24 Hours in Bucharest

Exploring European destinations have always been a pleasure for global travelers and whether you believe it or not, there are a bunch of other cities apart from the iconic conurbations like London, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Rome, Copenhagen that are equally beautiful and delightful to explore. If you have been thinking to hit the Eastern European region for a short vacation and have plans to visit the Romanian capital Bucharest for a day, then here we are, introducing to you one of the most spellbinding conurbations of the European continent that have been on the travel bucket list of some serious travelers around the world:


  1. Dorobanti and Around

Bucharest is the largest city of the country and if you have been planning to explore as much as possible, then you must drop your luggage at your hotel or place to stay and start your journey by exploring the regions around Dorobanti that have been the home of a large number of attractions in the city. Places like Herastrau Park, State Circus Park, Zambaccian Museum, Dorobanti Sqare, Quito Square, Charles de Gaulle, Zoo Baneasa, Oracle Tower, Aviatiei Museum and many more are the highlights of the region that will give you an idea about the history and lifestyle of the city.

  1. Pantelimon and Around

Regions around Pantelimon are known to be the heartbeat of the city for being the home of the working class of the city. Featuring many iconic landmarks including Stationul National, Cora Hypermarket, Capatu Lu, Marcuta Church, Tree Lake, Sky Tower, Ober Square, Obor Market, Dobroesti Village, Chinatown and many more sites have been the prominent attractions in the region. Although, most of the attractions are not high-profile, yet if you are seeking a perspective of locals to explore Bucharest, this region is a must go.

  1. Vitan and Around

Once renowned for its poverty, regions around Vitan have been among the oldest regions in the capital Bucharest and are known for its exquisite archeological sites and historical remains found during excavation. The villages and other old towns within this region have been the hub of tourists seeking some detailed information about Bucharest. Walk around the Dudesti region and enjoy a spellbinding time discovering many amazing facts and information related with the early civilizations lived in Bucharest. Apart from these walks, you can also go for Titan Lake, Anexandru Ion Cuza Park, Park Lake Shopping Center, Stavropoleos Church, National Bank of Romania, Manuc’s Inn, Vlad the Impaler and many more places.

  1. Berceni and Around

The Sector 4 region of Bucharest known as the regions around Berceni is the home of middle-age heritage sites as well as the finest marketplaces in the city. Although, most of the attractions are located around the downtown, but if you are seeking something unconventional, this part of the city will be the best exposure to you as it offers a spellbinding sight of some of the most reputed places like Bucharest Sefard Jewish cemetery, Bellu cemetery, George Bacovia memorial museum, Boulevard C-tin Brancoveanu and more that gives a glimpse of recent past as well as middle-age history of Bucharest.

  1. Rahova and Around

The Sector 5 region of Bucharest that consist of towns like 13th of September, Cotroceni, Giurgiului, Ferentari and Rahova is one of the most versatile and dazzling places in the city. Places like Places like Casa Poporului, Marriot Hotel, Panduri Hospital, Cotroceni Palace, Botanical Garden of Bucharest, Bucharest Opera Building, Cotroceni Stadium, St. Elefterie Church, Casa Radio, Bucharest City Hall, Kilometre Zero and many more are the biggest attractions to explore the rich diversity of the Southern region of Bucharest.

Bucharest is quite big in size and it is nearly impossible to explore everything in just a single day or even in one go. However, if you are determine to cover more grounds of the Romanian capital, all you need is to plan a trip and start exploring this amazing getaway destination with perfect planning prepared to keep in mind the traffic, transport availability, prominent attractions as per your taste and other attributes you would like to experience. So, if you are done with all of it and looking for a perfect window to escape, you can consider Travelation to book your flights to Bucharest and enjoy a spellbinding vacation filled with loads of adventure, excitement and tempting experiences.

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