A First Time Visitors Guide to San Francisco

The picturesque city by the bay, the beating heart of California and probably one of the most pleasant and bewitching conurbations of the America for couple, solo and family travelers, San Francisco have never required an introduction. Being a significantly wonderful getaway destination, each year, millions of tourists take flights to San Francisco and enjoy a great escape to this remarkable conurbation featuring dense fog, magnificent architectural marvels, natural heights, charming nightlife and exquisite lifestyle. If you have never been to this charismatic city and planning a visit to this Californian city, here is your first time visitor’s guide to San Francisco for a wonderful traveling experience:

San Francisco

  1. Best Time to Visit San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful, vast and immensely populous city with the attributes that makes it a year-round destination if you ignore the dense fog. The ideal time to visit San Francisco is considered to be from September till late November when the pleasant weather conditions and lower fog gives you the options of exploring the outdoors with fewer people. The peak season begins from November End and last till the fall of March when travelers visit here to experience the beauty of Golden Bridge and many other outdoor attractions along with plenty of events and galas organized throughout the city. Off season from April till August is also quite amazing to explore as you can easily get cheap flights to San Francisco as well as affordable accommodation.

  1. Popular Attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco is a divine city with ample of features and characteristics. From bewitching backdrops to splendid landscapes, extraordinary lifestyle, happy-go-lucky culture and a heritage with many levels. The biggest highlights of the city includes Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, AT&T Park, The Exploratorium, Twin Peaks, Palace of Fine Arts, Cable Car Museum, Asian Art Museum, SFMOMA, Baker Beach, Lombard Street and thousands of other pleasant attractions. Besides a spellbinding trip of the city through cable car will be the most magnificent experience you can have in San Francisco.

  1. Places to Eat & Must Try Dishes in San Francisco

When you are in San Francisco, none of your senses will feel left behind as this city by the bay is a heavenly experience for all senses. If you fond of delicacies or have a spirit of foodie, the city will offer you an immense variety of gourmet including Kouign Amann, Rossini Burger, Po-Boy, Dolmeh, Russian Honey Cake and hundreds of other dishes. To find the best dining experience with great flavors and budget, visit Divisadero Street, Brannan Street, Mission Street, North Point Street, Van Ness Avenue, Polk Street, 18th Street, Jackson Street, Fillmore Street, Broderick Street, Pacific Avenue and many other parts around the City Center.

  1. Places to Shop in San Francisco

Being a highly visited city of California and a prosperous getaway destination, San Francisco has developed a great array of shopping places spread both within and around the city. If you like shopping or have someone with you who do, then having a great shopping experience at Market Street, Post Street, North Point Street, 18th Street, Mission Street, Valencia Street, Haight Street, Taylor Street won’t be hard. The biggest marketplaces in San Francisco like Ferry Building Marketplace, Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, Union Square, Ghirardelli Square, Amoeba Museum, Chinese Culture Center and Japan Center are the finest places to collect some souvenirs or home returning gifts for people you love.

  1. Nightlife in San Francisco

San Francisco is quite a bewitching city that has equal charm in both days and nights and if you are a person who live life king size or have a partying nature, the city will offer you an experience like no other. San Francisco’s nightlife is quite beautiful and enjoyable and if you are planning a trip to enjoy the most, visit Jessie Street, Mason Street and Polk Street that are the home of one of the biggest and finest bars, pubs and clubs of the city with huge capacity and special arrangements made for every night. Enjoy galas, booze, spirits and loads of dancing while being in a spectacular suburb of San Francisco and make the nights even more spellbinding.

It is always a pleasure visiting one of the most charming, versatile, exquisite and extraordinary city of California and having a pleasant experience in. So, if you are impressed by by all the attributes glimpsed above and looking forward for your first trip to this city by the bay, then quickly book your flights to San Francisco with Travelation and have a wonderful time while exploring the very heart of California.

The Cheapest Cities in the Europe That You Need To Visit!

It is commonly observed that if you are traveling to the Europe, you might require a lot of funds and savings in order to enjoy the fullest. However if you have been planning a trip to the beautiful cities of the Europe, you might need to understand, that there is no such thing as expensive destination. It all depends on how you plan your itinerary and what sort of luxury you opt on your getaway. There are plenty of destinations out there that are buried under the myth of being expensive and are quite affordable like any other part of the world. To blow the huge bubble of myth, we have jot down a list of the cheapest cities in the Europe that you need to visit:

  1. Budapest, Hungary


The picturesque land of Hungary boasted with a tremendous amount of Gothic architecture, pleasant lifestyle, exquisite weather conditions and a heritage worth exploring. However, being a nation with rich heritage and architecture, people get misguided and consider the capital Budapest an expensive destination. Whereas the city is quite affordable when it comes to traveling. An average three star room costs around £50 per person for two nights near the central parts of the city. There are plenty of eateries that offer great amount of quality food at budget prices and have a big number of attraction that doesn’t charge a lot. Also, the local transportation is quite reasonable and falls within budget.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic


A budget-friendly version of Paris for romantic travelers, Prague is one of the most affordable destination in the Europe. With a total average expense of accommodation around £70 per person for two nights in a 3 star hotel, the city offers a tremendous amount of attraction and pleasant things to do. Besides, there are a big toll of budget restaurants that serve quite scrumptious food with great taste and hygiene level. If you are planning to take flights to Europe with your love, visiting Prague will give you a very budget-friendly yet equally dreamy getaway experience of all time.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey’s star city, Istanbul has been receiving millions of tourists throughout the year and has become one of the most thriving destinations of the region in last decade. The prime reason is considered to be the attraction and sum of heritage the city possesses, however frequent and smart travelers have found the city quite reasonable and cheap to stay for a week or so. So, if you fond of heritage and seek a getaway that don’t put a heavy toll on your pocket whilst giving you a splendid traveling experience, the cultural and financial epicenter of Turkey will welcome you with open arms.

  1. Riga, Latvia


One of the most bewitching artistic cities of the Europe and the proud Latvian capital, Riga has made its way to one of the most amazing and affordable destinations when searched in recent researches. A pleasant getaway destination with plenty of art galleries and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Riga makes a great destination for solo, couple and family travelers. With its enthralling variety of attractions and striking culture, Riga has drawn attention of thousands of tourists every month. Hence, travelers taking flights to Europe tend to search about great options to stay and find some of the finest accommodation deals for Latvian capital. Also, the cost of living here is really low and you can have the best time in Riga whilst spending a fortune.

  1. Warsaw, Poland


Poland holds the reputation of being one of the most elegant and stiff countries of the Europe and when it comes to the capital Warsaw, it is often considered quite an expensive destination for travelers. However, if you see a regular cost of living including accommodation, traveling, dining and sightseeing, you will find the city really cheap and amazing. The average cost of living for one person in Warsaw for a day sums around £160 and offers an immense quality of getaway experience. So, if you are planning to fly your way to the Europe and looking forward to a fabulous and elegant getaway experience, Warsaw is one fine choice.

Besides all the destinations mentioned above, there is a huge list of the destinations in the Europe that are really affordable and comes in a normal international traveling budget. All you need is do a research and you will come across plenty of destinations out there that awaits your gracious visit and to be explored by an expert traveler. So, next time you plan a trip to the European continent, all you need to do is consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and find out the most affordable flights to Europe for a dreamy getaway.

Top Cheapest Travel Destinations

If you have a passion towards anything, you will always find some ways to fulfil it. And when we speak about the beautiful spirit of traveling nothing can stop you except for you. To travel, most of us believe require loads of fortune and money. However, there are tons of ways you can keep on traveling whilst being low on budget. All you need is find cheapest travel destinations across the world that are full of beauty and tranquilizing attributes. So, if you fond of voyaging and seeking out some help to find a few of the greatest yet cheapest destinations in the world, you are in luck, as we have sorted the cheapest travel destinations below that can be reached easily and all you need is cheap flights for your dream destination:

  1. Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Cuba is among the most down-to-earth, picturesque, tourist friendly and indulging destinations of the world and one of the cheapest places for vacation as well. If you like traveling neat and have no bad habits to pound on your budget, you will find Havana the most amazing city you can visit under a tight budget. With affordable accommodation options, wide range of local transportation and attractions that are majorly free to access will give you a splendid experience while keeping your pockets warm. The amazing heritage and picturesque attractions gives the city a charming and vintage look, worth visiting and exploring with quality attributes.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Being a European city, Prague often shows an impression of being an expensive city to explore. However, if you make your research thoroughly and compare with any other European destination, you will find Prague quite an affordable city to visit. Besides, there are always cheap flights for Prague available in the market on both peak and off season. The tranquilizing capital of Czech Republic shares a bounty of spellbinding attractions and with rich culture, you can easily survive a couple of weeks discovering new facts and information about this spellbinding financial epicenter of Czech.

  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Asian cities are commonly found cheaper when it comes to traveling. Among that huge number of cities, Siem Reap gives an incredible scene to the travelers through its spellbinding heritage and religious attractions. Got fame from the Angkor Wat shown in the movie “Tomb Raider”, this city has been receiving a huge number of tourists every year and have developed its resources to welcome travelers from all the cultures, financial backgrounds and interest. Hence, finding affordable accommodation, local transport and cheap flights to Siem Reap are quite easy for tourists.

  1. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is among the loveliest and most pleasant countries of the world and with its small size and limited resources, makes a great escape on tight budget. All you need is find cheap flights to Kathmandu available online and get going on the city that has been a pit stop for climbers of the Mount Everest. Besides the gigantic and iconic Mount Everest, the city of Kathmandu has plenty of attractions including myriad religious sites and attractions scattered in and around the city. So, if you are seeking an amazing and adventurous getaway to the Asian region, Kathmandu makes a great option.

  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Amidst all the dynamic, opulent and wonderful destinations spread across the United States, there is a charming conurbation that offers a stunning getaway experience whilst being low on budget. Santa Fe is among the limited destination that will not put a toll on your pocket whilst offer you a pleasure to experience on a family getaway. With centuries old Spanish and Mexican culture, the city has preserved an amazing array of heritage that is ideal to explore in the perfect year-round climate conditions. So, if you like to travel more often and seeking out some great budget destinations, you can easily get your hands on cheap flights to Santa Fe and have a blasting time discovering the beauty of this underrated destination of New Mexico.

The world is really big and there are certainly tons of other destinations that are really affordable to explore. All you need is to do is make a thorough research for your next getaway on budget and search the cheap flights and get going on a dream getaway. So, if you like to travel more often, consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and enjoy the life fullest whilst keeping loose on budget.

Top Thanksgiving Week Destinations

The week of thanksgiving always bring smile on people’s face when you get almost a week off from the work or school and you can enjoy every moment of it with great festivities and paramount company of the people you know. And if you love to explore the world during this week, there are tons of potential destinations for you that will allow a fascinating getaway experience with loads of happiness. This year, plan your thanksgiving week with the people you love and escape to the most stunning and exquisite attractions spread across the USA. Following are a few ideas that will help you decide what sort of getaway you can choose from for a splendid getaway furnished with great thanksgiving travel deals:


  1. Keystone, Colorado

If you love to plan a trip with family, especially with kids, then visiting the slops and snowy mountains of Keystone where you can have a splendid time at the Keystone ski resorts that begins their skiing season in the end of November. Plan a trip to Keystone and have a splendid time defying the gravity and feeling the adventure like never before. Also, the picturesque view of the backdrops and white slopes will refresh your mind and offer some of the greatest family pictures to save in your family scrapbook. Besides, due to the beginning of the season, you can lay your hands on some of the finest thanksgiving travel deals.

  1. Orlando, Florida

There is nothing in the world that can beat Orlando when it comes to a family getaway. The theme park capital of the world, boasted with some of the most legendary and iconic theme parks including Walt Disney, Universal and many more, everyone in your family can have the most amazing time rejuvenating their childhood and exploring the fantastic adventurous activities spread across the city. In case, you are done with the theme parks and looking for something more mature and interesting, go for the golf courses spread at various parts of the city to enjoy some elegant playing with your companion or have a spell of shopping at nearby malls and marketplaces.

  1. Safari West, California

The most astounding and preferred place for adventure lovers and flora followers, Safari West region in California is among the most thriving getaway destinations for thanksgiving. Bring your tigers of your family to the amazing wildlife safari at this bewitching and wildly nourishing park and explore the vast stretch of green land filled with ample species of flora and fauna. Experience the wilderness of this spellbinding natural reserve of California and make your thanksgiving week getaway a completely different and enjoyable with many uncommon and spectacular phenomenon.

  1. Park City, Utah

Utah is among those states that are often visited by the people prefer road trips and have a keen desire of exploring the Grand Canyon. However, the Park City of Utah is one of the most amazing aspects you can come across in the United States. Blooming in the month of November after the arrival of fall season, this place becomes a hotspot for family travelers and picnic lovers. Drive your way to the Park City and have an incredible week with the family and friends whilst exploring the beautiful forests and wilderness of this picturesque range full of trees and multi-hued leaves.

  1. New York City, New York

It is often said, if you want to taste the natural flavors of thanksgiving, it can only be found at the streets of New York. New York is one of the biggest cultural melting pots existing these days and has been celebrating thanksgiving with great pomp and show for decades. Enjoy spending a week in the bustling city of NYC whilst getting delighted by the thanksgiving parade and myriad galas and events organized throughout the week. Besides, there are thousands of things to explore in and around the city that will be the most fantastic experience for those who haven’t been in NYC that long or at all.

If you find any of the options above interesting enough to spend a week long vacation with family or friends or got inspired by the charm of traveling and have a preferred destination in your mind, then don’t wait further and book your travel plans with Travelation as we offer the most spellbinding and budget-friendly thanksgiving travel deals. So, plan your thanksgiving trip now and have an incredible journey exploring the beauty of the world.

The Best Places to Travel in November

The month of festival, excitement and joy is just round the corner and everyone around you must have started talking about their travel plans with family or friends. As the month of November begins, people will start flying to the exotic destinations or heading towards their home to celebrate the auspicious occasions occur in the festive month. In case, you haven’t planned anything yet and looking for a getaway suitable for your budget, theme and accompany, Travelation is proudly helping you out by giving you some ideas about the best places to travel in November. Following destinations are the most popular getaways with attributes to be enjoyed in the month of November as well as budget-friendly as you can easily find cheap airfares for your dream destination. So, have a look at the ideas below and plan your trip accordingly:

  1. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

There is no better time than visiting and exploring the beauty and diversity of Denver than the month of November. The month when you can experience the artistic diversity and intelligence of Colorado along with the creativity through myriad events including art galleries, exhibitions, film festivals and more. Besides, many art galleries and museums organizes different programs to showcase the immense collection and myriad themes as per the trend. You can also enjoy some great festivities going in and around the city that are perfect to explore with such a mild weather conditions and offering the true beauty with fewer crowd on the streets.

  1. New York City, New York

New York City

Visiting New York doesn’t require any specific time. It is often said that there is no bad time to visit the Big Apple. However, if you are looking to dodge the bustling streets with fewer crowd at the attractions, visiting New York City in the month of November will bring some advantages. The month when the artistic capital of the world showcase its real colors and offer the tourists the best of the scenes of its diversity, New York blooms with smart travelers and give them the best experience with optimum attributes. With huge celebrations of Thanksgiving and Halloween going around the month, you can thoroughly enjoy the real charm of NYC and have a wonderful time with family especially kids.

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

November is the ideal month for those who always look for a getaway to the beaches and there is no other destination in the entire United States that can beat the beauty, charisma and charm of Miami. One of the most popular destinations of the Florida, Miami makes a great getaway destination when it comes to a beach vacation. Also, the month of November offers great value for money travel packages and cheap airfares to Miami that are perfect to plan a family getaway and get your mind off from all the stress and saving some extra dollars. So, if you like dipping in refreshing beaches, Miami is the destination just for you.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

The charisma of Las Vegas have never been hidden from anyone. Even being surrounded by the deserts of Nevada, this enthralling city has shown its beauty and charm to the rest of the world and if you too feel like having a first-hand experience of Las Vegas, the ideal time would be the month of November. The month when scorching heat moved on and peak season of New Year is about to begin, shoulder month of November makes it quite affordable as well as enjoyable with fewer crowd and more beauty to explore on foot. So, if you are planning a group getaway or a trip with friends to the beautiful and dazzling city of Las Vegas, November is the month just right for you.

  1. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

The home of Hollywood and one of the most prosperous and delightful conurbations of California, Los Angeles is truly something that will give you a chance to explore the beauty, charm and vividness. The month of November gives an ideal time to save a fortune on travel deals as the peak season is about to begin, you can enjoy the dramatic sunset from the coasts or can enjoy the TV/film shootings going around the alleys of the city. If you have kids with you, hit a theme park or go for the beaches to enjoy some soothing time and take all the tension off your head.

Although, November is somehow in between peak traveling season and shoulder traveling season where you can have the best weather conditions, events going on and delighting cheap airfares. All that depends is what interest you more and you can plan your trip accordingly. So, if you have made a clear picture with the help of options suggested above, quickly pack your bags and book your last minute flights with Travelation.

Unreal Travel Spots in America

It is often said that traveling is one of those limited experiences that may leave you speechless at first but then transforms you into a storyteller. If you are a frequent traveler, you cannot agree to the statement more. The world is too big and if you like to unearth all the beauties that are graciously given to us by Mother Nature, all you need is board flights to America and discover the unimaginable beauty and surreal bounty of places that we think only existed in our dreams. However, if you are ready to experience such beautiful and splendid places first hand, here is a list of the most unreal travel spots in America. America is a vast region and comprises many aspects of the nature that are yet hard to be understood by brilliants. Now start a journey and experience the beauty and diversity of nature by visiting:

  1. Giant Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Giant Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is the home of many marvels made by nature, yet if you like to experience something really jaw-dropping, visit Giant Prismatic Spring, a spectacular attraction that interests tourists from across the earth. Each year, thousands of tourists take flights to USA to visit this bewitching and incredible natural phenomenon comprising the third largest natural geyser that has all the hues made by the bacteria residing in the waters. Obviously, it is forbidden to take a dip in the geyser, but many astonishing photos can be taken whilst standing and strolling around this absolutely gorgeous phenomenon of Yellowstone National Park.

  1. Fly Geyser, Nevada

Fly Geyser, Nevada

With a close proximity of around 3-hours’ drive northwards, this absolutely gorgeous Fly Reservoir is located where another marvel of nature resides. A pleasant view that came out of nowhere after a small drilling experiment to find geothermal energy sources. The Fly Geyser is actually located on a private property and require a procedure of approval from the owner. However, if you are a little shy on taking the permissions, you can have a glance of the geyser from the road itself as the marvel is quite large in size. Witness the geyser spitting out water and steam periodically from a safe distance and enjoy a colorful water show with the people you love.

  1. Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake, California

A small frozen lake located near salty blue lake, Mono Lake is something that cannot be described in words. A pleasant view of this light hued lake with magnificent snow-capped mountains in the backdrop gives a splendid and calm experience to the visitors. Drawing thousands of tourists from across the world taking flights to USA to witness this natural marvel, this lake is indeed an experience of lifetime. With a scene like an alien movie, Mono Lake is one of the most pleasant and unreal alike experience that everyone should have at least once in a while. The limestones and frozen plants makes it a surreal scene as well as a photogenic subject for natural photography lovers.

  1. Northern Lights, Fairbanks, Alaska

Northern Lights, Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora Borealis is an international phenomenon that is created by the clash of charges between the earth and the atoms released from the sun scratching the outer surface of the planet and making dancing lights of green and red color. Alaska is furnished with this splendid feature that can only be seen at the polar destinations. If you are too tight to witness this at the cliché location of Norway and Iceland, visiting Fairbanks at Alaska during clear skies can give you the exact view of the northern lights and offer you a bizarre yet beautiful view of the skies that can be scary at first glance, but give you a feeling that is really hard to describe in words.

  1. Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful, naturally nourishing and peaceful attractions of the state of Arizona. Located at a close proximity from Flagstaff, this amazing waterfall is located at the Grand Canyons of Arizona. Due to its ideal location with fewer interference of mankind, the place is quite pure and amazing to witness. A year-round attraction of Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls is something that will take you to the fairytale world where Adam met with Eve and begun the life on the blue planet. Although, due to an increasing number of picnic in nearby surrounding made Havasu falls an accessible attraction, yet if you are planning to witness such an astounding attraction, you can visit here after taking flights to St. George, Utah.

Our world is filled with numerous natural marvels that are really hard to be defined in mere words, yet if you are a traveler or have a hobby to follow such phenomenon, you might have heard about tons of places like Stonehenge, Plitvice Lakes, Hitachi Seaside Park and tons of others. So, to give you a nearby experience of such beauty, we have jot down this list. We hope you liked it and next time when you plan a trip for such an amusement, you will consider booking your flights to USA with Travelation. Keep on following us and share your love by considering us as your preferred travel partner.

Top Fairytale Destinations to Put on Your Bucket List

The beauty of the world sometime seems unreal. No matter whether you like reading comic books, love stories or fairytales, you will always find places that resembles the plot mentioned in your books. Since childhood, most of us wonder whether these places do exist or not. To give you a good news and take you to the imaginary world of fairytales, we have research thoroughly and brought a delighting list of top 5 fairytale destinations to put in your travel bucket list. Explore the world and its marvelous creations whilst getting the pleasure of cheap airfares provided by us for your delight:

  1. Rothenburg, Germany

Rothenburg, Germany

Resembling from the movie sets of Disney, this small and picturesque town of Germany is something that will rejuvenate all the magical bed time stories we all heard in our childhood. Giving the similar resemblance with the home of a beautiful princess with colorful houses, striking structures, magnificent weather conditions and exquisite boulevards, this sprawling metropolis is something you can fall in love in an instant. With the happy go lucky nature of the natives as well as the striking beauty spread across the city, Rothernburg is a destination you must keep in your travel bucket list.

  1. Kunming Village, China

Kunming Village, China

The beauty of Kunming village is something that is quite rare and observed across the globe. The striking beauty and ethnicity of this village is really astounding. With small and weirdly shaped houses, amazing attire, plenty of exquisite attractions and cults, the village will take you to the Chinese version of the Smurfs with the exact looking houses and people with an eternal smile on their face. The picturesque beauty of this village is indescribable in words and the refreshing aura it spreads will surely make you to put this destination in your travel bucket list over and over again.

  1. Carmel Village, California, USA

Carmel Village, California

The picturesque Californian village of Carmel is something that will instantly strike you the stories of Cinderella where the small hut like houses, narrow boulevards with trees on both sides plots the best bedtime story of our childhood. If you have a princess of your own in the house and you are looking for a perfect getaway destination to surprise her, this place is the best option you can find and share with your own of Cinderella. Explore this beautiful and small village nestled next to Carmel Bay and have a fantastic getaway experience with family and friends.

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is a country full of surprises and if you love reading fairytale stories for your kids or for yourself, you will find Hoi An as a great fairytale destination to include in your travel bucket list. Nestled on a close proximity from the shores of South China Sea, this coastal city is something that looks like brought to life from the books. The history, charm and beauty this city possesses is simply unreal. Stroll around the city or sail through it, and you will see different picturesque scenes on a difference of a blink of an eye. The splendid beauty and simplicity this city has is something that cannot be defined in words.

  1. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Vaadhoo Island Maldives

Maldives has always been a paradise for all the beach lovers. With the charming sandy shores and picturesque volcanic formations Maldives makes a splendid getaway destination itself. However, if you have seen it all and ticked it off from your travel bucket list, we will give you a big reason to put this island country back in your travel bucket list. Visit Vaadhoo Island, a small yet absolutely astonishing isle of Maldives archipelago that has this spectacular and incredible beach that glow in the darkness. You read it right. There is a real and natural beach that glows in the night time and offers a spectacular view of the coasts. So, if you are seeking a fairytale place just to impress your love and propose to her, this could be the one of the finest you can find.

Our world is broad and there are many things that people have taken as a references in their own creativity. To stumbling across these attractions is not a big deal and all you need is keep on traveling. To furnish you with the delight of traveling, Travelation is always at your service with a wide range of cheap airfares for your dream destination. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip and book your flights with Travelation this instant.

The Worlds Scariest Travel Destinations

There are tons of ways to celebrate the festive season and if you love to travel, you might find the time of Halloween a perfect excuse to pack your bags and head towards a spellbinding journey. No matter whether you live alone, with friends or family, Halloween is one of those ideal moments of the year that will give you a perfect traveling experience of all time. This year, plan something different for your Halloween getaway and visit one of the world’s scariest travel destination to make a vacation themed as per occasion. To give you a vague idea about how you can plan a theme escape, we have sorted down top 5 scariest travel destinations across the world that are ideal for voyaging as well as suits the spirit of Halloween:


  1. Transylvania, Romania

The beautiful conurbation of European country Romania is considered to be a great fairytale destination and is visited by tourists throughout the year. However, if you are planning a Halloween vacation, the place can turn joy into adventure and freshness into spine-chilling sensation as the city is the home the vampire legend Vlad the Impaler who used to execute hundreds of people by impalement and became a notorious emperor of the era. At present, the castle still exist on the site in fragile condition and people visit here occasionally to witness the site of horror back in 14th century.

  1. Isla de las Munecas, New Mexico

Isla de las Munecas or commonly known as the Island of the Dolls is one of the spookiest places in the entire Americas. Located around an hour of drive away from the Mexico City, this surreal place is the home of hundreds of dolls hanging on the trees in a spooky and absolutely surreal condition. Rejuvenating the horror of Chuckie, this place is among the most spine-chilling destinations you may ever come across in the Americas and truly a site of sorrow and horror. Legend says that once there was a small girl who drowned in the waterbody nearby and to honor the spirit of the girl child, people started to hang dolls and shown their gesture towards the baby.

  1. The Catacombs of Paris, Paris, France

Paris is the city of love but on the flip side, if you go beneath the surface, you will find the faces of terror and horror right in front of you. Catacombs of Paris is one of the scariest sites of the Europe where thousands of skeletons are making a wall. Legend says that this ossuaries is the made out of the remains of millions of mine workers who died tragically and made the place haunted for the rest of the life. A perfect Halloween getaway to go with your love to have a dreamy getaway can also be considered to be the spookiest place to visit.

  1. Aokigahara, Mount Fuji, Japan,

Aokigahara or commonly known as the Sea of Trees is among the scariest and suspicious places across the Japan. Often recorded people attempting suicides from the noose of tree branches. Often visited by hikers and leisure strollers, this place is truly a tragic place with many suspense that are yet to be reviled. Located on the foothills of Mount Fuji, this 35-square kilometer wide forest, dense enough to block the flow of air most of the times. Notorious to record the second highest number of suicides after San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, this site is open for visitors for hiking and enjoy some quality time getting refreshed in the natural surroundings. It is advised by the local authorities to use silver tapes to find your way back out.

  1. Sleepy Hollow, New York State, U.S.A.

Last but not the least, the most iconic scariest place across the United States, Sleepy Hollow is among the most visited Halloween sites of all time. Featuring Hudson Valley Village, the site is the home of legendary headless horseman. People visiting on vacation in Sleepy Hollow have claimed to witness a shadow alike presence of a headless man riding on the horse in the woods. Opt for a tour to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for either day time or in the lights of lantern and enjoy a wonderful narrative stroll at the spooky and surreal cemetery located near the Hudson Valley village. Book your trip well in advance if you are planning for Sleepy Hollow as the village remains packed by visitors throughout the year.

The world is full of surprises and spooky places and if you are planning a theme holiday with family and friends, you will stumble upon many places that are just right to make your Halloween much more exquisite and adventurous. So, if you haven’t made any plans yet and looking forward for a getaway just like we have mentioned, book your travel deals with Travelation and get going on a trip with Halloween travel deals and save a fortune.