A Road Trip from Manali to Ladakh

Indian subcontinent has been flourishing with many colors and travelers often tend to enjoy them all. The giant nation that is quite familiar among fellow voyagers for its diversity of geographical conditions, magnificent cultures, traditions, lifestyles and festivals, India surely is a place that will not cease to amaze you no matter what your hobbies of traveling are. Thus, thousands of international travelers tend to take flights to India from every part of the world and discover the hues of this thriving country that has been the home of one of the oldest civilizations of all time. India is visited for many reasons and to those, who enjoy road trips the most have found a trip between Manali and Leh quite amusing. During our previous expedition to India, we have had a first-hand experience of the delight to drive to one of the highest motorable highways in the region and had a lot of fun and great experiences all together. To share with you all the same experiences, here we are with the most amazing experiences that you can have during your trip between Manali and Ladakh:

  1. Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit

A road trip from Manali to Leh, Ladakh comprises a pass from various landscapes that are majorly remain disconnected from the rest of the world and are carved by the joint efforts of local authorities as well as armed forces of Indo-China border. Hence, the roads itself remain closed during cold weather conditions. As per the most of the locals and expeditioners, the ideal time when you can go on the trip between Manali and Leh, Ladakh is between May end till the fall of September where a small tenure of rain makes the road trip hard to follow. The other months remain the highway between the cities closed due to heavy snowfall and reduced visibility because of extreme weather conditions which can only be accessed by the defense teams of the native country.

  1. Things to Bring Along

Things to bring along

Since most of the route is stranded and have no traces of human life what so ever, it is essential to bring your supplies with some buffer as per your usage. This includes food, drinkable water, tent, sleeping bag, mattresses, toiletries, tanks for extra fuel, sufficient local cash in different denotations, medicines, electrical gadgets like phone chargers, power banks, and extra batteries for car and more. There are a few villages and small towns in between that have a limited supplies of these things and you can buy your requirements from these places as well, but it is highly advised to bring your supplies from the base as a limited quantity can reduce your purchases and small number of ATMs can make you leave with no money.

  1. Top Attractions

Top Attractions

A 300-mile stretch of Himachal to Himalayan Valley consist of many stopovers which are the most favorite things for bikers (cruise bikers especially) to take a stop and witness the beautiful view. If you are starting your journey from Manali itself, then you can have the best sights of Rohtang Pass, Sissu, Shipting, Keylong, Jispa, Mansingh, Rangyo, Bharatpur Village, Suraj Tal, Gata Loops, Nakee La, Keylong, Pang, Meroo, Debring, Upshi, Thikse Monastery, Leh, Khardungla Gompa and many more places that are known to be the biggest landmarks to check-in on your social media profile and flatter others.

  1. Must Try Activities


Although, the most of the area is raw nature and you will hardly find any trace of human existence throughout your journey from Manali to Ladakh except for a few small villages that are remotely connected from the Manali-Ladakh Highway, but if you are looking for some experience that is solely connected with the road trips of Indian Mountain valleys, then you can always go for photography, small climbing trails, off-road driving, expedition to the nearby villages and more. It is highly advised to bring a guide who can give you the idea of the places that are not in the bounds of the locals due to the presence of the military bases.

  1. Essential Information


Many road trippers and expert hikers have found that the distance between Manali and Leh cannot be covered in one or a couple of runs in total as the oxygen level goes down gradually when you reach to the higher altitude. So, it is highly advised to the travelers to take a rest for at least 8-10 hours after driving a distance of 100 miles each time. Also, it is important to carry extra fuel for emergency as the gas stations on the highway are very small in number and are located far from each other. One must also bring some essential parts of the vehicle like extra battery, spark plugs, engine oil, break wires, brake pads and more to ensure they change them as soon as they find any trouble on such high altitude. It is also important that the area is full of landslide-prone zones, thus one must take all the precautions in the rainy days to avoid any mishap.

A trip between Manali to Ladakh comprises a distance of over 300 miles in total that includes Himalayan terrains, valleys, narrow roads, passes, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, villages, cityscapes and so much more which is the reason behind a huge popularity of this road trip among locals as well as international travelers. Besides, the picturesque sight of landscapes available throughout the journey is priceless and are perceived to be as a piece of heaven on earth by many travel photographers. So, if you too wish to have such an amazing and adventurous trip, then you should probably consider taking flights to India with Travelation and enjoy a beautiful road trip to the high terrains of the Indian subcontinent that takes you to the new heights of adventure, excitement, peace and tranquility whilst giving you enough opportunity to save a good fortune on your airfares to India.

Top 5 Cities in Germany to Visit

European continent is among the most diverse and incredible regions on the planet and whether you believe it or not, this part of the world have always been the home to many incredible civilizations that have survived many eras and have been flourishing the region with their magnificent culture and heritage. Among all these nations, Germany have always been an outstanding place for exploring the heritage and understanding the history of modern world and if you have been thinking to visit here in the near future, you will find the cities of this country quite amazing. Through this blog, Travelation aims to inspire you for making a spectacular escape to this German utopia and explore some of the most incredible cities of Germany that will definitely stun your very soul:

  1. Berlin


The German capital Berlin is prominently known for its enchanting beauty and breathtaking historical element which have been giving the city a charisma like no other. Though most of the landmarks and historical sites are refurbished due to devastation held in World War II, yet if you are looking to follow the traces of rich culture and history, you can easily find many relics from the past that are still available to witness for tourists and locals in the various museums and galleries. The most prominent attractions including Museum Island, Holocaust Memorial and magnificent variety of shopping malls will keep you on your toes throughout your vacation in Germany.

  1. Munich


The capital city of Bavaria region, Munich is the hub of culture, art, technology and education in the region and prominently visited by youngsters seeking some inspiration in relation to their interest. The mind-blowing city of Munich is the third-largest metropolitan city of the country and sports a fantastic range of incredible landmarks and sites that are treasuring the culture, heritage, lifestyle and many more essence of the civilization. Places like Englischer Garten, Nymphenburg Palace, Linderhof Palace, Munich Residenz, Frauenkirche Church, Deutsches Museum, BMW Museum, New Town Hall, Hofgarten, Odeonsplatz, Old Town Hall, Pinakothek der Moderne and many more places are a must visit for you.

  1. Frankfurt


One of the largest financial centers of the Europe as well as a globally renowned city of Frankfurt is the crown jewel of the nation, prominently known for being the home emperors and rulers of the Germany over the centuries. Though, the outlook of the city have drastically changed in over the period of time, yet the charm and elegance of Frankfurt is still traceable and you can witness the wealth and exquisite lifestyle in a stroll to the most prominent attractions such as St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, St. Paul’s Church, Main Tower, Palmengarten, Goethe House, Stadel, Alte Opera House, Naturmuseum Senckenberg, Museumsufer, MMK, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and many more places that are the biggest highlights of the city.

  1. Dusseldorf


Often described as the German version of Milan by global voyagers, Dusseldorf is one of the most modern and tranquilizing getaway destinations of the Germany, prominently known for being the fashion hub of the nation. The thriving range of shopping malls, boutiques, shops, markets and eateries have been making this city a perfect place for a weekend trip for shopping and fun. When you are exploring the fun city of Dusseldorf, do not miss to visit Schloss Benrath, Dusseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Rheinturm, Museum Kunstpalast, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Kunst im Tunnel, Neandertal, Hofgarten, Aquazoo Lobbecke Museum of Dusseldorf, Krefeld Zoo, Dussel River and dozens of other attractions that are really delightful to visit and explore.

  1. Hamburg


One of the largest and oldest cities of the Germany, nestled in the northern region with a close proximity to the Berlin, Hamburg is a tranquilizing getaway destination, ideally renowned for being a major port hub for the country for decades. Known to be sporting as one of the biggest natural harbors of the Europe, Hamburg is featured with an immense range of fascinating attractions. While you are in Hamburg, try and visit some of the best landmarks and attractions of the city such as Heide Park, Reeperbahn Entertainment District, Miniatur Wunderland, Tierpark Hagenbeck, St. Michael’s Church, Alster, Planten un Blomen, Soviet Submarine B-515, Chilehaus and a big number of other magnificent places that will give you the glimpse of diversity in the northern port region of Germany.

Although, the country has many more cities to share the cultural brilliance and outstanding lifestyle such as Cologne, Dresden, Stuttgart, Rothenberg, Leipzig, Bamberg, Lubeck and many more, yet if you are looking to witness the best of the best Germany has to offer, then you should probably start considering to visit the places enlisted below. To make your travel even more enticing and enjoyable, Travelation is throwing some of the most fantastic and exclusive deals on flights to Germany that will give you immense pleasure of flying your way to this remarkable nation that is nestled in the very heart of the Europe. So, don’t wait any more and book your getaways to Germany straight away.

Tips to book budget business class flights

Almost every person in the world expects to get better experiences while paying less and when we speak of traveling, most of our expectations are prominently based on the flying experiences where most of the horrifying stories of worst travel experiences begin. Although, the ratio of bad experiences during the flight are quite low as compared to other factors, but when you are taking the big world of travel into consideration, you can overlook this small number. However, still if you require to have a business class flight experience while exploring your favorite getaway destination or voyaging for a business or leisure purpose, you might find business class flights expensive. So, to land you some assistance for experiencing the luxury and comfort of premium classes, we here are giving away some tips to book budget business class flights:

  1. Know your fare

Know your fare

There are times when we only believe that the business class flight fares are expensive whereas they lie in the cheap fare category. It is a common mentality these days that no matter what, business class flight deals will always be expensive and you have to find some cheat to get the fare at the lowest possible airfare. Here is an example: If you find an economy class fare from destination A to destination B of US $600 and business class fare of the same route of US $1000, the fare ratio will be justified and you are actually getting the cheap business class flight deal. So, if you are planning to travel in business class cabin and seeking some best deals to save more, then you should start your research by knowing what fare is cheap and what is expensive.

  1. Subscriptions that help

Subscriptions that help

There are many subscriptions like travel agency newsletters, offer subscriptions from the airline and more that can give you an advance heads up related with upcoming airfare sale and special offers. Occasionally, many airlines as well as travel agencies release some of the best deals that are advertised very well in advance to indulge as many passengers as possible and provide them the platform to gain as much as possible from the deals and offers that are provided. So, if you are looking forward for a vacation or a trip in the near future, then you should start today by subscribing the newsletters and other alerts from airlines, service providers and the travel agencies you trust the most.

  1. Vital use of loyalty programs

Vital use of loyalty programs

There are many loyalty programs and schemes available in the market which we often overlook and are quite helpful to save a good fortune on our expenses. There are loads of loyalty programs associated with our credit card providers as well as the airlines which we use to travel, giving us some loyalty programs, travel miles and so much more in their own creative terms. If you have been using the credit cards and haven’t chose to divert your credit card points towards your loyalty program or if you have a membership of some group or society that can be a beneficial platform for you to save money, then it’s high time to choose them as your loyalty program provider while booking to get the occasional benefits of upgrading your flight to business class or even the first class.

  1. Correct Selection of Airline

Correct Selection of Airline

Selection of airline is an important factor to book any sort of flight ticket. Not only your level of comfort, but the airfare itself is majorly dependent on it. There are two ways of booking a business class flights based on the airline. First one is to book your flight with the airline that is majorly or solely dealing in business and premium class flight tickets. With such airlines, you can always get the best deals possible as they have plenty of space to accommodate more passengers in one go without adding any sort of extra expense. The other way is to book with lesser known airlines. These airlines are always behind to get more customers than before and acquire the market share as much as possible. In order to do so, these small airlines often offer the cheapest airfare possible.

  1. The correct technique of finding fares

The correct technique of finding fares

There are many other ways through which, you can easily find the cheapest business class flight deals including booking your flights between the most popular airports as these airports are the one that have the most traffic and major airlines often fly from them. Secondly, booking with the airline that has its home in either of the countries is a better option as they will be traveling to or from the hub and giving the best and cheap airfare. Splitting your journey with a third city in between your departure and destination is a better option as there are chances that you can find much more suitable deal without spending a good amount of time or endure the hassle of transferring between the airports in an unknown city.

There are many blogs and write-ups existing on the internet, where you can find hundreds of way that may get you anywhere close to the cheap business class flight fares, but if you are looking for the best ones that won’t leave you in any sort of hassle and give you the most stunning experience, then you have been through them all above. Although, we are not certain whether you are planning your travel now or not, but there is one thing that is certain that you can always find the most amazing and fabulous range of business class flight deals at Travelation that offer the most astonishing variety of deals and cities worldwide to have a pocket-friendly and convenient traveling experience.

Best Sports Event You Should Not Miss in 2017

Sport events are among those impeccable excuses that can give you the perfect opportunity to travel and visit the most spellbinding and astonishing getaway destinations around the world. Every day there is something going on in the sports world and if you love the athleticism and enjoy traveling the world, the combination of traveling the world to witness a giant sport event is an overwhelming experience. Luckily, 2017 is filled with many spectacular sport events that will surely give you the chance to visit some of the most glorious and entertaining getaway destinations around the world. To give you the heads-up about the sports and travel, we have brought to you a list of best sports event you should not miss in 2017. So, have a look at the list below and make your travel plans as per your taste:

  1. Women’s Rugby World Cup, Ireland

Womens Rugby World Cup, Ireland

This year, Ireland is hosting the biggest event in the calendar of Women’s Rugby which will be Women’s Rugby World Cup, kicking off from August 9 and will last till August 26 where the best players of 12 countries will be participating in a game of stamina, power and enthusiasm, giving everyone the opportunity to witness the legendary battle between nations. Show your support to the Eagles (USA Rugby Team) and experience the marvelous cities of the Ireland whilst exploring a fine range of captivating sites and exhilarating events throughout the world cup. When you are in Ireland, do not miss the most outstanding collection of exhibitions that are majorly free to visit and have an incredible art work from Irish culture.

  1. US Open, USA

US Open, USA

New York is the witness of US Open for a very long time and this year, you can too be a part of this astonishing event of Grand Slam series where the best of the best tennis players will be showing their skills and spirit on the hard surface whilst giving spectators a spellbinding show. Experience the thrill of 137th edition of US Open whilst visiting an exquisite range of attractions available for you to explore in the beautiful city of the New York. An even that will begin from August 28 and will conclude this year’s best play on September 10, US Open is truly a mesmerizing experience where you can witness some of the most legendary tennis players showcasing their ace game and pleasing the spectators on hard courts of the New York City.

  1. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, France

Prix de lArc de Triomphe, France

For those who enjoy the horse racing more than anything and wish to witness the same in the elegant surrounding of the Europe, shall visit for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe which is an annual flat horse racing event, held every year in France. Enjoy the rallies of marvelous horse riders, showcasing their talent on the circuit whilst giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the marvelous city of Paris and have a dreamy getaway with your love. A perfect opportunity to give your love a spellbinding escape whilst following your passion of flat horse racing, you can never miss the opportunity to witness such a vast collection of diverse events and attractions at one place. Starting from October 1st, this event will be a dream come true for you as it will give you the chance to follow your sports love whilst offering your love the opportunity to visit the capital of love France.

  1. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, UAE

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, UAE

To those who love the speeding wheels and get delighted by the roar of powerful engines can head their way to the Arabic capital Abu Dhabi which hosts one of the most outstanding grand prix events of the world. Get delighted by the sight of formula 1 cars in the auspicious city of Abu Dhabi whilst soaking yourself in the thrill of speed at the world-class circuits of UAE and feeling the heat of burning out tires at the curves whilst people are shouting out loud for their favorite rider. Starting from November 26th, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will surely be a perfect chance for you to cease the adventure of car racing along with exploration of many outstanding and splendid attractions of the Arabic capital Abu Dhabi.

  1. Ashes Tests, Australia

Ashes Tests, Australia

Some of the Americans are not a big fan of Cricket, but when it comes to Ashes, the charm of gentlemen’s game will woo your heart. An annual event of cricket, held between England and Australia, this year the host country Australia will be giving you the perfect option to get cheap flight deals to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and many more cities of the Australian country to witness the spellbinding spin-off between two of the most successful teams of international cricket. Starting from November 23rd with the concluding date on December 30, you can enjoy the spellbinding game of Cricket whilst spending a couple of days more to enjoy the first moment on earth of the year 2018 and be a part of the massive celebration on the Sydney Harbour. Though, it’s up to you whether you would like to stick to Australia for a month more to enjoy the Australian Open Tennis series and cheer your favorite tennis players on the grass courts of Melbourne, Australia.

Although, there are a number of events going on each day in the world of sports and sport frenzies often enjoy watching them all on television by either witnessing the action live or recording them. Luckily, some people love to be there in physical and feel the rush of last minute excitement in their veins. So, if you too consider yourself a sports person and enjoy traveling the world, then you should probably consider either of the events mentioned above and get going on traveling by booking your cheap flight deals from Travelation and saving a good fortune on traveling expenses by accessing our wonderful range of deals and offers available online.

How to Celebrate Columbus Day in 2017

Every year, we celebrate the magnificent festival of Columbus Day where we enjoy an extended weekend with great pomp and show to honor the anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovery of America and his visit that connected the now’s United State with the rest of the world. Each year, the anniversary give us the opportunity to take a break from daily life and have some fun time with friends and family. This year, make this celebration special by visiting your favorite place and exploring some of the most fantastic and enthralling destinations you have in your travel bucket list. Through this blog, we are giving you some of the best options that can give you the answer of the question of the season “how to celebrate Columbus Day in 2017″. So, check out the destinations below that will surely be a great option with their specialty to enjoy this great celebration of Columbus Day:

  1. Boston


Boston have always been a great place when it comes to any festival, celebration or activity that is even remotely related with the colonial era. The city that has been the prominent witness of freedom era, Boston is quite familiar of how to celebrate such a fantastic anniversary of Columbus Day. Go witness the enthralling celebration of Columbus Day by exploring the historical sites and remains of history that have been one of the most significant attractions of the city as well as the beacon for tourists who have the spirit of patriotism. Needless to say, the culture and heritage of Boston sets the mood to enjoy the awesome day of Columbus Day.

  1. New Orleans

New Orleans

Many people consider visiting Washington D.C. over New Orleans, but if you are truly into the spirit of Columbus Day, you can easily connect with the New Orleans as compared to any other city. With its wide range of colonial architecture and captivating range of attractions, you can enjoy a wonderful day with loads of exploration, joy and spellbinding cultural attributes. The ideal weather conditions set the mood for couples and family travelers on the top and you can visit not only the man-made attractions, but also the natural landscapes spread across the city as well as in the surroundings. Also, the season of fall makes tourists to visit otherwise which leaves the accommodations and airfares at lower rates which is eventually beneficial for those who are seeking a budget trip.

  1. Philadelphia


Many people enjoy Columbus Day with the historical surroundings and if you too love to explore the historical places and find the joy whilst being in the surroundings of the heritage sites, Philadelphia will be one of the finest options you can get. As being a city with the title of birthplace of many attributes and facts, Philadelphia makes tourists fall in love with the city instantly. Enjoy the taste of root beers which have been originated here or explore the colonial sites that are rooted back to the colonial era. With places like Liberty Bell, city museum of art, Franklin Institute and many more, you can have an affordable getaway with some great Columbus Day special flight deals.

  1. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

When we say to try Utah to find the best spirits of Columbus Day, you might find it tad a bit odd for being a city with more into natural bliss as compared to rich heritage and cultural depth. However, if you like to cash every opportunity to plan an escape with friends and family and enjoy some pampering, then Park City can be the best option you can find in the state of Utah. Being in the shoulder tourism season, Park City is quite affordable and give you the sufficient opportunity to enjoy a laid-back or adventurous getaway to take a break from busy life and bustling cities whilst getting drenched in the beauty and tranquility of the nature. Columbus Day in Park City is quite a unique combination with different taste and flavor. So, if you like some uncanny getaway, this place can be your next destination.

  1. New York City

New York City

New York City is among the most tranquilizing and culturally rich cities of the United States and whether you are planning a vacation just for fun or on the occasion of the Columbus Day, you will find the city as charming as ever. With its wonderful range of diverse sites, enthralling culture, glittering skyline, outstanding nightlife and an incredible hospitality, you can be a part of something big this Columbus Day. Go for a magnificent walk at the Central Park to embrace the season of fall or take a stroll to the various museums to learn plethora about the heritage and culture of the United States and enjoy the Columbus Day in the Big Apple like never before. Also, the season around Columbus Day gives tourists an incredible opportunity to enjoy a vacation in the NYC at an affordable price. All you have to do is to seek out some cheap Columbus Day deals and you are all good to go.

There are an abundant number of other places like Chicago, St. Petersburg, Tucson, Miami, Orlando and many more that will give you the impeccable delight of enjoying the Columbus Day. However, if you are seeking the best place which can give you the most affordable options to enjoy the celebrations whilst giving the magnificent settings, then all you have to do now is to consider the services of Travelation and go through the destinations mentioned above in order to save a good fortune on airfares whilst taking the advantage of our cheap Columbus Day deals.

First-Timers Travel Guide to Prague

A lovely medieval metropolitan city that has the charm to please the couples and fascinating attributes to give away a fabulous experience to explorers, the Czech capital Prague have everything you seek in a European destination. Prominently known for its Gothic architecture, incredibly gorgeous horizon and captivating lifestyle, Prague surely knows how to offer an experience to cherish for lifetime. For those who haven’t been to this alluring destination before and planning their first visit to the capital city of Czech Republic, here we are, offering the first-timer guide to the magnificent and thriving city of Prague:

Travel Guide to Prague

  1. When to Visit Prague

Prague is among those handful European destinations that are perfectly suitable to visit anytime of the year. Although, you can’t find the same weather conditions and cultural attributes throughout the year, but whenever you have booked your flights to Prague, you will definitely find something intriguing to please you in this charming and glorious city of Czech Republic. However, if you insist on finding the best time when you can have the most outstanding experience of Czech capital, you should probably plan visiting from April till first half of May and from September start till the end of October when you can find the fewer crowd in the city and more beauty much more enticing than ever.

  1. Places to Visit in Prague

The cobblestone streets and outstanding squares of the city are the biggest highlights all together and if you have been planning your vacation for a very long time and wondering where you should be heading for the best sightseeing, then you should probably start from Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Town Square, Prague Astronomical Clock, Wenceslas Square, Dancing House, Lennon Wall, Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Strahov Monastery, Old Jewish Cenetery, National Museum, Clementinum, Josefov, Zozkov Television Tower, Prague 2 District, Kampa Island, Letna Park, Rudolfinum. Old New Synagogue, Prague Estates Theater, National Gallery of Prague and many more places that are seriously outstanding to understand the culture, history, lifestyle and traditions of Czech Republic.

  1. Top Things to Do in Prague

Prague is a broad city and there are ample of things to do where you can understand, explore, discover and learn a lot related to the Czech culture. There are ample of tours available throughout the city that includes free walking tours, bus tours and more. However, if you insist on visiting attractions as per the theme, then you can go for square to square or can enjoy the photography tours of Prague that are really spellbinding. In recent years, the tourism organizations of Prague have introduced Segway tours that can lead you to the best of the best places existing in the capital. You can also go for biking tours and can rent a car to explore the best historical sites which are really superlative to visit throughout your journey to the Czech capital.

  1. Exploring the Daily Life Scene

The daily life in Prague is really diverse and straight forward where people enjoy going for work and get delighted by the absolute gorgeous cityscape scene every day. The weekends here in Prague are really spellbinding and can make you wonder whether you are in Europe or Las Vegas. The dynamics and diversity of bars, pubs, casinos and nightclubs here in Prague is overwhelming and will give you the spectacular delight of enjoying a weekend in Czech Republic. The markets and malls covering all major and minor districts of Prague will be a delight to visit for shopaholics where they can come across the shops and stalls of arts, craft, food, cultural handicrafts and much more to buy and get along with them at home.

  1. Money Saving Tips

If you like to keep your expenses under control and don’t wish to spend money on waste things, then you should probably consider dining away from the top highlights. The parks and cobblestone streets are perfect places to spend a day and you can pack your lunch and enjoy a fine dining experience whilst sitting in the parks and gazing around the locals enjoying their lives. The dining in Prague is quite diverse and you can choose from the opulent restaurants to local eateries based on your budget. Using shared rides is the best way to save your money rather than spending on private taxis that are quite expensive as compared to the local share rides. There are plenty of local attractions that don’t require any fee and are located quite close to each other. All you need is to carry an updated map in English and you can walk through these places whilst avoiding public transport and other transportation options available in Prague.

Prague is a combination of modern culture and fabulous history that makes it a portal where you can wobble between the past and present, transforming your vacation in the Czech Republic into an experience you can never imagine while sitting home. With its marvelous attractions, historical sites, captivating culture, warm hospitality and outstanding attributes, Prague have made its way to thousands of aspiring traveler’s travel bucket list. So, if you too have this fantasy of visiting such a gorgeous city like Czech’s capital, then you should probably start packing and book your flights to Prague with Travelation to begin your voyage to some of the most incredible experiences in the Europe whilst saving a huge amount of money on air travel by using our wide range of travel deals and offers available online.

Myths about Traveling Africa

Africa is one of the most diverse and captivating continent, featuring ample of countries from every size and culture, making it a great region to explore. However, there are tons of people out there who have always misunderstood this giant chunk of earth known as the second-largest continent following Asia and standing in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Despite being such a diverse nation, people have this perception about Africa for being a not safe place in many manners. To bust the myths in relation to traveling Africa, we have come up with the points that will encourage you to think again and plan your trips to Africa with confidence and zeal:

Myths about Traveling Africa

  1. Africa is One Single Country

Many people have this misconception that Africa is a country all together and have nothing but cities which is absolutely wrong. African continent is the second-largest continent in the world that consist of 54 countries (2 under dispute) and features many island countries as well as landlocked countries spanning from Somalia to Senegal and from Tunisia to South Africa. The magnificent diversity of Africa have been stunning thousands of tourists every year and giving them the most bewitching experience of all time. Needless to say, when you are traveling to a certain part of the continent, you have to take visas for your destination’s country and plan your trip accordingly.

  1. Crime Rate in Africa is Really High

Earlier, media used to showcase the international news and have many times showcased the pirates’ movement, car hijacking and many more illegal activities in various parts of the African continent. However, in recent decades, the scene of crime has changed drastically in Africa and the rate of crime committed in African continent have went down half than before. Thanks to all the governing bodies and change in system at various parts of the African continent, traveling is now safer than ever in this part of the world and people have found many places that are not just secure in terms of crime, but also safe for traveling solo.

  1. Africa is nothing but Wilderness and Have No History

Many people who overview the world with just a small mentality have this perception that Africa has nothing but wilderness and there are rarely any traces of  civilization where you can actually go and learn about the history of the continent. However, the real scene of Africa is quite the opposite. Although many parts of Africa are rich in flora and fauna and features many astonishing natural landscapes, but when you speak of the culture and history, there are tons of cities and towns across the continent that are rich in history and possesses many artifacts, leftovers and historic ruins that came into existence millenniums ago. Countries like Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Somalia, Nigeria and more are a few from the giant list of cities and countries in Africa that are rich in heritage and culture.

  1. African Destinations are Disease-Prone

Many people believe that Africa is all about poverty and disease and there is nothing but bad sanitation that triggers many health related troubles in this part of the world. Although, we cannot vouch for every destination existing on the plateau of African continent, but there are ample of cities and destinations that are really astonishing and genius in terms of health and safety of locals. Many destinations in Africa have recently brought into the list of the most livable cities by various publishes and you will be amazed after reading that there are tons of places across the continent that can match the charisma and high standard of life when compared to any European or American city.

  1. Africa is Technologically Deprived

With the perception of wilderness and animals strolling down at random places, people have begun to believe that African continent is technologically deprived and many people even live in the stone-age. Although, there are many villages and towns that are not as economically strong as others, but when you look at the broad picture, you will come to know that there are dozens of cities and destinations across the Africa that are not just rich in technology, but also are the pioneer in making new breakthrough in the field of science and technology. Needless to say, that the accommodation and infrastructural development have been affected by these researches and adaptations and same can easily be witnessed on your voyage to any picturesque destination of Africa.

Africa is a giant continent comprising over 54 countries (2 under dispute) and is featured with many bewitching landscapes, cultures, lifestyle, natural bliss, history and more which makes it one of the most diverse places on earth to explore. However, people often believe that the continent is not safe in many scenarios and often discourage people with their imaginary arguments. In case, you have been thinking to plan a visit to African destinations and have held yourself because of these senseless reasoning, then you should have probably got your answers now. So, enjoy the life and discover the utterly charming, unique and dazzling attributes of the second largest continent in the world and book your flights to Africa with Travelation right now to save massive on your airfares.

5 Budget Things to Do in Washington D.C.

The capital city of the United States and probably one of the most historically rich cities in the world, Washington D.C. is arguably a fine and exquisite getaway destination of the nation, providing a wonderful glimpse to visitors with its outstanding collection of neoclassical attractions and architectural marvels. Each year, thousands of tourists head their way to Washington and discover an infinite range of captivating sites. Although, the elegant look and bureaucratic lifestyle have given the city an image of being an expensive getaway destination, but if you are planning to board your flights to Washington for a business or leisure trip, then you should probably consider the below mentioned 5 budget things to do in Washington D.C. that are the highlight of the entire capital and gives the visitors a picturesque experience whilst spending less:

  1. Visiting Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is among the most visited attractions in the city of the Washington, prominently visited to witness the gorgeous architecture and fascinating transcriptions of the best words uttered by the 16th president of the United States. The structure itself is an institution to understand the deep thinking of Abraham Lincoln and features many astonishing attributes that showcase the thought process of then president and give the glimpse of rich ideology he had during his tenure of president. Opened for public in the year 1922, Lincoln Memorial is a beacon for tourists visiting Washington and is best to be visited during dark hours to witness the best of the lights along with fewer crowd.

  1. Tour to the White House

White House

We all have dreamed about being in the White House where the president lives and make all his decisions to make the nation a better place in every manner. However, most of us keep that dream within ourselves while thinking that it can’t be easy to be here and explore the best of the best places in the United States. However, visiting the White House is a great experience and doesn’t cost a single penny to tourists. Spend a day touring the white house where you can have a physical presence to the parts of the home of the President whilst learning a lot about the political history of the United States as well as a chance to meet the President in person.

  1. Exploring US Capitol and Congress Library

US Capitol and Congress Library

Often referred as one of the best buildings in the Washington as well as the rest of the United States, Capitol is truly a mesmerizing structure standing in the middle of the city and performing as the beacon of the US politics. A place that has been the witness of all policies and laws imposed in the United States after huge debates that lead to a final verdict on the law. The north wing and south wing are open for the public to visit and explore along with the center of the building that is designed in the circular shape, number of paintings, sculptures, transcripts and the iconic iron dome that was constructed over a century ago. The cost of the tour to the Capitol as well as the Library of Congress is free for tourists and you can get the same by visiting the website online.

  1. Discovering the Artistry at National Gallery of Art

Artistry at National Gallery of Art

Washington D.C. is the home to many outstanding galleries and museums and among them all, the place that have intrigued tourists the most is the National Gallery of Art. The National Gallery of Art is spanning in over 6 acre space and is the home to thousands of artistic marvels including sculptures, architectural pieces, paintings, illustrations, statues, fountains and much more, giving you the glimpse of rich artistic eye in varions eras that were created by then artists including the famous Rogier Van Der Weyden, El Greco, Nicolas Poussin, Jean Auguste Dominique, Vincent Van Gogh and many more artists that have been drawing more than 4 million visitors every year.

  1. Strolling Around Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Museum complex is a combination of three marvelous museums including Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of American History and Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The campus itself is huge and prominently divided into three separate areas. A combination of nature, history and modern science, this institution is a gorgeous delight for information seekers and give a spectacular opportunity to learn a lot about the natural history, national history and aviation history of the United States. With millions of objects exhibit in 17 different museums and exhibitions, you can get through a whole different world of knowledge and information whilst strolling across the Smithsonian Institution whilst spending nothing but your time.

Washington is a reputed getaway destination bordering Maryland and Virginia State and have been a great hotspot for both patriotism and enthralling lifestyle whilst featuring an abundant variety of free or affordable things to do and places to visit. So, if you have been thinking to visit the capital of the United States in the near future and have been holding back your plans of exploring this gorgeous part of the United States for the sake of budgets only, then you should probably consider the services of Travelation and book your flights to Washington with us to ensure great deal of savings on your airfares.

Must visit cities of the United Kingdom

Exploring the United Kingdom have always been a dream for many of us and that too for a good reason. With its exquisite history from colonial era, magnificent culture, outstanding heritage and spellbinding lifestyle, United Kingdom have always been alluring us all with its charm and superlative combination of attributes. Being the home of many world renowned cities that have been excelling and leading the world in different areas, United Kingdom is known to be a place full of diversity and surprises. To those who have been dreaming about their vacation in the United Kingdom and seeking a perfect vacation destination to begin their journey, we have come up with a list of must visit cities of the United Kingdom that will give you a magnificent experience to cherish for the rest of the eternity:

  1. London, England

London, England

The capital city of the United Kingdom and among the most prosperous, famous and diverse cities of all time in the world, London is truly one of the most spellbinding getaway options in the United Kingdom, best known for its superlative range of fabulous attractions, bewitching pieces of architecture, extraordinary culture, thriving lifestyle and incredible atmosphere. With its fabulous array of attractions such as London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abby, Natural History Museum and many more, London have always thrived among the rest of the United Kingdom and have given many reasons to take flights to UK frequently to explore more.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish capital, ideally famous for its fabulous heritage and remarkable range of historical structures and of course Scotch Whiskey, Edinburgh have been a prominent place to visit in the entire United Kingdom. Featuring a wide range of attributes including art, medieval history, city parks, outstanding history and cultural galleries, marvelous religious sites and more, Edinburgh have been one of the prominent reasons why taking flights to UK have become a trend these days to enjoy a peaceful and joyful experience for voyagers. Places like Edinburgh Castle, Mary King’s Close, Scottish National Gallery, Holyrood Park, Scott Monument and more, you can thoroughly enjoy a spellbinding and elegant vacation in the United Kingdom.

  1. Chester, England

Chester, England

Established as a Roman City in the 1st A.D., Chester is one of the most exquisite and historically rich cities of the England, located in the northwestern region of the country. With a wide range of historical structures made of red sandstones and marvelous range of architectural designs from various eras, you can actually learn a lot about the history of the United Kingdom whilst strolling around the bewitching boulevards of the Chester. The marketplaces in Chester are the great place to collect some valuable and memorable souvenirs as your arrival presents. While you are in Chester, do not miss to visit Grosvenor Museum, Eastgate Clock, Cheshire Military Museum, Roman Amphitheater, St. Michael’s Church, Chester Cathedral and many more places covering all major and minor regions of Chester.

  1. Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales

A prominent port city of the United Kingdom as well as the capital city of the Wales, Cardiff is among the most relevant and underrated getaway destinations in the region, ideally perfect to enjoy a perfect place where modern lifestyle meets with the ancient forts. The capital of Wales since 1955, Cardiff has an abundant number of peaceful and delighting attractions that complement the lively and tremendous culture and lifestyle of the city. With places like Cardiff Bay, National Museum, Wales Millennium Centre, Principality Stadium, Bute Park, Cardiff Castle, Llandaff Cathedral, Pierhead Building, Cathays Park, Chapter Arts Centre and many more, Cardiff has everything you require on a stylish and delightful vacation in the United Kingdom.

  1. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The capital city as well as the cultural epicenter of the Northern Ireland, Belfast is probably the most dramatic yet stylish getaway destination of the country, prominent known for being the birth place of the famous Titanic that got struck by the iceberg and got sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean. The awesome heritage that revolves around the titanic as well as many more eras from the history of the nation, Belfast have been a great place to enjoy shopping, historical exploration, cultural experiences and much more, all at one place in Northern Ireland. Places like the Grand Opera House, Ulster Museum, Belfast City Hall, Golden Mile, Belfast Castle, Albert Memorial Clock, Waterfront Hall, City Zoo and more are the prominent attractions that remain flocked by the tourists year-round.

Despite many other cities like Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cambridge, York, Leeds, Plymouth, Lincoln, Winchester and more, we have selected the best among best places for you to give you an absolute pleasure of exploring such a vast range of features United Kingdom is blessed with. So, if you feel like discovering all the hues existing in the charming and captivating region of the United Kingdom, then all you have to do is book your flights to UK with Travelation and you are all good to go for a superlative voyage filled with an incredible range of delights and adventures waiting for you in the United Kingdom.