Exploring the Culture and History of India

Emerging as a major economy against all odds, India is one of the most fantastic getaway destinations and have been visited by millions of tourists from every part of the world every year. Though, the modern culture and exquisite variety of religions have given the nation a vibrant outlook, but if you are a history lover, you will enjoy exploring the past of the nation more than anything. The history of India dates back to the Neolithic Age and there are a number of traces that can back the theory. The country has witnessed various eras from Mughals to Cholas, British and many more which has given the country many cultural features that now have become a part of the entire civilization. So, if you have been thinking to explore the rich history of the India, then here are the best cities that can help you in exploring the culture and history of India:

  1. Ayodhya


The history of Ayodhya goes back to the ancient age and is prominently associated with the Lord Rama of Hindu Mythology. Nestled on the banks of the holy river of Ganges, Ayodhya is known to be the birth place of the 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and is presently a major pilgrimage for the Hindu devotees. The premises of the Ram Janam Bhumi known as the biggest historic site in the city and you can easily find many more ancient temples, forts and many more ancient sites that are spread across the entire city. Presently, this small town is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh of India and is massively visited by the local as well as international tourists. If you want to see the best of the city, then plan a visit around the season of fall when the festival of lights “Deepawali” takes place and the entire city blooms with decorations, colorful lights and festivities.

  1. Hampi


The state of Karnataka is the home of the Dravida civilization and if you think you need to visit a place that is rich in terms of archaeology, then you must plan your visit to the Hampi. The entire premises are noted as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as a major pilgrimage in this part of India. The ancient temples that are structured in unbelievable way are the biggest highlights of the region. The exquisite range of ancient ruins, attractions and giant structures are the traces of the prosperous era of the Vijayanagar Kingdom. Today, thousands of tourists from across the world visit here to witness the remarkable architectures of this place along with a massive number of devotees who come on a pilgrimage to take the blessings in the Virupaksha Temple which is the biggest highlight of this entire region.

  1. Khajuraho


The centermost state of India, Madhya Pradesh has been the home of many spectacular historical cities and if you are looking for something that is purely about the ancient heritage, then you must pay a visit to the Khajuraho. With many sculptures and ancient architectures that goes back to the 500 AD, this place is full of fabulous ancient marvels. From enthralling wide temples to the carving on the walls, rocks and floors, every bit of Khajuraho is simply mind-blowing and will give the history lovers tons of data to look forward. The array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites here are really astonishing and will offer you some marvelous range of carvings on the structures made out of sand stone.

  1. Nalanda


The era of Gupta Dynasty is known to be one of the most significant, dramatic and oldest timelines in the history of India and has treasured many exquisite tales associated with it that made the modern era really beautiful and paid a major role in forming the Indian subcontinent. And there is hardly any place better that can depict the rich history of the Gupta dynasty than the Nalanda. Located perfectly in the state of Bihar with a proximity from the state capital Patna, Nalanda is a fantastic combination of spirituality, history and incredible architecture. This part of India is also the home of one of the most successful universities of all time Nalanda University that is globally famous for being a major hub to learn the spirituality and culture of the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

  1. Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri

Not so far away from the national capital Delhi, the small town of Fatehpur Sikri is known to be the treasure of history in India. A prominent hub that has preserved the remains from Mughal era, this town has become a prominent tourist hub as well as an eye-candy for the history explorers. Despite being at a proximity from one of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri is quite a majestic place and is visited by thousands of tourists every day. The massive complex of the fort is really mind-blowing and can be spotted from a distance. Additionally, here you can find many historical artefacts as well as tales about the Mughal emperor Akbar who was the founder of the fort and made it a massive place for his day to day activities whilst being close to the national capital.

India is filled with ample of historical places that span from the stone age till the modern era and if you are a history buff, you can easily gain the access of all of these places by simply traveling across India. Though, the array of historic places is so broad, that it will take the entire lifetime to discover all the places, but if you are zealous enough towards the rich history of India, you can spend all the time you want to find the best places suitable to your preferences for a mesmerizing getaway experience. All you need to do is consider Travelation and book your international flight tickets and fly your way to India for some of the best history exploration of your life.

Your Travel Bucket List for 2018

Every year, most of us take the resolution of traveling even more than usual and cover the places we have been keeping in our travel bucket list for a very long time. However, there are a lot of other people who make their travel bucket list annually and try to cover all the places mentioned in that list to make the year more memorable. Since 2018 has begun already and we have covered nearly one-fourth of it without any special journey, here are the places that you can add in your travel bucket list for 2018 and make this year a magnificent one by adding new and outstanding experiences in your life. So, check out our list of places to visit in 2018 and try to visit as many as you can to witness the fantastic diversity of the world in this year.

shutterstock_428664889 (2)

  1. Bhutan

Nestled on the foothills of Himalayan mountain range, Bhutan is among the most promising places in the entire Asian continent that is majorly based on the traditional culture and Buddhist lifestyle. A remote country neighboring the India, Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh, Bhutan has plenty of things to offer. From pristine valleys to Buddhist monasteries, fabulous mountains, charming water bodies and more, this place will give you a perfect and refreshing getaway experience.

  1. Cognac

The small commune of the France, prominently known for its vineyards and exquisite settings, Cognac is a splendid place to understand the traditional culture of the French region whilst exploring the remarkable heritage and awe-inspiring lifestyle that is connected with the roots since the beginning. Not so famous among travelers, this place can give you a spectacular off-beat getaway experience in the European continent.

  1. La Paz

Mexican region is widely famous for its modern lifestyle and upbeat culture, but there are certainly a few places that are serving even greater pleasures. La Paz is known to be among the most promising resort cities in the Baja California region and can be a perfect fit for tourists seeking some beach escape with the near and dear ones. Along with warm waters that are perfect for whales to breed, La Paz has many more attributes that will surely be perfect for a splendid getaway experience.

  1. Adelaide

Australia has plenty of picturesque cities, but if you are looking for place that can give you more pleasure with less crowd, go for the Adelaide. The sprawling city nestled on the incredible shoes of the Southern Australia, Adelaide is the home to many superlative features of the country. From wide range of flora and fauna to thriving culture and extravagant lifestyle, everything in Adelaide is just perfect.

  1. Tallinn

The capital of Estonia is not so famous among travelers flying their way to the Europe, which makes it a deserving place to explore as a traveler. The rich history treasured in the Gothic architecture and medieval alleys are the most promising things you will find in here. Additionally, the laid-back culture that complements the weather conditions here will be the most wonderful delight for you to enjoy.

  1. Krakow

When we speak of Poland, most of the people think of the capital Warsaw and often overlook the beautiful and historically rich city of Krakow. The medieval quarters that can relate with the picturesque architecture of Czech Republic, Krakow has many awe-inspiring attractions to offer. Additionally, with its wide range of scenic attractions wrapped by modern landmarks, you can have the most spectacular getaway experience with your near and dear ones.

  1. Bristol

Nestled perfectly on the River Avon, Bristol is among the most underrated British cities and if you have been to the England many times before and haven’t visited this beautiful city, then you must give Bristol a shot. The maritime history wrapped by the refreshing landscapes and spectacular cityscape, this place is a seamless combination of nature, culture and modern lifestyle. Additionally, the variety of galleries and museums will keep you entertained throughout your journey.

  1. Hunan

Many people find China as a place that is either flooded by the population or have places with temples and monasteries. However, if you want to escape that perception, you must plan your visit to the Hunan province. The region is prominently known for being the home of Zhangjiajie which is a marvelous canyon of sandstone peaks carved by the Mother Nature. Additionally, the amazing and surreal variety of natural landscapes here will expose the bizarre yet beautiful artistry of the nature spilled around the globe.

  1. Ras Al-Khaimah

When thinking of traveling to the Middle-East region, all people can think of is about either Dubai or the Abu Dhabi, but there is certainly much more treasured under the cloak of the rugged mountains and wide deserts. Ras Al-Khaimah is among the most promising and opulent resort towns in the Emirates that you must visit at least once. With its proximity from the Dubai, this place has recently become a major tourist spot. So, if you need a beach escape, Ras Al-Khaimah will be a great option for you.

  1. Anchorage

For those who want to start on domestic level or try to avoid any long-haul flight, can begin their share of exploration from the tempting conurbation of Anchorage. The bewitching city of the State of Alaska, Anchorage is widely famous for its snowy terrains and majorly visited by the adventure seekers. However, in recent years, the city has become even more delightful for other sort of travel interests and have plenty of attributes to share with its guests visiting Alaska for the first time.

If you love to travel, then finding new places every now and then will surely give you the most pleasant experience of your life. And there is any way better than preparing yourself a travel bucket list for some spectacular getaway experiences whilst looking forward to some new adventures that can make your life even more thriving. So, this year, travel the world and explore the places that are noted to be among the finest and have the best time of your life by following the places mentioned above. You can also consider the services of Travelation to get your tickets booked as we are proudly offering the most mind-blowing range of worldwide flight deals that cover the most promising and picturesque places you may ever wanted to visit.

Discovering the charm of Key West

The small island town of the state of Florida, best known for its bewitching sandy coasts and happening lifestyle, Key West is one of the most popular and captivating beach getaway destinations in the entire USA. Visited by all sorts of travelers from almost every age group, the distinct neighbor of the Miami, Key West is moreover considered as the load-sharing city of the Miami and giving tourists a massive range of fun and adventure during their voyage. Though the quircky charm of Key West has been quite famous among most of the tourists, there are still a big number of people who are still unaware of the qualities Key West is furnished with and to give those some inspiration, we are discovering the charm of Key West:
Discovering the charm of Key West

  1. Best time to visit Key West

When it comes to Key West, there is no off season for the city as the winters are quite popular among party lovers and summers are absolutely gorgeous and loved by the international travelers. The remaining time also keeps on pouring tourists especially families and couples to enjoy the fewer crowd compared to the winters and gives more accessibility to the captivating beaches. However, if you are looking for the perfect time to visit here, you can plan your trip between October end and first half of December as well as between April and May which are comparatively less crowded and give you more affordable and amazing getaway experience in this small city of the state of Florida.

  1. Places to visit in Key West

Despite being a small town of Florida, Key West is featured with a massive number of attractions. Places like Florida Keys, Sunset Keys, Oldest House in Key West, Custom House, Yankee Freedom, Bahama Village, Turtle Cannery Museum, Key West Firehouse Museum, Western Union, Mallory Square, Ernest Hemingway House, Key West Light House, Dry Tortugas National Park, Audubon House and Tropical Gardens, Smarthers Beach and many more places that are really gorgeous to explore and to understand the rich history, culture, natural diversity and lifestyle of the locals. Additionally, there are a bunch of other small attractions scattered across the city that are associated with many and interesting tales.

  1. Things to do in Key West

Though the most interesting thing to do in Key West is nothing and lie down at the sandy beaches to soak up some sun, there are a number of tourists that like to explore the city and do plenty of things. Don’t worry, there are always a lot for everything and you can easily find a bunch of things to do and keep yourself busy while on a holiday in Key West. Strolling around the Bahia Honda State Park, exploring the Crane Point Museum, Custom House, Dagny Johnson Key Largo State Park and Dolphin Research Center are a few of the things you can do in Key West. Additionally, the most important thing to do in Key West is to explore the beaches as most of the beaches in Key West are somehow related with a rich past and there are loads of stories to hear from the natives to know about the specialty of the city.

  1. Shopping and lifestyle scene of Key West

When it comes to shopping, though you won’t be able to find massive malls like Orlando and giant markets like Miami, but there are always plenty of shops and small shopping complexes scattered across the city. if you are a shopping lover and can’t resist yourself from some shopping, head towards the Petronia Street, Front Street, Duval Street, Greene Street, Peacock Plaza, Fleming Street, Fitzpatrick Street and Roosevelt Boulevard to find some quality shopping markets and shops. When it comes to the nightlife, the city of Key West can easily match with the charming party city of Miami. To find the best bars and pubs in the city, you can make your way to Duval Street, Whitehead Street, Greene Street, Ann Street and surrounding areas. The Duval Street is known to be the hub of the nightlife and you can easily find some quality pubs and bars for sorts that can go easy on your pocket as well.

  1. Essential Information about Key West

Key West shares less rain, warmer winters and cooler summers as compared to the mainland of Florida, however, during the hurricane season, the warnings come through more often. So, it is always advised to check with the local news and tourism departments about the weather conditions as per your travel dates before booking. When it comes to driving around the city, it is really hard for the outsiders as the parking in Key West is really expensive and during the peak tourism season, the rental cars and local tourists flocks the road more often. Visiting here is easy as the buses, boats, cars and flights all connect the mainland of Florida with Key West. The city of Key West is comparatively safer for tourists, but it is always advised to follow the general precautions to be safe during the odd hours.

Key West is a complete package of a beach destination and if you have been seeking a picture perfect beach holiday, there is hardly any place that can cover more attributes than the Key West. From the modern lifestyle to the generous locals, exquisite beaches and spellbinding culture, everything here in Key West is beyond excellent. So, if you believe that the city of Key West can be your next beach getaway destination, then hold no more and consider the services of Travelation to take the advantage of domestic flight deals available with us for a bewitching getaway with great savings.

Enthralling Exploration of Park City

Nestled in the eastern region of the Salt Lake City, known for its dusty snow and loads of picturesque valleys and mountains, Park City is among the most promising and captivating getaway destinations in the state of Utah. Ideally visited by the adventure lovers for impeccable skiing experiences, Park City is known to be ideal for everyone and gives tourists a superlative delight that is rare to be found elsewhere. Featured with wide stretched farms, variety of mountains, resorts, ski slopes and much more, this small yet beautiful city has almost everything for a beautiful vacation with your near and dear ones. So, here we are with the best of this gorgeous city of Utah and giving you the best ways to have an enthralling exploration of Park City:
Domestic Flights

  1. When to visit Park City

The locals have mentioned many times that there is no off season in the Park City and no matter when and how you plan a trip here, you will always enjoy as much as you have imagined while planning. The winters are ideal for snow sports enthusiasts when the Alps and snow capped mountains welcome tourists from across the USA and offer a marvelous array for winter sports. The skiing resorts remain flocked during the winter season which last till the end of the April. The summers here are absolutely gorgeous too as the water sports lovers have the best time at the water bodies and streams covering a massive area of Wasatch region and offer array of scenic activities including fishing, boat ride, canoeing, rafting, swimming and more. The ideal time for budget travelers are the spring and fall when the fewer crowd leave the places available and offer a panoramic delight of both snowy and summer season.

  1. Best attractions in Park City

Park City is a massive collection of both natural and cultural places that cover a massive land mass of the city. With places like Deer Valley, Canyons Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, Museum of Photography, Park City Museum, Utah Olympic Park, Jordanelle State Park, Wasatch Mountain State Park, Brighton Ski Resort, The Alf Engen Ski Museum, Swaner EcoCenter, Town Lift, Empire Pass and many more places, you can have the most splendid time here and enjoy a picturesque getaway experience with your near and dear ones. Additionally, there are loads of local attractions that can easily be visited by the tourists and can give you something you can’t find in any travel guide.

  1. Things to do in Park City

Park City is the home of many adventurous and exquisite activities and adventure lovers have found the Park City as the Mekka for adventures that can give them the most impeccable and spellbinding experience without much efforts. The Alps of the Park City are known to be the world-class slopes for skiing experiences and you can easily find a number of skiing resorts to enjoy such delights in the winter season. The summers are known to be famous for an array of water sports which include but doesn’t limit to the sailing, surfing, diving, swimming, paddling, canoeing, rafting and many more activities that are really outstanding. The Wasatch region is also famous for its fall season that can easily rival the fall season of the New England and can offer the most majestic experience to the love birds.

  1. Shopping and Nightlife Scene in Park City

Though the Park City doesn’t have as beautiful and vast marketplaces as you can find in the Salt Lake City and many more places in the United States, but if you love to shop while traveling, you will definitely find a number of places that can interest you. With shopping areas like 7-Eleven, Alaska Fur Gallery, Alpaca International, Alpine Distilling, Atticus Coffee and many more shopping markets in the main street, you can easily fill your cart and enjoy great shopping experience. The nightlife of the Park City is really stunning as people doesn’t wait for the dusk to hit the pubs and enjoy the nightlife. There are loads of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants in the Park City that can give you some quality booze and delicious meals with quality music before the dusk. Go to the Main Street and Marsac Avenue to find the best suitable nightlife hub as per your preferences and you can enjoy a great time here in Park City.

  1. Essential Information

Visiting the Park City isn’t difficult as most of the flights operate to the Salt Lake City International Airport which is less than 40 miles away from the Park City. Once you reach to the Salt Lake City, you can easily find the best suitable transport for your following voyage to reach Park City. When you are in Park City, strolling around is really easy as most of the attractions are close to each other and the effective local transport system is efficient enough to connect one place with other with ease. The weather conditions at the high altitude are known to be unpredictable and tourists are advised to stay prepare for change in weather without any further notice.

Park City is a complete package of laid-back, adventurous and luxurious budget friendly getaway destination that has been giving tourists a spellbinding delight for years. With its fine array of natural landscapes and a variety of bewitching attractions, Park City has been stealing the hearts of tourists from the rest of the world. So, if you too love to be in the adventurous surroundings that can give peace to the mind and body whilst savoring on the impeccable delights and refreshing experiences, then book your domestic flights to Park City with Travelation today and start pouring in massive savings on flight fares and make your next getaway memorable.

5 Ways to make luxury travel more affordable

While planning a vacation or an escape to any destination, the biggest concern in everyone’s mind is the budget which keep us back from exploring the places to the fullest and enjoying our heart out. Traveling is all about gaining new experiences and the best way to earn the same is if you try almost everything which definitely includes luxurious experiences. However, it is a common misconception that luxurious traveling experience will break your bank for sure. Although, it might be true to some extent, but if you plan everything smartly and act at the right time in the right direction, it is really possible that you can easily save more on such experiences. So, here we are with 5 best ways to make luxury travel more affordable:

  1. Save for big budget

Save for big budget

The key to start traveling and keep on traveling is to know when and where you can save your money and how to keep your budget well-toned for your next voyages. Since, the traveling has a major part to do with the expenses including the airfares, hotel expenses and more, it is important for you to start saving money. The best way to do the same is to follow some basic methods of saving in daily life including the art of cooking, using public transport more often, downgrading your internet plans, start keeping low profile and many more ways. Once you get used to these daily habits, you can open a different saving account and stash your savings from all these efforts in that account and try to avoid using it for any other purpose.

  1. Book early

Book early

The internet is flooded with the articles, posts and blogs stating that booking your flights and hotels early are the key to save more on your travel expenses and the statement is absolutely true. Many frequent travelers and passionate nomads are found planning their trips months in advance and booking their itinerary with the best agencies and policies as per their needs. The early booking process help you to catch the airfare and hotel prices and lock them when the prices are at the estimated lowest. Be noted that waiting for lowest fare may cost you more unless you are aware of the lowest possible price of the ticket and hotel prices that can come across to you in the near future.

  1. Understand unnecessary expenses

unnecessary expenses

Once you leave to your destination, the most important thing to have a luxurious travel experience is to know which expenses are necessary and which won’t affect your trip in any way. While traveling, keeping some savings for better experiences will give you a better and memorable trip and if you start wasting money on the things and activities that are not as good as you may think, you are loosing your valuable budget for no reason. Hence, you must understand the expenses that are good and the one that are bad and try to minimize the bad expenses. Some of the spending that are waste of money while traveling are shopping for branded products, drinks of expensive and international brands, booking hotels extremely close to the city center or the prominent attraction and many more of the same nature.

  1. Become a group traveler

Group Travel

Many people say that the best experience of traveling can be treasured when you are traveling with other travel enthusiasm. And the same nature of traveling can also help you to save even more while you travel. Luxurious traveling can include staying in a big apartment or individual property and if you are traveling with 2-3 families, then you can easily rent the villa or the property for you all and can split the cost within families. This will cost you way less than a luxurious hotel and will definitely give you a mesmerizing, memorable and luxurious getaway experience. Additionally, you can easily save on airport transfers, arrange a group sightseeing tour and many more experiences that will cost way less than arranging experiences for individual.

  1. Become tech-savvy

Become tech-savvy

In the era of digital world, the key to success in any trade is to know how to utilize the technology and the very same technology can help you to have a ravishing and thriving getaway experience for less. Opt for hotel loyalty programs, airline travel miles, credit card credit points, coupons, offers and many more things that come across to you on daily basis, but you never consider them seriously as they don’t make a difference as a solo. However, once you put all the efforts in one direction, you can easily save a good fortune and can still have an opulent getaway experience. Opt for newsletters, sign-up for cashback schemes, apply for credit cards that can give you more loyalty programs as well as access to the airport lounges and more.

Planning every move and executing every step of planning at the right time is the key to success in every direction and traveling is definitely not an exception in it. Luxurious travel require either your best foot forward or the best bill from your bank account and if you play smartly and plan everything wisely, you will surely be able to save yourself from the hefty bills of credit card whilst savoring on the incredibly luxurious experiences. So, if you are ready to gain some quality delights, then book your next getaway with Travelation and take the advantage of discounted first class travel deals that are absolutely perfect and the most important step to have a luxurious experience with great savings.

Best Easter Celebrations in the USA

As the holiday week of Easter is coming closer, you must be wondering of how you are going to celebrate this giant festival. Once used to be a religious festival, Easter has now become a hot favorite festival that is more than a cultural event rather than religious ritual. Celebrated across the globe, Easter too is a fantastic time to cherish some crazy moments with your near and dear ones whilst savoring on the delicious delicacies as a part of the ritual. Hence, today, we are bringing to you the most prominent and best Easter celebrations in the USA that will surely give you a mesmerizing delight that will remain in your memories forever.


  1. New York City

Easter in New York City is really stunning and enjoyable. Activities that are perfect for both kids and adults will give you a mesmerizing delight and bring back all the childhood memories. Go for the Easter activities at the most prominent landmarks of the city including the Fifth Avenue, Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and many more places that are really amazing and feature a marvelous Easter celebration spanning from the Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Bunny Hop, meeting with the Easter bunny, brunch with the bunny and many more activities. During your Easter vacation in the New York, you can also indulge yourself into Easter Bonnet Festival and the Easter Parade that is the biggest highlight of the Easter festivities.

  1. Chicago

For those who are planning an Easter family vacation, Chicago can be a major getaway option for loads of fun and adventure. Easter in Chicago comprises a number of beautiful activities and spellbinding celebrations. Be it the Easter egg hunt, bunny appearances or any other sort of event related with the rituals of the Easter, there is always something for almost every age group to enjoy in Chicago. While you are in Chicago, you can easily explore various Easter extravaganzas near Horner Park, Chicago Park District, Maggie Daley Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Northcentral Eggstravaganza, Chicago French Market and many more places that are really famous among tourists as well as locals for a fantastic getaway experience.

  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known to be among the most vibrant and enthralling destinations in the entire USA as well as the rest of the world and for a good reason. The charming city that has been famous for its glittering nightlife and outstanding lifestyle, Las Vegas is also quite famous for its captivating festive celebrations. Easter in Las Vegas is really spellbinding and you can have a quality time enjoying these celebrations including the egg hunts, Easter Bunny introductions, supper parties and much more. The celebrations of Easter are for both kids and adults, which makes it a perfect place for a family getaway. Needless to say, the prices will come a bit expensive if you don’t book your hotels and air tickets to Las Vegas soon.

  1. Seattle

For people seeking an affordable Easter getaway with promising celebrations and exquisite getaway experience, Seattle comes as a life saver. The captivating city of Washington State, Seattle is quite famous for a good and happening lifestyle. The sunny weather conditions ample waterfronts, marvelous skyline and tempting attractions are sufficient enough to make your getaway worth enjoying. Easter in Seattle is really enjoyable and kids love the celebrations organized here by locals. Be it the Easter egg hunt, Easter Brunches, Bunny Hop, Easter basket ceremony or any other activity, there are a lot of things that can give you and your kids a happening experience. Additionally, the hotel accommodations and flights to Seattle on Easter will be quite affordable.

  1. San Diego

Easter egg festival in San Diego is really outstanding as well as elegant and for the people who don’t wish to make their Easter travel plans expensive and love to be in the surroundings of fewer tourists will enjoy the San Diego the most. The variety of egg hunts, Easter bunny shows, brunches and more are widely organized in various parts of the city. Additionally, the cozy beaches become even more enjoyable in the spring season as many activities take place on the vivid beaches of San Diego. Also, you can easily get some budget flight deals to San Diego and affordable hotels in the city whilst saving huge on your travel budget. So, if you are looking for less crowded, more pocket friendly and extremely enjoyable Easter celebration, San Diego has it all.

Certainly there are plenty of other places that can be considered as a perfect getaway for Easter and you must have a list of your own. However, since the time is not so far away and the limited resources with budget will push you back, the list can go down from many to a few. To give you a helping hand and make your Easter Sunday more memorable, Travelation has brought its fantastic range of Easter special flight deals that will allow you to go on a thriving getaway whilst saving a good fortune on airfares. So, stop thinking and book your Easter getaway right away for great savings and enthralling festive experiences.

Best Presidents Day Celebrations Across the USA

Among many federal holidays, President’s Day is one of the most astonishing and desired days across the America. The day which is celebrated to remember and cherish the birth of the former presidents of the United States that helped in making the nation a better place and transformed the country in the way that can suit best to everyone. Though, people have found President’s Day a perfect time to enjoy a long weekend, but there is certainly much more on this day that you can explore. So, here we are with the best President’s Day Celebrations across the USA that will give you the exact idea of how this festival should be celebrated:

President Day

  1. Washington D.C.

President’s Day in the US Capital is celebrated with great pomp and show and if you are thinking to visit here on this auspicious occasion, you will find plenty of things going around across the city. Washington D.C. is undoubtedly the most amazing and spellbinding place for a spectacular experience of President’s Day and if you are seeking some patriotic feeling with loads of extravagant celebrations, this city can serve you best. With attractions like parades, exhibitions, special concerts and many more events, you can surely have a thriving President’s Day here. Needless to say, the cost of accommodation and flight can be really expensive, so if you are thinking to make it happen, book your flights to Washington D.C. and stays in the city quickly.

  1. Alexandria

Home to some of the most exquisite and unique patriotic attributes, the conurbation of Virginia, Alexandria is a seamless getaway for everyone. Fly your way to Virginia and get delighted by the largest President’s Day parade organized here every year and witness the extravagant celebration which is impossible to find elsewhere. Additionally, there are several other events and galas organized here in Alexandria including the Annual Birth Night Ball, footstep walk in the historic Alexandria, Historic camp and tactical demonstration held in Gadby’s Tavern, King Street and Fort Ward Museum respectively. Also, there are several other functions organized here that will surely give you a delight you can’t forget.

  1. Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is known for being the home of the First President George Washington and being the birth anniversary which is celebrated in the form of President’s Day, this day is extremely special for this bewitching conurbation of Virginia. Go by the Mount Vernon Estate and witness the variety of events held for 3 whole days that include demonstration of various activities, storytelling ceremonies, music galas, theater shows and much more. Additionally, being a heritage site that hold a huge relevance in the history of the USA, this place can give you something to remember for the rest of your life. The fantastic weather conditions and exquisite celebrations will give you three days filled with loads of scenic memories.

  1. Sacramento

The thriving Californian capital is like the biggest hub for the West Coast to cherish the birth of George Washington and many more presidents in the USA. Known to be the epicenter of the history and culture of the state, Sacramento has plenty of things to showcase on this auspicious occasion. The array of bewitching activities held in Sacramento on this day are really picturesque and you can easily spend a quality time here whilst savoring on the beautiful culture and natural bliss of this city. Go for the transcontinental railroad ride or have a quality time exploring the historical attractions of the city during bewitching President’s Day weekend in California.

  1. New York City

New York is undoubtedly the most scenic city when it comes to cultural, religious or even federal holidays. The charm of the city itself is sufficient to make you feel the festivities of the holidays and when the city comes out of closet to celebrate the President’s Day the charm can increase manifolds. The home of several world-class museums and galleries that are treasuring many relics from the past of the USA, New York City offer an enigmatic experience. Additionally, various galas, theme parties and music concerts organized on the day of President’s Day are really superb. So, if you are thinking for a glamorous outing on President’s Day, NYC can be a perfect choice for you.

USA has been observing and celebrating the birth of George Washington and many more presidents afterwards under the title of President’s Day with of course different names. However, the celebration revolves around many picturesque festivities and rituals that has given people a chance to enjoy this big day with spectacular celebrations. So, if you too have been desiring about a seamless President’s Day this year, then pick a destination as per your preference and book President’s Day special flight deals from Travelation to avail our discounted deals and special offers available online for a happening getaway with loads of memorable moments.

Last Minute Valentine Day Getaways

Among the most prominent days among couples, Valentine’s Day tops the list and for a good reason. The time when you cherish your togetherness by spending quality time with each other and exchanging priceless thoughts as well as gifts, Valentine’s Day is much more than just a day of dinner date for most of us. Since, the day is not so far away from now and you might have forgot to book your travel plans for this Valentine’s Day, we are here to save you from the trouble. Despite being many cities are all sold out for the big day of Valentine, some of them are still available for last minute planners. So, here are the last minute Valentine’s Day getaways that can suit your date and give you an exquisite experience on such a joyous occasion:

  1. Cancun


Cancun is among the most thriving and enthralling places in the entire Mexico region and has been boasted with wonderful natural bliss and captivating attractions. Being nestled on the coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula, this city has plenty of things to offer. The tempting beauty of culture and nature existing in this region is simply spellbinding and you can easily have a quality date here in Cancun with loads of chocolates, roses, candlelit dinner and more. Being a lesser known place for Valentine’s Day, you can easily get your flight tickets and hotel stays here in Cancun from New York, Georgia and other parts of the USA. Additionally, the hotel stays here will give you a tempting delight and the much needed pampering whilst asking for fewer money as compared to other hyped cities.

  1. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is arguably the most scenic and engaging place in the entire country especially for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Because being a less preferred place due to cold temperate conditions, this region is absolutely perfect to plan a spectacular Valentine’s Day on the last moment. There are loads of flights bound from Boston, Seattle and other parts of the northern USA available for Nova Scotia at discounted airfares and you can easily make your vacations even more magnificent thanks to less occupied hotel resorts that are really gorgeous and can give you some quality and cozy moments to cherish a lovely Valentine’s Day.

  1. Panama City

Panama City

The enthralling beach destination of the Panama, Panama City is among the most desired yet neglected places in the region for a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Featuring a bewitching range of sandy beaches, extraordinary culture and array of traditional activities that can set your mood for a romantic day, Panama City has everything you need for such a gorgeous getaway. The incredible range of fantastic restaurants here are perfect for a romantic dinner and you can explore the fantastic places across the city whilst savoring on the delicious Strawberry Festival that is organized for two days i.e. February 12 and 13th respectively. So, if you are planning to make a gorgeous getaway with sandy beaches and alluring attractions, Panama City can be your last minute getaway option for Valentine’s Day.

  1. San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

The landlocked city of Costa Rica, San Jose is a fairy tale world featuring loads of scenic architectures and spellbinding culture which has made it a perfect place for couples. Thanks for being not so popular for Valentine’s Day vacations, this city remains wide open and available for tourists from the rest of the Americas. The Latin American charm blending with the outstanding culture on the day of Valentine’s Day will definitely give you a spectacular delight to enjoy with your love. Additionally, the wide array of restaurants and luxurious dining options will give you a much needed dinner date with your love. So, if you are thinking for a sensual and captivating getaway with much more to explore, San Jose can be a right choice for you.

  1. Bahamas


Just when you think you can’t get a perfect Caribbean beach getaway on Valentine’s Day just because you are late, we have found you a perfect life saver. The marvelous beaches of Bahamas are wide open for you. Though it’s always unclear why people don’t plan for a Valentine’s Day getaway in Bahamas, the city is really stunning and enjoyable for couples. Witness the charming beaches, extraordinary culture and bewitching Caribbean lifestyle whilst savoring on the delicious delicacies during a candlelit dinner for a thriving getaway experience on Valentine’s Day. The hotel accommodations here are really wide and diverse and you can easily chose from the options as per your budget, needs and availability which definitely makes it a perfect life saver for last minute Valentine’s Day planners.

Finding a perfect getaway destination for your Valentine’s Day celebration isn’t as easy as it sounds especially when you are running late for the preparations. Though, there are plenty of places out there that can be your host for a wonderful and tempting Valentine’s Day getaway, and you can easily find your preferred place just by sorting things through. So, make this Valentine’s Day special for your love by simply going through our last minute Valentine’s Day flight deals and book your getaway with ease whilst saving more with Travelation.

Top 5 Middle-Eastern Cities you Should Visit

Middle-Eastern region located in the Asian whilst bordering with the African region is probably among the most unexplored areas among tourists. Despite being the home of some of the most promising and famous cities across the world like Tel Aviv, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, most of the terrains of the Middle-East are still unexplored by the majority of the travelers. Hence, they are completely deprived by the rich natural, cultural and historical diversity and richness these regions have been treasuring for ages. So, today, we are giving you the most astonishing and less explored Middle-Eastern cities that you must visit in the year 2018 for more exquisite and enthralling experiences:

  1. Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

The capital as well as the largest city of the Qatar, Doha is one of the most promising and diverse cities in the Middle-East that is following the legacy made by the picturesque conurbations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi itself. Home to a rich vividness of skyscrapers and endless shopping centers, modern attractions and lots more, Doha is taking over the travel world with a storm. The neighboring deserts are among the best things that you can interest yourself while in Doha and can actually feel like visiting in the twin sister of Dubai whilst savoring a much brighter and engaging diversity of culture, nature and heritage.

  1. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

The splendid city of Petra is among the most historically rich and naturally blissful regions in the entire Middle-Eastern region and has been famous for its prehistoric attractions that span across the region. The rock caves, carving on the mountains and spectacular range of UNESCO World Heritage sites have been giving the look that is rare to be found elsewhere in the region. Additionally, the spectacular architectures that are clearly visible across this modern city is really amazing and picturesque. So, if you like history and looking for an off-beat place in the Middle-East, Petra can be a perfect choice for you.

  1. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The largest city of the nation and the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is among the most well-established and prominent getaway destinations, ideally enlisted in the list of expensive and luxurious getaway destinations in the world. The fascinating cityscape and adorable culture of Riyadh has been a fabulous delight for the tourists and the typical Arabian culture that is blending with the modern lifestyle has given the city a perfect environment to explore. Often considered as the business epicenter of the region, Riyadh is a perfect city for both leisure and business getaways. The historical aspect of the Riyadh is equally exquisite as the infrastructure and you can easily explore it all whilst spending a fantastic vacation in the capital city of the Saudi Arabia.

  1. Manama, Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain

The most priceless gems of the Middle-East are located in the off-beat destinations and if you are looking for something extraordinary with the leisure and comfort of any other international destination, then Manama can be a great choice for you. A city that is featured with splendid culture, exquisite natural bliss and outstanding modern architecture, the capital of Bahrain has so much to offer to give you a handsome getaway experience. The tempting range of attractions has been a great catch for tourists apart from the weather conditions and the down-to-earth lifestyle which makes it one of the most unique places to visit in the Middle-East.

  1. Muscat, Oman

Muscat, Oman

The capital of the Oman and among the most naturally blissful cities on the Gulf Coasts, Muscat is truly a mesmerizing option to go for on a vacation to Middle-East as it features with plethora of fabulous delights and endless natural beauty. Where at one side, the picturesque beauty of the coasts gives the city a lively look, the other side has the fabulous backdrops of vast stretch of desert. Additionally, the spellbinding cityscape of Muscat is truly a captivating temptation anyone can savor on. Besides, the cultural beauty of the city is absolutely gorgeous and you can witness the traditional scene of the Oman by easily strolling around the bustling boulevards of Muscat.

Most of the tourists across the world are in the impression that Middle-Eastern region is quite hard to visit and is underdeveloped for a leisure vacation whilst being unsafe due to many reasons. But if you are stopping yourselves because of the reasons that are no where near to the reality, then you are actually missing a big part of the world travel and beauty of the nature, culture and heritage. So, if you are intrigued by the attributes explained above and are planning for an international getaway, then quickly start planning and book international flight deals from Travelation today for a promising getaway experience whilst spending less on air travel and saving a good fortune.

Best Winter Getaways in the Europe

Europe is arguably a pleasant continent and is absolutely gorgeous to visit throughout the year, but for people who are looking for the best delights of the Europe can never resist the charm and exquisite wonders the continent possesses in the winter season. Many of the tremendous events, festivals and natural bliss blooms during the winters in the Europe and if you too like to be amazed by the outstanding charisma of the regions of this vastly spread continent, then you should probably consider visiting the following places that are known to be the best winter getaways in the Europe:

  1. Rome


The Italian capital has always been among the most pleasant and captivating places in the entire Europe for history and culture lovers and if you are planning to visit Rome during the winter season, the excitement and experiences level-up manifolds. The spectacular beauty of the attractions like Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon and many more becomes more charming and enjoyable during the winter season. Additionally, the soothing weather conditions in winter makes it really nice to explore the outdoors. Though the rains are really occasional, but if you are planning to visit here during the winter season, be prepared for the precipitation.

  1. Paris


The charming city of the Paris is really stunning and famous to explore during the winter season as the city becomes really gorgeous and able to stroll at the  bustling boulevards of the French capital. Exploring the cafes, bakeries and strolling across the Eiffel Tower becomes even more delightful for couples during the winter season. Winters in Paris are also quite enjoyable as the city becomes wide available for tourists except for the festive season such as Christmas, New Year and the Valentine’s Week. The winters in Paris are really moderate and the mercury hovers around 35 degrees to 45 degree Fahrenheit. The snowfall is really rare in the Paris, but you can see the dusty snowfall on occasions. So, it is recommended to bring your coats while exploring Paris in winters.

  1. Budapest


The Hungarian capital Budapest is known to be among the most tranquilizing and bewitching getaway destinations in the European continent for winter season. The winter season in Budapest brings snow and less sunny hours which makes it even more delightful when the Gothic architectures covered with some layers of snow and give it a majestic look the way we used to see in the movies like Harry Potter. For people who find Paris expensive and wish to witness the similar sort of experience with a bit extra snow and more history, Budapest can be a great choice. Additionally, winter season is the perfect time to make a budget getaway for couples and enjoy not just the weather and attractions, but the outstanding nightlife of the Hungarian capital.

  1. Barcelona


For those who don’t want to be caught around the snow and looking for some warm terrains will find the enthralling city of Barcelona quite amazing and stunning. The exquisite conurbation of Spain, Barcelona has been leading the travel world with its bizarre yet beautiful architectures, surreal yet energetic lifestyle and deep yet engaging heritage. The fascinating city of Barcelona really astounding for tourists want to soak up some sun and enjoy the day light more than anything. Though, many people find Barcelona explorable during the spring and fall, winters become really astonishing and joyful whilst being budget for everyone.

  1. Amsterdam


If you wish to make your winter getaway in the Europe a little more energetic, enjoyable and fun will find the Dutch capital Amsterdam a great deal. The charming city that has been the home of the exquisite Gothic architecture, magnificent canals, delightful nightlife and extraordinary culture, Amsterdam has always been a fantastic place for tourists regardless of the season. However, the winters bring a more delightful charisma to the Amsterdam when the Canals froze and tourists can e njoy some great time strolling around in cold climate conditions. Bicycle riding becomes even more delightful as it keeps you warm and give a better view of the surroundings which is eventually a thriving experience for everyone.

European cities have some special aura and magnetism during the winters and if you too like to witness the same at the very best, then the places mentioned above are known to be the best. European cities are known to be inspiring its visitors and the winter season is quite optimum to experience the same whilst saving a good fortune provided you time it right. So, if you are really want to get going to the Europe and wish to experience the tempting delights and outstanding attributes this continent has to offer, then you will be amazed by the array of winter travel deals available at Travelation that are not just great for a picturesque getaway, but also affordable to give you a splendid experience whilst spending less. So, stop holding your horses and fly your way to the enigmatic continent of the Europe.