Adventure Travel Ideas for the New Year

After Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the exciting event that keeps our spirit high is the Christmas. This much awaited event is followed by the New Year that undoubtedly is the best time of the year and the time to begin a new phase. With each step into the New Year, we set new goals and resolutions for the same.

While following the procedure and setting ourselves into the next year, we usually forget to live and enjoy the moment. But this time, take a pledge to make your New Year adventurous and memorable. Don’t know how? Don’t worry, here are the top places we have picked up for you to give you a never before experience.

Adventure Travel for the New Year

  1. Everest: If you want to reach the heights of success, hike the Mt. Everest on the very first day of the New Year and half of the battle is won already. There is nothing like climbing the mountain in the winter season. Awesome weather, beautiful surroundings, frozen waterfalls and the towering mountains will leave you spellbound. Isn’t this the best way to give a kick-start to the New Year? What are you waiting then? Pull up your socks and get ready to feel the adventure.
  2. South Coast Track, Tasmania: Do you remember the last time you took an adventurous trip? If no, then it’s time for you to take your travel buddy along and plan an excursion to Tasmania’s South Coast. This 85 km long stretch of land has a wide range of remote beaches, rainforest and alluring landscapes that are going to steal your heart away. The wilderness of this particular spot is satiate all the desires of an adventurous trip and what could be better than spending the first day of the year with your buddy?
  3. Antarctica: Have you ever wondered what does being on the coldest, driest and windiest continent feels like? This New Year’s eve take yourself to this snowy wonderland and feel the magic yourself. The 22 hours broad daylight will give you countless chances of capturing the flawless beauty of this awesome destination. Visiting it in December and January can make you spot the rarest species of wildlife and give you the perfect dose of adventure, which will leave you awestruck. What’s the delay then? Book your tickets now.
  4. Kii Hanto Pilgrim, Japan: What would be your reaction if you get a chance of hiking the great mountains of Kii mountain ranges along with the blessings of the holy souls? This can only happen if you take a trip to the Kii Hanto Pilgrim in Japan. The local people head to the Buddhist temples of the nation in the midnight, just before New Year to make the best of the year. Detoxify your mind, body and soul and enjoy the impeccable charm and give a treat to your eyes.

Since there is hardly any time for New Year to come, start preparing soon by booking your flights. Take advantage of our New Year Travel Deals and have unlimited fun.

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