helpful and will keep your kids occupied and make them feel like a co-pilot without a driving wheel. So, play a game while on road and enjoy a happy and safe road trip.

  1. Subway or Train Schedule Apps


There are several apps that are helpful to give you the routes to take, number of train/subway, number of stops and even the fare while traveling far away from home. Try some simple apps like a Metro, DB Navigator, MetrO, Google Maps Navigation and more that are somewhat accurate to give you some helpful information. It may seem quite easy to understand the local transportation, yet if you are in a city where language, driving patterns and even the gestures are communication barriers, the best idea is to stick with your phone and use these apps and reach to your destination in time without spending a fortune on taxis.

  1. Offline Maps

Using a smartphone for live navigation in a city of another country or continent can put a heavy toll on your phone bills and sometimes give you inappropriate information. To save some quality time and money while traveling abroad, it is advised to use some of the offline map options available for every destination. Apps like CityMaps2Go and Maplets are the most used and prominent offline map apps that are easy to use as well as helpful to find the local attractions and your local route. Download the map of your respective destination before leaving home and get delighted with the utmost variety of local attractions while exploring them without any extra spending.

  1. Airport and Airline Assistance Apps


It is quite a hassle when you are planning to leave for the airport and finding a way to save some time which can be wasted while standing in the unnecessary queues or sitting at the waiting lounge and watching every second passes by in the wait of your flight arrival. Well, with the apps like Boingo, Airport Ace, Fly Smart, Air Sleep and MyTSA, you can save some precious moments and know about the status of check-in, flight arrival, security check and more while sitting home and preparing for a much awaited trip.

  1. Language Translation Apps


The biggest barrier when you are traveling to the cities of South America, Mexico, Europe, Gulf countries, Asia and Russia. And when you are unaware of the local language, it becomes really hard to survive among the people who are not much familiar with the universal language English. To give you an edge and support your language barrier, there are some apps available over the internet that will help you to translate the sign boards and understand whatever is said by the taxi driver. Apps like Google Translate, Google Googles, Vorce, iTranslate and ImageIt are a few examples that makes life easier when you are facing so much trouble communicating with strangers.

Although, there are tons of other apps that can give you some fantastic user reviews of places to visit, giving a detailed travel guide and more which comes handy while traveling to a completely strange city. So, next time when you plan your getaway with family and friends, try the apps above and enjoy traveling like a boss. Stay tuned for more travel tips for a successful journey with Travelation.

The Best Fall Travel Destinations in the United States

Fall is the season when the nature showcase its true beauty and gives everyone a chance to get lost in it. To add up to it, there are also many chances in the season when you can actually take the advantage of fall travel deals and discover whole new level of hues spread by the nature across the world. In case, you are planning this fall season a great getaway and yet a bit tad confused about where to head, no need to worry. Travelation is at your service like always giving you some ideas below about the best fall travel destinations in this United States:

  1. Boston


Boston, the city of history and natural bliss amid the concrete jungle is something everyone should experience. A city where you can actually experience the co-existence of human development and natural beauty living together in harmony. During the season of fall, the parks and boulevards lushes with the fall foliage, making the city even more striking and bewitching. Stroll around the streets of the city or head towards some outdoor attractions and get refreshed with some dreamy mood to woo your better half.

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is notorious for its dense fog, however if you are living in cities nearby, you might be acquainted by the fact that the city becomes much more picturesque and approachable during the months of fall. Enjoy low-peak tourism season with lesser crowd and more enthralling attractions. Go for the Lombard Street near Golden Gate Bridge to experience the picturesque view of the sunset or enjoy the delightful strolling around the city while approaching some of the bustling attractions with lesser crowd and more delight.

  1. New York City

New York City

New York City is often said to be the city of all seasons. No matter whether you are planning your getaway for the season of summer, winter, spring or autumn, the city will amaze you equally with different hues projected every time. And when it comes to the spring season, visiting Big Apple especially at the Central Park, the delight gets tenfold high when you not only gaze up in the sky and admire the exquisite skyline, but can also hold the hands of the love of your life and enjoy walking on the autumn leaves and cherish the golden moments of your life.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

 Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park have always been considered as one of the most prominent family getaway destination for fall season. Enjoy the view of the grand canyon along with a few dips in the natural geysers scattered all over the national park. Go visit the Mammoth Hot Spring or follow some of the adventurous trail while camping with family and getting cozy in the chilling night inside your tent. Time of fall in Yellowstone National Park is truly one of the most memorable moments you all can spend together and cherish for the rest of your lives.

  1. Orlando


If you have your family accompanying on your fall getaway, especially when kids are tagging along, there is no better place that can beat the utmost delight of Orlando. The theme park capital of the world comprising ample of adventure and water parks remain a less crowded during the season of fall. Planning a getaway to Orlando during autumn can lead you to some exquisite fall travel deals to make your escape much more budget friendly. So, next time you promise your kids for a fall trip, make sure you book your flights to Orlando prior with some exquisite fall flight deals.

There are tons of other places that are perfect for fall travel this year and all you need is to sort your priorities and book your tickets with the benefits of fall travel deals as well as special offers during the season. So, are you looking forward for a dreamy and delighting getaway now? Then book your tickets straightaway with Travelation and make your dream travel possible with tremendous offers on airfares available with us.

Ways to Fall Asleep on a Plane

Traveling long haul have many impacts on our body. Where at one place we all are worried about the jet lags, we often spend days thinking about the things we are going to do and places we are about to visit. In this restless situation, we often forget about a major problem of falling asleep during the flight. Many flights, especially if you are traveling to Asia or beyond, have longer travel time and some may require traveling during the night. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, you might waste a couple of days from your trip just recovering from lack of sleep you had to face during your flight. In order to prevent such situation and offer you the most spellbinding travel experience, Travelation have brought travel tips about ways to fall asleep on a plane:

  1. Bring your own sleeping kit


Unless you are traveling in premium class or in a five star airline, you might require some basic stuff that is mandatory to have a good night sleep without any interruption. Say for an instant, while traveling long haul, you might require a neck pillow, sleep mask, earplugs and compression socks. Also, if you love to read and have some great books in your collection, bring them along and keep them in your carry-on baggage. In many cases, there are chances that the airline you are traveling with will provide you an amenity kit comprising all the stuff, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Give up caffeine and alcohol on flight


Consuming caffeine and alcohol during the flight prevents you from falling asleep. Unless you are looking forward to work on something till late night or wish to remain restless because of the toxic effects of alcohol, it is advised to prevent consuming on coffee, tea or alcohol during the flight. Also, try to stay away from the snacks trolley that have ample of stuff to keep you dry mouth as well as restless during a long-haul flight. In case, you need something to drink, follow the basic fluids pattern comprising water, herbal tea and more that are easily available on the flight.

  1. Avoid using entertainment unit/laptop/mobile phone


Anything with bright light may keep your mind in working state whether you like it or not. In case you are looking forward to some entertainment through laptop, entertainment options provided by the respective airline and mobile phones, it is advised to stay away for at least a couple of hours prior an attempt to sleep. Usage of the devices of similar categories will not only keep your mind active and restless, they can also put a strong strain on your eyes when all the lights are dim on the aisle. Try reading a book instead or chit chat with fellow travelers that will keep you entertained as well as prevent any physical or mental strain.

  1. Take shorter sleep before the day of travel


Tired body and mind helps to fall asleep no matter whether you are in a bus, train or flight. So, unless you have a short-haul flight that takes only a bunch of hours of flight, you better take lesser sleep before the day of your travel to keep you tired and help falling asleep easily. This way, you are not only devoting a lot more time in packing light, but also giving your body a direction about when to get relaxed. Also, put some alarms for at least 30 minutes prior to the landing of your flight that will help you to get active for the check-out procedure.

  1. Selection of Seat


We all know that traveling with a window seat will offer some marvelous view of the horizon as well as the land we are traveling above. However, window seats are also helpful to fall asleep where you can lean over the wall of the plan and enjoy a wonderful nap without disturbing anyone or getting disturbed by the activities going on at the aisle. Whenever you are planning to fall asleep, make sure to curtain the window to avoid any light flash disturbing your nap. To make sure of getting a desired seat, you must try to check the seat plan at the time of online check-in where you can determine your seat.

There are several other ways of falling asleep like listening to some white noise music that is available all over the internet. You can also pop some pills for the same, but it is advised to avoid such steps as sleeping pills can cause blood clots and DVT. If you like the article about the travel tips of falling asleep during the flight, keep on following Travelation and get updated with the latest travel tips with us.

Top Five Library Bars in London

London, every time we hear this name, we all picture the giant structures of London Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye with red buses strolling around and black taxis honking on the streets. However, if you are planning to visit this bustling British capital, you must be preparing to visit more than just the iconic landmarks in and around the city. Recently, a culture of library with spirits have hit the literature trend of the city. Hence, you will find many thriving library bars in London. To experience such a fascinating experience of flipping leaves of your favorite book while sipping on the finest quality of sipping, here are the top five library bars in London you must visit on your trip to the British Capital:

Bar Library in London

  1. Electric House, Notting Hill

Notting Hill is among the most renowned and exhilarating neighborhoods of the England’s capital. Although, the neighborhood is filled with myriad attractions along with great quality of restaurants and attractions, if you are strolling around the Notting Hill, you must visit to the Electric House which is considered as one of the best library bars of the United Kingdom. The fascinating range of books and spirits offered here is simply superb and makes the atmosphere nothing can beat. With an elite gentry following the bar and settings, you can experience up close what it feels like sipping some British spirits while reading one of your favorite novels.

  1. Malt Whisky Library, Bloomsbury

Spectacular settings to go cozy with your literature is all what it takes to indulge a bookworm in a city like London and if you gain the access to the Malt Whisky Library, you can actually feel the difference of reading the same book back at home and at this spellbinding place. It may seem a bit awkward of reading a book while traveling, yet if you are planning to experience European lifestyle, you must try this place once. Sip some well-aged whiskeys while reading the intense books you love and feel the characters like never before.

  1. The Library Lounge, Bayswater

Wedged between the Kensington and Chelsea of Central London, the exquisite neighborhood of Bayswater is renowned for a quality range of rental apartments as well as budget accommodation. With a close proximity to the biggest attractions of the city, you can access not only refreshing parks and lawns of the town, but also visit the bewitching the Library Lounge. Settled next to the Hyde Park, this stunning place is a great place to keep on going after the sunset whilst sipping some of your favorite potations. Despite being nestled next to the lounge in Hilton Hotel, the place is extremely quiet and sets the mood of reading the most intense books ever.

  1. The Phene, Chelsea

Among the most prominent and renowned neighborhoods of the London as well as the United Kingdom, Chelsea is the home of not only local habitants and football clubs, it is also a place where you can find one of the most decent library bar of London. Pay a visit to the Phene and experience what it feels like to be surrounded by the most expensive, tastiest and renowned spirits of the world while concentrating on the book you are about to begin or finish. Sit inside the hall or ask for a seat in the lawn and keep on rolling the pages of your book while setting up the mood with each sip of the finest quality of drinks.

  1. The Society Club, Soho

Nestled at the western end of the London, the beautiful neighborhood of Soho have always been the first choice for tourists who are frequent on cheap flights to London and visiting the British capital every now and then. The district is full of attractions and places to visit. However, if you are new to the place and looking for some quite place to finish a bunch of pages from your book, The Society Club is the place to visit. Gain an access to the club and you are all good to go to beat the chilling winters through the crowd of your favorite book available for not only reading, but to buy as well. Taste some of the quality snacks, good to go with your books while reading the most splendid stories from your novel.

Since the concept of library bar is a big hit in the streets of United Kingdom, you will stumble upon a number of similar places. However, many of the places have made it closed for club members only and charge a lot for a short period membership. So, next time whenever you take cheap flights to London for business or leisure purpose, do visit once of these library bars that are an extremely delightful experience to have in the heart of the United Kingdom.

5 Must Visit Destinations in September

September, a month where everyone is heading back to school or preparing for their new job while the scorching hot summer transform in to the beautiful as well as romantic season of fall. The time when most of the people are busy doing their thing, you can actually plan a wonderful getaway with the people you love. It gives an add-on advantage to the people who have sent their kids to the school and searching for a perfect window to rejuvenate the love among them. If you too are seeking a refreshing break after a scorching season of summers, following are the 5 must visit destinations in the month of September that may cheer you up and offer the most impeccable travel experience:

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, one of the largest national parks of the United States gives the most unparalleled travel experience to both domestic as well as international tourists. A place where you are not only disconnected from all the worries and honking streets, but where you can feel free and refreshed with natural beauty. Discover the pleasant backdrops and vast stretched natural landscapes while visiting to the finest geysers. Travelers can also get drenched in the pre-fall delight while hiking on the myriad trails and exploring the flora and fauna of this giant National Park nestled amidst Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is among the most bewitching cities of the South Carolina and certainly a pleasant place to visit before the beauty of fall hits the city. September is the month when the temperature lingers around 70s, giving ideal conditions to stroll around the city and explore its true beauty. Get going to explore the myriad attractions or explore the outskirts after taking flights to Charleston that comes at quite an affordable price if you are planning a getaway in the month of September. Besides, traveling to South Carolina during the fall gives an immense pleasure when you hold hands of your love and stroll around the bewitching boulevards and savor on the magnificent variety of attractions.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, one of the most extremely gorgeous conurbations of the Oceania and probably one of the naturally rich cities of the country gives the most pleasant experience to the travelers taking New Zealand flights right after the end of winters and beginning of fall. The Alpine slopes remain intact with snow and gives great options for skiing holidays. Enjoy a gorgeous time exploring the bewitching metropolis of the New Zealand while getting drenched in the infinite beauty and adventure available in and around the city of Queenstown.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

During the time, the city enjoy great weather conditions due to the beginning of fall as well as the tranquilizing shores of the city becomes more accessible and enjoyable. Travelers visiting Buenos Aires can stroll around the city and explore all sorts of outdoor attractions while savoring on some of the finest seasonal delicacies available at the restaurants and the food joints scattered across the city. The shoulder season will also help you to get the budget flight deals for Buenos Aires which is an indescribable delight of visiting the Argentine capital during September.

  1. Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris is often said to be the costliest as well as a year-round destination. However, if you are tight on budget and have a keen desire of visiting this perfect capital of love, September can possibly be the best time when you can afford visiting this picturesque French capital. September is the month when you can find some handsome deals on flights to Paris which will help you to save further on your travel budget and afford many activities you must have planned to do in Paris. Before the fall, Paris is extremely adorable to visit when the boulevards are blooming with green trees and beautiful weather makes it much easier to stroll around the city and visit the biggest attractions.

September is the month of budget traveling and if you have the curiosity of exploring the earthly beauty scattered around the world, September is possibly one of the finest months during which you can actually find some handsome deals and cheap flights. So, send your kids back to school and plan a perfect dreamy getaway to the beautiful conurbations across the world by booking your tickets with Travelation.

Tips for a Stress-Free Road Trip

Road trips, the most efficient and the most budget-friendly way to enjoy a family getaway and extract the best out of it. However, sometimes, in the excitement of traveling, we tend to forget the basics of planning and end-up either getting stranded on the road, getting sick or cranky at the end of the trip which unfortunately spoil all the fun and adventure we could have on the road. Hence, Travelation has brought some travel tips to enjoy a family trip on the wheels and some better ways to take the excitement and adventure on the next level. Follow the tips below and you will feel the beauty of your journey like never before:

Travel Tips

1. Map Your Route

Mapping your route is the key element that can either make your journey a memorable one or can turn into a disaster. Instead of considering a shorter route, try going the way where you can cover all the highlights and attractions on your way to your destination. This way, your kids will get to learn a lot about the neighboring cities/states as well as you can enjoy the best moments of your journey which will further make them the most memorable one. Making various pit-stops, finding new highlights and natural beauty in the outskirts bring a new collection of memories in your albums.

2. Impeccable Packing Style

Just like flying, skiing or any other expedition, light-carrying can help you a lot and with a systematic packing style, you can save a lot of space to add-on some more delights. Bring one bag and a carry along bag for each person on your trip which will allow you to both pack and unpack easily without wasting much of time and efforts and help to check-in at the various motels and roadside hotels. This way, you can also reduce the stress of handing over and finding needed stuff on your trip when you keep all the necessary stuff in the soft side bags and keep the heavy luggage in the trunk.

3. Food to Carry Along

It is a good habit to keep some healthy snacks in a small cooler and put the cooler among the kids to keep them indulged and stuffed all the time. With an easy reachability, kids won’t bother you and you can enjoy the pleasant sightseeing. Stopping at the local grocery market for a quick sandwich can be a good idea too. That way, kids can straighten up their legs and taste the different cuisines and flavors on the way to the destination. Kids tend to love junk food and stopping for a diner on the highway can cheer them up as well as give you some breather from constant strain of driving.

4. Not to Test your Driving Capacity

Sometimes, we try to reach to our destination without stopping for anything. We know that you can do that and no one wants and proof. But such habits can end-up spoiling the road trip fun for the kids. Instead of driving straight to the destination, try taking a break of 30 minutes after driving for 2-3 hours. Find some natural pools or lakes on your way and take a nice dip to ooze-out the heat and give children the chance to get drenched in the ultimate fun in the surroundings of natural bliss.

5. Opting for Car Travel Safety

Car travel safety is the key element for every safe road trip. To ensure your safety, opt for the basic road travel safety. Get your car thoroughly checked for oil, fluids and engine tune-up along with a working jack and spear tire. Getting yourself enrolled for an emergency road service or a club that provide such services. Keep your cellphone charged and toped up to make emergency call in remote areas. Also, keeping your insurance card and having a prompt information about the reach of respective insurance company will keep you secured during a medical crisis.

There are several other things that require your attention to make your trip more enjoyable like getting some storybook CDs, car games and more for kids. This way, you can enjoy a nice family travel trip and cherish the memories of your road trips for the rest of your life.