A solo trip to Tokyo

Japan have always been one of the most popular nations in the Asian continent to have a voyage and even if you are planning on traveling solo regardless your gender, the cities of Japan will welcome you like no other. Not only the cities are high-tech and full of services, but the locals are equally welcoming and supportive. Many solo travelers from around the world have found the cities of Japan quite friendly and secured and if you are planning on a solo vacation to Tokyo, you will enjoy the fullest while not just exploring the attractions, but even when you are commuting, eating and strolling down the bustling streets of Tokyo. Normally flights to Tokyo from the United States land in the city post noon and you will find ample of things to explore even on your day of arrival. So, here we are with all the necessary information you may require during your solo trip to Tokyo:

A solo trip to Tokyo

  1. Getting around

Getting around the bustling city of Tokyo is really safe as well as simple as you not only get the guards at the train stations and stops, but also there is a strict surveillance across all major transport system that makes the public transport safe. Using public transport in Tokyo is not just safe, it is also economical and will help you save a fortune as compared to the private car rentals and taxis. The frequency of buses, trains and taxis are quite seamless in Tokyo and a major part of public transport system connects to the most prominent attractions of Tokyo as well as parts of the outskirts. Travelers visiting Tokyo can also opt for the water buses that are the ferry rides on the Sumida River as well as Tokyo Bay.

  1. Top attractions

Being one of the most massive getaway options in the Eastern Asian region, Tokyo is featured with a wide array of picturesque and reputed attractions that are not just gorgeous to look from the outside, but also hold a huge significance in the culture, heritage and lifestyle of Japan. Places like Meiji Shrine, Roppongi, Harajuku, Odaiba Park, Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyone, Tokyo Imperial Palace, City National Musuem, Yoyogi Park, Roppongi Hills, Edo-Tokyo Museum, DisneySea, National Art Center, Tokyo Tower, Nezu Museum, Ghibli Musuem and many more sites are the beacon for tourists to understand the nature, culture and lifestyle of the Japanese capital Tokyo.

  1. Must try food

Japanese culinary is majorly based on the seafood and arguably one of the best you can find in the Asian continent. The Japanese gastronomy has a profound taste of spices, herbs, cooking methods and of course the seafood and the best experience of Japanese gourmet can be savored when you try Tamagoyaki, Sashimi, Tendon, Tempura, Soba, Tonkatsu, Yakitori, Sukiyaki and of course the famous sushi. The locals in Japan often enjoy eating alone and you can easily find the authentic and delicious Japanese food in any part of the city at an economical price. However, you might have to wait a little longer than usual due to increased population and huge stack tourists occupying space in the restaurants.

  1. Best things to do

Japan is a big city with narrow streets and magnificent heritage which can easily be seen throughout the city. People often enjoy strolling down the boulevards of the city with easy access and understandability due to English translation of all sign-boards. Visiting Disneyland Tokyo, baseball games, boat ride on Sumida River, joining parties in the park (as people in Tokyo are really friendly with tourists and enjoy listening to their stories to improve their command on English), club hopping, learning calligraphy, martial art classes, tea making classes and more are the most indulging things for tourists these days.

  1. Essential information for tourists

Locals of Tokyo are really friendly and welcoming towards the tourists and often enjoy indulging into a deep conversation and stories of your lives. There are an abundant number of Wi-Fi hotspots available throughout the city with decent network speed. However, if you need a high-speed internet connection, you can easily rent a Wi-Fi hotspot for your purpose. Tokyo is among the safest cities of the world, but people should consider the basic precautions including strolling down unknown and stranded places in night, carelessly walking on the crowded roads, relying on the strangers and so on. The public transport is accessible from almost every major and minor part of the city, but, if you need to visit the places that are hard to point-out on the map, get a cab from the stand and consult the locals about the fare before hopping-in.

Tokyo is proven to be one of the safest places to travel solo even for women and if you too have been thinking to have a successful voyage to the Japanese capital and a bit nervous for your first solo trip to Japan, you should consider the points mentioned above as they will give you not just the best satisfaction of being safe and secured in one of the most popular and high-tech cities of the world, but also give you an idea to outline your entire vacation in this sprawling city. So, if you find Tokyo appealing for a solo trip, then quickly start packing and book your flights to Japan with Travelation to ensure a magnificent trip featuring loads of exploration, fabulous experiences and a delighting spell of your life in Japan.

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