Must Visit Sites in Abu Dhabi

Among the most well-maintained cities of the world as well as the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is arguably one of the most splendid getaway options you can find in the Middle-East region, featuring an opulent lifestyle, typical Arabic culture and fascinating array of attractions, skyscrapers and exotic landmarks. Hence, people are fond of visiting Abu Dhabi as much as they desire to explore the charming neighbor Dubai. With its outstanding diversity and magnificent lifestyle, both leisure and business tourists flock all regular flights to Abu Dhabi and enjoy a ravishing getaway in the beating heart of the UAE. In case, you lack of inspiration to have a visit to this superlative city, following are the must visit sites you can go through while exploring Abu Dhabi that may inspire you to have a wonderful getaway in the Arabic capital:

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is among the largest mosques in the world, featuring the finest quality of interior, blissful aura, captivating engravings on the walls and many more attributes that makes it a golden feather in the hat of Abu Dhabi. Each year, thousands of voyagers and pilgrims visit here to admire the beauty and charm of this peaceful attraction of Abu Dhabi whilst adoring the marvelous craftsmanship done throughout the mosque. Furnished with Italian Marble, precious stones, crystals, ceramics, Persian Carpets and much more, Sheikh Zayed Mosque is truly a mesmerizing experience to have. It is highly advised to non-Islamic tourists to company a guide from Emirates whilst following proper dress code in order to have the best experience of the Mosque.

  1. Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo

People traveling with family especially when you have toddlers tailing you around, visiting Emirates Park Zoo will be the most amazing thing you can offer to kids while in Abu Dhabi. Featuring more than 1700 species of flora and fauna, this giant park is a perfect combination of serenity, joy and learning where children can enjoy the sight of zebra, sea lions, birds, wild cats, mammoth sized animals and reptiles on one plain whilst adults can learn a lot about the species preserved here. Besides, the resorts and seasonal activities makes it a perfect place for a whole family to enjoy some we time.

  1. Ferrari World

Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi is the home to one of the most exclusive theme parks in the world working under the brand of Ferrari where you can enjoy the rides made by the Ferrari itself to give you the hint of the speed they possess. With many activities to participate in, people can enjoy with their families too where kids can go for Junior GT track and test their driving skills under safe environment and responsible supervision. Adults with the love of speed can explore the array of rides including rollercoaster which has the clock speed of over 75 miles and provides the most marvelous experience to face the gushing wind on your face. People can also visit to the collection gallery that possesses a number of cars, information booklets and even games to give the pleasure to car lovers.

  1. Heritage Village

Heritage Village

People who like to explore the culture and heritage of any city up-close shall visit to the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village which is a perfect place to understand the history with practical and real essence. Featuring an abundant number of attributes including flagpoles, goat-hair tents, mosque replicas and recreation of villages from myriad eras, Abu Dhabi Heritage Village complex is a must visit. Experience what it was like when the Emiratis were unaware of their treasure of oil and how they sustained all these years in such harsh environment whilst participating in many workshops to learn various skills of handicraft and more. The close proximity from the beaches give the replicas even more authentic look than you think.

  1. LIWA Oasis

LIWA Oasis

People seeking some perfect adventure and looking forward to explore Abu Dhabi and beyond, shall visit to the LIWA Oasis which is a small region in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi where you can experience the fabulous date farming and authentic Emirati lifestyle. Reaching to the LIWA itself is an adventure as you can get indulged into the desert safari to drive your way through the sandy dunes and participate in myriad desert games like surfing, driving, trekking on camels, walking across the deserts and much more. People often consider taking tours to LIWA to ensure the best experience available in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi and get delighted by everything they desire.

Abu Dhabi is as much beautiful and diverse as Dubai and regardless of its fewer fame as compared to the born marvel Dubai, people enjoy visiting Abu Dhabi to have both cultural and adventurous experiences in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. So, if you feel like having a first-hand experience and done with going through all the words to picture what it’s like to be in the Arabic capital, then all you need now is to consider the pocket-friendly services of Travelation and book your flights to Abu Dhabi with us whilst savoring on a number of affordable deals and offers available with us.

What to do on a vacation in Reykjavik

The northernmost national capital of the world and among the most spellbinding cities of the Europe, lush with exquisite range of landscapes and natural phenomenon, Reykjavik is among the most stunning getaway delights a person may require especially on a summer vacation. Featuring the fine range of landscapes and cultural attractions and the splendid and surreal view of northern lights, Reykjavik have emerged as a shining star in the European continent for its superlative array of exquisite features. Hence, people have begun to take flights to Reykjavik from every part of the globe despite its extreme winter weather conditions and polar climate. So, if you are intrigued by the magnificent attributes of this incredible city and wish to have a vacation at Reykjavik in near future, we shall give you some ideas of things you can do in Icelandic capital to make your travel much more engaging:

  1. Visiting Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Reykjavik has known for its culture that have been surviving in the harsh weather conditions for centuries now and if you have been thinking to witness some of the most gorgeous natural sites, you shall have to escape to the outskirts and visit Blue Lagoon. A spellbinding landscapes at southwestern region of the Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon have been an incredible landmark that is visited by both natives and tourists throughout the year. With an astounding stretch of nothing but purity of nature, Blue Lagoon is the home to many geothermal spas that have been calling out thousands of tourists annually. Take the entire course of body treatment and relaxing to enjoy the absolutely cozy and comforting experience with natural therapy.

  1. A Tour to Witness Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Every year, a big number of tourists takes flights to Reykjavik in order to experience the most gorgeous, surreal and exclusive sight of aurora borealis in Reykjavik as the city has been one of the finest places to access to the plains where northern lights brightens the skies with their green dancing light waves. Although, the lights are visible from the city of Reykjavik as well, but if you insist on having the most clear and delighting experience of Northern Lights, you shall opt for a tour that is available from various vendors in the city that will take you to a camping trip away from the city where the fewer disturbance of earthly lights makes the view of Aurora Borealis quite magical and enjoyable, plus, you get the chance to have a camping trip with leisure and natural freshness.

  1. Selfie with Hallgrímur Church


Incepted more than five decades ago, the charming church of Hallgrímur is one of the most prestigious pieces of architecture standing in the country of Iceland. Visited by thousands of voyagers on their holidays in Reykjavik, Hallgrímur is the tallest church of the city and has a huge fan following where tourists often visit here and witness this sky-piercing structure with a unique piece of architectural design and take selfies in front of it. With a shape of a rocket ship, Hallgrímur Church has this superb combination of color, exterior, interior and perfect location that makes it one of the most prominent attractions of the city. All you need is to pay a nominal fees to enter and you are good to go and explore the extraordinary sights of Hallgrímur.

  1. A Day in Perlan


Despite being a city that remain isolated during a big part of the year, Reykjavik is boasted with an array of superlative attractions and even have a multi-specialty complex that lush with cafes, garden stretches, museums, restaurants and more. With a close proximity from the Reykjavik Airport, people can visit as the first thing after getting off from the flights to Reykjavik and enjoy the bewitching exterior as well as superlative interior of the Perlan to get delighted by the typical Icelandic food and a fine range of sights that are really refreshing to ooze out the stress of long transatlantic flights. Furthermore, the views of the surrounding from the rooftop restaurants of the Perlan are simply spellbinding and will give you the glimpse of upcoming adventure in the Reykjavik.

  1. Glacier Trekking at Solheimajokull


People who enjoy adventure more than anything and seeking some sort of thrill in Reykjavik can now go for glacier trekking which is among the most thrilling and exciting activities available in Iceland that require fewer experience and a moderate guidance by the tour provider. There are several tour providers available in the Icelandic capital that will offer you the scenic tours to explore the glaciers a few hours of drive away from the capital city and give you the superlative excitement of walking on densely frozen lakes and glaciers to stroll around the natural landscapes and witness the shining beauty of the snow, cold and natural landscapes.

Reykjavik have been becoming a tourist beacon these days with its wonderful attributes and fabulous cultural events that is giving the capital of Iceland a non-stop exposure of global voyagers. So, if you feel like escaping this immobilizing summer season with chilling weather conditions and sunny days that can last up to 20 hours in a day, then you should probably consider taking flights to Reykjavik from Travelation to ensure a fabulous getaway experience with loads of unusual experiences and delights that are rare to be found anywhere else on the planet.

Discovering the Picturesque Beaches of Cook Islands

A laid-back getaway destination featuring the most fascinating range of untouched natural beauty and captivating array of scenic landscapes that may give an edge to the enchanting lands of Tahiti by its cheaper accommodation options and striking range of beaches and islands, Cook Islands is a perfect combination of ideal weather conditions, incredible marine flora and fauna and remarkable hospitality that blends with the culture of the natives and makes a vacation vibrant and enjoyable. An archipelago of over 15 islands in total, filled with a plethora of incredible and enchanting attractions, Cook Islands has been quite a fantastic place for beach getaway and have been calling out travelers from around the world to fill the flights to Cook Islands and enjoy the scenic beauty of this tranquilizing island archipelago. So, if you are planning for a beach getaway, here we are offering you of how you can go on discovering the picturesque beaches of Cook Islands:

Discovering the Picturesque Beaches of Cook Islands

  1. Muri Beach, Rarotonga

Arguably the most visited and enthralling beaches of all time in the Cook Islands, Muri Beach is one of the most remarkable place to enjoy the sandy beaches filled with loads of adventures and excitements.  With its close proximity from the city center of Rarotonga and superlative delights such as turquoise shallow blue water connecting the nearby small isles and enthralling view of sunrise, you can enjoy the sandy beaches whilst knotting your hammock with the palm trees and sipping on your favorite drink or the coconut water. The striking range of activities available from Muri Beach such as snorkeling, diving, swimming and more are the add-on for visitors to have a perfect beach vacation in Cook Islands.

  1. One Foot Island, Aitutaki

Located on the southern tail of Aitutaki Island group of Cook Island, the beaches of One Foot Island have always been a pleasure for couples and families to enjoy some quality time away from all the buzzing streets and chaotic beaches to stroll down at the charming and cool sand of the Pacific Ocean whilst gazing across the horizon to have a perfect sunset view and admiring the artistry of the Mother Nature whilst thanking god for giving such a wonderful moment in their lives. Tourists can also engage themselves into some adventurous activities available from here including snorkeling, water skiing, surfing, swimming and more to experience the adventure in the middle of natural serenity.

  1. Ootu Beach, Aitutaki

With a close proximity from the populous village of Aitutaki, Ootu Beach is a scenic place, ideally featured with some quality resorts and perfect places to enjoy the spellbinding and magical views of the ocean, islands, sky and surroundings whilst sitting or lying down on the cool and enjoyable sand that compliments everything around. The remarkable hospitality and options of sailing, canoeing and surfing from Ootu Beaches have been the prominent reason why travelers often enjoy taking flights to Cook Islands and visit this part of the archipelago to ditch the crowd and engage themselves with adventure and beauty served by the nature.

  1. Arapaea Beach, Ma’uke

Arapaea Beach in Mauke is one of the most isolated and heavenly beautiful beaches of the entire Cook Islands, located on the distinct isle of Mauke Island. The awesome stretch of sandy beaches, palm trees, dense forests, rocks, mountains and shallow turquoise blue water have made this small yet peaceful island beach a delight to experience. Although, finding people and infrastructural development here on Arapaima Beach can be a tricky task as the main island is far away from here, but once you take your boat ride here and step on the sand, you can understand what makes Arapaima Beach a place for you.

  1. Taungaroro, Atiu

Located in the northeast from the mainland of Cook Island, Taungaroro Beach is one of the most spellbinding and captivating beaches in the entire nation, prominently renowned for its bewitching array of fabulous beaches, captivating coral reefs, extravagant range of scenic rocks and wonderful and calm atmosphere. Due to its less popularity among global tourists taking flights to Rarotonga for a complete vacation experience, Taungaroro remain stranded most of the times and only visited by tourists seeking some peace and tranquility in the surroundings of nature. So, if you are looking for a day away from all the bustling main-land chaos, Taungaroro is the place just for you.

Cook Islands is among the most awesome and delighting beach getaway destinations in the whole world which is prominently enjoyed by the laid-back voyagers who intend to have a pocket-friendly accommodation and endless amount of fun and excitement at the raw and scenic beaches of the Pacific. Regardless of its fewer infrastructural developments, people love to visit here every now and then and enjoy the refreshing aura and captivating natural bliss this island country has to offer. So, if you are overwhelmed by the superlative delight of this thriving getaway destination, then all you need now is to get your flights to Cook Islands booked with Travelation today and enjoy an awe-inspiring beach getaway to the scenic shores of the Pacific whilst saving huge on airfares by using our myriad offers and deals available online.

The Thriving Nightlife of Long Island

A picturesque island stretching out from the eastern region of the New York City, Long Island is one of the most significant, vibrant and captivating cities of the New York State, ideally famous for its port, vast stretch of scenic beaches, exquisite lifestyle, zealous culture and above all an extravagant nightlife with overwhelming attributes and charisma. Featuring abundance of culture, lifestyles and exquisite traditions carried by both the locals as well as tourists taking flights to New York City and heading towards the Long Island for delighting experience, Long Island has its engaging charm that makes it a fine place to visit. So, if you like to explore the exquisite and thriving nightlife of Long Island, you can visit the following places that are not just great to enjoy the local and international booze, but also the places to explore and get delighted by the renowned lifestyle and parties of the region:

The Thriving Nightlife of Long Island

  1. The Tap Room

Long Island is the home to many theme-based pubs and if you are looking for something that can give you the delight of the weekend on the week days especially on Monday, try visiting the Tap Room. A picturesque and delighting gastropub located at Patchogue, this serene pub is a heavenly delight to enjoy some of the finest and exquisite drinks. With an extensive range of munchies, courses and boozes on the menu, you can choose from a wide selection of spirits and cuisines as per your preferences and enjoy the night in Long Island with quality music that can make you groove like never before.

  1. The Saint James

If you prefer traveling in the mid of the week to find cheap flights to Long Island with fewer crowd and wish to experience the tranquilizing and dazzling nights in this charming destination, then you shall consider visiting the Mineola region of the Long Island that is the home to one of the finest eateries of the region. Saint James is among the most spellbinding eateries for couples to enjoy some quality time with elegance and style while sipping on the quality wine and trying on a wide range of appetizers and meals that will leave the impression of their flavors on your taste buds for a very long time.

  1. The Park Sports Bar & Grill

For those who enjoy sports with the high spirits and even higher quality of ambience shall consider spending their Friday nights at the Park Sport Bar & Grill which one of the most renowned and captivating bar in the Long Island, ideally famous for its fine quality of cocktails, music nights, special sport-event celebrations and much more. The grills and wines here are out of the world and you can have the finest quality of lip-smacking food as well as great deal of scrumptious cocktails without shredding-off a big amount from your pocket. Located at West Park Avenue at Long Beach, this place is a superb attraction as well to enjoy live music nights and to sing your heart out with the quality performers giving their best on the weekends.

  1. One Block East

One Block East is one of the most reputed and exquisite BBQ joints in the Long Island, ideally renowned for its ribs and burgers that compliments the fine quality and range of beers served here. With its amazing services and wide range of dishes and spirits on the menu card, you can have the most magical night of your visit to Long Island. Besides, the enthusiastic gentry that visit here will set your mood on even higher level and give you the most thriving nights ever in the Long Island to get delighted by the selection of typical American cuisines and wide array of beers.

  1. RJ Daniels

Arguably one of the most tremendous weekend party place, renowned for its grills, burgers and endless range of spirits and cocktails, RJ Daniels is one of the most visited and captivating nightlife joint in the Long Island. Located at Rockville Centre, this cozy yet colorful place is one of the prominent hideout for students above legal age who love to enjoy the weekend nights like no other. With its weekend deals that open on the Saturday to offer the upper-shelf spirits and quality booze at an affordable price, you definitely can’t miss to visit here in order to witness what it’s like to be on the wilder side of the Long Island whilst savoring on one of the most delicious steaks and Irish stews.

Long Island have always been a favorite place among both youngsters and elders to cherish some quality days with beach, booze and beautiful weather conditions whilst gazing across the highways to witness the sparkling skyline of the Big Apple. With its striking beauty and captivating freshness that help tourists to keep on going, Long Island makes one of most thriving places in the state of New York to enjoy a weekend or so. So, if you like to witness all the charm and exquisite beauty all by yourself, then you should consider booking your flights to Long Island with Travelation right away and save some extra bucks to try out some of the finest wines and other booze while exploring the charming town of Long Island.

Ways to Stay Fit while Traveling

Staying fit while traveling is one of the most common problem frequent travelers have to face and admit it, whether you are frequent on a business trip or leisure getaways, you too have found yourself gaining weight or increasing waistline which eventually disturbs you and make you feel shy among others who although don’t travel that much, but do the workout which you too use to follow. These days, people have become to make their perception that you can’t do both staying fit and traveling, but if you are determined to be healthy while staying fit, you can achieve anything regardless of where you are traveling or spending a fortune for a temporary gym membership. So, here we are busting some myths and giving you some great travel tips that will keep you in shape while traveling and exploring the globe:

Ways to Stay Fit while Traveling

  1. Eat Smartly

Eating correct, on time and with proper balance is considered to be a prominent factor of staying fit and while traveling abroad or to a destination famous for its gourmet, we often neglect this fact and keep on munching next thing in our sight. So, if you even think you are a foodie and have this concern of staying fit whilst keep on traveling, you must consider some of the key eating habits including having a proper meal, avoiding two heavy and high-calorie in a row, trying to learn how to cook and prepare your food at home, eating heavy breakfast, balancing the nutrition in the diet and more and you are half way there to stay fit while traveling.

  1. Opt for Walking Tour

To keep on burning calories while exploring a new destination, you can always opt for some walking tours. Many cities across the Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia, Russia, Africa and Middle-East have these complexes and attractions close to each other that can be explored while walking around for a day or so. All you need is to get in touch with the tour organizers and you are good to go for walking a lot and burning all the extra fat you ate in previous meals and stay fit while discovering new things and breathing natural air to stay fit for good. Also, walking tours are comparatively cheaper than other tours and you can save a big amount opting for these tours and keep yourself in a win-win situation.

  1. Indulge into Local Sports

If you have your accommodation in a local neighborhood or you are lodging at the hostels of the cities, then you can indulge yourself in the regional sports with the locals. All you got to do is bring your comfortable shoes, some flexible clothes and the sporty spirit and you can consult with the people around you to have a friendly interaction and get yourself indulged in the local sports. Walk across the local parks that often play as the host of these sports and have a casual chat with the locals to give you the chance of participation. That way, you can stay active whilst learning a lot about the culture and lifestyle of your destination whilst getting some quality resource to learn a little extra.

  1. Schedule Your Itinerary with Basic Workout

If you are among those who book their hotel accommodation while searching for all the amenities especially the gym and workout places or have this habit of running in the morning and you keep your joggers with you all the time, then you should consider giving some time to these good habits in your travel itinerary. In order to catch up with indulging activities and the good night sleep, we often avoid getting indulge in those regular activities and become lazy which eventually weakens us to get back into the shape we used to be in. So, next time, whenever you plan a business or leisure trip, try to keep your healthy habits packed in your itinerary to make sure you stay fit for good.

  1. Use More Public Transport

In every city, no matter how big or small, it is really difficult to get the doorstep local transport. We either consider taking taxis or rent a car while visiting a different city in other parts of the world to be secure and save time while exploring new things. So, if you like to stay fit while exploring new and indulging things while traveling, it is important you should consider using the public transports like buses, trams, trains, metros and more that have been quite pocket-friendly as well as efficient to keep you on toes and avoid being lazy. So, if you are willing to give away some luxury to stay fit while traveling, consider using the public transport as much as possible.

Staying fit while traveling can be as easy as booking cheap flights and all you need is some push in the right direction as well as determination to run an extra mile and being flexible. So, if you find the information above helpful and wish to learn more travel tips, then all you need now is to keep on coming through our blog section and don’t forget to book your next flight tickets with Travelation to avail some amazing deals and offers available with us for a happening and joyful getaway experience.

Best Underwater Hotels around the World

While traveling, unusual experiences are never always exploring dazzling landmarks, natural landscapes, exquisite variety of attractions and surreal gourmet, sometimes, when you are searching for something extraordinary as a part of your accommodation while traveling, you may come across many hotel properties around the world that hold a significant quality that makes it different from others. Some hotels are located on the mountain cliffs, some are designed as a castle, some have fantastic beaches and more, but if you really like to get stunned by the limits of extraordinary hotels, you must consider visiting underwater hotels that are now becoming a new sensation in the hospitality world. So, if you are ready to dive in the ocean of graceful accommodation and witness the hues of some of the finest hospitality, consider visiting the following hotels that are proven to be some of a few best underwater hotels around the world:

Best Underwater Hotels around the World

  1. Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai

Everyone who have read or heard about the hospitality of Dubai must have read about the bewitching accommodation options of Atlantis the Palm. The scenic structure that is beyond anyone’s imagination has become one of the finest places to get a stay underwater. With an average cost of around $7500 per night, the underwater suits of Atlantis the Palms has been one of the most opulent and amazing options to make a stay in the world where you can have the most astounding wealth of amenities along with the finest view of the marine life at the Persian Gulf. Besides, the perks given to the guests here are simply superb and will make you feel like living in a magical world under the sea.

    One of the most popular and arguably one of the most luxurious hotel accommodations of the United States, Planet Ocean Underwater World, Key West, Florida is a marvel within itself that gives the most outstanding experience of living under the sea whilst gazing across the bewitching coral reefs from your hotel bed through a glass window. With an average cost of around $6000, you can enjoy the luxury, comfort and delight of underwater accommodation whilst enjoying the wide array of amenities like dining area, elevators, guest lounges and much more along with the access to the exclusive beaches that makes the stay even more convenient.

    1. Manta Resort, Pamela Island, Zanzibar

    Zanzibar have been one of the most emerging and thriving getaway destinations on the Indian Ocean, giving the most prosperous glimpse of Mother Nature and the surroundings. However, if you are not satisfied by the glance of the purity of the nature and want some more, then you should consider getting your accommodation in Manta Resort, Pamela Island, Zanzibar which is among the most thriving and delightful hotel resort properties in the region, featuring the a perfect view of coral reefs, marine fauna, thriving array of amenities and of course a splendid and luxurious stay experience. Enjoy the nights at the submerged bedrooms at Manta Resort whilst getting the utmost delight of wide variety of perks served by the hotel.

    1. Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

    Located on the naturally rich and architecturally blissful island of Sentosa off the southern coasts of the Singapore, Resort World Sentosa is an integrated hotel property, comprising a fine range of attractions including casinos, Universal Studio Theme Park, Water Park, Aquarium and more. However, the biggest attraction for luxury travelers have been its submerged bedrooms that have been making a big number of opulent travelers to take flights to Singapore and explore the feeling of sleeping with the fishes on your own cozy, dry and delightful bed. The wide range of amenities provided by the resort will give you an incredible experience of being in one of the most desired getaway destinations of the Asian continent.

    1. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

    Poseidon Undersea Resort is one of the most incredible, luxurious and captivating hotel properties in the region of Fiji, ideally famous for its huge submerged guest rooms that are built on the seafloor. Take flights to Fiji and enjoy a splendid stay in one of the largest and delightful hotel properties of the country that provides a huge array of amenities including library, wedding chapel, bar, restaurants, spas, option to snorkeling, diving and much more. With its variety of indulging activities that can be joined alongside the perfect stay at the underwater suits, you can actually live like the god of the Sea, Poseidon.

    Amidst all the glorious structures and enthralling hospitality, some accommodation are now outshining others by adding a significant feature in the list of amenities and have been deriving thousands of tourists to their doorstep. So, if you don’t mind paying extra to experience some of the finest hospitalities in the world whilst sleeping adjacent to the sharks, fishes and the coral reefs, then you should consider flying across the destinations above by using the services of Travelation that offer the fine range of cheap flight deals to destinations across the globe.

Best Rivers for Rafting

Adventure junkies always seek something to feed their hunger for thrill and excitement and if you love to travel whilst exploring new challenges across the world, you must have tried your hand in one of the most exquisite and adventurous sport of all time the white-water river rafting. An accomplished sport that has been followed by thousands of travelers with different levels of difficulties and adventures, rafting has been becoming a popular activity that has been making people to explore the world to find the bigger challenges and enjoy the splashing rapids and white-water steams that give you the throttle and challenge to maneuver your way through the large rocks standing in the middle of deep waters and test your expertise to face the fear and move on. So, if you find rafting a sport for you and you wish to try the metal in you, then you should consider to have a first-hand experience at the following rapids that are proven the best rivers for rafting:


  1. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

One of the most popular and exquisite rafting spot in the world, ideally famous for its grade V rapids with exquisite surroundings of Bakota Gorge, Zambezi River is one of the highly visited and desired river for rafting purpose. Often stated as “Gnashing Jaws of Death”, Zambezi River is one of the closest major water bodies to the Victoria Falls. With its exquisite and dramatic rapids that covers a total stretch of over 24 kilometers, Zambezi River have become an eye of attraction these day to not just enjoy the tranquilizing gaze of grizzly bears, crocodiles and many more African faunas, but also a thrilling place with death-defying adventure.

  1. Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is often visited by hikers who tend to enjoy the fabulous giant rocks standing in an unusual symmetry, but those who like to take the levels of adventures to a new height have found Grand Canyons quite a delightful place. With the banks of Colorado River stretching through the Grand Canyon, river rafting lovers have found their new love in this place that offers the thrill seekers a range of rapids of grade IV and V level. Although, if you are a newbie in the world of river rafting and seek something less scarier, then you too take flights to Arizona and enjoy a splendid time, getting delighted by the superlative array of spellbinding and adventurous rafting points.

  1. Futaleufu River, Chile

Located on the slope connecting the foothills of Andes of Patagonia, the spectacular and adventurous Futaleufu River has been among the most exciting and splendid places in the entire region, ideal for an adventurous river rafting experience. The lakes here are made out of melting glaciers and have been giving the rafters a dazzling delight with its grade V rapids. Board your flights to Chile to have a first-hand experience of some of the most dangerous yet adventurous rapids of all time in the South America whilst enjoying the myriad levels of danger and expertise stretched for miles to give you an experience of lifetime. A perfect place for some camping, adventurous holidays and more, Futaleufu River has been a great spot for beginning rafters as well as pros.

  1. North Johnson River, Australia

Located less than a couple of hours drive south from the Cairns City, the thriving North Johnston River is one of the most popular and superlative rafting places in the Oceania region, giving tourists a charming delight of exploring the floras, faunas and tranquilizing landscapes of the Queensland whilst offering a thrilling chance of riding on grade IV and V rapids with their rafts. The volcanic gorges and Palmerston National Park together makes this part of the Australia a complete package of adventure, natural serenity, laid-back experiences and much more. Also, reaching here is itself a splendid experience as you can take a helicopter ride to reach down to the starting point of rapids and have an aerial view of the dense ancient rainforests of Queensland.

  1. Kali Gandaki River, Nepal

Kali Gandaki is one of the biggest adventure hubs of the South Asian region, ideally renowned for its splendid range of waterfalls, mountains, rugged passages, thriving landscapes and tranquilizing temples, but above them all, the gushing rapids that comes directly from the snow-capped mountains of Himalayan Mountain Range. Take flights to Nepal with an itinerary designed to dedicate an special three-day trip which will take you through the splendid array of natural bliss as well as spiritual experiences with a destination that carries grade IV rapids diving straight to one of the deepest regions of the world. So, if you like an adventurous experience of rafting with some peaceful experiences and expedition through myriad natural landscapes, Kali Gandaki is the place right for you.

Although, there are an abundant number of rivers that are capable to feed you the adventure you need, but if you insist on finding the best experiences with loads of adventures, thrilling moments and high-levels of risk, then you should probably consider visiting the places above for a captivating and thriving adventure experience of your life. No matter where you plan on going next, but wherever you go, don’t forget to consider the services of Travelation that offers the mind-blowing range of worldwide flight deals to make your voyage much more enjoyable, seamless and affordable.

Exploring the Planned Capital Canberra

Australian continent is globally famous for its exquisite weather conditions, remarkable lifestyle and incredible range of beaches, but if you have been thinking that it’s all the country of Australia has to offer, you must consider visiting the magnificent metropolitan city of Canberra. The Planned capital that was crafted from the scratch in the early 20th century with the planning of making it the capital of the nation, Canberra have been giving away the vibrant and exquisite experience to its visitors. The largest inland city, nestled on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin, this spellbinding city has much more to offer. SO, if you plan on taking flights to Australia, then you must consider visiting Canberra and explore the key elements of this city that makes it even more interesting including:


  1. Transportation

Being a planned city with years of strategizing and execution, Canberra have got a wonderful and a seamless transport system that covers almost every major and minor part of the city as well as outskirts. The local bus system of Canberra is known as Action and has the coverage to all the major prominent sites and attractions throughout the city including many major suburbs. Passengers can opt for cash payment and prepaid smartcards to pay for the fare for traveling. Also, the cab services across the city are quite seamless and you can get the cab by using smartphone apps, giving a call or visiting to the nearest taxi stand to get a local ride.

  1. Attractions

Despite being a city that was planned and built on a plain surface in the early 20th century, the city is boasted with a big number of picturesque attractions that are majorly connected with the culture and lifestyle of the capital. While you are in Canberra, do not miss to visit National Library of Australia, Old Parliament House, National Museum of Australia, Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, Lake Burley Griffin, Questacon, National Zoo, Floriade, Royal Canberra Golf Club, Mount Ainslie and many more sites that are covering all the major regions of the city and gives the most thriving experience of discovering every inch of the capital. Many travelers from across the world tend to take flights to Australia to have a wonderful hot air balloon ride in Canberra and enjoy the aerial view of the city and its high-rise buildings.

  1. Shopping

Being a city that has been the home of many politicians, business giants and bureaucrats, Canberra have boasted itself with a big number of malls, markets and shopping complexes throughout the city. The biggest hub of shopping in the entire city is at the city center named after Canberra Centre that has a wonderful array of stores, outlets and shops of world-class brands as well as local vendors. Apart from the Canberra Centre, you can also visit to the Gungahlin, Belconnen, Woden and many more markets that are filled with almost everything you need during your vacation in Canberra.

  1. Nightlife

Like any other city of Australia, Canberra too shares the most astonishing nightlife experience along with its guests and there are a big number of bars, pubs and clubs that are quite amazing as well as exquisite to enjoy the zealous culture, sporty lifestyle and marvelous collection of both Australian and global spirits. Finding a bar/pub/club with less crowd can be a hassle as most of the people living in the city are students as well as young adults who tend to enjoy the nights more than anything. Visit Gerema Place, Akuna Street, London Circut, Northbourne Avenue, Alinga Street, Bunda Street, Griffith ACT, City Walk, Mort Street and many more places at both sides of Lake Burley Griffin.

  1. Gourmet

Australian gourmet is widely popular across the world and people have begun to consider as a sensation whilst understanding the taste and flavors that distinct it from other gastronomies of the western world. Although, most of the dishes comprises seafood and fresh ingredients. However, Canberra is a landlocked city and people often remain the impression that the food served here can be old or not fresh, but once you come across the most prominent dishes of the city such as duck pancakes, Yabby Jaffle, the shakes, burgers, pastries, cookies and many more dishes that are usually available in any bakery store, but when you are in Australia, the taste will be different and you can feel it in your mouth.

Australia has many cities that are quite popular around the world for their exquisite variety of beaches, coastal beauty, remarkable booze, exquisite culture and fantastic natural bliss, but when we speak of the capital city Canberra, the dynamism changes quite rapidly and you can get loads of exquisite attributes that are rare to be found on the plateau of Australian continent. So, if you enjoy what you read above and are keenly interested in having a first-hand experience, then quickly book your flights to Australia with Travelation and begin your voyage to the capital city Canberra whilst saving a fortune on your airfares with our wide range of deals and offers available online.

The Romantic Side of Africa

African continent have always been considered as among the most culturally and naturally diverse regions in the whole world and people have always found this part of the world as a perfect place to explore the nature, culture and heritage and have planned their vacations accordingly. However, most of the tourists have been overlooking the fact that many of the cities across the African continent are quite amazing for couple getaway and even if we skip some of the finest honeymoon destinations like Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius, there are an abundant number of cities that can give you a dreamy getaway experience, filled with loads of charming moments and captivating experiences. So, if you are ready to plan a dreamy escape to Africa and like to have a first-hand experience of such a delightful attribute of this dynamic continent, then you should visit the following places:

  1. Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Couples who are ready to go for their honeymoon and share the same interest of wilderness and adventure and wish to get going with similar sort of experiences along with an incredible range of settings and captivating accommodation options can visit to one of the most popular national parks of Kenya, Masai Mara. Featured in the list of Big 5 African Grassland list, Masai Mara National Park is among the most spellbinding wilderness regions in the whole nation, ideally famous for its outstanding array of flora, fauna and natural landscape diversity. Besides, there are many programs and expedition trips that are specially designed for adventure-loving couples and capable to give you the most spectacular experience of Romantic Africa.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Often underestimated because of the capital Dar es Salaam and other picturesque cities of Tanzania, Zanzibar is among the most naturally isolated and captivating getaway destinations, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean and featuring a vast collection of marine life as well as coral reefs around the various islands nestled off-the-coasts of the mainland of Africa. With its awe-inspiring and opulent array of resorts and accommodation options, you can enjoy not just the purest form of the nature, but also get pampered with the incredible variety of amenities, activities and features this region has. There are ample villages that are great places to explore and learn about the friendly culture of Tanzania whilst gazing around the picturesque backdrops of the scenic regions.

  1. Belo Sur Mer, Madagascar

Belo Sur Mer, Madagascar

Madagascar have always been a renowned place for its wilderness especially zebras and if you are planning on going for a romantic vacation to Africa, then you must consider visiting Belo Sur Mer, which is a splendid, isolated and diverse island located off the coasts of the mainland of Madagascar. In recent years, loads of couples have begun to visit here and have spending the most picturesque and quality time with the love of their lives whilst savoring on the spellbinding natural bliss and captivating culture of natives that have been the reason behind making this small and simple island into a place worth visiting as a couple.

  1. Cape Winelands, South Africa

Cape Winelands, South Africa

Couples who enjoy visiting on wine tasting tours rather than a shopping extravaganza will definitely feel themselves connected by visiting one of the prominent wine producing cities of South Africa Cape Winelands. A sprawling city, ideally famous for its vineyards and exquisite backdrops of scenic mountains, Cape Winelands is one of a few splendid places that gives a couple the much needed quality time in their lives to lose all the burden of daily hectic life and enjoy the moment with high spirits and tasting some of the most amazing African potations. Although, Cape Winelands doesn’t look like a place for honeymoon at first glance, but once you break the ice of a typical African region, you will come across myriad reasons why you should visit here over and over again.

  1. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

A prominent resort city of Egypt, globally renowned for being nestled on the shores of the Sinai Peninsula and its spellbinding coastal stretch, Sharm el-Sheikh is among the most outstanding and bewitching getaway options for couples to enjoy a laid-back, pampering and fun trip in Africa. With attributes that are no lesser than any beach getaway destination of the Caribbean, Europe and the Southeast Asia, Sharm el-Sheikh has been considered as one of the most amazing, pocket-friendly and superb options for a romantic vacation in the region. Besides, the awesome nightlife will give you many moments to rejuvenate your love and old spark over again.

Finding a perfect couple getaway destination is not as difficult as finding romantic travel deals for your type of vacation. There are endless options in the African continent that can serve myriad interests and purposes, but only a few of them are capable to give you the experience of Romantic Africa. So, if you are ready to enjoy this flip side of African continent and have prepared yourself with a destination and time of your pick, all you need is to get some great romantic travel deals from Travelation and you are good to go and enjoy a picturesque, memorable and dreamy getaway experience in Africa.