5 Top Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

We all know the pain of increasing expenses and reducing savings while traveling and no matter how much we enjoy traveling the world, somewhere down the line, it hurts us the most. Hence, to give you all an idea that can also be treated as an excuse blower as well as stress repellant, we have brought a list of travel tips that can be used to make sure you earn money while traveling and enjoying the beauty of the earth. Following are the 5 top ways to earn money while traveling and enjoying the equal amount of fun and excitement of traveling like a regular voyaging across the earth:

  1. Street or Stage Performer

Street or Stage Performer

This is among the boldest and finest way of traveling the world and earning out some money. If you have the skillset to perform such artistic work, you must try to perform on the streets or in the clubs, theaters, stage shows and more. There is always an opportunity to the culturally rich cities across the world where you can find yourself more connected culturally if you have that artistic fling in you. Try playing guitar, stage acting (cameo), singing, magic etc. that are the biggest catch for the local as well as tourists and can get you to earn some handsome money without breaking too much of sweat.

  1. Selection of a Career Involve a lot of Traveling

Career Involve a lot of Traveling

There are always many professions that involve traveling around the world. We all understand that while working, it is hard to concentrate on the fun in order to work efficiently. But eventually, we all get some time for us to enjoy while working abroad. Profiles like merchant navy, pilot, air stewards/hostess and multi-national company personnel often get the opportunity to explore the world while earning their bread and butter. These profile seems to be quite depressing, but if you have the fire to discover the world and enjoy the beauty of myriad cultures, you will find the working on such profiles much more exciting.

  1. Tour Guides

Tour Guides

Although, most of us do not prefer such profiles as it involves a lot of information as well as presentation skills, yet if you are looking forward to be on budget and earning some excellent amount, tour guide is one of the finest jobs you can have. It is really easy to get an agency to represent you as a guide among tourists as they always seek more people and all you need to do is learn as much as you can before going to your designated attraction. Also, you will get the chance to get to know people from different culture, geographical location and myriad psychology, which eventually helps to groom your personality tenfold.

  1. Tutor or Guest Lecturer

Guest Lactures

These kind of profiles requires an extreme set of skills and expertise in your forte along with many degrees, certifications and majors. And if you consider yourself worthy enough to share your intelligence and knowledge with others, becoming a guest lecturer or a tutor can always help to get you established worldwide as well as get paid a handsome amount with dignity. For most of the American people, it is quite easy to find a tutor job related with English & French Language, Engineering, Art and many other subjects we have major in. There are tons of cities out there that require such attention and knowledge to get better education and refined information. So, you are not just traveling the world or earning some money, you are actually utilizing your skills and knowledge a noble cause.

  1. Part Time Resort or Camping Employee

Part time job

Although, most of us do not prefer working as an employee that can be treated as a waiter or worse, yet if you have the skills of an adventurer or sales person, you can always make your way to the resorts or camping agencies. There are tons of resorts, hotels and accommodation providers who seek people from different communities to provide the tourists a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and they choose you to be their representative in front of American guests. In case of camping instructor or expert, you are getting paid a lot, get to meet new people, make friends while polishing your skills and exploring new heights of natural beauty on the expenses of your agency.

People often mention that it is really hard to survive in an unknown country when you have nothing much to do. However, if you are determined and skilled, there are plenty of things that will come handy to travel the world while polishing your skills and earning money. So, think about it and make your travel plans more enjoyable with our travel tips and stay tuned for more!

Real Life Fairytale Villages in Europe

Europe, a continent that have been read and understood as a magical land in our literature for years. A combination of nations that have been into a few fairytales and have given us the infinite space to explore our imaginations still possesses some of the greatest, finest and renowned fairytale villages that we have remembered for one or more reasons. Enjoy the beauty of the Europe with rich heritage, great sights and impeccable elegance while discovering some of the most outstanding fairytale villages spread across the Europe. To give you a ride back in the childhood with all the bedtime tales we used to listen from our parents, we have brought a ist of real life fairytale villages in the Europe.

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

The colorful village spanned on the coasts of the Italian Riviera known for its architectures made on steep slope and hues of houses, Cinque Terra of Italy is no lesser than a fairytale village of the Europe. A small village that has been witnessing a huge number of tourists each year, Cinque Terre give an astounding getaway experience despite its small size and limited resources. The magnificent fan following and increasing fame has accolade the village a delightful array of comfort and luxury to please the guests visiting here year-round. Besides all the picturesque places, the city has preserved a really informative and mesmerizing heritage which can only be discovered once you reach there.

  1. Rocamadour, France

Rocamadour, France

Not as colorful as Cinque Terre yet equally astounding and captivating village of France, with a close proximity to Alzhou River, Rocamadour is among the most splendid and bewitching getaway destinations in the France. Often described as a village came out of the book itself, Rocamadour has become a spellbinding pilgrimage for dream getaway seekers. Located at the south-central France, this clifftop village is truly a mesmerizing place and feature plenty of heritage sites and a nearby bird park. With all the beauties lies around, travelers tend to take cheap flights to Europe and visit these extraordinary attractions spilled across the south-central part of the France.

  1. Filzmoos, Austria

Filzmoos, Austria

A romantic Austrian village which is often acknowledged as a Christmassy getaway destination throughout the year, Filzmoos is among the most top-notch getaway destinations in the Europe. Deriving tourists from across the world by its small yet picturesque beauty, this outstanding village sure makes a perfect fairytale village where you can imagine to find elves and Santa himself working round-the-clock to prepare Christmas gifts for kids. Ideally located at the foothills of Dachstein Massif, this pleasant getaway makes a perfect family escape especially when you have curious kids who like to explore magical places and beautiful landscapes.

  1. Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

A resort town cum fairytale village of Portugal, Sintra is among the most prestigious, renowned and favorite getaway destinations of the Europe. With a close proximity with the Portuguese capital Lisbon, this small village makes a perfect getaway for the tourists taking cheap flights to Europe and heading towards one of the most prosperous, culturally rich and remarkably beautiful capital of the Portugal. Nestled on the hilltop, this splendid village makes a perfect fairytale village with whimsical views and amazing architectures popping out of the tip of the mountain. Reminding of impenetrable fairytale castles this incredible place is worth a visit while you are visiting Lisbon.

  1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

A volcanic island village of Cyclades Group, this Greek village is quite famous for its remarkable sunset, exquisite white houses and an array of heritage and cultural sites. Often considered as one of the most visited and a must visit attraction of the Greece, this spellbinding getaway destination is apt for both romantic couples as well as family travelers. Featuring beaches, resorts, natural attractions, myriad sunset points and a lot of fun and excitement, this place makes a perfect dreamy fairytale getaway destination of the Europe. While visiting here, do not forget to visit Oia, a hilltop town that has the best views of Santorini to be seen at the dawn.

Europe is a combination of heritage, culture, art, architecture, natural landscapes, beautiful tradition and so much more which makes the fairytale writers often take the inspirations from the villages as well as towns. Hence, you will always find one place or another used in the books of past or present. So, next time when you take cheap flights to Europe and search for a great getaway destination, do not forget to visit one of these splendid and dreamy fairytale villages of the Europe and book your tickets with Travelation to bag some handsome discounts and offers on flights.

Most Outstanding Beaches in the World

Beaches, this only world will create a picture of sandy shoreline, ocean waves drenching your feet, sailing, surfing and loads of volleyball. It is often said that you can’t have enough of beach. The proverb that can only be understood by the professional travelers and beach lovers is absolutely perfect on some extent and to make the best experience of all time, you must visit the most outstanding beaches across the world. Beach holidays that are known for parties, relaxation, adventure, excitement and enjoyment is something most of us desire deep inside our heart. To give you an outline, following is the list of best beaches of the world that are absolutely spectacular and enjoyable:

  1. Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Fraser Island

Being one of the most successful and pleasant countries of the world, Australia is featured with tons of islands and beaches that are renowned for being finest of all time. Go for fishing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling and more or get indulged in the parties, sunbathe, relaxation and much more while being in an absolutely gorgeous beach like Fraser Island of Queenstown. An enthralling getaway destination comprising all the attributes of a fine destination, Fraser Island has one of the finest beach of all time and offer tourists from across the world a spellbinding experience of joy and adventure.

  1. Cala Saona, Formentera

Cala Saona, Formentera

A spellbinding and culturally rich island of Spain, Formentera knows how to please its guests. Take cheap airfares and board your flights to Spain and get delighted by this spellbinding white-sand beach comprising turquoise blue shallow water with plenty of attractions at the boardwalk. Being the smallest island of Balearic Islands, this pleasant beach has been drawing thousands of tourists each month and offering them a relaxing, adventurous and joyful getaway experience. You can go for snorkeling, sailing, surfing for adventure or can enjoy some relaxing time getting indulged in the parties and many other activities at the resorts nearby.

  1. Starfish Beach, Panama

Starfish Beach, Panama

Starfish beach or commonly known as Boca del Drago is among the finest beach getaways of the Americas. Featuring a spellbinding shoreline, exquisite surroundings and a connection with the marine wilderness, this beach sure knows how to portray its beauty. Go and have a dip in the clean blue water to explore the underwater world with plenty of features and coral life. You can also relax at the opulent, budget and friendly resorts and enjoy magnificent array of activities such as beach sports and water sports as per your preference. Starfish Beach is quite renowned for its family-friendly environment along with the liberty for couples.

  1. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Beaches of Brazil have always been the highlight when we speak about the beach getaways and if you are on the subject of finding the best beach of the world, you can never forget Ipanema Beach of Rio de Janeiro which is considered to be the best year-round beach of the country. With late night parties, exquisite scenery in the surroundings, sandy beaches and beautiful coastline, the beach has become the beating heart of the city. Each year, millions of tourists taking cheap airfares for Rio de Janeiro tend to visit here and feast the craving of endless parties.

  1. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset Beach, Oahu

Beaches of Hawaii are among the finest not only in the Americas, but also in the rest of the world. Carved after volcanic activities and thousands of years of processing, the beauty of beaches in Hawaii have surfaced. An eye of attraction for couples visiting Hawaii, Sunset Beach is a great experience to rejuvenate the love among them and cherish the golden moments for the rest of the life. The enthralling surrounding and sun setting down in the horizon are the best things you can come across here. Besides, the exquisite resorts and hotels are gorgeous and opulent while being budget-friendly.

There are thousands of beaches spread across the planet and most of them have the same beauty, yet there are several that outshine among other and give the tourists a reason to visit there and make the dream getaway come true. If you have a dream beach getaway in your mind and looking for cheap airfares to make this happen, consider Travelation as your travel partner and get going on the most exciting beach vacation of your life.

Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling is delightful till the time you have your pockets warm. As the time passes while you are traveling, the delight turns into pain and stress of saving a lot and sometimes end up giving you a horrible experience instead of fun and joy. Hence, to keep you away from any sort of harm’s way, Travelation is bringing travel tips to save money while traveling. Coming straight from the experiences of travel experts and frequent travelers, we give you some basic ideas of how you can save yourself from unnecessary spending and expenses that were nowhere near to the requirement. Follow the basic ideas mentioned below and you will find your next trip much more amazing and stress-free:

  1. Using Public Transport

Public Transport

While traveling around the unacquainted destinations, we lean towards luxury rather than exploring. Hence, we sometimes hire a cab, taxi or even some lavishing methods of local transit. This is often considered a convenient way when you are traveling with family and friends, yet if you are tight on budget and looking forward for better and detailed experience of your respective destination, travel expert insist to use local transport like buses, shared cabs, subways and trains in the cities that have strong transport system. In order to stay safe, it is advised that you must understand the time of last run and first run of the local transport to avoid being stranded alone in an unfriendly or unsafe neighborhood.

  1. Eat Like a Local

Local food

We often go for international cuisine restaurants while living in our city, yet try to find a continental restaurant in the cities abroad which costs more than eating at a local joint with great taste and hygiene. To save yourself from the pain of paying extra while tasting the real essence of traditional cuisines, find the restaurants that serve fresh, quality and tasty food in your neighborhood. The rule of six box is often considered in this context stating you should avoid eating anything in the radius of six blocks from any highly visited attractions where you will be served with half of the quality and double the prices.

  1. Finding Budget Accommodation

Budget Accommodation

It is a healthy sign of finding some cozy accommodation while traveling with international features and amenities. However, if you are running short on budget and looking to cut-out some expenses, search locally to find a budget accommodation or join local communities on social media giving an insight about the affordable staying options with better experiences. You can also find a hotel where you can get the opportunity to cook your own food and try some local dishes with traditional ingredients available in local market. That way, you will be saving a fortune on expensive food with low quality and polishing your cooking skills while living abroad.

  1. Like Shopping? Try Duty-Free Stores

Duty free shopping

Shopaholics are the most spending people while traveling and often get conned at the local markets as well as malls. In case you have somebody who shares the same interest, try the duty-free stores at the airport that have the same quality of local products and souvenirs available at duty-free price. Whether you are looking for some liquor, gadget or something else, finding such things at budget prices can save a fortune which can be spent on other stuff like sightseeing and trying out different attractions with higher entry fee.

  1. Get a Local Mobile Connection

local connection mobile

During a long trip, the thing cost us the most unnecessarily is the phone bills. Whether you are constantly in touch with your guide, your hotel or the people you are traveling with, you will be spending a fortune on ISD calls. To save yourself from such a disastrous spending, get a new mobile connection of local number from the local service providers. Also, don’t forget to get your cell phone unlocked from your mobile company for a smooth connectivity with a service provider of different country or continent. Travel like a star and stay connected with locals while saving a lot on phone bills.

There are tons of ways to save money during a travel and it’s all up to you whether you like to stay on reckless spending or have desire to stay on budget. Some basic rules and ideal travel tips are the key to save a fortune while traveling overseas while having the most outstanding and thriving experience of traveling. To get more travel tips about traveling, stay connected with Travelation.

Top Five Reasons to Visit China

China, a country that has been renowned for various contrasts and vividness has surely became one of the most visited nations of the Asia in last a couple of decades. A country where you can dig the history of one of the oldest civilizations, taste some of the most bizarre foods, experience the thriving lifestyle, magnificent yet surreal culture and tremendous wealth of nature is absolutely a delight to experience. A hub for both leisure and business travelers, China has become one of the top choice for tourists from across the globe. If you haven’t heard a lot about traveling to this gorgeous country, following are the reasons to visit China that will help you decide whether you should visit this fantastic and bustling country or not:

  1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China is among the most beautiful architectures of the world. Often acclaimed to be seen from space itself, this picturesque attraction has the length of approximately 5,500 miles. Each year, the Great Wall of China attract millions of tourists from across the world who visit various parts of this huge architecture and get delighted by the pleasant carvings and the vast stretch covering nearly a dozen of cities. Take flights to China and visit Beijing from where you can access the most popular sites of the wall, making it the most ideal city to visit this stunning attraction of the China.

  1. Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou

Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou

An absolutely astounding man-made marvel in Chun’an County, Qiandao Lake is truly a mesmerizing experience to have in China. Giving reasons of taking flights to China to the tourists from around the world, this picturesque lake is something that distinct the country of China from the rest of the world. Qiandao Lake which is commonly known as the Thousand Island Lake is stretched in around 570 square kilometer area comprising nearly 1078 islands till date. In order to reach to the Qiandao River, you can take flights to China and reach Hangzhou which is approximately 3hours of drive away from the Qiandao Lake.

  1. Maijishan Grottoes, Tainshin

Maijishan Grottoes, Tainshin

Formerly known as Maichishan, Maijishan Grottoes is among the most picturesque attractions of the Asia. Overshadowed by the Great Wall of China, this fascinating series of caves is truly a bewitching attraction. A prominent reason to visit China, this series of nearly 200 caves is carved on the hill of Majishan in Tianshui. Have a glance from some distance and you will get a mirage of watching a whole city living on a mountain with green surface on top. Treasuring centuries of history and more than 7000 Buddhist sculptures, this fabulous site is a heaven for archaeologists and heritage lovers.

  1. Tianmen Mountain, Hunan

Tianmen Mountain, Hunan

Tianmen Mountain, also known as the door to heaven is among the most surreal attractions of China. Located in Tianmen Mountain National Park of Zhangjiajie prefecture of Hunan City, Tianmen Mountain is surely a place everyone should visit at least once in the life. A sacred place in the Chinese culture, this mountain has plenty of attractions within including glass skywalk on the height of 4700 feet and Tianmen Temple, located on the top of the mountain. Whilst exploring the beautiful natural surroundings and heritage shrines, you can also ride in the world’s longest cable car ride which covers a distance of nearly 7 kilometers.

  1. Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai, the financial hub of the largest populated country and one of the finest economy of the world have been one of the most thriving and striking conurbations ever. Featuring sky-piercing buildings and huge architectures, this city is the prime reason why both leisure and business travelers board flights to China and have the most amazing travel experience ever. Although it is often said the city is quite bustling day and night, yet if you belongs from a metropolitan itself, you might not feel such facts. Taste some of the most scrumptious dishes, experience the fine culture, thriving nightlife and exquisite hospitality in Shanghai on your trip to China.

There are tons of other reasons of visiting China which is the prime factor why people from around the world have started planning their getaway to this amazingly booming country. So, if you are up for a getaway to this spellbinding, naturally beautiful, culturally rich and financially thriving country, book your flights to China with Travelation and avail our magnificent travel deals.

The Best Places to Travel in October

The time when the winters are about to knock your doors along with festivities, the month of October comes with an astounding weather conditions with its fall beauty that makes everything dreamy and enjoyable. This time is among the perfect months of the year when you can not only enjoy a wonderful getaway with splendid weather conditions, but also dodge heavy airfares and flocking landmarks of your favorite destinations due to cheap airfares of shoulder season. Just when the big festivals are round the corner, you get the chance to enjoy a pleasant and romantic getaway with your love. To give you some moments of rejoice and rejuvenating the love, Travelation presents the best places to travel in October:

  1. New Orleans

New Orleans

Considerably one of the most likely destination to visit in the United States, New Orleans is among the most pleasant getaway destinations in the region. Enjoy visiting New Orleans the month of October when the autumn leaves bring a new charm to the boulevards and cold weather conditions allow tourists to stroll around the city and enjoy a wonderful experience. Besides, being the shoulder season, travelers can get cheap airfare for New Orleans and can easily get budget accommodations time. As far as the gourmet is concerned, you will find plenty of bargain restaurants with vast menu and exquisite delicacies to enjoy on a couple getaway.

  1. Nashville


Nashville have been one of the liveliest and zealous destinations during the season of fall when not only the cultural events like music festivals and independent music events puts everyone on groove, the city’s thriving lifestyle and natural bliss offers an impeccable experience to the couples heading for October getaways. The spellbinding beauty of the city is something that can help you catch all sort of great memories you had with your love whilst enjoying some of the finest class of music and literal festivals organized by local organizations in the month of October.

  1. Munich


A tempting getaway to the Europe is something that everyone require the most to enjoy not only the pleasant weather, but also some quality time in elegant surroundings. A getaway to the second most prosperous and diverse city of Germany is all you need to enjoy the beautiful weather, wonderful settings and many things to do and get drenched in the joy of Munich. Fly your way to the Munich to enjoy the fantastic Oktoberfest, which is among the most spellbinding events occur in the region all along. With a week full of booze and parties, you will not miss anything and can enjoy the finest quality of beers whilst tasting waffles in the company of your better half.

  1. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

A city of fall, Salt Lake City is everything you need to make an escape this October. A spellbinding city that enjoys shoulder season during the month of October and offer fewer crowd, budget accommodation and cheap airfare to reach from any part of the United States, Salt Lake City makes a perfect host for a dream getaway. Enjoy the peaceful settings of autumn leaves, spread across the boulevards of the city whilst getting delighted by the prosperous lifestyle and happy-go-lucky nature of natives. Go for hiking, long drive and many other activities or enjoy visiting Utah State Fare or Western Music Festival organized each year in the city to have a stunning getaway experience filled with romance.

  1. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

The month of October brings a new era of joy and peace in Buenos Aires, allowing tourists to enjoy excellent weather conditions to explore the outdoors. The city of Tango and one of the finest getaway destinations of Argentina, Buenos Aires is not only pleasant and dreamy, but also quite budget-friendly during the month of October. Go taste some of the scrumptious dishes or enjoy Tango lessons from the pioneers while discovering an array of attractions and peaceful activities to indulge during a vacation in Argentine capital. During the month of October, Buenos Aires becomes budget-friendly in every possible manner. Which means not only you can have great delights on travel expenses, but also on gourmet, potations and many other aspects.

There are several other places that makes a perfect getaway option to travel in the month of October. However, it is all up to you whether you like a long-haul getaway in the Europe or Americas or you can settle down with a short getaway in some domestic destination. Whatever your preferences are, Travelation is always there to offer you cheap airfare and great value deals for travel.

World’s Top Legendary Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

While planning a getaway, we often ask what should be the best time to visit a particular destination and loads of answers come across describing to visit during shoulder period to dodge huge crowd, worse weather conditions and high-price range. However, if you follow the instinct of a smart traveler, you will find that those who tend to explore the best visit their respective destinations during the festive season. In case you are planning for a memorable journey, following are the world’s top legendary festivals you don’t want to miss while visiting the finest cities worldwide:

  1. Chinese New Year, Worldwide

Chinese New Year, Worldwide

One of the widely celebrated religious festivals of the world, Chinese New Year is truly an experience one should have once in the lifetime. Celebrated every year on the new moon between 21 January and 20 February, this striking event is devoted to honor deities and ancestors. Observed by the countries with a significant population of Chinese including China, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritius, Taiwan, Philippines and the finest Chinatowns spread around the world, this festival brings a new smile to the people by its cults of celebration. Plan your trip to some of the Chinese culture destinations and witness the parades featuring fireworks, red lanterns, dragon’s balloons and statues and more to make out the best of your trip to Asia and other parts of the world.

  1. Carnival of Venice, Venice

Carnival of Venice, Venice

Celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday, this is among the most prominent reasons why the city of Venice is considered as a culturally rich conurbation of Italy. Comprising locals and tourists wearing various masks like we do in our real life to hide emotions, this festival is something that is not only offer a glimpse of the zeal and culture of a particular civilization, but also a chance to learn a lot from the traditions followed by the natives. The best way to experience this fascinating event is by visiting the St. Mark’s Square where you will find thousands of people wearing glittering attire along with the disguising masks. Besides all the gala, you can spend the evening boating around the canals of Venice to enjoy a peaceful and pleasant time with your love.

  1. Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

Probably one of a few biggest carnivals of the world, Rio Carnival is truly a blast of fun, adventure and enjoyment. Held each year before lent, this is the finest celebration of the Brazil comprising revealing attires, floats and samba dance on the streets for six consecutive days. Each year, the festival attracts millions of people from across the world which makes it the biggest carnival on earth. Plan your trip from February till March and be a part of such an amazing gathering of millions of tourist visiting to have a sight of this mesmerizing carnival which showcase the zealous lifestyle and rich culture that still is among the locals of Rio de Janeiro.

  1. Holi Festival, India

Holi Festival, India

Among the most renowned festivals in India, the festival of colors, Holi is truly an experience which is quite rare to find anywhere else in the world. Observed on the full moon day of the month of Falgun as per Indian calendar, this striking event is a two-day festival where one day comprises a bonfire and the last day includes watersports, colors, food, delicacies and lots of parties. Primarily celebrated in India and Nepal, many other parts of the world have ideate the event to share the love, and bring colors to their lives. Visit India during February and March and be a part of such an unusual festival with optimum weather conditions and the happy-go-lucky people who don’t bother the color, language or religion.

  1. New Year’s Eve, Sydney

New Year Eve, Sydney

New Year’s Eve Celebration in Sydney have never required any promotion among people. The first moment of every year comes to Sydney at first place and the city cherish the moment every year with huge fireworks at the harbor and parties all night long. Sydney, which is also considered as the beating heart of culturally rich and zealous Australia hosts such an auspicious occasion and invite tourists from across the world to share the happiest moment of the year with people. If you are up for a New Year trip, there is no better place to celebrate the ball-dropping countdown than Sydney to witness the beautiful fireworks around Sydney Harbor and Opera House.


The world is wide and there are endless festivals that brings the perfect time to visit the respective destination. To make sure you have the best time at your dream destination, the ideal time is when the city is at its best. So, next time, whenever you plan a trip to your dream destination, chalk down your escape around the festive season and book cheap flights with Travelation to bag handsome savings on your next getaway.

Things to Do on Columbus Day

A celebration of discovery of Americas, the Columbus Day is among a few renowned and indulging national holidays in the United States and various parts of the world. Comprising Italian and American culture, the day has been observed since 1929 and ever since the festival is celebrated on worldwide level. Comprising Columbus Day Parade, enthralling festivities, fabulous celebrations, events and cathedral services, the day is celebrated with big heart and loads of happiness. If you are up to make the forthcoming Columbus Day an event to cherish for eternity, following are the things to don Columbus Day and make this festival an enthralling experience of your life:

Columnus Day FLights

  1. Church Service

Being an Italian-American event, Columbus Day is celebrated in many ways. Most of the people who are acquainted with both culture prefer the day utilized in church services, praying in front of god and enjoying a meeting with people they know. A day in church is the most apt way to spend the Columbus Day and is quite popular as well as traditional manner to make the day a time to get connected with the god. Either go to a church and join the special ceremonies take place or enjoy some charity work by donating stuff to the people who need the most and make the Columbus Day a holy, pure and serene day of your life to gain some virtues.

  1. Joining Columbus Day Parade in New York City

Columbus Day is vastly celebrated across all the Americas and if you are planning to enjoy the celebration in the most renowned way, you must fly all the way to New York City where the Columbus Day parade take place every year comprising thousands of marchers, shopkeepers and people gathering around the parade route and enjoy a spellbinding experience of one of the finest gathering held in New York City every year. With sparkling dresses, exquisite flag formations and displays of Christopher Columbus.

  1. Celebrate Columbus Day with Music and Dance Events

The day of Columbus Day is often comes with myriad events and celebrations across the Americas that comprises various stage shows, concerts, music festivals, dance competitions and theater performances. Join one of the events at any city of the United States and feel delighted by witnessing some of the finest performances and understanding the artistic diversity spread across the world. Be a part of Columbus Day Gala in Philadelphia and rejuvenate your weekend with a whole different experience and surreal pleasure whilst tasting some of the finest cultural dishes and potations served at the stalls around.

  1. A Get Together at Home

What could be better than celebrating such an auspicious festival than a gathering with people you know around? A magnificent get together with acquainted people and home-made food and loads of chit chat and fun. In recent days, when people don’t get much time to get along with relatives and friends, such occasions are the perfect time to rejuvenate the old memories and get indulged in the funniest and most memorable conversations of all time. Also, you can all sit tight together and watch the Columbus Day parade shown on the television whilst tasting some of the scrumptious dishes and great potations.

  1. An Extended Weekend Trip to Some Place Nice

This year, when Columbus Day is bringing an occasion of extended weekend, people can plan a long trip to some of the exotic locations across the world. No matter whether you are living alone, with family or friends, a trip is always the best idea to make things right after such a hectic time of work, studies and other daily affairs. This time is also great to bag some hefty savings by using Columbus Day flights and special offers on travel deals available online. Book your tickets and pack your bags to brace some of the greatest memories of all time at the finest destinations across the United States and beyond. Whether you have a keen desire of visiting Europe, South American beaches, Caribbean islands or any other place, this time is perfect with great weather conditions to explore your dream destination.

Although there are several other ways through which you can spend this legendary day in the history of America, yet if you are planning a visit to a relative, a friend or at your home, you can go for Columbus Day flights from Travelation and start pouring in savings.

5 Natural Wonders in Iceland

Iceland, among the most apt and delightful destinations of the Europe has always shone like a star when it comes to tourism. With its exquisite variety of natural and cultural attractions, the entire country have thrived for centuries. Thus, each voyager traveling to Europe plan to make an escape to the Icelandic shores and discover the bewitching polar weather conditions and striking phenomenon that are quite rare. No matter whether you are a cultural explorer, a travel photographer or have a hobby to visit the finest attractions across the world, the cities of Iceland will always amaze you by their natural diversity and an ultimate phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Following are the top 5 natural wonders in Iceland that you must experience at least once when you are taking flights to Europe:

  1. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The beauty of Blue Lagoon has always astounded both the natural photographers as well as the finest travelers from across the world. Experience the marvel of nature that have brought this geyser in the middle of the icy surroundings along with mineral properties with various effects. Nestled around Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, this promising attraction draws thousands of tourists each month and offer them an experience to remember for lifetime. Its tranquilizing properties and spellbinding backdrops are the prominent reasons why this place has managed to make a place in our top 5 natural wonders in Iceland list.

  1. Great Geyser

Great Geyser

Located in the southwest of Iceland, this paramount natural attraction is one of the primary reasons why travelers from across the world take flights to Europe and make Iceland as their favorite getaway destination. A catch for nature lovers, photographers and explorers, Great Geyser is formed from an active volcano belt beneath the surface and make this water pond an unusual phenomenon where you will see wells spilling out steaming hot water with plenty of minerals. Active for more than 10,000 years, this area is an eye of attraction in the southwestern part of Iceland.

  1. Gullfoss


A combination of waterfall, turquoise blue water, mountains and snow, this spellbinding waterfall is something that combines many natural beauties into one. Another nature’s marvel located in the southwest region of the Iceland, Gullfoss is a beautiful place, spilling myriad hues with a vast stretch of golden lands. A beautiful canyon on Hvita River, this picturesque land is an astounding place as well as an eye of attraction for tourists visiting Reykjavik and the rest of the Iceland for some natural exploration.

  1. Svartifoss


Svartifoss is among the most renowned and unusual waterfalls of the world, featuring the pleasant view of canyon along with black basalt columns around that were formed after thousands of years of geological activities and a high-pressure waterfall carving this place into one of the most surreal and beautiful natural attractions of the region. You will find plenty of photographers visiting here every day to find a new angle and capture this unbelievable view of such a delighting natural phenomenon. Whenever you visit Svartifoss, don’t forget to visit Skaftafell which is among the most renowned wilderness areas of the Iceland.

  1. Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Iceland is often visited for one particular aspect and that would be to witness Aurora Borealis and if you share the same desire that made you board a flight to Iceland, you must visit Snaefellsnes Peninsula which is considered as one of the finest places to witness northern lights. In winters, the place become the eye of attraction for almost every traveler visiting Iceland and get flocked by both travel photographers and leisure voyagers who tend to capture such a beautiful view of the skies where they can witness the beautiful view of dancing polar lights in the background and an amazing geological formation of Kirkjufell.

There are hundreds of more incredible places in Iceland that will stun your very soul by their surreal and beautiful attributes. So, next time, whenever you board flights to Europe to pay a visit such a beautiful country like Iceland, do not get lost in the cultural versatility and visit some of the finest natural attractions spread across the Iceland.