Top 5 Ski Resorts to Enjoy President Day

As George Washington’s birthday anniversary is coming close, everyone must be preparing to enjoy one of the most significant federal holiday of the country. It might be difficult to answer the names of all 45 US Presidents, but if someone ask you about your plans for this Presidents Day, you might get into a confusion for a jiffy as it might be the toughest answer to come across without lying unless you have already prepared something special for this Presidents Day. If you have been deferring your plans for this Presidents Day for no reason, here is the high time when you should conclude your plans by planning a getaway with family and friends. A time when winters are giving the most astounding experience with loads of adventures and blissful attractions, it gets much ideal to plan a skiing vacation with the people you love. So, here we are with some great ideas about top 5 ski resorts to enjoy Presidents Day:

  1. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

Among the most ravishing Skiing resorts in the United States and the largest of the state, Park City have been one of a few world-class skiing destinations in the world, best known for its exhilarating slopes and a striking climate condition, complementing the adventure lovers from all skill sets. With great options of accommodations, luxury and comfort, test your skills and explore the Alps of Park City Mountain whilst enjoying a Presidents Day getaway with the people you love. Featuring cable cars, distilleries, accommodation options, magnificent culture and dynamic lifestyle, Park City makes a perfect destination to get the delight of Presidents Day travel deals.

  1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Among the most prestigious and amazing skiing resorts of Wyoming, Jackson Hole makes one of the most ideal getaway options when it comes to Skiing holidays on Presidents Day. Featuring many astounding aspects such as cowboy bars, exquisite variety of accommodation, snowboarding, ice-skating, skiing and more, Jackson Hole have been acclaimed the title of being one of the most exotic ski resort destinations in the United States. Wedged between Grand Teton National Park and National Forest, this exhilarating getaway destination have been visited by thousands of travelers every year who intended to explore the spellbinding outskirts as well as tremendous hospitality of Jackson Hole.

  1. The Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes is among the most exquisite and versatile getaway destinations of the New York State, best known for its tranquilizing activities such as ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobile, hiking and more. Featuring ample of resorts and accommodation options, travelers can enjoy a panoramic skiing getaway with family and friends whilst exploring a wonderful nightlife scene at this astounding ski resort destination in the northern New York State. With a number of mountains and skiing Alps, Finger Lakes makes a great option to enjoy Presidents Day whilst getting delighted by many scenes of adventure and comfort available in such a harsh climate condition. Named after the biggest attribute of lakes aligned as a closed hands, this place have been emerging as a fine option for family vacations especially during the month of Presidents Day and Valentine’s Day.

  1. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

One of the largest skiing resorts of the United States boasted with six peaks, Steamboat Springs is among the most thriving skiing getaway options for Presidents Day getaway. With a refreshing scene of adventure, lifestyle and activities to indulge in, Steamboat makes a great place to visit with family and friends. Although, it may become a hassle to find a luxurious resort in this part of Colorado, but if you are looking for budget Presidents Day travel deals, then you will be able to bag some handsome offers for accommodations that are equally flashy and available at budget prices. Stretched in the area of over 3000 acres, this resort have been a beacon for skiing as well as other ice and snow sport lovers, hence you can enjoy a variety of adventurous activities as per your skillsets and have a splendid Presidents Day getaway.

  1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Often acknowledged with the helping words like astonishing, wonderful, charming and so on, thie remarkable getaway option nestled on the borders of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is a destination of all seasons. With a thriving scene of nature and superlative dynamics, Lake Tahoe makes one of the most bewitching getaway options especially during the Presidents Day vacations when families and friends tend to take an escape to the skiing resorts of Lake Tahoe and get delighted by ample of mountaintops along with a variety of superlative waterbodies. No matter whether you are traveling alone, with friends, your love or family, there will always be a fantastic variety of attractions to witness especially during the month of February when the alps get covered with snow and open to be explored by worldwide travelers.

North America is really a vast continent and you will find dozens of other splendid and outstanding skiing vacation spots to enjoy Presidents Day. So, if you have been planning a vacation with the people you love most, here is a chance to discover new heights (literally) of adventure and take the advantage of Presidents Day travel deals available with Travelation for a budget, thrilling and memorable getaway.

Places to Visit for Wildlife Photography

Photography have become quite an easy thing to pursuit with our new smartphones with cameras that can capture as much details as we want. However, if you have been planning to become a wildlife photographer overnight by digging out your backyard and taking selfies with the insects found beneath the grassy surface, you have got it all wrong. In case, you have been following many international photographers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, you might want to capture your own moments with the most exotic flora and fauna existing on our planet. So, if you have the similar desires and looking for perfect opportunity, get a high-end camera and pack your bags, because what you are about to read will bring out the real wildlife photographer from you. Following are the places that have been the best options to explore the exquisite skills of wildlife photography:

  1. Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park, Namibia

Among the most prestigious wildlife trails of the world, Etosha National Park have always been a favorite place for wildlife lovers and those who have been planning to test their patience level in wildlife photography, can polish their skills capturing the real moments of zebras, antelopes, elephants, giraffes, predator lions, birds and more. Catch the live action of wild hunting by these exquisite creatures and beasts from the fauna of Namibia near the waterholes spread in various parts of the national park and enjoy the thrill of chase between life and death whilst clicking some of the most awesome pictures of elephants rambling around the waterbodies and enjoying the sunlight.

  1. Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya

Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya

A savannah best known for its wilderness, green plans and exquisite variety of flora and fauna, Maasai Mara National Park is one of the most superlative and vivid national park in the whole world, featuring an astounding wealth of species from the African wilderness including topi, zebra, gazelle, lion, leopard, cape buffalo, African elephants, rhinoceros, foxes, hippopotami, crocodile and many more, this wilderness is full of adventure, surprises and of course, courses of events that can offer great pictures if you are capable to capture during such intense situation. With over 450 species strolling across this natural reserve, the chances are high to capture the most exquisite picture of your life with great dynamics and natural serenity.

  1. Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

One of the biggest homes of marine life near the active volcanic islands and a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ecuador, the Galapagos National Park consist of 15 islands and offer a great exposure of exquisite and panoramic underwater world as well as reptiles capable to vulture on both surface and beneath it, is surely something that can catch your attention with a glance. Featuring tortoises in giant size, penguins, iguanas, turtles, sharks, sea lions, seals, blue-footed boobies and more, Galapagos National Park is something that can offer not only beautiful pictures of regional wildlife, but probably one of the most unique views of fauna and flora existing on our planet. Go for island hopping or have a diving session under the supervision of experts to capture great moments through water-proof cameras and gadgets.

  1. Berenty Reserve, Madagascar

Berenty Reserve, Madagascar

Not so diverse when it comes to number of species living in this small reserve, but when it comes to uniqueness, Berenty Reserve is one of the finest to find the exquisite and exotic variety of flora and fauna in the African continent. With over 75 percent of unique flora and fauna, this National Park consist of turtles, chameleons, aye-aye, lemurs, baobab trees and more. Explore the fantastic and spooky rock formations and enjoy discovering many beautiful, intoxicating and rare species that are yet unknown against most of the world. Also, the plantation done here in Barenty Reserve is quite helpful to learn new dimensions of natural therapy, hence you will find many researchers getting on your way to capture some awesome moments of lemurs, tiny chameleons and more.

  1. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Located at the northeastern borders of South African, neighboring Mozambique and Swaziland, the astounding Kruger is among a few finest wildlife photography places in the whole wide world. One of the largest game reserves preserving an abundant variety of flora and fauna, Kruger National Park consist of over 140 species within the region including the big five game (African Elephant, African Lion, Rhinoceros, African Leopard and Cape Buffalo), zebra, cheetah, giraffe, blue wildebeest, black mamba, African rock python, crocodiles, hippopotamus, impala and many more. Drive your way through the designated trails and capture some of the most awesome clicks of wild and beautiful animals of South Africa.

The world is immense and despite global warming and shrinking wild and natural areas, there are tons of places where you can capture some awesome pictures depending on your budget. So, if you have what it takes to be a travel photographer and all you need is perfect travel deals to make your way to your destination, then give Travelation an opportunity to serve you with our wide variety of budget deals and discount offers available online for a wild and exquisite getaway.

Top 5 Destinations for Winter Vacations in Europe

Winter comes with many shades of white and as we speak of Europe, the shades brings more impeccable experiences than ever. Comprising northern countries that holds weeks without sun, Alps, dense snow and deadly winters whereas the southern Europe brings shining skies and astounding weather conditions. So, if you have been planning a visit to Europe during the winters for a pocket-friendly getaway, here we are to help you plan your winter vacations in the Europe with top 5 destinations to visit with the advantages of winter travel deals. So, if you haven’t come across with a perfect destination by yourself, following options will help you clear the picture and plan your getaway as per your preferences.

  1. Athens, Greece


Athens is one of the most exquisite and desired destinations when it comes to winter vacations. A city that have been treasuring centuries old relics of culture, history and religion, Athens makes a perfect place to visit with family and friends. With its astounding beaches and spellbinding outdoors, apt to be explored in the winters, you can also enjoy a solo or couple getaway to this sprawling conurbation nestled close to the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover many exquisite attractions including old town, Citadels, historical architectures and more whilst savoring on the scrumptious food and astounding range of potations served at the restaurants in the city.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark


Nestled on the shores of Oresund, this sprawling Danish capital have been considered as one of the finest European getaway destinations during the winter season. Comprising many fairytale castles, historical sites and adventure parks, this exquisite destination makes a perfect getaway for family, solo or couple getaway. Featuring progressive contemporary architecture, exquisite range of historical sites and many more places, Copenhagen makes an ideal place to explore especially during the winters as you may find shorter queues due to low season whilst being capable to explore the outskirts due to mild and moderate temperature. Ride on the gondola boats and make your way through the fantastic canals that are no lesser than Venice.

  1. Venice, Italy


As we speak of Venice, this Italian marvel have never let anyone down especially to those who have planned and visited during the winters. A spellbinding and romantic getaway destination, ideally visited by couples and families to enjoy great canals, medieval architecture and superlative horizon views, Venice makes a great option for voyagers. The shoulder season for being a European destination, Venice becomes much more charming and attractive among voyagers and offer the tourists one fantastic and awe-inspiring getaway experience in the Italian nation. If you are traveling in the month of the February, you can also enjoy the world famous Venice Carnival that have been a highlight for decades.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland


The exquisite cultural hub of Switzerland, Zurich becomes much more enjoyable and shining during the winters and travelers tend to head their way to the sprawling city and its plains. With a close proximity to the Swiss Alps from the city, travelers make Zurich as the gateway and enjoy their vacations at the Alpine resorts while the city center remain easily available for accommodation as well as sightseeing. So, if you are up for sightseeing and metropolitan delights in Zurich, you are in luck during the winters as you can explore as much outdoors as you can during the day time and get delighted by the nightlife of the city after dawn.

  1. Seville, Spain


In case you are planning a vacation to skip the chills and looking for much warmer destination in the Europe, Seville comes as a lifesaver. Not so famous city when compared to other marvels of the Europe, Seville is a delightful option during the chilling winters. With an average temperature of 75 degree Fahrenheit during the winters, the city offers a spectacular getaway experience with loads of exploration to the castle complex, marketplaces, exquisite landmarks and more. Learn a few steps of flamenco dance style and enjoy your nights in the pubs of the city, trying your new moves with the person you love and savor on the most exquisite cultural dishes of Spain.

Europe is immensely vast and exquisite with loads of varieties and dynamics, making the continent much more enjoyable and full of options. When it comes to winter, the drastic change in climate conditions and tourism can easily be seen. So, if you are done with all your research and looking for cheap winter travel deals then all you need to do is contact Travelation and you can get your hands on some of the finest travel deals and offers available in the market at present.

Top 5 Free Things to Do in Sydney

Australia is one of the most versatile and enthralling nations in the world, best described as a perfect place to be especially during the winters. Tons of travelers tend to plan their vacations in Australia, especially for Sydney and let’s admit it, it takes a lot more than courage and time to plan such vacations. When it comes to traveling all the way to Sydney from US, you might require some serious budget to enjoy the fullest. In case, you have sufficient money to arrange return flights as well as decent accommodation in Sydney, we are here to give you a bonus which will help you to save a fortune on extra expenses. Following are the 5 free things to do in Sydney that will offer you a spellbinding exposure of one of the most remarkable cities of the Australia whilst keeping your pockets warm.

  1. Walking Across the Sydney Harbour

Walking Across the Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is one of the biggest attractions of not only Sydney but also for entire Australia. Each year millions of travelers visit Sydney and enjoy climbing on top of the Harbour after paying a nominal fee. However, if you are planning to avoid such expenses whilst enjoying the similar beauty and excitement, you can always go for a walking tour across Sydney Harbour. The eastern edge of the harbor is open for pedestrians and travelers as well as locals tend to enjoy walking across the harbor bridge whilst having a beautiful glance of the skyline of Sydney. Take some pictures, admire the view of the city and feel the breeze touching your face and giving a refreshing experience whilst paying nothing and keeping yourself fit by a walking tour.

  1. Coastal Walk between Bondi and Coogee

Coastal Walk between Bondi and Coogee

Unlike many other coastal destinations around the world, Sydney has many beaches that are open to all. And to witness such an awesomely stretched sandy coast, all you need to do is have a coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee beaches. Comprising some fascinating natural landscapes such as rock pools, bays, cliffs, passes, beach shores and more as well as admirable view of horizon, the six-kilometer stretched walk will offer you many fantastic memories to cherish for the rest of the eternity. Covering many major attractions of the city including Tamara, Gordon’s Bay, Bronte, Clovelly and more, the walk will bring a freshness to your mind and soul and offer a panoramic experience to cherish the good memories of Sydney vacations.

  1. Visit to Royal Botanical Garden


The view of Sydney Harbour and Opera House from Royal Botanical Garden is impeccable and travelers can enjoy all the beauty of flora living in Sydney free of cost as the garden do not charge a penny from tourists as well as locals. Pack some food and carpet with you and you are good to go to experience the refreshing day out in the city center whilst exploring many historical places along with a voyage to click some picturesque images of two legendary landmarks of the city. Do not forget to visit Mrs. Macquaire’s Chair that is considered to one of the oldest and vintage attractions of Sydney by the bay.

  1. An Evening in Centennial Park

An Evening in Centennial Park

If you are traveling Sydney with family and friends, then the best time to experience the local lifestyle and culture would be in the evening when you can pack a picnic and enjoy some splendid hours at Centennial Park located at the eastern suburbs of Sydney and renowned across the region of New South Wales. Covering nearly 190-hectares of area, this spellbinding area is ideal to enjoy the evening and witness the dawn whilst admiring beautiful people of Sydney enjoying their evening with their kids and family and jogging across the park for a refreshing start of great evening. Featuring small ponds, horseback riding, cycling tracks, rollerblading tracks and more, Centennial Park is a perfect place to be for free in Sydney.

  1. Tour to MCA

Tour to MCA

Museum of Contemporary Arts of Australia or abbreviated as MCA is one of the most significant and attractive places in the city, best known for its exquisite position and a wide range of contemporary art gathered from around the world. Housing a fine variety of art-deco styled relics and a fabulous collection of artistic marvels, Museum of Contemporary Arts makes a perfect place available free of cost to access in the Sydney and visited by thousands of travelers every month. After being refurnished and costed millions of dollars, this spellbinding museum have become one of the most prominent highlights that too accessible for free.

No wonder Sydney is quite an exquisite destination when it comes to plan a trip. It is quite clear how people have been visiting Sydney frequently and exploring more and more blissful sites that are still unacquainted among the locals. So, if you too have been planning a trip to Sydney and making excuses under the fear of extra expenses, then all you need to do now is book your flights to Sydney with Travelation at discounted airfares and you can explore tons of places that are either free or have nominal fee to access.

Where to Spend the Dreamiest Valentine Day

As the clock ticking, the time is coming near when you will be holding hands with your love and cupid angle will bring forth the love and prosperity in your lives during the Valentine’s Day celebration. A time when most of the people will cherish their love and affection for their beloved ones by offering them a great present, you might not want to be the one who hasn’t got anything to surpass the expectations. To give a perfect gift to your love, we have come up with a list of the most amazing places where to spend the dreamiest Valentine’s Day and enjoy the one day that matters the most in the lives of couples. So, if you haven’t found a perfect place to compliment your love, here are the places that may find you interesting:

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre

Among the most thriving, naturally rich and culturally blissful cities of Italy, Cinque Terre have been a trending destination for romantic vacations in recent years. With blossoming plains, wonderful beaches and tranquilizing resorts, you can enjoy a getaway with your love and admire the fascinating and wonderful culture of Italy whilst savoring on some of the most scrumptious dishes and enjoying sightseeing along with many astonishing tours of the city. The Mediterranean climate conditions and impeccable arts of Cinque Terre are capable to transform a simple getaway into a romantic vacation of your life.

  1. Florence, Italy


The relation between history and love have always been a mystery to most of us, yet destinations with rich past and antique lifestyle makes a great getaway for romantic vacations. To give you a pleasant vacation this Valentine’s Day, we present you to you the fabulous Florence. The historical city of Florence have been into travel buzz for more than a decade now and travelers from around the world tend to make their way for a couple vacation in the form of Valentine’s Day vacation, honeymoon, family trips and more and admire the enthralling architecture and splendid leftovers from 16th century. Home of many UNESCO World Heritage sites, Florence have been so far, one of the finest Valentine’s Day destinations in the world.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


When it comes to love and affection, Amsterdam is still victorious in its region. A wonderful city, best known for its medieval architectures, fantastic canals, bicycle rides and breathtaking weather conditions, the Dutch capital makes a great vacation spot for Valentine’s Day in 2017. The remarkable old city center, centuries’ old bridges and architectures and superlative lifestyle of Amsterdam have been a reason behind why couples find reasons to head their way to the Dutch capital as soon as possible. Take a stroll around on bicycle, ride gondolas or walk across the streets at the dusk or dawn and you will understand what makes the city so amazing and indescribably beautiful.

  1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

For those who are running tad tight on budget and seeking a getaway for their Valentine’s Day celebration, San Francisco always appears to save the day. A spellbinding city that is charming enough to woo the heart of your love, San Francisco makes a great deal of destination. The incredible view of Sunset from the Golden Gate Bridge, the notorious fog and glittering skyline sets the mood enough to give your love some nostalgic moments and offer you to a great spell of dreamy moments. The dining options in the City by the Bay are really astounding as well as budget-friendly. So, in case you are looking for a perfect package of budget, beauty and bliss, San Francisco is just for you.

  1. Key West, Florida

Key West

There is nothing more fun and exciting in the world than the beach getaway with the person you love. And if you are looking for a domestic destination that can offer you a perfect blend of natural beauty, hospitality, budget and utter natural bliss, Key West is an absolutely suitable destination for you. An astounding resort city of Florida, best known for being the heartthrob getaway among youngsters as well as adults, Key West is majorly popular among couples who tend to tender their love whilst being surrounded with many relics from nature. Go by the beach or enjoy some shopping at the boardwalks, enjoy the hospitality of resorts or hit to some of the finest restaurants in the region, you will get a perfect Valentine’s Day getaway for you and your love.

There are plenty of other places in the world like Bali, Seychelles, Paris, Rome, Milan, Venice, Prague, Budapest, London, New York, Las Vegas and more that can complement your getaway with the love of your life, however, everything depends on your taste, trends and of course budget. So, if you have any destination in your mind as of now and you are planning to do a raincheck, then you must stop thinking about excuses and look forth for cheap Valentine’s Day deals available at Travelation to enjoy a fantastic Valentine’s Day in 2017.

First Timer Guide for Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The month of February begins with many astounding events throughout the year. Where at one side, cupid of love hits the cities of the west, Eastern region of the world celebrates the winter in much more astonishing manner. One of the festivities enjoyable enough to plan a getaway would be Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. A festival that comprises the optimum winter weather conditions where snow carvers make the biggest ice and snow sculptures in the northern China, Harbin makes a perfect place for an ideal getaway. In case, you begin to plan your family trip to this fascinating festival for the first time, we would like to offer you first timer’s guide for Harbin Ice and Snow festival.

Harbin Festival

  1. How to Reach

Being situated in extremely cold climate conditions, reaching Harbin have been a task for years. However, things have changed in recent years and you can now easily get flights to Harbin. All you need to do is go out and search for flights to China and specify Harbin, you will come across many flights bridging Harbin and key destinations of United States as well as the rest of the world. In case, you are in some other cities of China and planning to visit their through local transportation, you can board overnight trains available from all major cities of China that have a mandatory stopover at Harbin for being a great vacation spot as well as a major transit hub in the region.

  1. What to Pack

Due to its ideal condition to organize such a cool and chilling festival (both in literal and metaphorical manner), Harbin is really a cold place and require some special packing for your trip. Unlike many Chinese destinations, Harbin has this utterly chilling weather conditions most of the year and you may require to pack some warm clothes with snow shoes and plastic bags (to keep electronics and delicate safe from moisture). Also, because of freezing temperature, most of the electronics run on battery like camera, phone, shaver, trimmer etc. may go out of power. Hence, bringing some extra batteries or portable chargers would be a plus. Although, you can easily get all the electronics required in China as well, but bringing your own will save you from spending a fortune and getting ripped in many fake products.

  1. Biggest Attractions

Harbin is comparatively small yet large destination in size and most of the parts of the city are filled with great attractions. If your sole purpose of visiting Harbin is the Ice and Snow festival, then you must plan your itinerary for visiting two biggest attractions of the city i.e. Sun Island over the river and Zhongshan Park in central Harbin that hosts the biggest exhibitions of all time in Harbin. Once you are done with these two giant exhibitions, you can either go for myriad tours to visit many other attractions or can chose from visiting Siberian Tiger Park, Harbin Polarland, Historic City Center and more.

  1. The Food

Being a Chinese destination, Harbin automatically makes a perfect gourmet hub in the region. Despite huge distance from the cities in south and east, Harbin have this amazing gourmet delights served at the hotels, restaurants and food joints scattered all over the city. Once you are in Harbin, do not forget to try out Shaokao, Hot Pot, Dumplings, Pastry Shells, Khleb and many more dishes that have been ideal to savor on in Harbin. Shredded Chicken Stew and vermicelli stewed with fish will be a great option to save yourself from bone chilling cold weather conditions after sunset. Piece of advice, do not use tap water in most of the tourist areas as the drinkable water is available at a budget price and may save you from getting food poisoning.

  1. Health Tips

Being in Harbin require many safety measures to be followed. One must cover all body parts thoroughly while visiting in exhibitions, ski resorts and Alps of the city to avoid any frostbite. Also, drinking enough water and consumption of fluids will help you to stay hydrated and avoid many mishaps that are sufficient to make a fantastic vacation in China into misery. Try to eat at the restaurants that are hygienic enough and offer fresh food. Asking locals for a good diner will be a great idea as people in Harbin are really generous in guiding guests with grace. Do not forget to bring your medicines as many medicines might not be available in that region of China.

Harbin Ice and Snow festival is one of its kind and if you wish to experience the tendering feeling to visit this astounding festival, all you need is to follow the instructions given above and plan your trip accordingly. So, if you are ready to go and attend this fabulous and famous festival in flesh, then book flights to China from Travelation this moment and have a blissful vacation whilst soaking up the fantastic beauty of ice and snow in Northern China.

Places to Enjoy Chinese New Year in Asia

Chinese New Year, one of the biggest festive celebrations on earth is surely a time when Chinese communities residing in every corner of the world shine like a star and enjoy the Lunar Year celebrations with great pomp and show. Unlike many festivals that are majorly celebrated in western parts of the world, Chinese New Year is a widely celebrated festival, running for nearly a couple of weeks around the globe and offering many insight of unknown rituals and processions related with the Chinese culture. Hence, travelers from around the world tend to take cheap Chinese New Year flight deals and enjoy attending such an auspicious occasion at myriad destinations. In case, you too like to have this astounding exposure in coming month, here are the best places to enjoy Chinese New Year in Asia:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is one of the most exhilarating and astounding destinations in the Asian continent, described as a city of contrasts and fun. The Thai capital is globally famous for being a happening getaway option throughout the year. However, when it comes to Chinese New Year, the city showcases its complete potential and offer its visitors a panoramic experience whilst rejoicing the festivities of Chinese New Year. Galas begin a couple of weeks before the big day and travelers can have the most fun and bewitching traveling experience whilst visiting to the myriad events such as dancing dragons, feast processions, Chinese New Year special markets and more. Besides, the local gives the most amazing experience to its guests and offer the exposure of generosity followed in the Chinese culture.

  1. Manila, Philippines


One of the most prosperous, versatile and most visited destinations in the Asian continent, Manila is among the perfect places to visit in Asia during Chinese New Year for not only the festivities, but the climate conditions. The picturesque capital of Philippines makes an ideal place to enjoy moderate weather conditions whilst savoring on the pleasant potations and traditional delicacies served during the festival. The city of Manila get transformed into a picturesque place during the Chinese New Year celebrations and travelers from around the world gather here to enjoy and be a part of this gigantic celebration in the beating heart of the Philippines. The theme parks, alleys, marketplaces, shopping malls and more, everything gets into the mood of Chinese New Year and you can stumble across many Chinese New Year special sales and offers provided by the vendors.

  1. Beijing, China


The Chinese capital Beijing is the hub of all Chinese New Year celebrations across the world. A city that becomes a big-sized carnival itself, Beijing makes the perfect getaway ever to enjoy Chinese New Year celebration in the world. Offering many activities, galas, events and more, Beijing gives the ideal mood to the locals as well as visitors taking cheap Chinese New Year flight deals and expecting to have the most fantastic voyaging experience during one of the biggest cultural festivals of all time. Comprising parades, fireworks, shopping markets, food, drinks, dancing, singing and more, streets of Beijing gives the most astonishing experience and all you can see is the happy people, gathering around and greeting acquainted people with best wishes whilst wearing traditional dresses and offering generous help and hospitality to the guests.

  1. Singapore


Singapore is one of those island countries in Asian continent that is not only great when it comes to beach holidays, but also becomes a highlight during the Chinese New Year season. Offering a celebration that begins from 3 weeks prior to the big Chinese New Year day, travelers can have the most astounding experience of all time during the period. Voyagers from around the world tend to travel across and visit this beautiful island and get delighted by the superlative festivities comprising seasonal markets with huge discounts, processions, galas, exchange of mandarin Oranges for good luck and more. Besides, the season is also perfect to get a dip at myriad beaches across the island. So, if you are heading to Singapore during the Chinese New Year, you can have all the fun possible in the world to have at Singapore.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Among the most popular Chinese destinations in the world, the autonomous region of Hong Kong is a seamless destination to be during the Chinese New Year celebrations for obvious reasons. A city that comprises both traditional and modern ways of celebration, Hong Kong offers a thorough exposure of rituals that are majorly followed across the world with some unseen traditions that are rare to be found anywhere apart from Chinese continent. The biggest highlights of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong comprises fireworks at Victoria Harbor and spellbinding parade at Tsim Sha Tsuji that gives the most amazing experience and joy to the travelers visiting Hong Kong.

There are a number of other destinations in Asia that makes a great escape for Chinese New Year and if you are looking for a destination that is less crowded, you need a strong luck as the entire Asia gets in the festive mood and voyagers as well as people from Chinese community residing in various parts of the world gather around and enjoy the fantastic festival of Chinese New Year. So, if you have been thinking to visit Asia and looking for a great vacation on Chinese New Year, all you need is cheap Chinese New Year flight deals
from Travelation and you can visit from a wide range of destinations such as Phnom Penh, Cebu, Shanghai, Harbin, Taipei, Xian, Pingyao, Kuala Lumpur and more.

Benefits for taking a vacation!

Taking vacations are the most important part of our lives. Some people who have been a workaholic may find it difficult to understand, but those who have been taking trips frequently, will understand and second the statement that there are multi-level benefits of taking a trip. Whether you are at your teen age, adulthood or at your older form, traveling always bring happiness to your family and home. No matter whether the destination comprises beaches, amusement parks, waterfalls, resorts, Alps, mountains, forests, heritage sites or more, visiting a destination will always be a beneficial thing to do every once in a while. So, if you have been neglecting all the offers on cheap flights frequently, you will find these reasons to change your opinion on traveling and encash the next offer you get. So, here we are with the benefits of taking a trip:


  1. Vacations are good for health

Believe it or not. When someone face serious health hazards, doctor often find of suggesting to take a holiday to some place nice. As per many health specialists as well as frequent travelers, traveling much often to some place nice helps to gain the immunity system and bring freshness to mind and soul. At the age when we all are facing huge issues related with work, society, studies and relationships, taking a break from all is the best way to revive yourself and enjoy the beauty of the nature, culture and art at its best. People who travel a lot or keep on looking for more time exploring the world tend to get less sick and enjoy the life more freely. As a result, it help eventually to gain the immunity system we all desire.

  1. Taking trips broaden your creative eye

Visiting places that are least explored or destinations that have many things to offer opens your mind and bring your creative level to the new level. As per studies, when people from creative field face the phase of “Creativity Burnout”, they often pack their bags and go to some place nice, calm and inspiring. For an instant, you will often find story writers, novelists, painters, lyricists, poets and photographers exploring new destinations every now and then to increase the flow of fresh ideas in their head. Getting some time to relax the mind and body helps to charge your thinking process and help to broaden your creative eye. Also, witnessing local art, traditions and cultures brings many fresh and creative concepts for the creative people that eventually get filtered and bring fresh ideas among people.

  1. Vocational benefits of traveling

Traveling to myriad destinations also gives an exposure of commerce and vocational activities among people. In the generation when everyone is looking forward for globalization and bringing new ideas to take their business to a new level, finding different marketing, selling and presentation concepts at myriad places help to create new ideas to boost a business. Visiting cities with more commerce or port cities helps to gather more data and presentation skills for both goods and services and eventually help to boost your business whilst using some unorthodox methods that are not yet familiar with most of the people in same trade. Also, if you are in a business that requires expansion and you are looking for some suitable places to pitch your work at different places as well, you can easily gather a lot of data to decide whether expanding your business to a respective destination be a good idea or not.

  1. Vacations with family to strengthen the bond

The most common reason people tend to take a trip is to give the time to the people they love the most. In the time when most of us are occupied to get the best of their future and earning regular bread and butter, we often ignore one of the most precious things in our life; relationships. Whether it’s about your college friends, your better half, parents, kids or neighbors, taking a trip with them will help to gain the closeness back and strengthen the bond like before or better. Spending some quality time with them and cherishing fresh memories are not only to make your present more enjoyable, but also give your future reasons to stay happy.

  1. Travel helps to increase your knowledge

The universal truth about traveling is it helps you to increase your knowledge. While exploring new destinations, you not only get to know what sort of delights it brings in your life, but also offers an insight about heritage, culture, traditions, business, trends and more. Hence, traveling is always a benefit for those who seek more knowledge and wish to broaden their mentality. Visiting destinations far away from home brings more insight about the lifestyle, trends, interacting with people, architecture and a lot more. So, traveling brings new dimensions of knowledge in your life.

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