Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural event, which is celebrated on 17 March each year. Dedicated to the holy saint, St. Patrick, it commemorates the entrance of Christianity in Ireland and being recognized as an important part of the country. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Republic of Ireland and happens to be one of the most amazing events of the country.

This amazing event also has importance in several other countries, including the Australia, New York, Canada and many other states of the U.S. This cultural feast day is also celebrated with a glee by the Catholic missionaries and several other communities who have put in their efforts to make it a federal holiday. Since the day holds utmost importance in the history and culture, the traditions and celebrations are also grand during this occasion. So, if you are planning a getaway on this holiday, here are the top places you can visit to spend your vacation and witness the celebrations of the St. Patrick’s Day.

    St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Dublin, Ireland: The capital city of Ireland, Dublin happens to be an amazing place to witness the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day. Parades, live music events, traditional dance performances and many more cultural things can be explored while being here during the weeklong celebrations. A visit to Dublin during this festival will also help you in knowing about it’s rich historical heritage.

  2. New York: The lively culture and vibrant nightlife of this city is something that makes it an ideal spot to spend a vacation at. The presence of numerous Irish Americans in this city is the reason that the St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with great zeal here. The cultural events, parades and social gatherings are the main attractions of the celebration during this festival.

  3. Boston: Boston is yet another destination where you can make the most of the St. Patrick’s holiday. It is one of the first American cities to commemorate the day and hence the celebrations are on a huge level. With many Irish groups giving their performances, the city becomes a beautiful place where you can have endless fun and feel delighted.

  4. Chicago: Patrick’s Day celebrations in Chicago makes the city dressed up like a gorgeous celebrity. The Chicago River is dyed with green color and made to look like an emerald. Parades, dance performances, cultural activities and many lively events can be experienced during the celebrations. Overall, the celebrations are awesome and will make you enjoy it to the most.

  5. Buenos Aires: Last but not the least, our list comes to an end with the part capital of Argentina that becomes an awe-inspiring and stunning destination during the festival. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Buenos Aires include traditional games, carnivals, parades, food feasts and partying all night. If you are planning to visit it during the holiday, you’ll not be bored at all.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is just round the corner and you have the whole list of where to see the celebrations, book a cheap flight soon and create magical memories.

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