A solo trip to Tokyo

Japan have always been one of the most popular nations in the Asian continent to have a voyage and even if you are planning on traveling solo regardless your gender, the cities of Japan will welcome you like no other. Not only the cities are high-tech and full of services, but the locals are equally welcoming and supportive. Many solo travelers from around the world have found the cities of Japan quite friendly and secured and if you are planning on a solo vacation to Tokyo, you will enjoy the fullest while not just exploring the attractions, but even when you are commuting, eating and strolling down the bustling streets of Tokyo. Normally flights to Tokyo from the United States land in the city post noon and you will find ample of things to explore even on your day of arrival. So, here we are with all the necessary information you may require during your solo trip to Tokyo:

A solo trip to Tokyo

  1. Getting around

Getting around the bustling city of Tokyo is really safe as well as simple as you not only get the guards at the train stations and stops, but also there is a strict surveillance across all major transport system that makes the public transport safe. Using public transport in Tokyo is not just safe, it is also economical and will help you save a fortune as compared to the private car rentals and taxis. The frequency of buses, trains and taxis are quite seamless in Tokyo and a major part of public transport system connects to the most prominent attractions of Tokyo as well as parts of the outskirts. Travelers visiting Tokyo can also opt for the water buses that are the ferry rides on the Sumida River as well as Tokyo Bay.

  1. Top attractions

Being one of the most massive getaway options in the Eastern Asian region, Tokyo is featured with a wide array of picturesque and reputed attractions that are not just gorgeous to look from the outside, but also hold a huge significance in the culture, heritage and lifestyle of Japan. Places like Meiji Shrine, Roppongi, Harajuku, Odaiba Park, Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyone, Tokyo Imperial Palace, City National Musuem, Yoyogi Park, Roppongi Hills, Edo-Tokyo Museum, DisneySea, National Art Center, Tokyo Tower, Nezu Museum, Ghibli Musuem and many more sites are the beacon for tourists to understand the nature, culture and lifestyle of the Japanese capital Tokyo.

  1. Must try food

Japanese culinary is majorly based on the seafood and arguably one of the best you can find in the Asian continent. The Japanese gastronomy has a profound taste of spices, herbs, cooking methods and of course the seafood and the best experience of Japanese gourmet can be savored when you try Tamagoyaki, Sashimi, Tendon, Tempura, Soba, Tonkatsu, Yakitori, Sukiyaki and of course the famous sushi. The locals in Japan often enjoy eating alone and you can easily find the authentic and delicious Japanese food in any part of the city at an economical price. However, you might have to wait a little longer than usual due to increased population and huge stack tourists occupying space in the restaurants.

  1. Best things to do

Japan is a big city with narrow streets and magnificent heritage which can easily be seen throughout the city. People often enjoy strolling down the boulevards of the city with easy access and understandability due to English translation of all sign-boards. Visiting Disneyland Tokyo, baseball games, boat ride on Sumida River, joining parties in the park (as people in Tokyo are really friendly with tourists and enjoy listening to their stories to improve their command on English), club hopping, learning calligraphy, martial art classes, tea making classes and more are the most indulging things for tourists these days.

  1. Essential information for tourists

Locals of Tokyo are really friendly and welcoming towards the tourists and often enjoy indulging into a deep conversation and stories of your lives. There are an abundant number of Wi-Fi hotspots available throughout the city with decent network speed. However, if you need a high-speed internet connection, you can easily rent a Wi-Fi hotspot for your purpose. Tokyo is among the safest cities of the world, but people should consider the basic precautions including strolling down unknown and stranded places in night, carelessly walking on the crowded roads, relying on the strangers and so on. The public transport is accessible from almost every major and minor part of the city, but, if you need to visit the places that are hard to point-out on the map, get a cab from the stand and consult the locals about the fare before hopping-in.

Tokyo is proven to be one of the safest places to travel solo even for women and if you too have been thinking to have a successful voyage to the Japanese capital and a bit nervous for your first solo trip to Japan, you should consider the points mentioned above as they will give you not just the best satisfaction of being safe and secured in one of the most popular and high-tech cities of the world, but also give you an idea to outline your entire vacation in this sprawling city. So, if you find Tokyo appealing for a solo trip, then quickly start packing and book your flights to Japan with Travelation to ensure a magnificent trip featuring loads of exploration, fabulous experiences and a delighting spell of your life in Japan.

Visitors Guide to the Blue Lagoon

Visiting Iceland is really a striking experience and regardless whether you are traveling solo or have some people with you, exploring the Iceland itself is a delight with its picturesque natural bliss and exquisite culture. Featuring Northern Lights, polar climate and remarkable culture, Iceland has an abundant number of features that have been intriguing tourists from regions worldwide and people often enjoy compiling their voyage to Iceland by visiting the Blue Lagoon. A spellbinding geothermal spa located between Reykjavik and Keflavik, Blue Lagoon is a major attraction itself and have been receiving thousands of tourists every month soon after they get off from their flights to Iceland. In case, you too feel like exploring this awesome attraction of the Iceland, then here we are with the visitor’s guide to the Blue Lagoon that will surely increase your curiosity towards this magnificent natural phenomenon:

Blue Lagoon

  1. When to Visit the Blue Lagoon

The magnificent geothermal spas of Blue Lagoon remain with the same temperature floating around 104 degree Fahrenheit throughout the year which gives the tourists an experience across all seasons to enjoy in the Blue Lagoon. However, if you are planning on exploring the bewitching natural surroundings with clear accessibility, it is advised to visit Blue Lagoon during the season of summer as the weather conditions remain enjoyable and you can take a long dip in the Blue Lagoon without catching a cold or enjoy the surroundings of the lagoon in your robes only.

  1. What to Pack for the Blue Lagoon

In case you are planning on visiting the Blue Lagoon as the very last thing to do in Iceland, we advise you to pack your swimsuits, shampoo, conditioner and dry clothes separately from other luggage to save time and energy at the locker room provided by the resort. The resort offer a high-tech locker service that can only be accessible through the bracelet given to you at the time of check-in and has enough space to put your belongings safely. For those who are traveling from Keflavik to Reykjavik or vice-versa, we recommend to pack a couple of fresh pair of clothes, towel, swimsuits, toiletries and other things you require in order to save as much time as possible and keep your hairs safe from the lagoon’s minerals and silica.

  1. Major Activities in the Blue Lagoon

The biggest thing to do in the Blue Lagoon is the bath in the geothermal spa that is told to be a healthy experience as the minerals in the waters are able to cure many skin related disorders. The water temperature remains near 104 degree Fahrenheit throughout the year and give you the relaxing experience in this part of the Iceland. Apart from the bath, you can put the pack of minerals filtered and sanitized by the resort authorities to give your skin a little extra pampering while enjoying your dip. To offer a little more luxury, the massage and spa services are also available in the resort that are really a magnificent experience to have right after a bath in such a refreshing water.

  1. Gastronomy around the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon has a couple of eating joints that offer great quality of food and snacks to its customers (at a splurged price of course) where you can enjoy a quick bite between your swim time or can have a perfect meal whilst adoring the beautiful surroundings of the resort with the people you love. The Lava Restaurant and the cafeteria that offer a range of menu to its guests along with a fine variety of spirits and potations to set the mood. Trying smoothies, beer and wine are the best experience you can have while savoring yourself with a quick and delicious bite of hot dogs. Needless to say, the prices are not as cheap as you can find at any other food joint in the city, but are reasonable when compared with the restaurants and food joints available in a theme park.

  1. How to Reach the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is less than an hour drive away from the Reykjavik and less than 30 minutes of drive away from the Keflavik. Travelers are often found to visit here right after getting de-board from their flights to Reykjavik or Keflavik that gives the quickest access possible with less time and more joy. The connectivity from both cities are available through buses, taxis, rental cars and even the shuttle services available from the airport as well as your hotel (check if the hotel provide the transfer to and from Blue Lagoon in advance). Please note that taking taxis from your destination city can be expensive as the taxi drivers tend to charge a good fortune for their waiting time till you are in the resort.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most awesome attractions for the tourists visiting Iceland and giving them the experience of lifetime with a laid-back delight along with marvelous skin treatment sessions and pampering facilities available in a fully-functional and highly equipped resort sort of area. In case, you too have been thinking to have a vacation in Iceland and looking forward to have similar sort of experiences, then all you need is to get some cheap flights to Reykjavik or Keflavik from Travelation and have a drive of less than an hour to enjoy this spellbinding geothermal spa that came into existence accidentally and become a popular attraction of the Iceland.

Top 5 Bungee Jumps around the World

There are thousands of people out there who have this amazing impulse of defying the laws of gravity and get indulged into ordeals that can twist the very fabric of the nature by going through extreme adventure sports which might give you an anxiety by just reading about it. Bungee jumping is a sport which came into existence in the year 1979 and instantly become a popular adventure sport to witness the strength of gravity whilst defying it with the help of nothing but a rope. Today, there are hundreds of places where you can find people savoring on such thrill. In case, you too have this eagerness or passion to witness and challenge the very power of nature and wish to experience the extreme levels of thrill, we have come up with a list of best bungee jumps available around the world that will surely give you the experience of lifetime:

Top 5 Bungee Jumps around the World

  1. Macau Tower, Macau, China

Jumping from a bridge with natural surroundings and a waterbody or rocks beneath is different than jumping off in a bustling city from a skyscraper with the fear of being smashed on the walls of the building itself. A spellbinding structure that is prominently known for its entertainment, observatory deck and captivating restaurants on the rooftop settings, Macau Tower has this astonishing bungee jumping spot that will give you the most surreal experience of life. A place enlisted in Guinness Book of World Records, Macau Tower offer a jump of 233 meters with great views of the city with bold experiences that has been the reason behind people taking flights to Macau often enjoy witnessing such a thrilling sight.

  1. Perrine Bridge, Idaho, USA

Those people who can’t travel across the world to experience such a fantastic delight of adventure and thrill can visit to the Perrine Bridge in Idaho that offers a spectacular 151.5 meter fall that remain open in the nights as well. During the season when the conditions are optimum for bungee jumping, experience the spellbinding adventure with beautiful scene of the Snake River Canyon and the Twin Falls. Connecting Jerome County with the Interstate 84, this place is ideal to get delighted by the exquisite bungee jumping in the United States. Perrine Bridge is also famous for Base Jumping which has been as much exciting to experience as the bungee jumping from the bridge.

  1. Nevis High Wire, Queenstown, New Zealand

The home to the most thrilling adventure sports in the world, New Zealand has this exquisite place for bungee jumping that will allow you to experience the free-fall from the height of 134 meters in the Southern Alpine valleys of the New Zealand. With its platform hung on the high-tension wires itself, standing here is enough to give you the blood rush whilst looking down from the Alps through the glass floor which makes people from across the world to take flights to Queenstown and experience this death-defying ordeal in flesh. The fall from here is completely different from other bungee jumping spots you may visit as the stressful view from the platform and rugged surroundings will be hard to handle itself.

  1. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Imagine jumping off from the tallest waterfall on the face of the earth with nothing but a bungee rope tied to your feet and witnessing the gushing strength of water falling upside down. This experience is possible as you can take flights to Livingstone and have a first-hand experience on the Victoria Falls Bridge that connects both Zambia and Zimbabwe. The experience of Bungee Jumping from Victoria Falls Bridge is exquisite and exclusive as you will not only be enjoying the jump from 111 meters, but also be jumping down on the borders of two different countries. It is highly advised to bring your passport while visiting Victoria Falls Bridge for bungee jump, along with all the necessary documents of your traveling.

  1. The Last Resort, River Bhote Kesi, Nepal

Nepal is prominently visited by global tourists to experience some serenity, spirituality and gourmet, but if you have been thinking that it’s all you can find in Nepal, you should probably plan visiting River Bote Kesi. A spectacular place known for its outstanding surroundings and gushing water making its way through the tropical gorge, River Bhote Kesi is the home to the Last Resort, a reputed place in the country and neighboring region for a bungee jump from the height of 160 meters. Known for being the longest suspension bridge connecting a magnificent gorge, jump from the Last Resort will surely give you the delight you may never witness anywhere else in the world.

There are numerous places across the world where you can find the most spellbinding experience of bungee jumping, but if you wish to witness something unique and adventurous whilst experiencing the fabulous challenges apart from the free-fall, then you should probably consider visiting the places mentioned above. We don’t know which place you pick first to check the daredevil instinct inside of you, but one thing is certain that booking cheap flights with Travelation will surely give you some great savings with myriad discounts and offers available with us for your convenience and great experiences of voyage.

A blissful visit to Brisbane

The capital of the Sunshine State of Queensland as well as one of the most populous conurbations of the Australia, Brisbane is often perceived as a destination that majorly revolves around the business and corporate affairs and good for business travelers taking flights to Brisbane only. However, those who have been wandering around the Eastern coasts of the Australia know better that the city has far more potential than one can think or read about in books or at blogs. Featuring a fantastic nightlife, exquisite range of landmarks, historical sites and marvelous stretch of landscapes in the outskirts, Brisbane have been a delightful experience for everyone. To those who are planning to have a visit to this superlative destination, we have come up with a brief information about what you can find best in Brisbane while having a wonderful vacation in the wonderful capital of Queensland:


  1. Best Time to Visit

Brisbane has its tropical weather conditions which makes it accessible throughout the year. However, if you are looking to visit here in the best possible conditions, booking your flights between August and November will be the best idea as the spring season brings down the humidity level and gives the best delight of exploring the outskirts without being in sticky and sweaty conditions. In case, you are looking for some budget deals, you can find the best deals available for Brisbane between December and February when the humidity level leave people to visit the northern regions of the Queenstown and leave the hotels and flights available at fewer cost. March to July is the time when you can have both the best conditions and affordable deals to explore the city with a win-win situation.

  1. Transportation

Being the capital of the Sunshine State as well as among the most prominent business hubs in the region, Brisbane has developed an effective and efficient transport system which makes strolling around the city safe and convenient. Youngsters visiting Brisbane on a vacation often enjoy riding a bike around as the bustling city requires more mobility and may leave you in huge traffic. You can also use the public transport which is as convenient as the cost. Use the GO Card services which is the most used service available in the city by foreign tourists to see the city whilst using the public transport accessing all major and minor attractions of Brisbane.

  1. Places to Visit

Brisbane is the home to a wonderful range of cultural, natural and informative sites that have been a major reason behind leisure travelers opting for taking flights to Brisbane from across the globe. With places like Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane Cultural Center, South Bank, Botanical Gardens, Story Bridge, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Hall, Queensland Zoo, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Parliament House, Government House, Manly Boat Harbour, Mt. Coot-Tha, New Farm Park, Old Windmill and more, you can enjoy each and every aspect you desire to know about the capital city of Queenstown.

  1. Things to Do

Brisbane is among the most beautiful and diverse getaway destinations of the country that possesses a wonderful array of activities to participate. People visiting Brisbane have found Kangaroo Watching, Bridge Climbing, Balloon Rides, Cruising, Vineyard tours and cycling tours quite attractive to enjoy. As a major tourist hub of the state of the Queensland, you can find a number of tour and activity organizers locally that will offer you some of the finest walking, cultural, bus and other sort of tours at a convenient price. Brisbane has been quite popular among tourists for its culture and the same can be witnessed in the myriad events and festivals organized throughout the year which includes religious events, galas, concerts, competitions and much more.

  1. Shopping

Visiting Brisbane will give the shopaholics their own share of heaven as the city is featured with an abundant number of markets and malls covering a major area of the metropolitan city of Brisbane. Places like Queen Street Mall, Albert Street Market, The Myer Center, Queens Plaza, Brisbane Arcade, and Broadway on the Mall, Markets on Edward Street, Eagle Street shops and Adelaide Street are the perfect places to get some souvenirs from the city of Brisbane. If you think what best you can buy from Brisbane, then you should consider visiting the local wine shops that sell the fine quality of wines and beers available in the Brisbane which might give you the best experience and memory of being in Queenstown on a picturesque vacation.

Brisbane is a captivating city nestled on the banks of the River Brisbane and incepted in the year 1824. A pool of many magnificent and spoiling attributes, Brisbane have become a preferred choice of both leisure and business travelers voyaging across Australia with obvious reasons. So, if you too feel like having an incredible experience of visiting such a charming and vibrant city, you should consider booking your flights to Brisbane with Travelation and get your hands on some of the most amazing deals and offers we have just for you.