5 Best Places to Spend Christmas

When the big festival of Christmas is just a bunch of weeks away, all the people in your office or neighbors must have begun to discuss their holiday plans. Some might be planning a big get together, some will be visiting their parents and the rest will be planning a vacation with family and friends. In case, you haven’t planned your Christmas plans yet and thinking to ditch get together or a visit to family, you have the most delightful option for this Christmas. All you need is find some awesome Christmas travel deals and get going on a wonderful getaway with the people you love to travel with. If you are in a tad of doubt about where to visit this Christmas to enjoy the fullest, here Travelation has made a spectacular range of destinations that can make your Christmas the merriest moment of your life:

  1. New York City, New York

New York City

No matter what day it is, when you are planning an adventurous and exciting escape, there is no city in the entire country that can beat the charm of New York City. And if we are talking about Christmas, the Big Apple is the charming and bright city to be on the fantastic day. Not because of the rich culture or endless attractions, but the city has been a perfect place for being the home of one of the largest Christmas Trees in the state. Visit Rockefeller Street and witness the giant sparkling Christmas tree decorated with a whole lot of ornaments and thousands of lights. Besides, the markets and streets of the city gives a marry feeling to the visitors and offer a hefty discount on shopping.

  1. London, England


The beautiful British capital have been among the finest getaways in the Europe when we speak of Christmas. A pleasant conurbation located on the banks of Thames River, this pleasant city has its own traditional way of celebrating the Christmas. The day when the London Eye, Big Ben and many other iconic landmarks sparkle like shining stars in the night, Christmas is a perfect time to visit and discover the exquisite amount of festivities and celebrations occur across the city. When you are in London, do not forget to visit the theme restaurants there to taste some of the most amazing dishes from the Brit culture.

  1. Berlin, Germany


When the entire world celebrates the auspicious occasion of Christmas with great pomp and show, Berlin becomes the paradise for shopaholics across the Europe. A place for Christmas market and one of the most prominent shopping hubs in the nation, the German capital live up to the mark with its astounding sales and offers available. If you have been living for the day when all you can do is travel and shopping, Berlin is the place where you can make your wish come true and make the most marry Christmas of your own. All you need is Christmas travel deals and you are ready for some serious adventure of shopping.

  1. Yellowknife, Canada


In case, you are done with all the shopping and bustling streets and seeking a calm place where you can spend some quality time with the people you love in the surroundings of nature and purity, Yellowknife is one of the finest places to be. With spectacular Alps, aurora borealis and loads of natural landscapes, the Christmas can become the most magical moment of your life where everything around you become so pure and majestic. With dancing lights over your head, natural bliss in the surrounding and scrumptious dishes served by the resorts, you can surely have the most astounding getaway ever.

  1. Key West, Florida

Key West

Last but not the least, Key West is one of those places where you can have the Christmas in the most dynamic, adventurous and spellbinding way. One of the most fantastic laid-back beach resort cities of the Florida, Key West have been a prominent getaway option for beach lovers. Soak up some sun in the winters and enjoy the beautiful shores of the North Atlantic Ocean where you can have a spectacular Christmas, full of parties, enjoyment and adventure. The perfect temperature and weather conditions make the city much more enjoyable and you can come out of the bulky attire and enjoy the Christmas in your beach attire. So, if you feel like having an extravagant Christmas, Key West is the place for you.

The festive season is about to begin and all must be planning now is where you should fly away for a wonderful vacation with family and friends. So, if you haven’t made your Christmas plans now and seeking some awesome options to enjoy the fullest, check out our list above and decide your destination to avail Christmas travel deals available with Travelation and save big.

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