Exploring the Culture and History of India

Emerging as a major economy against all odds, India is one of the most fantastic getaway destinations and have been visited by millions of tourists from every part of the world every year. Though, the modern culture and exquisite variety of religions have given the nation a vibrant outlook, but if you are a history lover, you will enjoy exploring the past of the nation more than anything. The history of India dates back to the Neolithic Age and there are a number of traces that can back the theory. The country has witnessed various eras from Mughals to Cholas, British and many more which has given the country many cultural features that now have become a part of the entire civilization. So, if you have been thinking to explore the rich history of the India, then here are the best cities that can help you in exploring the culture and history of India:

  1. Ayodhya


The history of Ayodhya goes back to the ancient age and is prominently associated with the Lord Rama of Hindu Mythology. Nestled on the banks of the holy river of Ganges, Ayodhya is known to be the birth place of the 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and is presently a major pilgrimage for the Hindu devotees. The premises of the Ram Janam Bhumi known as the biggest historic site in the city and you can easily find many more ancient temples, forts and many more ancient sites that are spread across the entire city. Presently, this small town is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh of India and is massively visited by the local as well as international tourists. If you want to see the best of the city, then plan a visit around the season of fall when the festival of lights “Deepawali” takes place and the entire city blooms with decorations, colorful lights and festivities.

  1. Hampi


The state of Karnataka is the home of the Dravida civilization and if you think you need to visit a place that is rich in terms of archaeology, then you must plan your visit to the Hampi. The entire premises are noted as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as a major pilgrimage in this part of India. The ancient temples that are structured in unbelievable way are the biggest highlights of the region. The exquisite range of ancient ruins, attractions and giant structures are the traces of the prosperous era of the Vijayanagar Kingdom. Today, thousands of tourists from across the world visit here to witness the remarkable architectures of this place along with a massive number of devotees who come on a pilgrimage to take the blessings in the Virupaksha Temple which is the biggest highlight of this entire region.

  1. Khajuraho


The centermost state of India, Madhya Pradesh has been the home of many spectacular historical cities and if you are looking for something that is purely about the ancient heritage, then you must pay a visit to the Khajuraho. With many sculptures and ancient architectures that goes back to the 500 AD, this place is full of fabulous ancient marvels. From enthralling wide temples to the carving on the walls, rocks and floors, every bit of Khajuraho is simply mind-blowing and will give the history lovers tons of data to look forward. The array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites here are really astonishing and will offer you some marvelous range of carvings on the structures made out of sand stone.

  1. Nalanda


The era of Gupta Dynasty is known to be one of the most significant, dramatic and oldest timelines in the history of India and has treasured many exquisite tales associated with it that made the modern era really beautiful and paid a major role in forming the Indian subcontinent. And there is hardly any place better that can depict the rich history of the Gupta dynasty than the Nalanda. Located perfectly in the state of Bihar with a proximity from the state capital Patna, Nalanda is a fantastic combination of spirituality, history and incredible architecture. This part of India is also the home of one of the most successful universities of all time Nalanda University that is globally famous for being a major hub to learn the spirituality and culture of the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

  1. Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri

Not so far away from the national capital Delhi, the small town of Fatehpur Sikri is known to be the treasure of history in India. A prominent hub that has preserved the remains from Mughal era, this town has become a prominent tourist hub as well as an eye-candy for the history explorers. Despite being at a proximity from one of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri is quite a majestic place and is visited by thousands of tourists every day. The massive complex of the fort is really mind-blowing and can be spotted from a distance. Additionally, here you can find many historical artefacts as well as tales about the Mughal emperor Akbar who was the founder of the fort and made it a massive place for his day to day activities whilst being close to the national capital.

India is filled with ample of historical places that span from the stone age till the modern era and if you are a history buff, you can easily gain the access of all of these places by simply traveling across India. Though, the array of historic places is so broad, that it will take the entire lifetime to discover all the places, but if you are zealous enough towards the rich history of India, you can spend all the time you want to find the best places suitable to your preferences for a mesmerizing getaway experience. All you need to do is consider Travelation and book your international flight tickets and fly your way to India for some of the best history exploration of your life.

Your Travel Bucket List for 2018

Every year, most of us take the resolution of traveling even more than usual and cover the places we have been keeping in our travel bucket list for a very long time. However, there are a lot of other people who make their travel bucket list annually and try to cover all the places mentioned in that list to make the year more memorable. Since 2018 has begun already and we have covered nearly one-fourth of it without any special journey, here are the places that you can add in your travel bucket list for 2018 and make this year a magnificent one by adding new and outstanding experiences in your life. So, check out our list of places to visit in 2018 and try to visit as many as you can to witness the fantastic diversity of the world in this year.

shutterstock_428664889 (2)

  1. Bhutan

Nestled on the foothills of Himalayan mountain range, Bhutan is among the most promising places in the entire Asian continent that is majorly based on the traditional culture and Buddhist lifestyle. A remote country neighboring the India, Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh, Bhutan has plenty of things to offer. From pristine valleys to Buddhist monasteries, fabulous mountains, charming water bodies and more, this place will give you a perfect and refreshing getaway experience.

  1. Cognac

The small commune of the France, prominently known for its vineyards and exquisite settings, Cognac is a splendid place to understand the traditional culture of the French region whilst exploring the remarkable heritage and awe-inspiring lifestyle that is connected with the roots since the beginning. Not so famous among travelers, this place can give you a spectacular off-beat getaway experience in the European continent.

  1. La Paz

Mexican region is widely famous for its modern lifestyle and upbeat culture, but there are certainly a few places that are serving even greater pleasures. La Paz is known to be among the most promising resort cities in the Baja California region and can be a perfect fit for tourists seeking some beach escape with the near and dear ones. Along with warm waters that are perfect for whales to breed, La Paz has many more attributes that will surely be perfect for a splendid getaway experience.

  1. Adelaide

Australia has plenty of picturesque cities, but if you are looking for place that can give you more pleasure with less crowd, go for the Adelaide. The sprawling city nestled on the incredible shoes of the Southern Australia, Adelaide is the home to many superlative features of the country. From wide range of flora and fauna to thriving culture and extravagant lifestyle, everything in Adelaide is just perfect.

  1. Tallinn

The capital of Estonia is not so famous among travelers flying their way to the Europe, which makes it a deserving place to explore as a traveler. The rich history treasured in the Gothic architecture and medieval alleys are the most promising things you will find in here. Additionally, the laid-back culture that complements the weather conditions here will be the most wonderful delight for you to enjoy.

  1. Krakow

When we speak of Poland, most of the people think of the capital Warsaw and often overlook the beautiful and historically rich city of Krakow. The medieval quarters that can relate with the picturesque architecture of Czech Republic, Krakow has many awe-inspiring attractions to offer. Additionally, with its wide range of scenic attractions wrapped by modern landmarks, you can have the most spectacular getaway experience with your near and dear ones.

  1. Bristol

Nestled perfectly on the River Avon, Bristol is among the most underrated British cities and if you have been to the England many times before and haven’t visited this beautiful city, then you must give Bristol a shot. The maritime history wrapped by the refreshing landscapes and spectacular cityscape, this place is a seamless combination of nature, culture and modern lifestyle. Additionally, the variety of galleries and museums will keep you entertained throughout your journey.

  1. Hunan

Many people find China as a place that is either flooded by the population or have places with temples and monasteries. However, if you want to escape that perception, you must plan your visit to the Hunan province. The region is prominently known for being the home of Zhangjiajie which is a marvelous canyon of sandstone peaks carved by the Mother Nature. Additionally, the amazing and surreal variety of natural landscapes here will expose the bizarre yet beautiful artistry of the nature spilled around the globe.

  1. Ras Al-Khaimah

When thinking of traveling to the Middle-East region, all people can think of is about either Dubai or the Abu Dhabi, but there is certainly much more treasured under the cloak of the rugged mountains and wide deserts. Ras Al-Khaimah is among the most promising and opulent resort towns in the Emirates that you must visit at least once. With its proximity from the Dubai, this place has recently become a major tourist spot. So, if you need a beach escape, Ras Al-Khaimah will be a great option for you.

  1. Anchorage

For those who want to start on domestic level or try to avoid any long-haul flight, can begin their share of exploration from the tempting conurbation of Anchorage. The bewitching city of the State of Alaska, Anchorage is widely famous for its snowy terrains and majorly visited by the adventure seekers. However, in recent years, the city has become even more delightful for other sort of travel interests and have plenty of attributes to share with its guests visiting Alaska for the first time.

If you love to travel, then finding new places every now and then will surely give you the most pleasant experience of your life. And there is any way better than preparing yourself a travel bucket list for some spectacular getaway experiences whilst looking forward to some new adventures that can make your life even more thriving. So, this year, travel the world and explore the places that are noted to be among the finest and have the best time of your life by following the places mentioned above. You can also consider the services of Travelation to get your tickets booked as we are proudly offering the most mind-blowing range of worldwide flight deals that cover the most promising and picturesque places you may ever wanted to visit.