Top Destinations for Couples for Valentine Day

As the New Year celebrations passes by, the next biggest festival celebrated across the world would be the symbol of love Valentine’s Day. A day when you can express your love and affection to your love without being hesitate of reactions and other circumstances. In case, you have been planning to make this thing a grand one for some time and haven’t come up with some brilliant idea, we have the most stunning idea for you. Traveling with someone special especially the love of your life always bring closeness among two and if the occasion is of Valentine’s Day, the charm of the celebration gets tenfold. To give you an idea of a perfect getaway, we have brought to you top destinations for couples for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine's Day

  1. Miami, Florida

The bewitching conurbation of the Sunshine state, Miami have always been one of the most prominent choice for Americans to enjoy a couple getaway on Valentine. The time when the weather conditions are at its best and offering not only beautiful views of horizon and beach extravaganza, travelers can also explore the outdoors like heritage sites, marketplaces, restaurants, bars, pubs and more. Experience the pleasure of indulging into the most ravishing, budget-friendly and dreamy parties at the boardwalk or resorts nearby to have a splendid Valentine this year and cherish the golden moments like never before. So, if you are running a bit short on budget and seeking a destination close to your home, Miami makes a perfect place for a short-haul Valentines’ Day getaway.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Those who are done traveling nearby cities and looking for a long-haul getaway with their love, the most spectacular getaway awaits for them at Melbourne. One of the most charming cities of the world, known for their splendid lifestyle and love in the air, Melbourne have made the most memorable getaway options for thousands of love birds. A city that offer many mesmerizing and dreamy attributes such as fine dining options with romantic mood, variety of potations, hot air balloon rides, captivating beaches and more, Melbourne makes a completely perfect destination for love birds who wish to cherish their relation on a very next level.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

The island of God have been much more than a naturally rich and religiously prosperous destination in the Asian continent. Known for its astonishing accommodations, resorts and fine options of tranquilizing activities, travelers find Bali much more than just a destination to get relaxed. With some of the most incredible beaches and metropolis towns, Bali makes an ideal place with attributes combining everything you may require. From marketplaces to body treatment centers, heritage sites, natural landscapes, beaches, marine life and more, Bali is a heaven for love birds and a seamless destination to enjoy a romantic getaway in Southeast Asia.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina have always been famous for being a romantic destination and native have always found to be straight forward as well as open minded when it comes to love and affection. Hence, the capital Buenos Aires has become one of the most prominent highlights for travelers planning a couple holiday in South America. With many astonishing landscapes, attractions and things to do, travelers can enjoy their Valentine’s Day with more affection, dreaminess and elegance. Go for a fine dining restaurant for a candle light dinner or enjoy some of the most awesome Tango dance shows organized on frequent basis around Valentine’s Day or commonly known as Dia de los Enamorados.

  1. Paris, France

The French capital has been the epicenter of romance in the world and has been the most dreamiest and engaging destination to be on Valentine’s Day. Those who seek a mesmerizing getaway with nothing but pure aura and atmosphere to complement the celebration of Valentine’s Day, Paris is like the picture perfect place to be. Often considered as the most expensive getaway destination in the world, Paris makes such a wonderful place for lovers, that every year, millions of voyagers tend to visit here on their special occasions and enjoy that indescribable aura whilst savoring on the fantastic and elegant range of attributes including finest dining options, view of Eiffel Tower, soothing parks, heritage sites and boulevards to walk anytime throughout the day.

There are tons of other places like Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, Vancouver, Vienna, Venice, Prague, Zurich and more that will give you the most outstanding experience of your life while celebrating the most lovable festival of all time. So, if you have decided your favorite destination for this Valentine’s Day, then quickly start planning and book cheap Valentine’s Day special flights with Travelation to avail handsome offers and delightful packages for a romantic getaway.

Packing Tips for Trips

While planning a trip, the biggest hassle everyone faces is related with travel. In the time when airlines are bringing forward the best baggage related policies, travelers often find it a little tough to keep up with the baggage allowances and end-up paying extra at the airport for more carry-on luggage. To save you from all the trouble and extra expenses, we have brought the most amazing travel tips that will help you to pack smartly and as per the rules made by TSA. So, here we are with the finest packing tips for trips:

Packing Tips

  1. Don’t Assume! Use a Scale

The biggest mistake most of us make while packing is assuming the weight of our luggage which is quite commonly wrong. It’s not a matter of being right or wrong, it is all about saving some extra money which can easily go away whilst paying for extra luggage and be extra cautious before leaving home. Dividing your luggage in the manner of usage is also a key factor. For an instant, things used more frequently or have more value like passport, wallet, money and other gadgets should be carried in cabin luggage. Also, keeping a portable scale while traveling helps to keep a tab on the weight of gifts and other purchases whilst traveling through various markets.

  1. Make a List

Always make a list. No matter whether you are planning for places to visit or have things to bring along while going to some other land. This way, you will not only save ample of time while packing, but will be able to segregate the stuff as per the bags, position and more. Also, prepare a list in a manner that will determine where that particular thing will go and which thing can be excluded and have fewer importance during your trip. Try to wear the heavy clothes like jackets and denims to avoid extra weight in the baggage. There are always options to keep off your jackets after boarding and will help you to save a little extra space for things that can come handy.

  1. Instead of folding, try rolling!

It is has come across to many frequent travelers and travel expert that rolling clothes instead of folding helps to make more space for the things and keep your clothes wrinkle-free. You can roll your socks, undergarments and tees and keep them in the fresh and non-stinking shoes tagged along to save some extra space while keeping them intact. Stuff like pants, jeans, t-shirts and undergarments are best to be packed in rolling and help to save time as well as space while packing. In case, you have some delicate attire along with you, keep some paper between them to avoid roll marks between delicate and regular clothes.

  1. Keep the combinations in mind

While packing for places that includes many activities such as sports, parties, events and more, we get conscious and unintentionally pack more clothes and stuff with us. To act like a smart traveler, you can always reduce the weight on your shoulder by letting go of the idea of wearing different stuff every day. Instead, you can try to pack the clothes that can go by mixing and matching. While traveling, not only the baggage is a big thing, but finding a laundry is also a big trouble. So, packing your clothes smartly will save your money on different levels. Pairing with shirts/tops with similar jackets/jeans and shoes are the best practice in this trade and often find more helpful than others. So, stay smart and keep the color, attire and occasion combinations in mind while selecting your wardrobe.

  1. Carry cosmetics in small size

At the airport, the most common thing that can dismantle your entire packing skills are when the TSA find cosmetics and spilling products in large quantities. You may either end-up ditching them or wasting a lot of time justifying to them. To save yourself from all the anticipated trouble, all you need to do is to get your cosmetic, gels, shampoo and other body care products in small sizes. You can always find them from the airport as well as grocery stores near you. In case, you have big packs stored at your home and you do not wish to bring a new bottle, you can get squeezable and leak-proof bottles capable to contain TSA approved quantity of liquid and other controversial stuff.

There are tons of other basic tips that will help you to save a lot of time, space and money by packing smartly and planning ahead. In case, you are running short on luggage allowance on standard flights, you can find air carriers that provide the most generous luggage allowance on your route. So, if you find these information useful, then share your response in the comment section and consider the services of Travelation for your next trip.

Chinese New Year 2017 Year of the Rooster

The festive season has begun across the world and many civilization have lined up celebrations in following months. One of the biggest among all these celebrations is Chinese New Year which is quite commonly known as Lunar Year. Celebrated across the Asian continent as well as many other parts of the world by Chinese and Buddhist culture, this festival has been an eye of attraction of modern travel. So, if you are planning to have a first hand experience where the Chinese New Year festival is celebrated and looking forward to plan a getaway to the tranquilizing lands of China, here we have brought some information that you must know before planning your Chinese New Year, year of the Rooster. Following are the things that will come across during the 15 days of immense celebrations and rituals performed by the locals in China and you must remain aware to know and enjoy the most:

Chinese New Year

  1. Jie Cai Ceng

On the fifth day of New Year celebration, locals perform a few rituals that are known as Jie Cai Ceng, which is also known as “Welcoming the Gods of Prosperity and Wealth”. As per the Chinese belief, during the Lunar Year celebration the gods come to earth from the heaven when invited and bring the joy and prosperity among the people. It also symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and people follow the basic idea of lighting up firecrackers to show their gratitude to the gods of wealth and prosperity whilst requesting them to grant wishes to boost their work and bless them with great fortune.

  1. Yuan Xiao Jie

Commonly known as the festival of Lanterns, Yuan Xiao Jie is among the most fantastic and internationally renowned Chinese festivals that is organized on the 15th day of New Year celebration. Symbolizing the conclusion of the festive season, festival of Lantern comprises people lighting up the streets with lite lanterns of Red color with their wishes and messages for others written on it. Often seen in most of the Chinatowns of the states in United States of America as well as myriad parts of the world, this festival also symbolizes and bring forward the information about the zodiac of the year like pig, rabbit and in the case of 2017, Rooster.

  1. Symbolic Traditions

During the 15-day celebration of Chinese New Year, elders, married people and working people give a red envelope to their children and kids with no job filled with money to share the festivities with them. As per Chinese culture, the red color symbolizes the prosperity and good luck, hence the ritual is worldwide known as Red Envelopes or locally famous as “Hong Bao”. On the fifth day, you will find people gathering in the streets with huge and decorated artificial dragons and making them dance while all the crowd around will be grooving along. It is said that as per the legends, Chinese civilization is the descendants of the mystical creature known as Dragons. Hence, to bring the ancestors during the celebration, local symbolizes them in the form of artificial dragons made of paper, plastic and many other decorating stuff.

  1. Celebration Feast

The most important part of the Chinese New Year celebration is considered to be the feast that held on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Every year, millions of people take the advantage of Chinese New Year travel deals and head towards their home to join the festive celebration and gather for the biggest feast of the year. With dishes like cake, rice, rice-ball soup, duck, pork, fishes and more, people enjoy mostly a couple of meals with the family members as well as invited guests including relatives, friends and neighbors. Traditionally, all people from the family as well as guests tend to help in making all the dishes from the scratch. However, if you feel like having similar sort of experience yet unable to find a host, you can easily buy all the dishes in packaged form from the supermarkets as well as local shops.

  1. Bai Nian

The most important thing you will come across as the Chinese New Year celebration begins, “Bai Nian” also known as the New Year greetings are the most interesting and significant attributes of the festival. As the celebration of Lunar New Year kicks off, people will begin to wear new clothes and begin to greet the relatives, family and friends by bowing down in front of them (no age bounds), and congratulate them for a year full of happiness, prosperity and wealth. People living in the cities take a couple of days to visit the relatives’ home and greet them whereas the in the remote areas, it may take a couple of weeks to complete the congratulation ceremony. However, in recent days, the trends have changed and people have begun to send greeting cards to wish the relatives and friends with New Year wishes.

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations across the world as Chinese residing in myriad parts of the world tend to bring their festivities in their current cities and is observed by the locals as well. Yet, if you wish to have a real experience by visiting the origin nation, then all you need is to get your hands on Chinese New Year travel deals available with Travelation and you are all set to have the most magnificent experience of all time.

Most Popular New Year’s Party Destinations in the World

New Year, the only time when you can forget everything and enjoy your very soul to the best whilst welcoming a whole new year with family and friends. A time when the entire earth gets spirited and bring on the best game ever among the guests and hosts. If you love to party and haven’t got some time in recent past and looking forward for a getaway where you can indulge into the most zealous celebrations of all time by flying away from home, we have brought you a spectacular range of options that will help you to decide about which direction you should take. So, here we are with the most popular New Year’s party destinations in the world for your superlative and perfect New Year celebration:

  1. Orlando, Florida


The theme park capital of the world, known for its amusement and water parks, Orlando makes a perfect place to enjoy some amazing party extravaganza. With the magnificent Disney’s Magic Kingdom in the house, you can have the most amazing, dreamy and memorable New Year party of all time whilst cherishing your childhood memories and interacting with the most zealous people from around the world. Every year, thousands of travelers take cheap New Year travel deals and head towards this spectacular destination to make their New Year much more mesmerizing and astonishing. So, if you have kids with you and you are looking for a place that is suitable for all, Orlando is the best choice ever.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

When we speak of party, there is no match on the horizon for Rio de Janeiro. Probably one of the most zealous city on earth, Rio de Janeiro surely knows how to party and when the occasion is the greatest of the year, you can only imagine how the people are going to be when they are in the Rio de Janeiro. With dozens of beaches and hundreds of resorts across the city, you can choose the wildest party or the most elegant one for your group as per your mood and you are all set to welcome the New Year with loud music, loads of booze and firework shows that can make you envy of locals.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las vegas

Las Vegas, the world is often considered as a synonym of everlasting parties and fun. A city in the middle of the desert of Nevada, Las Vegas makes the most significantly apt destination for those who have fewer days of leaves and looking forward for a budget destination. You can save a fortune on airfares by getting your hands on cheap New Year travel deals and can get a perfect accommodation in exchange of those savings for a perfect night full of drinks, food, celebrations, fireworks and more. So, if you want your night to be elegant, stylish, adventurous and zealous, head to Las Vegas.

  1. Sydney, Australia


We all know that the city that enjoys the New Year celebration at first place on earth is Sydney, and that makes it an inevitable destination for your New Year’s escape. The grand celebration and superlative fireworks are just the tip of the iceberg that is seen on televisions by most of us. The day when the streets of Sydney becomes a nightclub and people from across the world gather here to welcome and enjoy the first moments of the New Year is a perfect opportunity to make your New Year’s celebration successful beyond imagination. So, if you have sufficient time or have grabbed some awesome cheap New Year travel deals, Sydney is the best destination to be on New Year without any doubt.

  1. New York City, New York

New york city

For those who can’t afford the accommodation at the hotels of Las Vegas or flight fares for Sydney, New York becomes the savior for them. The Big Apple have always been the eye of attraction across the Americas when the ball drops and thousands of people come to the Times Square to welcome the biggest day of the year with huge party and high spirits. The city of New York becomes a nightclub itself and the generous people welcome every tourist by showcasing them the zeal and extraordinary lifestyle of New Yorkers. So, if you haven’t come to any destination till now, New York is your savior for a fantastic New Year party.

New Year comes every year but the point is it comes only once in a year, which makes it a special occasion to enjoy with the people you love. So, if you haven’t made any plans for New Year or have forgotten till now, there is never late to get going with the flow. All you need is plan out your destination and get your hands on cheap New Year travel deals available online with Travelation for a fantastic trip and nostalgic New Year celebration.

Best Winter Destinations in Europe

Winters, the season that brings new joys, spirits and hopes among us all and offer a pleasant view of the world by its blissful attributes and festivities. Hence, destinations across the world blooms with the beauty and charm of winters every year and give the travelers a perfect opportunity to opt for winter travel deals and get going on a splendid destination across the world. When we speak about winter travel, the most common and astonishing region that comes in everyone’s mind at first place would be Europe. A continent that is immensely vast and has myriad geographical situations making it quite diverse and beautiful to enjoy winter breaks. So, if you are planning an elegant getaway this year, here we have brought to you a splendid range of best winter destinations in the Europe:

  1. Abisko, Sweden

Abisko, Sweden

The northernmost city of the Europe accessible by trains, Abisko is one of the most fascinating destinations to enjoy the real charm of chilling winters. The Swedish city known for its northern light shows and nights that last for months. Hence, visiting here will be the most astonishing, surreal and exquisitely unique experience you will have in the Europe. Also, there are plenty of places great to witness aurora borealis, enjoy skiing, hiking, ice-skating and more which makes it even more picturesque and adventurous in the region. So, if you are seeking a perfect experience with loads of new and unseen discoveries, Abisko is the place just for you.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

A city that has the potential to become dreamier than Paris in the winters, Prague makes an ideal winter getaway destination in the winters for couples. A striking city that remains flocked throughout the year by tourists, gets more pleasant and bewitching during the winters when the locals head towards south to enjoy some warmth and tourists crowds the city with their presence and keep the balance alive. Besides, you can enjoy holding your love’s hands while walking across the blissful boulevards with gas-lit street lamps on both sides and enjoy many pleasant views of the city covered with snow. Hence, if you love to take your better half to a place nicer with fewer hypes, Prague is the right choice for you.

  1. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Despite having a lot of accommodation options closed during the winters, Athens makes an ideal place for those who like to get refreshed by some informative exploration and discovering the true natural and cultural beauty of one of the oldest civilizations existing on earth. With a big number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ample landscapes, Athens makes an ideal getaway to enjoy with family and friends in the Europe. Travelers can explore the fewer crowded outskirts and get delighted by the island hopping which is quite seamless during the winters due to all the crowd has come and gone throughout the summers and shoulder months.

  1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian city at its best during the winters, Vienna makes a perfect place to get delighted by the sprawling streets, exhilarating markets and fascinating culture and festivities that blooms the city’s streets throughout the winters. A picturesque city that has been delivering nothing but the best experiences of all time to tourists, Vienna is equipped with ample of gourmet options that goes best with crispy snow on the roads and clear skies that despite being the sun in the sky remain below zero degree in day time. Travelers can also go and enjoy myriad galas around the New Year’s Eve and have a wonderful experience of art and culture living in the veins of Austria.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No matter which month you decide to visit the Dutch capital, Netherlands makes the most awesome destination existing on planet when you are as zealous as the city. The sprawling boardwalks, exquisite culture and thriving Gothic architecture makes the city even more pleasant during the winters. Hence, every year, travelers tend to grasp on winter travel deals and explore this astonishing conurbation that is the beating heart of Netherlands and has an abundant variety of things to indulge in during the winters. Walking by the canals or taking a bike trip across the city will be the most striking experience that will keep you warm even during the winter season when the city commonly gets covered in the snow.

Europe is a versatile continent and has plenty of destinations and countries across the region that are magically beautiful during the winters. With so many options like Reykjavik, Paris, Budapest, Brussels, Venice, London and more, you have a bounty of options to choose from for your next winter getaway. So, if you are inspired by what you read above and thinking to make an escape this winter, quickly start packing and book your winter travel deals from Travelation and enjoy our wonderful wealth of travel deals and take the advantage of offers available for your next family or friends getaway.

Greece Travel Tips You Should Know Before You Go

Greece. A word that will take you to the magical dream where you and your love are going for island hopping, visiting the most fantastic heritage sites, witness the most majestic sunset of all time and the birth place of western civilization. For some people, it is just a place to visit on vacations, whereas for others, Greece makes a perfect dream getaway and the most enthralling memory of their lives. So, if you are among those who have any plans to visit and explore this fascinating country that has just revived from all the financial crunch, we have brought you some healthy tips that will help you to explore the city in the finest way and give you the opportunity to witness the real Greece. So, following are the best travel tips you should before going Greece:


  1. Plan your trip on shoulder season

Greece has been the eye of attraction in the Europe for decades and has been receiving thousands of travelers every month taking flights to Greece and exploring its everlasting wealth of heritage sites, pleasant landscapes, exquisite marine life and a lot more. So, if you are one of those who like to witness it all whilst saving huge, the ideal way would be to plan your trip in shoulder months. Book your tickets to Greece between February and April and from September till the fall of November when the weather conditions remain almost same and offer you some of the finest views in the nation. During this time, the ocean holds the warmth of summer and you can enjoy some fantastic dips at the shallow turquoise blue waters.

  1. Choose local accommodation over All-Inclusive hotel deals

Greece has just revived from the biggest financial crisis of the century and has been rebuilding its economy with a big share of tourism. Hence, locals who have accommodation options to share with the tourists find it better and offer them some affordable options with more generous hospitality. You can also go and bargain for better deal as they remain open for the same. Also, local resorts and hotels give some of the greatest deals during the shoulder season when there isn’t much of a crowd in their hotel and remain open for bargain as well. So, do help the economy of Greece to revive and give them the opportunity to become the nation you dream it to be.

  1. Respect Greek cultural values

Greece is a big nation and over the years, the cultural values have changed between the generations. Where at one side, the youth find the western culture blending with their own fine, the elders might object and get offended easily. So, if you are in Greece and planning to visit some cathedrals, churches or any other religious site, try to get dressed in appropriate attire and exclude short and skimpy skirts. Also, nudity has been considered obscene in the Greek culture and revealing attire at the beaches and public areas are considered offensive. So, pack a couple of dresses extra in your luggage if you wish to witness the beauty of the heritage and religion in Greece up close.

  1. Mainland vs. Islands

Greece is geographically diverse and is divided between many islands along with the mainland where the capital is nestled. Whereas some people who are frequently taking flights to Greece tend to stay at one place at a time, other tend to explore the mainland as well as the islands. The choice has always been of the traveler whether he/she like to explore the depth of the nation or a particular city or in a rush to cover it all in one go. The ideal way to explore the Greece would be to explore one region at a time and cover 2-3 islands along with each trip for better experiences. There are ferries that give the best rides to enjoy the islands like Santorini, Lonias, Cyclades and more.

  1. Greek Punctuality

It has always made the tourist to gain some concern when it comes to the punctuality of locals of Greece as the native always follow the ideology of being late is better than hurrying up. So, if you are waiting for ferries, trains, buses or any other local transportation system, you should keep some buffer time for plans ahead as they might get late without any prior intimation. Also, for any service imaginable that requires punctuality requires buffer time taken in order to keep up the schedule. It is advised to leave a little bit extra early whilst planning for island hopping, visit to another city or while heading back at the airport to catch your flights. Also, return tickets shall be booked with one extra day as there are better chances that you might miss your deadline of reaching back at the hotel for check-out due to uncertain strikes by the local transportation.

Greece is a safe nation and require standard safety measures while strolling around the cities and the islands. So, if you are planning big to explore in the Greece and have any insecurity related in any context, you can always clear them out by responding in the comment section and book your flights to Greece with Travelation to avail some amazing offers available online for better savings.

Best National Parks for Families

The beauty of nature in America lies in the most amazing and bewitching national parks across the country. Also, there are times when the only thing that matters to you the most is to spend some quality time with family and friends. In the world where physical and social distance are bringing difference in the relationships, people often find traveling with family the ideal way to strengthen the bond and bring the people you love the most closer than ever. To give you a perfect opportunity and refresh the mind and soul, we have brought a fantastic range of best national parks for families to enjoy a pleasant vacation and have the most memorable and enjoyable moments of your lives.

  1. Channel Island National Park, California

Channel Island National Park, California

On the shores of the North Pacific Oceans, the sprawling national park boasted with loads of natural splendor. Comprising five ecological islands, Channel Islands National Park makes a perfect place to enjoy a fantastic getaway with family and friends. With a close proximity of less than a couple of hours, the national park makes a perfect getaway with loads of attributes. Where at one side, you can enjoy the beautiful scene of land merging with the huge and everlasting Ocean, the other side will fill your heart with joy through the fantastic scene of birdwatching and exploring many floras and faunas scattered across the islands. Travelers visiting here with family can enjoy plenty of boat ride as well as many adventurous activities available in Channel Islands National Park.

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Among the most promising and renowned national parks of the United States, Rocky Mountain National Park is an ideal location to get to know the beauty, charm, vividness and strength of nature at one place. Covering acres of area with nothing but wilderness, Rocky Mountain National Park makes a perfect place for kids, adults and older people. Drive parallel to the river or go for hiking, enjoy some quality time watching the big horn sheep or search for a safe distance to witness the grizzly bears, every bit in Rocky Mountain is a splendid experience and gives you the opportunity to have some quality time while camping at some safe grounds designated for tourists to set-up their camps.

  1. Everglades National Park, Florida

Everglades National Park, Florida

The largest subtropical natural area in the nation, Everglades National Park is one of the most exotic getaway options to have with family and friends. With nearly a couple of hours of drive away from the bewitching beaches of Miami, you can have a spectacular getaway experience with kids, elders and your love whilst exploring a stunning wilderness along with the subtropical climate conditions. Preserving a fragile ecosystem and giving ample space to breed both floras and faunas in the hospitable area, the Everglades National Park makes a perfect place to witness many rare and spectacular species in the region.

  1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the most famous and captivating national parks of the entire USA, Grand Canyon National Park has been noted as one of the most visited parks in the region and has plenty of attributes to keep the kids, elders and youngsters indulged for a very long time. Spread in miles of area, the place is ideal to enjoy a wonderful weekend or more whilst doing camping, hiking, driving and more. So, if you are looking for much calmer and enjoyable place to bring your kids and have an amusing getaway experience, Grand Canyon National Park is the perfect place for you. Travelers can head towards the southern part that is considered ideal for picnic and safe for long camping with the people you love.

  1. Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park, Maine

Located at the southeastern region of Maine, the sprawling and divine national park of Acadia National Park is among the most fascinating places on earth, giving a glimpse of strength, diversity and beauty of nature at its best. A park where you can experience the spellbinding valleys, exquisite beach shores, mountains, plains, rivers, waterbodies and ocean waves thrashing against the holes, Acadia National Park makes a great vacation spot to enjoy with kids and family. Visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year with a close proximity from Portland, the national park have been a captivating picnic spot for locals as well as nature explorers from across the world.

There are dozens other national parks across the United States that can be considered to be the finest to be enjoyed with family and friends. So, if you are gearing up for a vacation with family and looking for an ideal place near or far from your home, you can always plan your trip accordingly and book your family travel deals with Travelation to save huge with wonderful options of deals and offers available online.

The Best Places to Travel in January

When the year of 2017 is less than a month away, all you must be planning about your travel resolutions and how you are going to change your life to become much more frequent and better nomad. In case, you are running short of options to find the best places to travel in January to begin the year with a soulful traveling, we have brought you some great ideas that will help you not only in achieving your travel goals, but also support your financial conditions by suggesting some places connected with cheap flights and give a splendid experience of beginning year 2017. So, here we are with the most amazing places to visit in January 2017:

  1. Bali, Indonesia


The famous Island of Gods, Bali have always been a thriving destination for tourists from across the world. With the blooming weather conditions and spellbinding festivals going on, the city of Bali makes a perfect place to begin the 2017 with great pomp and show. Besides, the city has this astounding wealth of attractions comprising natural landscapes, flora, fauna parks, temples, religious sites, historical places and more that gives the most outstanding traveling experience of all time in Indonesia. Whether you are on a vacation with kids, adults or old people, the city will always offer you the best of all times whilst giving a refreshing getaway experience.

  1. Sydney, Australia


The bewitching “Harbour City”, Sydney begin to gather tourists from across the world from the fall of December and gives the tourists a stunning voyaging experience along with the most astonishing New Year celebration of the region. Apart from all the New Year parties and celebrations, the city of Sydney has more than a thousand attractive places that offers voyagers a pleasant getaway experience with the loved ones. The superlative lifestyle, enthralling natural beauty and striking culture makes the city ideal for travelers from all age groups and offer a memory for lifetime.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

The capital of Western Cape Province of South Africa as well as the second largest conurbation of the nation, Cape Town have been among the most adventurous, thriving and captivating destinations for tourists for decades. With its extensive variety of flora, fauna, natural landscapes and culture, the city makes an ideal place in African continent to enjoy a beach vacation with loads of thriving attributes. Besides, the city of Cape Town is one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the region during the month of January and you can have a spellbinding getaway experience with friends and family.

  1. Kauai, Hawaii


A splendid as well as beautiful island city of Kauai has been on the charts of travelers for decades known as “Garden Island”. The remarkable volcanic formations and blissful beaches makes the city a picture perfect destination to have a romantic trip with your sweet heart and offer the most dreamy moments of your life near to the refreshing shores of North Pacific Ocean. The awe-inspiring coral life, striking resorts and enthralling culture of the city has been setting a perfect opportunity to make a vacation and enjoy the most fantastic time of your life.

  1. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe

One of the finest Alpine resorts of the United States, nestled on the borders of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is one of the most fantastic, naturally bliss and captivating fresh water lake of the nation. Giving an ideal location for their winter hideouts, Lake Tahoe gives ample of opportunities to live up the adventurous dreams by indulging into skiing, snowboarding and many other winter sports. The attractive sights and pleasant trails of the nearby locations are sufficient to begin your year with love, prosperity and happiness. Besides, the area is full of resorts and accommodation options that remain adequately bustling during the peak winter season.

January is one of those a few times when the entire world shares its cultural, natural and festive bliss with the tourists from across the world. Hence, there are tons of other destinations that are ideal to make your travel in the month of January a pleasant experience of the year. So, if you have been planning a getaway with the people you love this January, all you need is to book cheap flights from Travelation and make your travel cheaper and convenient.

Reasons Why You Should Visit to Iceland in Winter

Whenever we plan a winter vacation, we often rule-out the destinations that are colder throughout the year. Hence, we often miss the essence of witnessing the extreme and how locals treat themselves to stay on their toes and live life up to the mark. To give you an idea and break the stereotype thinking, we have brought to you reasons why you should visit to Iceland in winters. The nation that has been seeing the winter season across the year for centuries have been a delightful experience for summer travel to avoid scorching heat. However, if you have found yourself amazed, amused and astounded by the variety of attractions and things to indulge in during the summers in Iceland, the nation will provide you an unseen and unexplored array of delights during the winters. Here are the reasons that makes Iceland much more astonishing during the winter season:

Seljalandfoss waterfall at sunset, Iceland

1. Budget Traveling:

Since demand of tourists hit southwards like travelers, the overall traveling expenses to Iceland gets low. Hence, you can have more opulent and astonishing traveling experience whilst spending low. It is often observed that travelers tend to avoid visiting Iceland during the winters and hotels and airlines throw some great deals and offers in the market to allure the tourists and get some bread and butter during the off season. Since, the season is not clicking for the tourism in Iceland, you will find some awesome winter travel deals to get engaged and enjoy the so called “chilling vacations” in Iceland

2. Fewer Crowd:

The off season brings calmness and loneliness to the prominent attractions in the Iceland. The northern cities become deserted and locals enjoy a less crowded city with a purity of nature which spreads miles towards every direction covered in nothing but snow. So, if you feel like having a vacation where you don’t have to get into queues for your turn to visit a perfect attraction of Iceland, winters are the best season for you. People have always been considering that Iceland becomes much colder and unbearable to visit during the winters. However, the cities get a bit colder than usual, yet equally astonishing to enjoy in the winters.

3. The Real Beauty of Winter Season:

Since the season perfectly matches the climate conditions of the nation, you will find all the attributes to their optimum beauty. The Alps, wide-spread snowy grounds, astonishing huts, villages and major natural landmarks becomes more beautiful and appealing for voyagers. Hence, you will find only travel photographers and expert travelers heading their way to the incredible Iceland to enjoy the purity of the nature that comes into existence in the season of winter. Also, the view of aurora borealis gets easy to experience due to clear skies and fewer noise in the atmosphere, giving photographers a perfect opportunity to discover a spellbinding experience of dancing polar lights.

4. Unexplored Festive Celebrations:

Since travelers tend to turn their backs on the Iceland during the festive season due to so called extreme cold weather, people have no idea about how the major festivals such as Christmas and New Year is actually celebrated by the natives. Hence, you can be one of the selected people who have actually witnessed the real beauty of the Christmas and New Year that is celebrated by the locals and can have the exposure of culture and traditions followed by the natives to keep the culture in the roots alive. With the capital like Reykjavik that has a population of more than 100,000, travelers can be a part of the celebration where natives tend to gather around and have a remarkable amount of celebration among their own.

5. Bigger Nights for better Nightlife Experience:

Iceland is one of the most zealous nations in the Europe and often considered perfect for nightlife in the particular region. Hence, the nightlife becomes much more interesting and appealing since the nights are longer in the winters. So, it gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the nightlife and zealous lifestyle of cities like Reykjavik, Keflavik, Hofn, Selfoss, Akureyri and more. There are many bars and pubs that open early in the evening as the dusk begin and remain open till the standard times. So, the more night, the more you can enjoy the booze, dance and party extravaganza.

There are tons of reasons to avoid visit to such wonderful nation of Iceland, yet if you love to explore the world and treasure different experiences, all you need is to break the stereotype thinking and see the bigger picture. So, if you feel like having a cool (literally) traveling experience this winter season, all you need is consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and avail our remarkable winter travel deals available for your budget getaways.