Travel with World’s Best Airlines of 2015

Being a frequent traveler, we experience a lot of new things that help making our journey memorable. From transport to destinations, each and every moment of the trip/vacation involves an encounter to new vistas that are not often found. No matter whether how often we travel, we all have a favorite mode of transport with which we like to travel. But when it comes to airlines, it is hard to find the best as we can’t travel with each and every one. So, to ease your travel and book the best airline, we have the list of the world’s best airlines which you can fly with the next time you are planning any trip. Have a look at all of them and compare them and travel with the best. The list has been taken from the world airline alliance, Skytrax that performed a survey based on many parameters and then chose the top airlines of the world.

  1. Qatar Airways: The world airline alliance, Skytrax has ranked Qatar Airways as the number one airline for providing the best in-flight amenities to all its passengers. It has made a remarkable performance in connecting 125 destinations across the globe and making travel convenient for the passengers. So, the next time you are flying to any destination, especially for a long-haul flight, Qatar is undoubtedly the best.
  2. Qatar Airways

  3. Singapore Airlines: Singapore Airlines is at number 2 of the list of Skytrax’s best airlines. It has been recognized for the outstanding services performed by its crew members who treat the passengers as their priority. You too can feel the privilege by flying with one of world’s best airlines. Book your next ticket with Singapore Airlines while you plan a vacation. You’ll definitely be impressed with their hospitality.
  4. Singapore Airlines

  5. Cathay Pacific Airlines: Skytrax has listed Cathay Pacific on the third position in its list because of its comfortable seats, quality services and best in-flight entertainment. It has also won the award for Best Transpacific Airline as the passengers has rated it among the best airlines of Asia. To know more about the services of this airline, you need to take a flight with them soon.
  6. Cathay Pacific Airlines

  7. Turkish Airlines: Turkish Airlines has been added to this list because of its record breaking list of flying to 100 destinations apart from its current destinations. The regular increase in the operations and improvement of the service standards has brought laurels to the airline. The airline has won the Skytrax award for Best Airline in Europe five years in a row.
  8. Turkish Airline

  9. Emirates: Dubai’s Emirates has been a top performer for the last 10 years. The airline boasts the world’s largest fleet of Airbus and has also been awarded with the best in-flight entertainment services by Skytrax. A ride with this prestigious airline will make you experience a journey filled with comfort and fun. Book your flight today to feel the luxury of traveling with one of the best airlines of the world.


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5 Secret Places that are a Must See in Europe

Europe has been a popular country in the world because of some incredible destinations such as Amsterdam known for its canals, London for shopping & museums, etc. It has attained fame by the silhouette of the landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa only. But to our surprise there are many more places in Europe that are hidden, but are quite beautiful and can leave you in the state of awestruck. So, the next time you are planning a trip to Europe, visit them all to explore the hidden gems of the country. Here is the list of the secret places that are worth exploring.

  1. Olomouc, Czech Republic: Located on the Moravia River in the Moravia state in Czech Republic, Olomouc is one of the most valued cities of the country. This undiscovered gem is home to countless beautiful buildings, great culture and a large number of attractive sights that will make you feel like being in a paradise. The presence of a large number of historic monuments and architectures make Olomouc an amazing destination to be at.
  2. 1

  3. Sopot, Poland: This seaside resort town located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Poland is yet another hidden destination that hasn’t got its due worth in terms of popularity. Walks along the longest wooden pier and sporting events make this small town a must see to enjoy a blend of modern and historical culture. The exotic beaches add shine to the beauty of the town.
  4. 2

  5. Ostuni, Italy: Ostuni is a city in the province of Italy which is famous for its pristine beaches, historical architecture, as well as vibrant olive and grape vineyards. It has been given the nickname of The White City and it shines like a beautiful tiara extending across three hills. The variety of restaurants and stylish bars make it a popular summer destination for tourists from all over the world.
  6. 3

  7. Lugano, Switzerland: Lugano is a city in the southern Switzerland, which is famous for its mixture of Swiss-Mediterranean cultures. This vivacious city has amazing bars and pavement cafes that stand along the edge of a beautiful lake. Being the financial and business centre of Switzerland, Lugano has become a popular attraction in the region. It offers all the advantages of a world-class city, combined with the cachet of a small town.
  8. 4

  9. Colmar, France: As the capital of central Alsace, Colmar offers a delightful mixture of French culture and Bavarian architecture. The well preserved surroundings and the colorful half-timbered homes give a fairy tale view of this small yet beautiful town. A visit to this place will leave speechless as its astonishing beauty overpowers each and everything present around it. Plan a trip soon to experience the charm yourself.


There are many more places and spots in the country that remain unpopular but are a treasure of beauty and charm which is the perfect reason to visit them on a vacation. You can explore all these and many more by booking a cheap flight to Europe. Log on to Travelation and browse through the amazing offers on cheap flights to Europe.

5 Best Places to Visit in the Land of White Cloud (New Zealand)

New Zealand is a country in the Southwest Pacific Ocean, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes, forests, fjords, and a large number outdoor sports and activities. It is also known by the name of “Land of the Long White Cloud” and makes a perfect destination for a holiday/vacation. This immensely beautiful country in the world has been famous for its natural wildlife and its large area is covered with the animals. There are many alluring sights that could leave you awestruck. So, if you haven’t been to this amazing land and planning a trip soon, here is a list of the places that will make your visit all the more memorable. Make a list while planning your holiday so that you don’t miss the major essence of this lovely place.

  1. Milford Sound: Milford Sound is located in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island that happens to be an amazing and beautiful tourist attraction. Lying at the most northern and accessible end of Fiordland National Park, Milford sound offers some of the world’s most staggering coastal scenery with its dramatic peaks and dark blue waters.  It is a fusion of spectacular natural features with amazing visual cues around every corner. The place is definitely worth a visit.
  2. 1

  3. Bay of Islands: This sub-tropical micro region is yet another charming place to explore in the country. Located on the east coast of the Far North Island, it is a prominent spot famous for fishing, sailing and enjoying nature walks at the coast side. The incredible views of the natural beauty will steal your heart and you will lose yourself to the agility of the turquoise blue waters. Your trip to New Zealand is meaningless without a stopover at this haven.
  4. 2

  5. Rotorua: Rotorua, a town set on its namesake lake on New Zealand’s North Island, is a cultural center for the indigenous Maori people. It is known as the Thermal wonderland of New Zealand because of its numerous geysers and hot springs in and around the city. The mud pools are yet another attraction of this city that boasts a large number of colorful spots which make it a must-visit stop during your stay in New Zealand.
  6. 3

  7. Kaikoura: It is a town on the east coast of the South Island, which is famous for the untamed marine life and is a popular spot for whale spotting. This picturesque coastal town is a perfect place for the nature lovers and those who wish to encounter the magic of marine life. Enjoy the priceless views, coastal walks along with feeling the charm of nature’s wonders by taking a trip soon.
  8. 4

  9. Franz Josef Glacier: Located within the Westland National Park in the southwest, Fran Josef is one of the world’s most easily accessible glacier. Take a helicopter ride or walk up to this huge glacier to experience its beauty the most. The dazzling ice on its peaks, dramatic caves and hot pools make it a major tourist attraction. You should definitely not miss a chance to hike it while on a vacation with your family and friends.


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The Busiest Airports of America!

Traveling involves visiting new places, exploring some attractive spots and meeting new people. But there might be a situation where your flight gets delayed and you have to encounter long hours of waiting at the airport. Well, chances are that you will get bored, which is not a good sign for starting your trip. What if we tell you that there are airports that will urge you to spend some more time waiting there instead of flying immediately? Alright, if your journey hasn’t got a twist yet, then let us take you through the list of airports that give a kick-start to your vacation with their hustle and bustle.

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: Located in the central business district of Atlanta, Georgia, the Atlanta International Airport has been the world’s busiest airport since 1998. The airport has made a record of serving 55.2 million passengers recently in 2013 and has been recognized as the Most Efficient Airport in the world in the same year.
  2. 1

  3. Los Angeles International Airport: Los Angeles International Airport is the primary airport serving the Greater Los Angeles Area, the second-most populated metropolitan area in the United States. It is the second busiest airport in the US and is also the fourth busiest airport in the world which has witnessed 38.68 million passengers as the highest in the recent years.
  4. 2

  5. Chicago O’Hare International Airport: Chicago O’Hare International Airport, also known as O’Hare Airport is located on the Far Northwest side of Chicago, Illinois. It is a major domestic and international hub for some of the largest airlines. It has handled around 38.23 million passengers, up to July 2013. The airport is constructing four new runways and extension of two existing runways.
  6. 3

  7. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport serving the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex in the U.S. state of Texas. It is the largest hub for American Airlines, which is headquartered near the airport. It has seven runways and 155 aircraft gates and has handled the highest 371,049t of cargo recently.
  8. 4

  9. Denver International Airport: Denver International Airport, often referred to as DIA, is an airport in Denver, Colorado. At 34,000 acres, it is the largest airport in the United States by total land area.It is the 6th busiest airport in the US and 18th in the world that has experienced about 53 million of passenger traffic.


All the airports in the United States are working hard to provide the best possible facilities to all its passengers. Though, there are many airports who are already on the verge of being the best in the world. So, while you are planning a trip to the US, do visit any one of them to get a glimpse of the rush that makes them so popular. You can easily get a cheap flight to USA with Travelation and fly at highly affordable prices like never before. Take a break soon to discover some more places and airports that give an outstanding experience.

Top 5 Hidden Hot Springs in the World!

Mother Nature has a huge treasure of natural wonders that are a blessing for the humankind. Be it’s a natural waterfall, snowfall, caves, mountains or even the lush landscapes, each and every grace of the nature is an asset for you. One such amazing natural wonder is the natural hot springs that are no less than a modern spa and cure a large number of skin ailments without any side-effects. So, while you are still in the state of shock, take a list of the top hidden hot springs in the world which will leave you awestruck. Travel the world soon to explore the charm of the sacred legacy of the nature.

  1. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Alberta, Canada: Located in the Western Canada, these hot springs are surrounded by dramatic alpine views that make it a sacred place to relax and unwind in the lap of the nature. They happen to be the highest natural springs of Canada, which have abundant amount of minerals, such as sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate, calcium and sulfate. Take a dip in the soothing and skin-healing water of the spring and enjoy a hot natural spa.
  2. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Alberta, Canada

  3. Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan: The Ma’In hot springs are a series of hot mineral springs and waterfalls located between Madaba and the Dead Sea. It has been a popular place among the kings and queens too who came here to enjoy the hot and cold springs and the picturesque falls. It is known as the Hammamat Ma’in amongst the locals as it originates from the winter rainfalls in Jordan plains. Visit it soon to enjoy a roman bath.
  4. Ma'In Hot Springs, Jordan

  5. Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Blue Lagoon Island is a geothermal spa which is located in a lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is also one of the major attractions of Iceland, which has a huge variety of volcanic rocks, electric green moss, and streaming waters. Enjoy a massaging steam bath, sauna and enjoy the natural beauty of the place which is rich in minerals like silica, sodium, etc. A bath in the lagoon can help you get a Flammarion-free skin.
  6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

  7. Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica: Arenal Hot Springs are the result of the geothermal activity of six active volcanoes in Costa Rica that make it a prominent hot spring in the region. These natural springs help in strengthening the skin’s defense system and a rich source of healing the muscles-pain, making them to relax and stay calm. Plan a trip today to experience the most amazing views of this natural wonder and get a natural spa, free of cost.
  8. Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica

  9. Banjar Hot Springs, Bali: This natural hot spring is located in the north of Bali, where the hot water pours from the mouths of 8-stone carved dragon-like creatures. Gardens bursting with tropical foliage surround the pools and a small restaurant serving Indonesian favorites overlooks this tranquil scene of running water. The sulphur-rich water of the springs help curing a large number of skin diseases too. Surrounded with lush, jungle-clad slopes, it happens to be one of the island’s favorite spot.

Banjar Hot Springs, Bali

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How to Save for a Dream Vacation

We all have a dream of taking a vacation/holiday to the destination that has been a part of our dream. The more we think about it, the higher it attracts us towards itself. But, there are certain things that need to be managed in order to fulfil the dream of landing to our fantasy spot of vacation. Though planning the same might be a difficult task, but it can be done easily if we follow a particular path that leads us to a grand holiday and make magical memories. While you are thinking about your dream holiday, here is a list of steps that shall be followed.

  1. Stay Inspired: No matter how active you have been in planning to take your dream holiday, there will be a point of time when you get tired and stop trying. To reach your destination, you need to follow it and chase the same with all your power. Get inspiration from different bloggers, travelers, and people who have been able to reach your dream destination. Also, keep a track of all the things happening in and around the destination which will make you motivated and inspired to reach it one day.
  2. 1

  3. Use a Budget tool/Application: Of all the things that might become a hurdle between you and your destination, budget is the most important factor that could make you delay your vacation. In order to manage all your expenses and set a budget for your vacation, take the help of a budget tool which could save you from spending too much on other things apart from your dream vacation. There are many applications that can be installed on your smartphone which will make the process more convenient for you.
  4. 2

  5. Save Every Single Day: Saving a small amount of money from your everyday expenses will help you go for that much awaited vacation easily. Just like an ocean is made up of small drops of water, you too can save huge by sparing a penny every day. Not just this, you can save in a lot other ways too, such as walk instead of driving, prepare your office meals at home and pamper yourself at home instead of going to the parlour. With every step of all these things, you get closer to your vacation.
  6. 3

  7. Look for alternative sources of Income: Since it’s difficult to save big from your salary, so going for an extra source will surely help you to save lot more than that of the normal savings. Though you already have enough amount of money saved for your trip, but earning some extra can help you enjoy your vacation thoroughly. Look out for some stuff that can help you add to your vacation budget without any extra efforts. You can use some conventional methods to do the same.
  8. 4

  9. Save your Work bonuses: Yet another method that can make your dream vacation convert into reality is by saving that extra amount of bonuses which you get from your work in the form of bonus, rewards or appreciation. This therapy won’t only just help you save for your vacation, you can even apply it further in managing your daily expenses and creating a saving account which can be utilised at the time of any emergency or in the hour of need.


There are many more ways to clear the way to your dream destination and the last one can be finding cheap flight tickets and travel deals to your dreamland.

5 Signs That Make You the Worst Passenger on the Flight!

Traveling is always a fun-filled and adventurous activity that makes you feel elated. But does this fun make the co-passengers, air-hostesses and the flight attendants hate you? If yes, then here are the 5 reasons that make you the most hated/worst passenger on the flight. You might be so keen to read them, but they will surely be beneficial if at all you pay heed and follow them carefully.Follow the travel tips and enjoy a happy and enduring trip.

  1. You sit almost in the lap of the person behind you: No matter whether you are traveling in a business class cabin or an economy class, or on a long-haul or a medium-haul flight, you want to enjoy your journey with comfort. While doing so, you relax so much that sometimes you stretch your seat and unknowingly push it into the lap of the passenger sitting at your back. To avoid getting into this awkward situation, try to look around while relaxing and making yourself comfortable.
  2. sleep

  3. You smell bad: Bad breath, farts, and smelly feet are the few other reasons that could bring you in the bad books of the people. Make sure that you don’t remove your shoes if your feet are not cleaned or managed properly. Also, don’t eat any kind of food that gives you a bad breath and becomes a reason for the unexpected farts that make you the reason of being hated by everyone else in the flight.
  4. smell

  5. Your Kid is out of your control: Kids are usually feisty and love roaming around in joy. Most people love these type of kids unless they shout and sit on their nerves. If you are not able to take care of your kid and he/she is constantly annoying the passengers with their mischievous behaviour, then probably you will be the victim of the anger-filled stares of the whole plane. Take a control on your kids before they put themselves into an unexpected situation.
  6. kids

  7. You are loud: It is generally observed that people traveling with their family or friends talk too loud and disturb everyone else in the flight. Not only this, the loud music is another culprit that brings bad fame to you from others. So, it is advised to keep a check on the frequency of your voice and your earplugs too. You can save yourself from feeling ashamed of by keeping these small things in mind while traveling.
  8. loud

  9. Your Private things are Public: There are certain things that shall only be done in private, you definitely know what to do where and what not. Use your imagination here. This could include anything from picking at your bare feet to examining your split ends. You can get enough time for all this stuff after you are out of the flight, so think before you do as you are being watched many others.

ur things

You are traveling to your destination for a motive and would definitely not like to spoil your mood before reaching it. So, it’s better to follow a decorum that would not only help you to enjoy the journey, but will make the travel easier for the other commuters too.

America’s Top 10 Charming Cities!

America is home to many amazing and lively cities that can make you spell-bound. The vivid landscapes, beautiful sceneries, sandy and postcard-perfect beaches, colorful homes, rich cultural heritage and different food recipes make these cities all the more interesting and thus the curiosity to explore them all can rise while you go through the list of 10 most charming cities of America.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina: This city was founded in 1670 and is famous for its cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages, and some breathtakingly beautiful houses. The city dazzles with charm that will leave you awe-struck and you will definitely surrender your heart to it.
  2. Charleston, South Carolina

  3. Minneapolis/St. Paul: Minneapolis-St. Paul is a metropolitan area built around the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Crox rivers which is famous for its parks, gardens and the Minnehaha Falls stand on number 2 in the list of the most charming cities of America. The beauty of this city will make you wonder in joy.
  4. MinneapolisSt. Paul

  5. New Orleans, Louisiana: Located on the Mississippi River, the city is also known by the name “Big Easy”. The vibrant night-life, live music, exotic food cuisines including French, African and American cultures. The parades and public parties are enough to blow your mind away.
  6. New Orleans, Louisiana

  7. Providence: Being one of the oldest cities of America, Providence reflects the colonial past of the Rhode Island. The antique stores, art galleries, churches, waterfront homes and museums catch the eyes of the visitors towards them.
  8. Providence

  9. Washington, D.C.: The capital city of the nation holds its place in the top 10 cities due to its historical museums, iconic architecture, and performing centres. The charm of the city is impeccable and will leave you awestruck.
  10. Washington

  11. Portland: Portland is the largest city of U.S., located on the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. It has been given the nickname, ‘City of Roses’ and has a lot of dramatic landscapes and places that will amuse you.
  12. Portland

  13. Boston: The hometown of the American Revolution got big points for its commitment to historic buildings and highbrow culture. To experience its undeniable charm, you need to visit it soon and delve into its hidden vistas.
  14. Boston

  15. Chicago: One of the largest cities of the country, Chicago gets fame from its bold architecture, skyscrapers and museums. This windy city has a lot of spots that can make you wonder in surprise, but you need to visit it soon to know more about it.
  16. Chicago

  17. Kansas City: This Missouri city succeeded to grab its place in the top charming cities because of its amazing landmarks and architectures that attract a large number of tourists towards itself. It has also won an award for its peaceful and quite fountain that adds gem to its grace.
  18. Kansas City

  19. New York City: The Big Apple is known to be the heart of the country which has enormous sightseeing spots, a vibrant nightlife and a rich cultural heritage that attracts a large number of visitors from across the world. The city has to be in the list as the country cannot move further without its backbone.

New York City

All these cities have a large number of sightseeing, shopping and food stops that can make your trip all the more exciting and memorable. Book your travel with Travelation and get cheap flights to all of them.

5 Most Fascinating Castles of Europe

Castles might be the part of the fairy tales, but there are castles in real life too, that are no less than the ones in a fairy story. All you need to do is pack up your bag, book a flight to Europe and explore the astonishing castles that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. While you are planning to visit these fortified structures, take a look at the top 5 most fascinating castles of Europe to make your trip all the more memorable and worthwhile.

  1. The Palace of Pena: This historical palace/castle is located on the top of a hill, above the town of Sintra, which was built in the middle age. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Europe. It is considered to be one of the world’s best examples of nineteenth century Romantic architecture. Visit this alluring palace and experience the beautiful landscapes, and enjoy the country’s one of the most iconic and photographed monuments with your friends or family.
  2. The Palace of Pena

  3. The Alcazar Castle: The Alcázarof Segovia (literally, Segovia Castle) is a stone fortification, located in the old city of Segovia, Spain. It happens to be one of the most distinctive castle-palaces in Spain, which is formed with the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Clamores near the Guadarrama Mountains. The castle was thought to be prehistoric Celtic culture and later became a castle. Another reason of visiting the castle is that is has been an inspiration to Cinderella’s Castle. Visit soon to experience the charisma of this palace.
  4. The Alcazar Castle

  5. The Neuschwanstein Castle: This nineteenth-century built Romanesque Revival place is located on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Fussen in southwest Bavaria, Germany.  It is one of the most popular palaces and castles in Europe and shall be visited once to know the reason behind its name, The castle of the Fairy tale king. The palace has been seen very prominently in many movies and was the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. You can visit it with your best buddy or your family to experience its charm.
  6. The Neuschwanstein Castle

  7. The Hohenzollern Castle: Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral seat of the Imperial House of Hohenzollern, which is located on the Berg Hohenzollern and in the foothills of the Swabian Alps in Germany. It has been known by the name of ‘the most fortified house in Germany’ and also the “Crown of all Castles” in Swabia. You can visit this adventurous palace by easily booking a cheap flight to Germany. The amazing architecture of the castle will definitely leave you awe-struck.
  8. The Hohenzollern Castle

  9. Eilean Donan Castle: One of the most iconic castles in Europe, Scotland’s Eilean Donan Castle is recognized the world over from its appearances on postcards and in movies like the original   Visit it soon and enjoy the stark beauty of its surroundings, where three great lochs meet at the foot of an impressive mountain range. It has become an amazing tourist spot for visitors from all over the world. Book a flight to Scotland today and explore this incredible castle.

Eilean Donan Castle

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10 Most Important Safety Tips for Travelers

Traveling is an activity that includes exploring new places, people and spend time with your closed ones. It can be adventurous, fun-filled and full of excitement and sometimes scary too. There are a lot of things and situations that might spoil your vacation and put you into some trouble. Here is the list of the precautions/tips that should be taken while leaving for your trip that will benefit you in a huge manner.

Lock all your luggage carefully: While packing your bags for the trip, make sure that all the luggage which you are taking along, should be packed and locked in a very careful manner. Also, do not forget to check all your luggage before packing it so that you did not miss anything at the time of leaving from your vacation.


Keep a scan copy of your tickets & passport: To avoid any kind of problem, it is suggested that a scanned copy of passport and ticket shall be carried along for the trip. By doing this, you’ll never get stuck in any kind of awkward situation and you can enjoy your vacation smoothly.


Know about the place you are visiting: Take a step further and collect all the information about the place you are visiting. The local language, currency, hotels, transportation, etc. are the few important things that shall be checked while planning your trip as you never know about any unexpected situation which can spoil your trip.

knw about place

Do not carry jewellery and other luxury items: Traveling involves freely moving around and carrying a lot of things might hamper your fun during your vacation. It is better to keep the luggage less and luxury items like jewellery, cash, etc. shouldn’t be taken while going on the trip. The threat of losing them may even become a hurdle in exploring the destination you are traveling.


Carry extra phone/gadget: While packing up all the essential items, keep an extra mobile phone/gadget with you so that you can use the same in the case of any kind of emergency. Carrying an extra charger or a power bank can also prove helpful for you during your holiday.

extra phn

Keep a record of the flights and hotel: Before leaving, make sure that your flight is on time or the conveyance you are taking along is well maintained to avoid any kind of unavoidable circumstances. Also, confirm your stay with the hotel you have booked an accommodation so that there is no confusion and you can travel happily.


Choose your travel buddy carefully: Whether you are traveling with a friend or any acquaintance, it’s better to choose the travel buddy carefully as the success of your vacation on him/her.

travel buddy

Get a health check-up: Before going for a trip, get yourself medically examined by your family doctor to avoid any kind of hassles. Doing so will not only make you enjoy the vacation freely, but would also warn you about any kind of medical disorders that might happen during the journey.

health check up

Keep an eye on your belongings: No matter how carefully you have packed your luggage, there are chances you might lose them. To stay safe, keep a regular check on all your luggage and watch for any kind of problems. A simple mistake can put you in danger too.

eye on belonings

Travel Insurance: While you are leaving for your trip, do not forget to check or renew your travel insurance as you might get to use it in case of any emergency. If you do not have one, it is advised to buy one before heading to the trip so that nothing goes out of our hands even if there is any tragedy.

travel insurance

Keep all the things in mind and create a checklist to keep a track of them. To travel at highly affordable prices, do not forget to check cheap airfare deals on Travelation.