Explore the Thriving Beaches of Jamaica

Jamaica, a wonderful treasure on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea is a combination of nature, heritage and rich culture. A fascinating island country that has been a prominent getaway destination in the Caribbean region and globally renowned for its serene landscapes and blissful nature, Jamaica is a must visit place for everyone to enjoy the most incredible and joyful time away from home and surrounded by the tempting attributes this island has to offer. Because of its utmost diversity and dazzling lifestyle, this Caribbean nation has been alluring thousands of tourists taking flights to Jamaica throughout the year and having a wonderful and charismatic getaway with family and friends. If you are looking to have a vacation in Jamaica to explore the thriving beaches of this fantastic Caribbean country, here we are with a fabulous range of destinations to find the best experience in the Jamaica:

  1. Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Among the most popular destinations in the Caribbean region as well as the second largest city of the nation, Montego Bay is a spellbinding beach getaway, known for its thriving sandy beaches, enthralling lifestyle and everlasting parties that makes it a hot favorite getaway option in the region among youth. Despite its small size as compared to other Caribbean destinations, Montego Bay has an abundant number of attractions and small beaches, covering the coastline of this part of Jamaica. If you have boarded flights to Jamaica and heading towards Montego Bay, then visiting White Witch of Rose Hall, Sandals Cay, Dead End Beach, Cornwall Beach, River Tubing, Fort Montego and Aqua Sol Theme Park will be the perfect idea to explore the bewitching cityscape and beach scene of Montego Bay.

  1. Negril


Renowned across the nation as well as the rest of the Caribbean region, Negril is a small and spellbinding town of the Jamaica, ideally known for its vast stretch of sandy beaches and rock formations around the shores. The crystal clear water and spellbinding scene of natural landscapes makes Negril a great vacation spot to get close to the nature and have a picturesque and joyful getaway in Jamaica. The coral reefs around the coasts of the Negril are quite popular among divers and global tourists tend to take flights to Jamaica every year to enjoy a fabulous gathering of snorkelers in this part of the world.

  1. Port Antonio

Port Antonio

Located at the northeastern coasts of the Caribbean island country Jamaica, Port Antonio is a sweet, simple and spellbinding getaway option in the country, ideally popular among the tourists for its wonderful heritage and captivating shipping ports. However, if you start to overlook the signature cities and consider visiting here, you will come across a magnificent range of beaches and coastal bliss on the shores of the Port Antonio. While you are in Port Antonio, do not forget to visit Rio Grande, Navy Island, Folly Ruins, Dragon Bay Beach Resort, Folly Lighthouse, Titchfield Canons and many more sites that are bringing forth this small and captivating city among tourists visiting Jamaica.

  1. Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios

Once a fishing village and now one of the most prominent ports of the Jamaica, Ocho Rios is a fascinating town of the Jamaica, located at the northern tip of the island. Featured in many travel guides as a fabulous getaway for remarkable bay beaches, striking rainforests and waterfalls, Ocho Rios is something that will give you an utmost delight of being close to the nature whilst offering ample of opportunities to explore the spectacular cityscape of the northern region of Jamaica whilst shopping around the city and enjoying parties at the bustling sandy beaches. If you are taking flights to Jamaica and consider visiting Ocho Rios, then don’t forget to visit the Dunn’s River Falls that is the biggest highlight of the natural bliss in this part of Jamaica.

  1. Kingston


The thriving capital as well as the largest city of the nation, Kingston is much more than the political and cultural hub of the country. With its exquisite range of thriving beaches and resorts covering the southern tip of the country, Kingston has been a prominent reason why travelers often keep flights to Jamaica flocked throughout the year and tend to discover the enthralling natural beauty with a spectacular blend of magnificent cityscape. Home of the famous Bob Marley Museum and many more cultural sites, Kingston is the busiest and bustling destination of the nation, perfect for a getaway with friends and family.

Jamaica is full of surprises and no matter whether you like to enjoy culture, heritage, beaches or anything else, this Caribbean island country will never let you down. So, if you have been thinking to enjoy and explore the promising attributes this serene and fantastic island has, then we are here to give you the best chance to explore the Caribbean region with our exquisite deals and offers on flights to Jamaica. All you need is to consider the services of Travelation and you are good to go on an enthralling getaway with the people you love whilst starting huge savings on your travel expenses.

Cheapest Coastal Destinations in the Europe

Europe is entirely renowned for its rich culture and magnificent heritage, yet only a few percentage of people know that the exquisite continent of Europe has been a thriving getaway for coastal destinations as well. Featuring a wide array of blissful cities on the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and more, European continent have been a delightful experience to enjoy a fantastic vacation with family and friends. If you wonder about the best coastal destinations in the European continent that will give you an idea about how the scenic coastal beauty blends with thriving European culture and makes a heavenly experience to explore, we have managed to bring forth a list of a few of the finest coastal destinations in the Europe:

  1. Venice, Italy


Renowned for its gondola rides and picturesque heritage, Venice is never seen as a coastal destination despite being built on a combination of over a hundred small islands. Although, people enjoy the coastal beauty whilst being overwhelmed with the dreamy surroundings and the rich heritage that has been the highlight of the city, if you stop seeing Venice as a historical site, then you will get a different eye and find the newly discovered bliss of Venice astounding. A budget-friendly getaway destination that has a lot more than expected to offer, this Italian destination is visited by thousands of tourists taking flights to Venice every day.

  1. Oslo, Norway


Nestled on the southern edge of the Norway at the shores of the Oslo fjord, the Norwegian capital Oslo is one of the most panoramic, bewitching and naturally blissful cityscape destination, ideally visited by both business and leisure travelers. Being the home of one of the finest museums based on Vikings, this exquisite city has been quite pocket-friendly as well as serene to enjoy a picturesque vacation as a couple, family, solo tourist or group. Despite is fewer fame as compared to other European destinations, Oslo has been an enthralling experience with affordable accommodation options and striking coastal scene. The dusky sunset view from the shores of Oslo have been the most unique experiences to have in Norway.

  1. Helsinki, Finland


Residing on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, the capital as well as one of the most colorful, prosperous and enthralling cities of the country, Helsinki is a fine getaway option, often perceived as more cultural destination rather than coastal city. A combination of more than 300 islands, Helsinki has a fabulous coastal experience that can be enjoyed through boardwalks as well as ferries. Although, people tend to enjoy winters in Helsinki to explore the outdoor attractions, however, the coastal beauty of the Helsinki is much more delightful if you plan to book your flights to Helsinki in the summer season and explore the wide array of blissful and serene islands.

  1. Dublin, Ireland


The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is a combination of nature, culture and heritage. Located on the eastern coasts of the country, Dublin is often perceived as a historical site where you can explore the Gothic architecture and fascinating structures from medieval era, yet some people find Dublin as a fabulous coastal destination where they can not only enjoy the fascinatingly opulent cityscape, but also a remarkable range of fine shores of Dublin Bay. As a result, all heritage, culture, traditions, art and nature lovers tend to enjoy booking flights to Dublin from around the globe throughout the year and have a pleasant journey whilst saving huge on accommodations, transportation and more.

  1. Monterosso al Mare, Italy

Monterosso al Mare

A remarkable village of Cinque Terre region of Italy, Monterosso al Mare is one of the most budget-friendly and picturesque coastal towns in the world. Featuring a scenic and extraordinary coasts with a scene of a whole town established on the mountain slopes, Monterosso al Mare makes a perfect getaway option to visit as family, solo or otherwise. Flights to Cinque Terre are also quite affordable and you can have a decent accommodation in budget prices whilst exploring an array of historical and natural attractions that are majorly free to visit and gives a fascinating delight of being in a whole different side of Italy.

Coastal cities of the Europe are never been a highlight and majorly overshadowed by the elegant lifestyle as well as notable history. As a result, people have never seen these European cities with different perspective. So, if you have this urge of exploring European cities with a completely different view and seeking some amazing deals to fly your way to Europe, then Travelation is a perfect platform for you to make your dream come true whilst saving immensely on your flights.

Asian Destination Best Suitable for Female Solo Travelers

Traveling solo gives one the exposure and experiences that are impossible to have any other way. A time away from home when you are responsible for future and all the decisions you make are entirely upon your judgements and previous experiences is a perfect opportunity to groom yourself and learn a lot of valuable lessons from life. As we speak of solo traveling, these days, this topic has become a debatable question about which places are safe to travel especially when you are a female. No matter how broadminded we are or how developed society have become, there are an abundant number of places that have become questionable due to the perception of people of being unsafe for a female traveler voyaging solo. Hence, to give your travel dreams the wings needed whilst keeping the world open enough, we have come up with a list of best Asian destinations that are suitable for female solo traveler:

  1. Thimpu, Bhutan


The sacred nation of Bhutan have been acknowledged many times for being one of the most cultured countries of the world and have high moral values especially when it comes to tourists. Being the capital of Bhutan, Thimpu have been often considered as one of the safest destinations for female solo travelers to explore the natural bliss, cultural richness and generous hospitality of locals that has kept the nation quite an impressive place to explore. Despite its small size and extremely limited resources and infrastructure, the capital Thimpu have been receiving an abundant number of tourists whilst offering a serene range of attractions within as well as outside the metropolis.

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai

Thai cities are known worldwide for being a huge follower of Buddhism and are genuinely much safer place in the Asian continent. Being an impressive resort city with a big number of religious, cultural and natural places, Chiang Mai has been a hot favorite destination among female travelers. No matter whether you like visiting historical sites, markets, food joints or natural landscapes, Chiang Mai will never disappoint you as the city is quite popular across the nation as well as the rest of the world for being a safe, diverse and picturesque destination to explore. Hence, a huge spike in female solo travelers visiting Chiang Mai have been witnessed.

  1. Yunnan Province, China

Yunnan Province

The entire Himalayan range covering parts of India, Nepal and China is rich in traditional values and generosity as a host. Yunnan province of China have been quite a popular region in the giant nation of China for being a female tourist friendly destination, known for its picturesque villages, fascinating natural bliss and incredible hospitality for considering guests as a blessing from god. Despite furnished with the least infrastructure and lower standards of opulent facilities, Yunnan is attracting a big number of tourists by its incredibly gorgeous natural bliss and fabulous history that has been kept isolated from modernization in past a few centuries.

  1. Colombo, Sri Lanka


Unlike many other destinations that are either low in resources or high in religious beliefs, Colombo is one of the safest places in the entire Asian continent and is featured with a wide variety of modern lifestyle, exquisite cityscape, thriving culture and magnificent hospitality. A destination where gender-equality have been flourishing for decades, Colombo is truly a magical place, filled with a plethora of picturesque landscapes in the outskirts and historical beauties kept well preserved for decades. Although, the size and a limited type of attraction may seem to bothering at first place, but once you find the depth of the culture of this civilization, you will come across many astonishing experiences that will leave you stunned for a very long time.

  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap

Siem Reap, the home of the iconic Angkor Wat and many more historical architectures and plazas, is something that is beyond imagination and has been visited by thousands of tourists every day, out of which, a big number of tourists are solo female travelers. Thanks to high standards of tourist’s security and the hospitality of the locals, Siem Reap is often considered as safe as any other western destination and is furnished with much more than just the sightseeing. With its incredible history and religious values, Siem Reap is not only a great place to explore, but also a safe place to travel in Cambodia.

Asia is the biggest and the most populous continent in the world and has a number of destinations that are not only safe for a solo traveler, but also opulent enough to have a vacation filled with joy and charm. Yet a big part of the region have been under the impression of being unsafe due to lack of modernization and a scary prospect that have made the region dark enough for solo female travelers. So, if you have been thinking to travel across the Asia as a solo female traveler and looking for some ideal destinations perfect in terms of safety and beauty, then consider the destinations above or any other place you like exploring and book cheap flights with Travelation to get some amazing discounts on airfares and save huge on your travel expenses.

Fresh Nomad – A Weekend in London

London, a beautiful destination known to be the heart of the British Empire as well as home of one of the most promising cityscapes, historical collection and bewitching range of architectural marvels on earth is somewhat most people found a great place to enjoy a weekend with their families and friends. Despite being rumored of being an expensive destination, people always find a way to get cheap flights to London and explore the breathtaking range of historical, cultural, artistic and contemporary elements this wonderful conurbation has to offer. A prominent weekend getaway option these days, London has been attracting thousands of tourists every month lately, those who wish to have a cozy time of 3 days during the weekend in the British capital. So, if you too have been feeling the urge of being there in near future, here we are with an ideal itinerary that will give you the best experience of spending a weekend in London:


Day 1

The first day of your weekend is the most likely to be a crucial day as you step out of from your flights to London, as there is a lot catch up in a short period. Once you dump your luggage at the room you are staying, you can either chose to sit and relax, or go out and discover the utmost beauty of this spectacular British capital. If you have some energy left after long transatlantic flights to London, you can explore the key attractions starting from London Eye and advancing to Westminster Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Mall, Oxford Street, Admiralty Arch, Buckingham Palace and more whilst stopping by at Chinatown London to enjoy a soothing spell of shopping and conclude your day with a picturesque sight of London’s skyline from the Tower Bridge which is a prominent attraction to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere whilst standing above the Thames River.

When it comes to go and feed yourself, you will come across a bundle of restaurants and food joints around this part of London that serve the finest international and British cuisines available as both dine-in and as a take away. As far as the nightlife is concerned, there are a big number of bars and restaurants at Westminster Road and around that will give you a memorable experience of the nightlife scene in London and serve the finest quality of gourmet as well as potations to the guests. If you have been thinking to keep your budget within your limits, it is advised to select a less fancy restaurant; as this part of London is considered to be a high-profile district and can cost you a fortune for a ravishing dining experience in London. Once you are done with the food and partying in London, head back to your hotel room and sleep tight to get reenergized and catching up as much as possible in the fascinating city of London.

Day 2

The second day of the weekend in London is the finest experience of your life as you are super charged and well-versed with the weather conditions as well as local transportation of London. Draw a chart of exploring a particular region and prepare yourself to explore the second batch of London’s most promising attractions like Tower of London, The Monument of Great Fire of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, Golden Hinde, The Shard, Paternoster Square, Ben’s City, National Firefighter Memorial, Duke and Duchess, City of London Distillery, College of Arms, Museum of London, Postman’s Park and many more sites that have been covering this part of the London and offering an enigmatic experience of discovering the rich heritage and lifestyle of London.

As you probably be concluding your second day in London, there will be a wide range of things that you might miss while strolling down the Bohemian streets of London. Things like outdoor cinemas, Secret Cinemas, skyline views from observatory deck, picnic at Hyde Park and many more activities will be a refreshing experience to feel the lifestyle scene of London up close and understand the daily affairs of locals that have been keeping them charged. While you are in this region of London, finding a budget restaurant or pocket-friendly shopping can be a hassle as there are a limited number of fine dining places and markets across the city. Visit to the New Change region that is one of the finest and indulging places in this part of London to have a gourmet and nightlife enjoyment.

Day 3

As you can guess, the third day of your weekend trip is the most important day of your trip as you need to be précised on everything and keep up with a tight schedule to visit as many places as possible, collect your luggage from the hotel and head to the airport in time to check-in and fly back home. In case, you have a flight that depart from London in the night, then you might have a lot of time to explore many more places and explore a completely different region of London and pay a visit to British Museum, Cutty Sark, Covent Garden, Greenwich Meridian Lines, National Maritime Museum, Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, Bloomsbury Walks, Old Bloomsbury Region, Pompeii & Herculaneum Exhibition, Russell Square, The Cartoon Museum and many more places depending on the time lift to check-out from the hotel and catch your flight.

If you still find some more time that you feel like utilizing the time to collect some souvenirs for the people waiting for you back at home or like to get some memories for your own, then you can find an abundant number of shops and markets around Shaftesbury Avenue including books, souvenirs and more. If you are done with the sightseeing and wish to have some quality time admiring the beauty of the city, then you can visit to the Bloomsbury Square Gardens where you can sit tight and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of surroundings and have a nice picnic in the city of London.

So, if you have been thinking to visit London during any forthcoming weekend, then all you need now is to consider Travelation for your next getaway and you are all set to avail some of the finest offers on flights to London and start saving big on your voyage to the beautiful conurbation of London.

Top 5 Caves to Visit before Turning 30

Exploring the world beneath the picturesque surface of earth requires a lot of attributes. From core strength to great health conditions, disciplined mind, attitude of an explorer and more, you might need it all to discover the real beauty that lies beneath the surface. Hence, if you are in your 20s and seeking some adventure that can go beyond all the skydiving and thrilling sports, you should consider going for caving hunt. The world is immensely big enough to explore the upper surface, yet if you have been in love with the planet deep, then it’s high time you should consider visiting the most prominent caves in your 20s that will give you much more than the adventure feast and allow you to expand your horizon and witness an untouched and utter beauty of the nature:

  1. Cave of Crystals, Chihuahua, Mexico

Cave of Crystals, Chihuahua, Mexico

In the era of global warming where everything else is falling apart, there is something natural that is gorgeous enough that can not only survive this heat, but also bloom like none other. The picturesque Cave of Crystals in Chihuahua Mexico is a living example of how natural can be so beautiful in such deadly weather conditions. A pleasant cave that has its extreme conditions and contains a wide range of giant and beautiful crystals, Cave of Crystals is something that everyone should visit at least once in the lifetime. Although the temperature conditions inside the cave can feel you living like a barbecue (literally), but if you have the courage to go this deep, then you can have the most picturesque experience of your life whilst discovering many unknown aspects of mother earth.

  1. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

New Zealand has always been considered as the adventure activities capital on earth with its wonderful glaciers, Alpine valleys, perfect skydiving spots and more, yet those who haven’t scratched the surface of adventure will never get to know what else is hidden beneath this wonderful, charming and bipolar destination that has such a wonderful cityscape as well as natural bliss. Visiting Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand is something that will give you a cheerful experience to remember for eternity where you can not only witness the giant underworld, but also a fascinating sight of glowworm sticking out of the surface and showcasing a view of being out in the orbit and gazing out at the stars billions of lightyears away from us. A tour on the boat after taking flights to New Zealand can give you the most incredible experience of your life in the Northern Island of New Zealand.

  1. Mogao Caves, Gansu Province, China

Mogao Caves, Gansu Province, China

Mogao Caves or the Cave of Thousand Buddha is a live example of historian’s craftsmanship and genius skills. A small cave system designed by the mankind, existing in the heart of Gansu Province is something incredible enough to give you a spellbinding experience. A small yet picturesque cave where you can witness thousands of Buddha statues carved in the natural walls of rocks is such a delight that you will never wish to leave the place. The enthralling beauty of the Mogao Cave is beyond words and expressions. So, if you like to explore not just the nature, but the cultural values as well, Mogao Caves is the place just for you.

  1. Er Wang Dong Cave System, Wulong Karst, China

Er Wang Dong Cave System, Wulong Karst, China

If you like to witness a whole different world within a cave, then get ready to board flights to China and head towards the Er Wang Dong Caves. A world renowned cave that is giant and diverse enough to create its own weather system is beyond our imagination. Located close to Houping Township in Wulong Karst of China, Er Wang Dong Cave system is an incredible example of artistry of nature and diversity of sites existing on earth. You can enjoy visiting and exploring different natural carvings and formation of rocks as well as waterfalls while admiring the weather system of its own and have the most delightful experience of being in a different world.

  1. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Fingal Cave, Scotland

Renowned as Uamh Binh and Cave of Melody, the fascinating cave system of Fingal’s is a picturesque place located at Staffa Island which is an isolated island off-the-coasts of the Scotland, known and often visited by geologists as well as adventure seekers. Take flights to Scotland and enjoy visiting this beautiful cave that has been made of hexagonal pillars is something that will leave you stunned at first sight. Replicated in the movies of Harry Potter, this fabulous cave is beyond a normal being’s imagination and gives a fascinating experience while standing inside and hearing the sound of ocean waves that reflects from the walls of the cave and give a completely different experience.

There are an abundant number of caves around the world that were made by both nature and the mankind in different eras due to some historic events. Hence, if you have been into the history, nature or both, then your 20s will be the perfect time to know more about the history as well as natural beauty that is hidden beneath our floor. So, if you have been thinking to one step beyond a cliché adventure, then all you got to do now is to book your flights with Travelation right now and have a blissful getaway experience with loads of discoveries and adventures that will tone your future like no other.

Bizarre Foods around the World

Global gourmet is immensely wide and sometimes when you feel like trying it all, you may end up witnessing something that can lift-up your belief from the food in total. Where people who fond of travel tend to travel a lot and open to try every concoction present in the world, there are tons of things that may make you sick only by knowing about their key ingredient. If you have been living to eat only and consider your stomach strong enough to take anything or everything eatable in your sight, you should consider to rethink your claim as our world is filled with many bizarre things that are quite common to eat in the world and often have an awkward experience to those who tend to discover such surreal foods. To those who like to feed themselves with such an unpredictable and extremely surreal dishes, we have come up with the most bizarre foods around the world:


  1. Escamoles, Mexico

An edible larva as well as pupae of venomous ant species within their eggs prepared to be used as a stuffing between sandwiches, tacos and Omelets, Ecamoles is one of the most bizarre dishes of the Americas, and majorly tried by tourists taking flights to New Mexico City. Tasting like nuts with cottage cheese and butter, this exquisite dish may look awesome to locals, but when you have to try or cook it by yourself, you will find the dish quite a bizarre experience in the Mexico. A cultural dish that have been into existence since the age of Aztecs, Escamol is a must try dish if you can ignore the icky part of usage of Liometopum Apiculatum ants.

  1. Tuna Eyeballs, Japan

Tuna fish is among widely tried and loved fishes in the world and have been consumed by locals from across the world for a very long time. What if all you have is not the flesh, but the eyeballs of a fish in your platter? Would you like to give it a go? In Japan, this exquisite delicacy is a traditional gourmet and have been feasted by ample of locals as well as tourists taking flights to Japan from around the world who tend to taste almost everything existing on the platter. Used as a completely different entity in the fish markets of the Japan, Tuna Eyeballs are plucked before selling the rest of the raw fish out and are taken preserved to sell alone in local supermarkets. Prepared after boiling or steaming the eyeballs and seasoning them with soy sauce, this dish somewhat a popular choice among locals to have as a part of their meal.

  1. Crispy Tarantula, Cambodia

Who would have thought that one of the most disgusting and psychologically disturbing creatures on earth can be treated as a delicacy in any part of the world? The dangerous species of spiders, Tarantulas are considered as a crispy appetizers in the gourmet of Cambodia. Taste similar to crab, the deep-fried crispy tarantulas are something that can be found like a hotdog in the streets of entire Cambodia. A local snack for centuries, crispy tarantulas are now a hot favorite dish to try in the heart of Cambodia and quite popular among locals as well as global travelers stepping out of frequent flights to Cambodia from around the world. So, if you have the chance, would you try it?

  1. Balut, the Philippines

When it comes to bizarre foods around the world, a list is incomplete without introducing the traditional Philippine delicacy called the “Balut”. A spectacular delicacy that has earned its fame for being enough gruesome as well as bizarre in preparation, Balut is something that is quite a luxurious dish to have in the Philippines. Using the embryo of duck egg, this traditional dish is often tried after boiling the egg alive and popping open the hood of the egg and dipping the stuff inside in the sauce made of vinegar, chili and salt and crunching down on everything inside including the bones, feathers and rest of the stuff.

  1. Locusts, Israel

If you have been liking chocolates, then reading ahead may disturb your very soul as Vietnam has been the home of one of the most prominently bizarre dish that consist of a dream ingredient and an ingredient that has been icky enough to spoil your mood. Locusts has been a combination of fried locusts that are served after dipping down in chocolate and covering the disgusting creatures into something we have been savoring on since our childhood. A prominent kosher snack that has been crispy enough to forget French fries and leave you stunned by the blend of surreal tastes is something that can never been forgotten for being such a decisive and bizarre at the same time.

The definition of bizarre food for most of us may vary, based on the key ingredients of our traditional foods, yet there are some dishes that can unite us with similar thoughts and tastes and above dishes may make you wonder whether you would like to travel to the above destinations or not. Yet, if you have been judging the destinations by the dishes, you should consider to try something different as neither of the city or culture have everything revolving around these surreal dishes. So, next time you crave for something unusual or have a delight of visiting to destinations alike and wish to avoid such things in your plate, just remember the names and what they made of and you are good to go. And don’t forget to share your thoughts on the same in the comment section and considering Travelation as your travel partner for your journeys ahead.

Top 5 Shopping Destinations across the Asia

People love to travel to fulfil their own dreams or interest and love to enjoy food, sightseeing, history, architecture, natural beauty, scenic traditions, arts, festivals and so on and there are also some people who love to spend the money and fill their luggage bags with souvenirs and other stuff found in their next getaway. And when it comes to shopping, Asian continent has been excelled as among the finest region in the world for shopaholics. A continent that has been like a world in itself, Asia is the home of some of the largest and versatile markets in the world and have been alluring an abundant number of travelers by their thriving diversity of goods sold in the malls and markets. If you are one of those who define traveling as an opportunity of shopping big time, then here we are with the top 5 shopping destinations across the Asia that will give you the opportunity to go on a shopping spree and fill your bags with a lot more than just experiences and stories:

  1. Tokyo, Japan


The home of one of the most promising cityscapes in the Asian continent as well as the capital of Japan, Tokyo has the image around the world for being a bustling city with loads of corporate offices and high-rise buildings. But when it comes to shopping, Tokyo is drift apart from the rest of the world as the city has an abundant variety of marketplaces, flea markets, weekly markets, shops, vendors and malls that have been giving an unbelievable shipping experience to the travelers taking flights to Tokyo from around the world. Regardless of being a chaotic and densely populated city, Tokyo have been visited by ample of tourists these days who like to shop till they get out of cash.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand


Among the most famous and widely visited destinations of the Southeast Asia, Bangkok is commonly known as the shopping paradise for voyagers. Each year, millions of travelers board flights to Bangkok from around the globe in order to explore all the scenic cityscape beauty and tranquilizing body treatment centers covering the major land of the city. However, if you have been visiting the Thai capital for the first time, you will find an abundant number of malls and markets scattered across the city and offering a wonderful range of products from clothing to accessories and handicrafts. So, if you are in Bangkok, there is no way you will leave the city empty hand.

  1. Manila, Philippines


Manila, the capital city of the bewitching Philippines is globally famous for two things; the wonderful heritage and its craftsmanship that has brought the city to the new horizon of fame and success. Visited by thousands of tourists every month, this bustling city has been a known place to buy wooden handicraft and fabulous clothes. Travelers can also find some of the finest collections of books from all genres in Manila without breaking a sweat. The markets and malls of Manila are known across the world for its giant size and diversity. Philippine jewelry and accessories have been one of the hot favorite things to buy among women visiting Manila and you can come across ample of shops within the radius of two to five blocks.

  1. Delhi, India


The delightful capital of India that has been home of an incredible heritage, Delhi is quite famous for its diversity when it comes to shopping. Featuring hundreds of shops related with handloom, artificial jewelry, electronics, crafts, clothing, accessories, and mechanical parts and more, Delhi is truly a place that can give a delight of being in the heaven for a shopaholic. It is often said that you can find from anything to everything in the bustling markets of the Indian capital and all you need is a set of skills to hackle against the shopkeepers that has the tendency to overcharge from people unaware of the original price of the product.

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

Last but not the least, the Malay capital Kuala Lumpur is often known to be the home of giant skyscrapers and glamorous nightlife. However, if you look closely and walk aside those giant glittering buildings, you will find a whole different world constructed for shopaholics like yourself. Home of some of the biggest malls in the continent, Kuala Lumpur is a perfect combination of quality and price. Stroll down the busy roads of Kuala Lumpur and you can easily find anything you desire to purchase with an authentic range of qualities at fair prices.

Asian continent is immensely big and have a big number of other destinations that allows one to shop till they drop and offer a spectacular variety of stuff to take away as a souvenir, gift, daily use and more. So, if you feel like having a vacation with the mood of pure shopping and wish to visit either of the city above or any other place like Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Hanoi, Bali, Beijing, Shanghai, Phnom Penh or any other Asian destination, all you need is to consider Travelation offer you cheap flights to Asia and you are all set to enjoy a breathtaking vacation full of shopping and fun in the shopping epicenters of the Asian continent.

How to Plan Ahead for Budget Easter Vacations

Easter vacations are the most delightful way to bid adieu the springs and welcome the summer season with great pomp and show while celebrating one of the largely observed festivals in the world. There are tons of destinations and towns that have been hosting the gala of Easter Sunday and welcome guests around the world. Hence, you will find an abundant number around you that have been preparing themselves to get going on a family trip this Easter and bragging about their plans of exploring new and different destinations on the auspicious occasion of Easter. To give you the similar sort of delight, we have come up with an ideal of how to plan ahead for a budget Easter vacation. Follow the steps mentioned below and you will not only be able to have a happening celebration of Easter, but also a family vacation at lower budget:

  1. Make your travel plans certain

1 Travel plans

It is always important to make your travel plans certain as most of the bookings we made are covering the risk of cancellation. Hence, the cost goes high enough to disturb your budget from the base. Making your plans certain with the people you are traveling gives you the edge against others and help to get non-refundable travel deals that are comparatively cheaper than usual. Also, with the dates fixed and the certainty of destination, you can easily get some quality quotes in remaining time and do your homework to lock on offers and deals that are best suitable as per your requirements and budget. Hotels and flights are often remain non-refundable during festive season due to high demand and gives you a limited number of option for any future changes. So, it is always better to go for booking only after you are certain.

  1. Look for less crowded destinations

2 Crowd

Since Easter is one of the widely observed festivals in the world, you will find an abundant number of cities and places that will give you a dreamy and desired vacation experience with the people you love. However, most of the cliché destinations remain packed well in advance by people who have a ritual to escape from the house on the Easter and leave you to settle down with down-grated services or tight itinerary. So, it is always a better idea to search for a destination that can fulfil your dream vacation as well as give you enough of option to prepare your itinerary as per your requirements.

  1. Find the best suitable Easter travel deals

3 Search Flight

Easter is one of the special moments when most of the travel agencies and airlines will throw out huge discounts and special offers to bag the customers seeking perfect getaway. This time is an advantage as well as a tough time to make decisions wisely and trusting the reliable consolidator to spend your hard-earned money. Where many of the agencies will be throwing away groundbreaking deals and offers, you should be able to judge with the genuine travel agency and settle down with the best offer you can get in the meantime. Always look for the deals and offers that are specific and have all the answers to your questions. Looking for much cheaper deals and offers can land you in big troubles while you are away from home. So, it is advised to choose a reliable travel agent and get the wisest deal available in the market.

  1. Book your itinerary separately

4 Road Trip

There are times when you will be coming across many alluring packages that involves flights, hotels, transfers, tours and more. These packages may seem quite amazing and hassle-free to make your itinerary uniformed and easy to book, but will leave you bounded in tight timelines and a clock ticking over your head all the time. Whereas, if you go and book your flights and hotels separately as per your plans and search online for tours and other activities to make your Easter vacations much more enjoyable, you will find the deals much affordable than usual and planned as per your desires whilst leaving you free of all the stress of matching the deadline.

  1. Find for activities that require less expenses

5 Activities

Easter is the time when most of the destinations playing the role of a major host will offer you ample of options to choose from and enjoy the wonderful celebration of Easter. With destinations like New York, New Orleans, Washington, Lisbon, Warsaw, London, San Francisco and more, you can come across many galas that require low or none at all entry fee whatsoever. Also, you will be coming across with many tours and visits that gives free access on that particular day to give the genuine and joyful treat of making a vacation on the Easter. All you need is to prepare your plans well in advance and search over the internet to find things to do for free in your destination.

Although, Easter is an occasion that shall not be celebrated whilst being worried about your pocket or budget, but when everything has a price tag, it is essential to keep your budget toned while stepping out and making a happening and memorable vacation. So, next time you start thinking of escaping on this wonderful event, do not forget to consider Travelation and getting some amazing Easter travel deals available with us that will allow you to escape at much fewer cost than usual.

Top 5 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

When visiting to a city that has been explored by millions of people every year, you might find it difficult to believe that you can find your adventure at affordable price or free of cost. And when it comes to Las Vegas where people can lose their fortune in just a roll of a dice, it is essential to know that there are ample of perks that can be availed while exploring the Sin City and you can keep your budget toned without getting into serious gambling. To give you a treat of exploring Las Vegas on low budget, we are here with some insight related with top 5 free things to do in Las Vegas that will help you to keep your trip toned on budget as well as explore the key elements with a hunch of adventure and excitement expected during a voyage to one of the most amazing cities of the world:

Las Vegas

  1. Fall of Atlantis Show

One of the most enthralling experience for free in Las Vegas a person can have after visiting Ceasers Palace Forum Shops that is one of the finest collections of statues from medieval eras. A picturesque presentation of incidents that lead to the fall of Atlantis comprising enactment of statues and usage of great amount of lights and sounds. Whereas the stroll around the Ceasers Palace Forum Shop is itself a delight, reaching down to the show stage early and getting some quality seats to enjoy the show will make your tour much more delightful. Kindly be noted that as of now there is no entry fee to the forum as well as for the show.

  1. Mirage Aquarium

One of the most prominent accommodation options in the Las Vegas as well as a big landmark in the region, Mirage resort has a beautiful and immense exhibition of aquatic fauna since the inception of the hotel property and has been offering the guests from across the world a free tour to explore the fabulous flora found across the Aquatic region. A collection of over 20,000 aquariums, this wide exhibition has been one of the biggest attractions of the resort apart from the volcano show and many more delights that are kept for both the hotel guests as well as outside visitors to give an enthralling experience of being in such a dramatic and dazzling conurbation of Nevada. Take pictures of eels, fishes, sharks, stingray and many more faunas from deep waters to enjoy with kids and family.

  1. Bellagio Musical Fountain Show

A trip to Las Vegas is considered incomplete unless you have visited and experienced the fabulous and heavenly fountain show in front of Bellagio Hotel. A prominent property of the Las Vegas that is also a big landmark in the region has been offering a free view to the pedestrians to enjoy the blissful light and music show synchronized with the fountains. Spend some dreamy moments with your love whilst standing aside the boundaries of the dancing fountain and enjoy the picturesque view of clear water with myriad lights and mild music setting up the mood and giving a pleasant view of Bellagio’s building in the backdrop. Spectators of this show always wants more of it whilst standing there and often visit every night to experience such a pleasant delight.

  1. Chocolate Factory Tour

If you got a sweet tooth, you will definitely fall in love with the free perks Las Vegas has to offer as the city offers a delightful experience of visiting the chocolate factory of Ethel M where you can not only enjoy some great sights of botanical cactus, but also have a detailed tour to the famous chocolate maker in the region. The best part of the tour is that there is no entry fee and you can get some free samples to set your mood and get re-energized from a long walk that is filled with the picturesque and heavenly delight of gourmet in the Las Vegas. Travelers with kids or ladies with them often find this tour the biggest highlight of their trip to Las Vegas.

  1. The Arts Factory

Las Vegas is commonly popular for its casinos, dazzling nightlife, the Mob Museum, but the people who have visited here more than once know that the gambling epicenter of the United States is also a great hub of arts. The Arts Factory have been playing a vital role to allure art lovers to this astounding city of Nevada and offer a glimpse of rich artistic eye and spectacular masterpieces comprising great exhibitions of illustrations, paintings, abstracts and much more. If you are fortunate enough to plan your trip that includes first Friday of the month, then you can join the incredible street festival that sums up with great band performances, artistic displays and live performances from myriad art genres.

Las Vegas is full of surprises and thrills that are nearly impossible to explore in one go. However, if you have been frequently traveling in flights to Las Vegas and have been thinking on what is left in Las Vegas that you can enjoy with a fortune, there are dozens of things that don’t require heavy pockets. So, next time you plan your trip to Las Vegas and get worried about the budget, think of free perks the city has to offer and give your trip a go with our outstanding travel deals and offers.