Top 5 Weekend Getaways for July!

Taking a break from the monotonous routine is a must to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Traveling and visiting new places is the best way to get rid of the stress and give a kick-start to a new phase. A quick getaway not only makes you happy, it also infuses new energy that charges up for the next week. Some people like to spend their weekend with family while others prefer to spend it with their friends. No matter what company you have along, there are some destinations that make a perfect escape for a weekend getaway. Relax, enjoy and spend some quality time with your loved ones by visiting them on a weekend. To ease your travel, we have picked top 5 destinations that should be on your bucket list for the next weekend getaway.

  1. Asheville, North Carolina: This largest city of Western North Carolina is home to a large number of scenic landscapes, incredible restaurants, artistic mountains and many more exciting things. Hike the trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoy the street performances of the local artists, visit the colorful art galleries, explore the wildlife or take a ride to the downtown market; this amazing city happens to be the perfect spot for your next getaway. Pack your bags and head to this amazing land on for your next break.
  2. Asheville, North Carolina

  3. Cannon Beach, Oregon: Famous for its long stretch of sandy beaches and beautiful state parks, Cannon Beach makes a perfect destination to spend a relaxing and memorable weekend. The visual treats of the beaches and mountains will make you forget all your worries and leave you awe-struck. All you need to do is, book a cheap flight to Portland and drive to this alluring city and spend a lazy weekend here with your favorite people. You’ll surely love to be here.
  4. Cannon Beach, Oregon

  5. Finger Lakes, New York: This bio-region is made up of a group of 11 long, narrow north-south lakes that are located in the west-central section of New York. The natural scenic beauty will take your heart away and you’ll like to spend some more time here. The region is steeped in history, and tradition that make it a popular tourist spot. From water sports to wineries, the Finger Lakes are truly an appealing destination that can take away all your stress and worries. To feel the charm, visit it soon and experience the magic yourself.
  6. Fingerr akes, New York

  7. Florida Keys, Florida:  The Florida Keys are a 112 mile long chain of islands that begin at the very bottom of Florida’s mainland. They are often referred to as America’s Caribbean. Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, The Lower Keys, Key West are the top attractions of this destination. The blue waters and fresh wind will freshen up your mood and make you feel in heaven. Delve into the beauty of these islands by planning a trip soon. You can easily book a cheap flight and fly to this incredible destination at affordable prices.
  8. Florida Keys, Florida

  9. Austin, Texas: The “live musical capital of the world” is one of the most popular and exciting destinations in the world. Legendary live music, a burgeoning restaurant scene and unique culture of this city make it the center of attraction for most of the visitors. The place has so much to explore that you just can’t get enough of it. Explore the elegance and the magnetic charm by visiting it yourself soon. Get a cheap flight to Austin to make your travel more convenient.
  10. Austin, Texas

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Some lesser known facts about the Eiffel Tower!

The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in France, Paris. This iron structure got its name from the engineer, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, whose company built and designed this amazing piece of architecture. It happens to be the tallest structure in Paris and one of the most recognisable towers in the world that witnesses almost 7 million visitors per year. It’s been 126 years that the tower got established, but there still are certain things and facts that have not been highlighted yet.

Here is the list that will tell you some amazing facts about Eiffel tower:

World’s Tallest Man-Made Architecture from 1889 to 1930: This 301 m high architecture was the tallest man made architecture for about 41 years until the completion of the Chrysler Building in New York in 1930.


126 Years of Establishment: The tower has recently completed its 126 years in March 2015 and became one of the oldest man-made architectures in the world.


It was built for a World Fair: The Eiffel Tower was actually made to be displayed in the Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) in 1889 but the architecture was liked by the visitors so much that they never removed it from its place.

It is painted after every 7 years: This tall and huge iron building is painted after every 7 years to protect it from rust. It takes almost around 60 tonnes of paint to do the same.


250 Million Visits till date: Since the day of its opening, the Eiffel Tower has seen around 250 million visitors till date.


7 Million Visitors per year:  Today the tower welcomes almost 7 million people a year, making it the most visited paid-for monument in the world.

Eiffel tower hates winters: The tower shrinks by about six inches in the cold weather.

Replicas all over the World: There are a number of other replicas around the world, including one in Las Vegas and one at the Window of the World theme park in Shenzhen, China.

Sparkling lights at midnight: The tower sparkles for five minutes on the hour, every hour, from nightfall until 1 am with the 20, 000 light bulbs that are 5,000 on each side. Photography is not allowed at all.


Panoramic view of Paris: Once you climb the tower, just wait for the right moment and you could experience an amazing view of the Paris city which will leave you awe-struck.


It is one of the most iconic structures in the world that symbolises love and romance. A visit to Paris is worthless if you don’t explore the Eiffel Tower and treat yourself to a magnificent architecture that happens to be the soul of the country. To make your experience all the more interesting and fascinating, watch the light shows in the midnight and feel the real charm of this place. Plan a trip soon to this beautiful city of lights, Paris and feel the love and romance in the air.

5 Most Romantic Islands of the World!

Traveling with your loved one is one of the best experiences of life. You get quality time to spend with each other, know each other and of course, make memories that can be cherished throughout your life. A romantic vacation needs to be spent at a place which makes the trip all the more exciting and enjoyable and islands make a perfect spot for the same. So, if you are planning a romantic vacation or going for your honeymoon, check out the list of the most romantic islands of the world and visit them to make your holiday worthwhile.

St. Lucia: Located in the eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is an island nation which is known for its beaches, mountains, rainforests with waterfalls, reef-diving sites and exotic resorts, it happens to be one of the most romantic islands of the world. Take your love to a cruise ship ride or get drenched in the showers of the amazing rains and waterfalls, the island will leave you awestruck. Put it on your bucket list and visit it with your loved one.

St. Lucia

Fiji: A country with more than 300 islands is famous for its blue-lagoon seas and the palm-shaped beaches. The private beaches of the South Pacific and the luxurious resorts make it a paradise on earth. Take your loved one to this amazing destination to strengthen the bond of your love and feel the love in the air. It is the perfect holiday destination that will make you both happy.


Bora Bora: Known as the honeymoon paradise, Bora Bora islands make the perfect vacation destination in the French Polynesia’s Leeward Islands. The glinting turquoise lagoon, dazzlingly white sandy stretches of beach and luxurious resorts will take your heart away. It is not more than a dream destination as it happens to be a magical island that attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. Plan a trip soon to delve into its lovable ambiance.

Bora Bora

North Bimini, Bahamas: The second most popular destination in the world, Bahamas happens to be heaven on earth. It hosts popular deep-sea fishing tournaments from March to September, and diving and snorkeling opportunities abound. The blue water waves of the beach will catch your eyes like a magnet and you will be overwhelmed with its charm. Spend quality time with our loved one to know more about this spellbinding destination.


Maldives: A haven in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is yet another popular choice of newly wedded couples from all over the world. Not just this, it is also an emerging spot for destination wedding, which is becoming popular among many couples. The white sand beaches and the turquoise waters of the beaches will make you feel like watching a dream. It is an artist’s palette that shall be explored surely with your loved one.


Add these romantic islands on your bucket list and visit them soon with your partner to feel the warmth of your love. You can book a cheap flight to these destinations and fly at ultra-low fares with Travelation’s exclusive Romantic travel deals.

Awe-Inspiring Pyramids from Around the World!

Taking a vacation involves a lot of planning, which involves finding the place to be visited and what kind of attractions could be seen there. Landscapes, beaches, Mountains, Castles etc. are the common sites that we like to explore while being on a vacation/holiday. But have you ever thought that exploring a Pyramid could take you the deep secrets of the history where you can know about its hidden vistas. While you plan your next vacation, consider paying a visit to any of these awe-inspiring pyramids that will leave you in the state of surprise. Check out the list of the Pyramids which you should visit on your next vacation:

    • Pyramid of Giza: One of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Pyramid of Giza are one amazing piece of architecture that can be found in Egypt. The pyramid is an awe-inspiring 139 meters (455 feet) high making it the largest pyramid in Egypt, although nearby Khafre’s Pyramid appears to be larger as it is built at a higher elevation. Add it to your bucket list and visit it the next time you are traveling to Egypt.

Pyramid of Giza

    • Luxor, Las Vegas: This Egypt-theme based building is actually a pyramid shaped hotel and casino resort which is located in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. The 30-story hotel will make you feel like exploring a real pyramid. Enjoy the exotic hospitality of this five star hotel along with the amazing architecture and casino by spending a vacation here. Book a cheap flight to Las Vegas today to live the charm of this alluring place.

Luxor, Las Vegas

    • Pyramid of Cestius in Rome: Likely built as a tomb for a wealthy citizen in 12 BCE, the Pyramid of Cestius illustrates the Roman obsession with Egyptian design and culture post-conquering. This Egyptian-style pyramid with a frescoed interior was built as a tomb for a rich Roman magistrate in 18 BC and has now become a tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. Put it on your travel list and visit soon.

Pyramid of Cestius in Rome

    • The Memphis Pyramid: Initially known as the ‘The Great American Pyramid’, Memphis Pyramid is located on the Mississippi river that pays homage to the Egyptian heritage. Built in 1991, the building is an incredible architecture that makes it worth visiting. Book a cheap flight today and land to this amazing place soon.

The Memphis Pyramid

    • Teotihuacan in Mexico: Teotihuacan was a Mesoamerican city which is located in the Mexico Valley is a historical site in the Mexico. Also, known as the ‘City of Gods’, it looks like pyramids which are named as the Pyramids of moon and Pyramids of Sun. The place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts a large number of visitors from all over the globe. Visit it on your next vacation to know more about the hidden vistas of Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan in Mexico

There are a large number of pyramids in the world that will leave you awestruck. Explore all of them to experience the grace and the beauty of architecture that have deep roots in the history.

6 American Destinations that you must see this summer!

Summer vacations are the time to escape from the monotonous routines to a fresh and energetic place that help us to enjoy and feel the joy of life. Visiting the same place again makes no sense and finding a new place is a big task that takes a lot of effort and time. But what if we told you that visiting a popular place in a different weather is an altogether a different experience. If you don’t believe us in this, then check out the list of the place that you need to must-see in America this summer:

Grand Canyon: Arizona’s Grand Canyon is a natural formation distinguished by its layered bands of red rock and its vast scale, averaging 10 miles across and a mile deep along its 277-mile length. With sweeping vistas, it’s a destination for hiking, mule rides, camping and aerial tours, plus whitewater rafting on the Colorado River. If you have visited it already then visit again this summer to enjoy a half-day and overnight mule treks run by various tour operators.

grand cayan

Golden Gate Bridge: This amazing architecture is an amazing place to experience the beauty of the nature while being on a road trip. About two hours north of Monterey, Highway 1 will take you to this bridge whose view leave you stunned. Pack your bags and take a road trip to recall the memories of the good old times and spend some quality time with your partner. The lovely weather of this place makes summer the perfect time to visit it.

Golden Gate

Magic Kingdom Castle: One of the four theme parks at the Walt Disney World is yet another wonderful place to visit in your summer holidays. Admiring Cinderella’s Castle, watching Princess Jasmine hug small children, and listening to the animatronic wax model of Abe Lincoln talk in the Hall of Presidents are the typical items on the agenda for Disney World visitors. The place is everything for its visitors, plan a visit soon to feel the charisma.

Magic Kingdom Castle

Times Square: This super-energetic place is the favorite spot for almost all the visitors. Lights, Camera and Action, all this happens in this exuberant place. One of the most intense straight-up celebration of round-the-clock visual stimulation in the free world can be seen at this place. Sit, watch and enjoy the various wonders around and make the best of your summer vacation by visiting Times Square soon.

Times Square

Las Vegas: This popular place in America is on the bucket list of almost every traveler. The neon-lit desert outpost of Las Vegas has a magnetic pull like no other. Every American ends up on the Strip sooner or later, whether for a bachelor party, a girlfriend getaway, a trade show, or a shockingly cheap hotel-and-airfare deal. The glass pyramids, faux Venetian canal, and Eiffel Tower replica, etc. are the major attractions of this destination.

las vegas

South Beach: Also known as SoBe, this neighbour city of Miami Beach never fails to capture all the tourists towards itself. Glamorously restored art deco and art moderne hotels dominate Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, which run parallel to the Atlantic. The summers of SoBe always draw a pretty crowd for people-watching along its ocean promenade and beaches.


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How to Prepare Your Cell Phone for a Trip!

Taking a vacation involves a lot of planning and managing various things. There are a number of things that need to be carried along for the trip, like gadgets, clothes, food, first-aid kit, etc. Apart from these basic stuff, another important thing is the mobile phone or cell phone. In this fast moving world, we all need a gadget that can be kept handy and use it in case of any emergency and to communicate with our loved ones. When it comes to traveling, and going on a vacation, the use of this gadget becomes all the more important and essential. Here are some tips that will make you understand about how to prepare your cell phone for a trip.

1. Examine your phone carefully: The basic step is to make sure that your mobile phone is working properly and it doesn’t have any kind of issues. While you are already done with the planning, keep an eye on your phone’s battery life, functionality and other settings so that it might not put in trouble during your trip. Also, do not forget to talk to your service operator so that you stay connected to all your near & dear ones, especially when you are traveling abroad.

a (1)

2. Carry an extra mobile phone/charger: To make yourself safe in any unforeseen circumstances, it is advisable to carry an extra mobile phone or a charger along. Doing this will help you save your mobile from overcharging it and hence you can protect it from any kind of breakdown. You can even take a USB charger or power bank to make your travel more convenient.


3. Consider a Text Package: Before leaving for your trip, get a text package for your phone. Calling usually involves an effort and extra charges, sending text messages is a good option. You can ask your operator to provide you the best offer which could help you in saving a lot of money.


4. Transfer all the data to a safe place: There can be situations where you might miss your mobile phone or need to take some important information into it. Transferring all the data before leaving for the holiday can help you secure it from any kind of loss.


5. Stock up your phone with apps: There are umpteen mobile apps that could prove very valuable on your trip. Download all the possible apps on your mobile before leaving for any trip as they will cost you more if you do it during your vacation.


There are many more things that can help you in taking care of your mobile phone and preparing it for the trip. All you need to do is be cautious about its use and keep it safe.

How to Make Father’s Day Special-Unique Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day- A unique occasion to show your care and love to the real superhero of our life, Your Dad. No matter how bad the situation may be, he has been struggling to give us the best despite of all the hardships. He has never complained and never asked for anything, but he deserves a lot more than our affection. This father’s day, celebrate the bond of your relationship with your father and make him realize his importance in your life. Father’s Day is just round the corner, so if you haven’t decided anything yet, check out our list of some unique gift ideas that you can give to your father on this special day. Don’t let this special day pass off like a normal one, make it different and special for him and for yourself too. Here are some ideas to make this day a memorable one:

1. Spend Quality Time Together: While materialistic things have occupied our lives so aggressively, we hardly find time to cherish the small things that make us happy. This Father’s Day dedicate all your time to your dad and spend quality time together. There cannot be a better gift than giving and sharing your time with your loved ones, so utilise this day in the best way and make it memorable for both of you. You can go out for a game, a long drive and even for a meal to make it more interesting.


2. Get him the latest Gadget: Since words are not always enough to thank someone so getting a unique gift for them is always a good idea. Make this father’s day amazing by getting him any latest electronic gadget. This gesture will not only make him feel special, but will make him proud of yourself, which again is an incomparable feeling. So, browse through the list of the newly launched gadgets and choose one that suits the personality of your loving dad.


3. Treat him with an Exotic Spa: The long and hectic routines make your dad restless and tired. Taking him to a Spa will make him feel fresh and rejuvenated, so fix an appointment to a luxurious spa and take your dad there on this special day to relax and unwind. This unique gift will not only make him feel good, but will charge him up for the next challenging days. You could surprise him with a head massage too, if he doesn’t likes to go for a spa.


4. Personalized Photograph Calendar/Collection: Collect all the old memories and photographs of your dad with his friends and family and combine them all in an album or a collage. Gift him this collection of good memories and let him feel nostalgic and happy. You could even create a calendar with all the photographs and keep them changing with the months, this would surely make him elated and seeing him smile is all your motive.


5. Travel to his favorite Place: Nothing can be better than taking your dad to his favorite place for a vacation and let him enjoy it thoroughly. This way you can spend more time together and also make him feel happy. So, what’s the delay then? Book a flight to his favorite destination today and grab discounts on your travel. You can take advantage of Travelation’s Father’s Day Sale that consists of cheap flight deals to a large number of destinations.


You can make your father happy in numerous ways, all you need to do is think about a unique way. But if you don’t find any, the above mentioned ideas are enough to make Father’s Day happy for you and your dad both.

The Fourth of July as the US Independence Day

The fourth of July is the Independence Day of the United States. It is one of the major holidays in the country which commemorates the declaration of Independence of the U.S from Great Britain. The day is also referred to as ‘Fourth of July’ and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, political speeches and ceremonies are the common sights on this day that are being done in lieu of celebrating this special day.

History behind the Independence

The Declaration of Independence of the United States from Great Britain took place on July 4, 1776. Two days before its declaration, the Second Continental Congress voted to approve the resolution proposed by Virginia’s Henry Richard Lee. His resolution suggests the Declaration of Independence of the United States from Great Britain.

After the resolution to declare independence won, the Congress formed a Committee of Five, which was headed by Thomas Jefferson, to write the Declaration of Independence. It was only after two days that the Congress agreed on the final version of the Declaration and copies were circulated to be viewed by the public.

Some of the forms of the Declaration of Independence were printed on broadsides by John Dunlop on night of July fourth. Of the estimated 200 copies that were printed, only 26 copies survives up to this time. The most popular copy of the Declaration of Independence is the parchment or the engrossed copy, which is on display at the National Archives. This is the signed copy and has the title “The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America.”

Some of the historians believe that it was on August 2 when most of the delegates signed the document.


Customs of Celebrating the Independence Day

Independence Day is considered as a federal holiday in the United States and is celebrated with great passion and devotion by all the residents. The morning of July 4 has parades that feature the red, white and blue colors of the American flag. Fireworks displays take place at the parks and squares during the evenings. Many people take advantage of this holiday by planning a vacation with their family and friends and celebrate the day in a unique way.

Families often celebrate Independence Day by hosting or attending a picnic or barbecue and take advantage of the day off and, in some years, long weekend to gather with relatives. Decorations (e.g., streamers, balloons, and clothing) are generally colored red, white, and blue, the colors of the American flag. Parades are often in the morning, while fireworks displays occur in the evening at such places as parks, fairgrounds, or town squares.

The day holds an important place in the history and among the citizens of the country too. Since everyone has a different way of celebrating the Independence Day; the states and cities of the U.S adopt different ways to show their spirit of patriotism and make it special in their own way. This special day shall be celebrated in a special way as it is a matter of proud for all the citizens of the country.

Your Travel Guide to Hawaii

Hawaii, an isolated volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, which is famous for its islands, beaches, waterfalls and lush landscapes is an amazing destination top spend a vacation. It has been an attraction for tourists from all over the world. But Hawaii is much more than the beaches, luxurious hotels, resorts and islands. The impeccable beauty of this place will make you feel like being in heaven. Whether you are taking a trip with your family or friends, here is the guide that will help you explore the best of Hawaii. :

1. Exploring the islands: Maui, Oahu and Kauai are the major islands of the state that are renowned for their alluring beauty, amazing atmosphere, pristine beaches, waterfalls and the astonishing sights. A trip to Hawaii can never be complete without exploring these islands and taking a ride into the deep historical past. The magical aura of these islands will take your heart away and leave you stunned with surprise. Plan a visit soon to experience the invincible illusion that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.


2. Snorkel to view bright corals, tropical fish, and sea turtles: Located in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is surrounded by water from all the sides. The blue water of the beaches are rich in corals, and marine life which makes them a perfect place for scuba diving. Delve into the underwater world and watch the Green Hawaiian Turtle in its natural habitat, tropical fishes and the vibrantly colored reef formations. Snorkelling is the number one activity that should be done while being in Hawaii. Book a tour to Hawaiian Islands and witness the diverse marine life.

Sea tuctle

3. Whale Watching: Get ready for one of the most magical experiences in Hawaii, and book a whale watching tour on your next vacation in the Pacific Islands. Whale watching is yet another great thing to do while being in Hawaii. Watch the great North Pacific Humpback Whales in action during their migration to the Hawaiian waters. Experience the awe-inspiring moment and feel the smell of ocean, dancing whales and the blue waters of the deep ocean. Spending your time here makes your trip to Hawaii worthwhile.

Whale Watching

4. Sightseeing: There are definitely a lot of places that are perfect from the point of sightseeing. The breathtaking beauty of Hawaiian Islands encompasses a large area covered with dramatic mountain ranges, turquoise and deep azure ocean scenes, tropical valleys, diverse landscapes and natural wonders. You just can’t afford to miss this golden opportunity of treating your eyes with the incredible views of the nature’s treasures. Explore all the nearby areas, know the locals, taste the island food and enjoy your vacation at this alluring place.

Sight Seeing

5. Beach Hopping: With a huge range of beaches, Hawaii happens to be the perfect spot for beach hopping. One of the best parts about visiting Hawaii is exploring beaches and sightseeing en route. Enjoy an array of super fun beach activities and ocean adventures in Hawaii. Swimming with the dolphins, building sand castles, light snorkelling and enjoying the sun bath are the popular activities that could be done while being at the most amazing island on the earth. Plan a trip with friends or family to get soaked into the waves of the best beaches.

Beach hopping

It is surely a wonderful destination to be at, follow this travel guide to Hawaii and enjoy your vacation thoroughly. To make your trip even memorable, book your flight with Travelation and grab huge discounts on your travel.

Top 5 Beach Resorts of Florida!

Florida- the Sunshine state has an amazing and exquisite range of beaches that are surrounded by extravagant resorts. Whether you are planning a getaway with your loved one or, seeking some relaxing moments to introspect, Florida’s beach resorts are the best place to be at. Check out our exclusive list of the top beach resorts of Florida and escape from the normal routine to a luxurious and blissful stay.

Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach, Miami: Located on the Sunny Isles beach, this Mediterranean-style resort is spread in around 4.5 miles of beachfront area. Being among the top beach resorts of Florida, it provides a world-class variety of spas, outdoor pools, private beach, etc. it is an amazing destination which is present at a distance of a few minutes from Hollywood, Miami Beach and South Beach. Its private beaches allow you to enjoy various activities such as swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling, golfing, scuba diving, boating, windsurfing, tennis and more. Spend an exuberant vacation at this attractive destination with your loved ones and make beautiful memories.


Atlantic Resort & Spa, Fort Lauderdale: A four-star luxury resort located near the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean is another amazing beach resort that adds the charm to the list. This pristine resort is situated in an easily accessible location that attracts a large number of visitors. Restaurants with incredible beach views, exotic spas, outdoor pool with bar are the major amenities of this resort. Spend a vacation here and enjoy activities like swimming and boating as well as nearby recreation such as golf, volleyball, tennis, windsurfing, water skiing and fishing. Relax, unwind and rejuvenate yourself by spending some leisure time at this wonderful place.


The Resort at Longboat Key Club, Florida: Spread across 5 buildings, this elegant golf course resort is 1.7 miles from upscale shopping at St. Armands Circle. The holistic views of the Florida beach will blow your mind away. Elegant rooms with private balconies, feature free Wifi, spa, sauna and steam bath are the basic amenities that you get while staying here. Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of our resort as you take in the warmth of Sarasota while relaxing poolside and sipping custom cocktails delivered right to your chair. Relish lip-smacking dishes and sip your favorite while sitting along the pool side.


Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge, Orlando, Florida: This bay hill club and lodge is a private golf resort located in Bay Hill, Orlando, Florida. Olympic-size pool, salon, spa, suites, tennis courts, golf club and many more amenities. All that you need for making your vacation worth spending is available at this wonderful destination. Cherish the beauty of the beach or spend some time on the golf course, you just can’t get enough of this place. Book your stay now and give yourself a break from your tiresome routine.


Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Lake Buena Vista: Set around the edges of the man-made Seven Seas Lagoon, this upscale South Pacific-themed resort is 2 stops from the Magic Kingdom via Disney’s free monorail and can also be accessed by water taxi. Across the lagoon from the Magic Kingdom® Park, Disney’s Polynesian Resort transports guests to the tropics with its lush gardens, white-sand beaches, and freeform pool with slide and waterfall. You will feel like being almost in the South Seas. The beautifully decorated rooms and the amazing sights will make you feel in heaven. Get into your holiday mood and land to this alluring destination to experience it yourself.


Though there are many more resorts that can be explored while being on the Florida beaches, but you need to visit them once to feel the magic yourself.