Cyber Monday Getaway Sale 2017

Since the extended weekend of Cyber Monday is not so far away now, you probably be wondering about doing something productive this weekend whilst avoiding to keep on sitting on the couch and watching some football match. In case, you haven’t come up to something that can give you an exquisite experience on this superlative day, then you are just at the right place as Travelation is here to give you an astonishing range of captivating destinations that are covered with our splendid deals and a chance of getting some hefty discount under Cyber Monday travel deals. So, check out our list below and make your travel plans for this wonderful and enthralling weekend that is much more than just another holiday:

Cyber Monday

  1. Los Angeles

The bewitching city of LA is not an unacquainted place for anyone and have been on the travel bucket list for most of us since a very long time. A conurbation that have been serving as a beacon of stardom and celebrity home for decades now, Los Angeles is truly a remarkable vacation spot to choose during the weekend of Cyber Monday. Not only the enthralling marketplaces and shops will woo your heart with their massive sales and offers, but the outstanding range of deals and offers available on hotels and flights will help you to save a good fortune due to its shoulder season. So, if you need something enjoyable and memorable, then Los Angeles can be a smart pick.

  1. New York City

The magnificent conurbation of New York City is indeed among the most superlative and captivating places of all time in the USA, ideally famous for its versatility in terms of every touristy attribute. No matter whether you like good food, great shopping, wonderful sightseeing, enjoyable culture, tremendous heritage or natural beauty, the city has it all and there can never be a better time to save huge on traveling to New York City than the Cyber Monday. With the shoulder season hitting the streets of NYC and reducing the prices of hotels and flights, you can easily have a great time in the Big Apple whilst saving massive on your travel expenses. Needless to say, the charm and beauty of this diverse city is sufficient enough to encourage your voyage to NYC.

  1. Orlando

People living with kids and teenagers can rest assured as the city of Orlando is now wide open for tourists after being struck by the hurricane Irma and have been giving sufficient delights to its visitors with its panoramic beauty and charm. The wide range of theme parks, exquisite cultural diversity and magnificent range of activities to do for adults, the city of Orlando can be a great pick for a vacation of Cyber Monday. The dazzling hotels and flight tickets can also be afforded by everyone if you just take the advantage of Cyber Monday travel deals and save huge on your family travel.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

People who are looking to get away from the cityscapes and looking forward for a marvelous natural and refreshing experience, can always head to the Yellowstone National Park. Though the timing of the national park may limit the fun, but the beauty and wonderful weather conditions will open many more doors to enjoy the bewitching natural bliss scattered all over the national park. The splendid natural geysers, wide range of flora, fauna and natural landscapes and captivating attributes are sufficient to encourage you and give a refreshing and tranquilizing getaway experience this Cyber Monday. You can also get some great deals and offers on Cyber Monday travel deals and save a fortune on your travel expenses.

  1. Miami

The charming beach getaway of Florida, Miami is among the most remarkable places for people looking for a beach holiday on this extended weekend. Though the season itself gives plenty of people the chance to hit the beaches and have a laid-back getaway, but if you book soon enough while taking the advantage of Cyber Monday travel deals, you can definitely save huge on your airfares and stays while enjoying some great sunny and shining days at the sandy beaches of the Miami. Besides, the market places are also great options to enjoy the evenings shopping and taking the advantage of great deals and offers thrown by the shopkeepers.

There are a number of other splendid destinations across the United States that will give you a superlative delight of leaving home on this huge day. However, if you are looking for something much enjoyable whilst saving more, then you have the list we have mentioned above to start thinking and concluding as per your preferences. All you need then is booking your Cyber Monday flights from Travelation to avail some marvelous discounts and offers available with us for a pocket-friendly and joyful vacation this holiday season.

Top 5 Solo Weekend Destinations for November

Weekend travel is probably one of the most amazing things that have happened to the travel industry for giving everybody a chance to ooze out the pressure of daily affairs and enjoy the life in the best possible way. People from around the world practices the habit of weekend travel occasionally, to enjoy some quality time away from home, work and all the honking of the busy streets for the betterment of mind, body and soul. Although, finding companions to join for the trip is a tricky task, but if you are determining to take the necessary break, then you can always plan a solo weekend trip. In case, you are wondering about the best places for solo weekend trips this November, here we are with a few best options that are extremely beautiful, engaging and enjoyable at an affordable price:

  1. Denver


The largest city of the state of Colorado, Denver is best known for its simple and laid-back lifestyle that have been alluring many holidaymakers to enjoy a splendid weekend away from home. The refreshing surroundings including the Rocky Mountains and outstanding culture have been the biggest catch of the city to enjoy a pleasant weekend getaway in the city of Denver. Some of the most amazing attractions such as Botanical Gardens, Museum of Nature and Science, Art Museum and more are the key elements for holidaymakers to spend some quality time in understanding the culture and natural bliss of the city. Besides, the affordable accommodations and discounted flight fares are sufficient to compel you for a great voyage to Denver.

  1. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

The spellbinding city known for the American Riviera, Santa Barbara is one of a few picturesque weekend getaway destinations of the West Coast that can complement the enthralling vacation far away from home. The superlative delights of exquisite attractions, refreshing landscapes and beautiful vineyards are the reason behind the spiking demand of flights to Santa Barbara throughout the year. The mesmerizing hills, beautiful beaches and superlative range of vineyards are enough to give you a much-needed weekend getaway with loads of spellbinding attributes to discover in the most famous wine county of the West Coast. Have a stroll at the beaches or go for a tour to the wine county and you can understand much more about the culture and natural beauty of this splendid city.

  1. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

For people who prefer natural landscapes over anything else on a laid-back weekend getaway, Colorado Springs can be a great option to enjoy in the municipal of Colorado. The spectacular caves, falls, trails and natural landscapes are some of the most awesome things that can mesmerize you with their refreshing sight and offer a spell of experiences that are much more than just sightseeing tours. Visit the Manitou Cliff or go for Seven Falls and you can understand why people prefer to plan their weekend getaways to the Colorado Springs and get delighted and refreshed by just one simple trip. The affordable hotels and discounted airfares available in the season of November can also contribute to encourage a needed weekend trip to Colorado Springs.

  1. Vancouver


People seeking a vacation away from the United States on a weekend can find an amazing getaway experience once they book the flights to Vancouver. A superlative conurbation of the province of British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver is a perfect place to enjoy a quality vacation with freshness of Canadian natural bliss that consist of hiking trails, biking circuits on mountains, natural landscapes, rafting areas and much more. Vancouver is known to be one of the most versatile places in the region and is visited by thousands of people taking weekend flights to Vancouver throughout the year. So, if you need a break with something international, Vancouver can be a great choice.

  1. Napa Valley

Napa Valley

For people who are looking for a weekend destination that remain less crowded and offer more fun and adventure, Napa Valley can be considered as a wise and appealing option. With its outstanding natural beauty and superlative charm, you can enjoy a quality vacation whilst exploring a wide range of natural landscapes near the Bay Area in California and explore the fantastic wine regions both within and in the outskirts of the city. Napa Valley is also a famous place for its gastronomy and the same can be experienced easily by visiting a wide range of restaurants scattered throughout the city.

In case you are looking for some other names and options to choose from, you can always find many places like Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, Yellowstone National Park, san Diego, Long Island and more that are really stunning and enjoyable as a weekend destination, but if you seek something that can fall within your budget in the month of November, you have the best options to choose from the list above. Or, you can go through the weekend travel deals of Travelation and choose from a wide range of travel deals and offers available online for an affordable getaway experience.

Top 5 Budget Halloween Getaway Destinations

For most of us, Halloween is all about getting dressed-up, sharing candies with the kids in the neighbor and enjoying loads of parties and fun. Although, there is this a segment in our society that love to take every opportunity to explore the best of the destinations and discovering new and better places apart from home. If you too feel sometimes that you have been staying at home for a very long time and looking forward for something a little more exciting, then it is high time that you should consider exploring new places. For those who share the same feeling, Travelation has brought an exquisite range of top 5 budget Halloween getaway destinations that are really superb to enjoy the celebration of Halloween whilst saving a good fortune on airfares with our cheap Halloween deals:

Halloween Travel

  1. New York City, New York

Just like for any other reason, New York City is absolutely gorgeous and enjoyable for Halloween celebration and you can find ample of reasons of why this city have got the top rank in our list. The tranquilizing city of Big Apple have been hosting many exquisite parties every year and you can get into the mood of Halloween easily by visiting for the Village Halloween Parade in New York City that will kick-off from the 7 PM on the Halloween night. Every year, many mind-blowing presentations are brought in front of millions of spectators which have been making it a must experience festival in New York City for many tourists these years. Be noted, that some of the costumes in this parade are not appropriate for kids, hence parents are advised to consider this aspect too before visiting.

  1. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem have always been a great place for theme party lovers especially for those who wait throughout the year for an amazing Halloween experience. The stunning city have been the host for thousands of guests every year for past a few decades and giving away a whole month filled with loads of parties, extravagant experiences and marvelous events. Notorious for being the home of witches since 1692, Salem in Massachusetts have been a great experience to have on the spellbinding festival of Halloween. Fly your way to Salem and enjoy a beautiful range of events that may cost you some fee based on the activities you like to indulge in and have a fabulous delight of being a part of a large number of people that have been enjoying this festival with great pomp and show.

  1. West Hollywood, California

If you like to brag about your vacations and have been looking for a holiday trip that can give you a great number of likes and comments on social media, then you should probably consider visiting the Halloween Costume Carnival in West Hollywood, California which have been a self-proclaimed largest Halloween street event party in the entire world. With a massive celebration that consist of a fantastic range of over six stages in total where costumed people showcase their talent and many more attributes, West Hollywood is something that will woo you. Needless to say, Halloween costume street party of West Hollywood is one of the most extensive things that cost you nothing when it comes to entry fee and more. Besides, the accommodation options are really affordable and you can easily get some awesomely affordable Halloween flight deals during the season.

  1. Carlsbad, California

For those who always having kids backing-up their travel plans, visiting the LEGOLAND’s Brick or Treat Festival in Carlsbad is a great option to enjoy a lot more than just simple Halloween costume and distributing the candies with kids. Here, every year, loads of kids gather from around the USA and enjoy the blissful sight of their favorite toons from LEGOLAND coming to life and giving a superlative experience with loads of fun and thrill. The splendid delight of Brick or Treat is something that is nearly impossible to be found elsewhere and with a small amount as an entry fee, you can gain the complete access to the party as well as park for full fun. Needless to say, on this occasion, most of the people often go out of the city and leave it in the hands of visitors who can get some great accommodation deals as well as splendid flight fares.

  1. Disney World, Florida

Though we all known that Hurricane Irma have had some devastating impact on Florida, but it won’t be able to stop the annual extravaganza of Disney World which have been hosting one of the most popular Halloween party and events on the occasion of Halloween. A perfect place to bring toddlers, the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is an incredible delight for Marvel toon lovers and those who have been seeking some of the best experiences with not so scary costumes and lack of violent graphics, Disney World’s Party is a great venue to enjoy the thriving holidays of the Halloween. With wide range of parades and events going on throughout the festival, you can enjoy much more than just the Disney World and can give you a superlative experience.

There are nearly hundreds of parties organized every year to share the beauty and charm of the fabulous and surreal festival of Halloween and if you too seek some exquisite getaway experience whilst saving a good fortune, there is no better time than Halloween itself to explore a fantastic range of cities whilst getting indulged into the magnificent festivities and celebrations in unique and engaging way. So, if you are ready to witness some of these unique celebrations, then quickly pack your bags and book your cheap Halloween flights with Travelation to have a swift getaway experience whilst saving a good fortune on airfares with our discounted offers on Halloween special deals.

Mesmerizing Experience of Buenos Aires Tango Festival

There are ample of festivals take place across the world, but experiencing a festival that comprises the culture, art, heritage and uniqueness which is followed by the rest of the world is a splendid experience. This year, I went to Argentina and attended the world famous Buenos Aires Tango Festival which is an incredibly amazing festival featuring many marvelous events, galas, performances and much more in a span of 14 days. An annual event that have been dramatically increasing the popularity of Buenos Aires since 2003, this year, the festival started from August 10 and lasted for 14 days before concluding and leaving everyone spellbound with its charm, outstanding cultural presentation and the globally renowned World Championship. Tourists and art lovers from around the world literally flocked the flights to Buenos Aires and kept the arenas and other pathways of venues bustling by their presence. Here are the biggest highlights of the festival which intrigued me the most:

Mesmerizing Experience of Buenos Aires Tango Festival

  1. Understanding the History of Tango

In the beginning of the festival every major celebrity and people from the organizing committee came forth to shed some light on the history and development on the world renowned dance style of Tango. During the seminars and speeches, we came to know that earlier during the 19th century, the dance style of Tango was made by the low-class gentry and majorly was performed in the brothels. As the time passed by, the dance style got its fame and went overseas where the European people supported the dance form with a fusion of ballet and make it an international dance form which later returned to the birth place in Argentina and became a sensual, sexy and elegant style of dancing which was later on admired and followed by the elite class families and people. In recent years, the dance style have become an integral part of the culture of Argentina and have also claimed the title of Intangible UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity.

  1. The Learning Experience

During the span of two weeks there were many classes, courses and demonstrations by the specialists, world-famous artists and trainers of Tango dance class to spread awareness among tourists from the rest of the world and were indulged in teaching people the authentic and different styles of Tango without being concerned about the class, gender, color or any other discrimination. The festival was a great experience to witness the art and culture bringing people close to each other and making a mark among locals as well as international visitors. There were many more classes and institutes who were there to publicize their brand and talent and giving lessons on the basics as well as advanced level of dancing in the magnificent dance form of Tango. Here in the classes, I got to know that the dance style was invented to woo the people from opposite gender with their postures and facial expressions that were sensual as well as elegant at the same time.

  1. Salon Tango

The dance form of Tango is basically divided into two forms and one of them is the Salon Style. The Salon style of Tango is related directly to the roots of the dance form that was invented in the 1900s in order to impress the ladies in any get together and other social events with some great postures and incredible sensual expressions. The dance form was formed on the natural borders of Argentina and Uruguay and became a sensation as well as highlight of many gatherings. The complex lifts, exquisite dance postures and magnificent figures have made the dance form quite difficult to perceive and impressive to witness as a spectator. In the event, there were many performers who were insisting on performing the Salon Tango and have given a speechless demonstration of their artistic skills.

  1. Stage Tango

Even since the beginning of the 19th century, the modification of elements were existing and when you speak of the awesome dance style of Tango, expecting the modification and international fame is a bit obvious. The dance form of Stage Tango is a brilliant combination of ballet and Tango which requires less orthodox rules and more feel that leaves the performers out of the limitations of basic rules. A less complicated and globally used dance form of Stage Tango also have its own specific sort of choreography with different genres of music and songs. In Buenos Aires Tango Festival, we had the chance to witness the world class Tango dancers showcasing their talent on the stage and mesmerizing people with their electrifying act.

  1. The World Championship

Like every year since 2003, Tango World Championship was the highlight for everyone where dozens if not hundreds of participants from around the world brought their best foot on the stage and mesmerized everyone with their charm, sex appeal and charisma. Both the dance forms Salon Tango and Stage Tango were sufficient to woo people’s heart away and the choreography was simply beyond imagination. The perspective of artists was beyond explanation and each performance brought a new joy and happiness in everyone’s heart. Unfortunately only one couple got the title despite being their brilliance of dance and moves. This year, artists representing Argentina and Japan got the title of the best couple in Salon and State dance style respectively. The duos were brilliant in their own style and brought the ace game without any doubt.

The span of those two weeks were absolute heaven for me as a dance lover and cultural explorer and have exposed me towards many unknown facts and information which were absolutely amazing and have opened my eyes. The combination of demonstration of Tango dance style and making it a world championship is itself a great effort done by the government of Argentina and after receiving the title of Intangible UNESCO World Heritage Event, the event have become even more authentic and delightful. So, next year if you wish to experience what I have experienced in 2017, just book your flights to Buenos Aires with Travelation on the decided dates and make your dream come true and learn a lot about not just the dance style of Tango, but how it got famous and brought many communities together with harmony and joy.

Best Disney Parks around the World

People who love to travel often share different sort of interests and it is quite usual to find people who enjoy exploring the nature, visiting destinations for laid-back experiences and many more reasons. However, there is also a segment in the world that travel with friends and family in order to enjoy the life and company of people they love the most. These kind of people often enjoy visiting places that are rich in terms of theme parks and other sort of adventures and when it comes to theme parks, there is nothing in the world that can beat the charm of Disney Parks. A spectacular chain of theme parks covering many metropolitan cities in the world have around 11 theme parks in total and if you are looking forward for a trip with the people you love to admire the authentic charm of Disney’s theme parks, then you should probably go through the following best Disney parks around the world which are simply superb and have an edge above others. So, have a look at the list and make your booking on international flights accordingly:


  1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Among the most magnificent zoological theme parks located at the Bay Lake of Florida with a close proximity from Orlando, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of its own kind and is quite popular among the kids as well as youngsters for being a fabulous place to go as a friend’s group or family. With its array of zoos and aquariums, this theme park is giving tourists a delightful experience with over a thousand faunas accommodated in the area of more than 500 acres in total. With over 10 million tourists visiting this site annually, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a fabulous place and have been in the travel bucket list for thousands of travel lovers. Featuring an abundant variety of flora, fauna, landscapes and much more, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is truly a worth visiting place.

  1. Disneyland Paris

Though many of us have a different reason to visit Paris, but when you are traveling as a family and looking forward for the best experience of Disney’s artistry, the charm of Disneyland Paris is more than sufficient. An extraordinary entertainment resort with theme park within, Disneyland Paris is one of the most famous Disney’s theme parks with more than 13 million visitors every year. Spanning over 4800 acres in total. Disneyland Paris is a perfect combination of luxury, comfort, entertainment, adventure and spellbinding sightseeing. The complex of Disneyland Paris accommodates two theme parks, nearly 14 accommodation options, golf courses, railway stations, shopping centers/malls, dining options, studios and much more which is more than sufficient to spend an entire trip in Paris dedicated to Disney only.

  1. Tokyo Disneyland

Not so giant in the size as compared to other Disneyland in the world yet equally thriving and indulging, Tokyo Disneyland is among the most spellbinding attractions you can come across on a family trip in the Asian continent. Covering an area of over 115-acres, Tokyo Disneyland is a compact complex with over 17 million visitors every year. Came into existence in the year 1983, Tokyo Disneyland is the home of many interesting arenas named after Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Toontown, Critter Country and more that are really amazing to explore as a family or a friend’s group. Being a complete package of adventure, entertainment and delights, Tokyo Disneyland have been considered as among the best Disneyland parks in the world.

  1. Epcot

One of the most visited theme parks in the chain of Walt Disney, Epcot is one of its own kind that is quite famous around the world for being the home of a wide range of pavilions and featuring a fantastic range of activities and attributes throughout. Established in the year 1982, Epcot have been visited by over 12 million visitors every year and have been rated as one of the most visited theme parks in the entire United States several times. Covering a total area of over 300 acres, Epcot features an array of pavilions including Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Mission: Space, Wonders of Life, Imagination, The Seas with Nemo & Friends and many more pavilions with great delights.

  1. Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the youngest theme parks in the family of Walt Disney, Hong Kong Disneyland is truly a mesmerizing experience to have with friends and family. Despite being small in size i.e. 68 acres, Hong Kong Disneyland have been catering over 5 million visitors every year and have the capacity to accommodate nearly 34000 people. With pavilions like Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, Frozen Land, Marvel Area, Lands of Hong Kong Disneyland and many more arenas, this incredible theme park is one of the most popular and finest theme parks in the entire China. Established in the year 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland is a fabulous delight to have while exploring the incredible lands of Hong Kong.

Though there are many more spellbinding Disney theme parks you may come across in Florida, California and many more parts of the world that are specialized in their own way and have many features and attributes that are hard to find elsewhere. However, finding the best of the best is not an easy task and to enjoy the best, you better be filtering out the best among all. So, next time whenever you plan a vacation with your toddlers to a Disneyland, just consider the list we have mentioned above and don’t forget to book your international flights from Travelation to enjoy some great discounts on international flights and other offers on airfares available with us.

Note: All the ratings and categorization of theme parks are based on the popularity and experiences before the Hurricane Irma struck the East Coast of the United States. Hence, the popularity and attractions may differ based on the impact of Hurricane Irma on the city of Orlando.

Beginners Guide for Phnom Penh

Southeast Asian continent is blessed with many gems and if you try to dive into the mesmerizing ocean of diversity existing in the Asian continent, you will definitely come across many fascinating cities that are not just great for hospitality or to enjoy a pleasant vacations, but also to learn much more about the historic culture and fabulous religious richness. Among all these cities the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh have been in the top of the charts. A spellbinding conurbation nestled on the banks of the Tonle Sap River and Mekong River, this fabulous Cambodian capital is very well known for its rich heritage and remarkable culture. So, if you are planning your very first visit to Phnom Penh, then the following beginners guide for Phnom Penh will surely give you a captivating experience which you will never forget:

  1. Best Time to Visit and Transportation

Time to visit

Being the capital city of the Cambodia, Phnom Penh is quite a bustling city and it is always advised to travel using the public transport whilst strolling around the city. Phnom Penh is quite popular throughout the Cambodia for its bustling, busy and clogged roads with a lot of traffic jam and those who tend to take rental cars for local transportation might find it hard to commute around the capital. Being a landlocked city, you might not find a lot of difference in days and nights, but when it comes to the seasons, Phnom Penh enjoys two different seasons i.e. winters and summers and both remain bearable for tourists. However, considering two major months of April for being the New Year and October for cultural events, you will find the city on its top and hard to find accommodation options. Rest months are considered shoulder months and there is no off season when it comes to Phnom Penh.

  1. Best Attractions in Phnom Penh


As one of the most important cities of the nation, Phnom Penh comprises a big number of captivating sites that includes cultural attractions, historic treasures, magnificent natural landscapes, wild natural spots, riverfronts, religious sites and much more. Places like Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, National Museum of Cambodia, Wat Phnom, Independence Monument, Wat Ounalom, Tonle Bati Temple, Wat Botum, Cambodian Living Arts Center, Throne Hall, Silk Island and many more places can be a perfect place to start your voyage and learn the cultural richness, magnificent lifestyle and enthralling natural bliss existing in and around Phnom Penh.

  1. Things to Do in Phnom Penh

Things to do

Being the capital of Cambodia as well as among the most populous and large cities of the country, Phnom Penh features an abundant variety of things to do. No matter whether you like adventure, sightseeing, exploring the nature, photography, cultural delights, historical exploration or any other attribute, Phnom Penh is featured with it all. Take a bicycle on rent and stroll around the bustling city to enjoy and understand the local lifestyle and culture. Escape to the remote areas that are quite popular for being the pioneer in making silk fabric products or visit to the magnificent collection of temples and other religious places that are among the biggest attributes you can come across of Cambodia. The art and culture of Phnom Penh can easily be observed by visiting the myriad galleries and exploring the remote areas of the city that have been showcasing the diversity in art and culture of Cambodia.

  1. About the Shopping and Food in Phnom Penh


Although, Phnom Penh might not be able to match the marketplaces of Bali, Bangkok, Manila, Cebu and many more cities of the Southeast Asia, but if you think there is nothing to shop or eat in the capital of Cambodia, you must start exploring the alleys and magnificent marketplaces of Phnom Penh that includes Central Market, Tuol Tom Poung Market, Olympic Market, O’Russey Market, Sorya Mall, City Mall, Aeon Mall, Russian Market and many more places that are absolutely gorgeous from the outlook and diverse in the nature. Southeast Asia is notorious for bizarre food and when you are in Phnom Penh, there are no exceptions. However, there are abundant of dishes that may sound hard to pronounce, but are really delicious in totality. Phnom Penh have always been the home of many gourmet delights and even if you are traveling in southeast Asia, you can get the lip-smacking delights of Thai, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Indonesia and Chinese dishes easily. There are ample of eateries scattered across the city that serve absolutely delicious food to its guests. Needless to say, the prices may vary based on the locality you chose and dishes you try at first place.

  1. Essential Information

Essential Information

Traveling to the Cambodian capital have its own privileges especially for the international travelers who hate to stand in queues for money exchange or find it hard to do the math of currency exchange as most of the shops and markets accept US Dollars as a valid currency. Accommodation in the entire Cambodia is comparatively cheap and there are no exceptions in the capital Phnom Penh except for the peak seasons of New Year and other festival days. When it comes to food, Cambodia is like a heaven for foodies for being quite versatile as well as affordable to try new and different dishes. One can also enjoy traveling around other cities by quick and effective transport options available from the city center and various other areas of the city.

If you have made-up your mind to visit the captivating and indulging city of Phnom Penh, then you will definitely come across many reasons that will definitely inspire you to take a trip to Cambodia and explore the enthralling diversity, beauty and charm of this incredible conurbation of the Southeast Asia. So, stop holding your horses and get going on a picturesque trip to the capital city of the Cambodia by opting for cheap flights to Phnom Penh with Travelation and enjoy a magnificent getaway experience that comprises a lot of information, learning and joyful moments in the enthralling capital of the Cambodia.

Top 5 Beaches for Nature Photography

If you have been following photographers from around the world who are more into travel and nature, then you might be coming across myriad images of beaches and coastal regions of the destinations worldwide on Instagram, Pinterest and many more social media portals online. Considering that the beaches are really diverse as well as picturesque throughout the world, nature photographers have found taking pictures of stranded or least accessible beaches a delightful experience to bring forth the bewitching beauty and tranquilizing experience among others. To furnish you with similar experiences and give you the quick access to these fantastic places, Travelation have brought a list of top 5 beaches for nature photography that are not just great to visit, but also are quite fascinating once you reach there:

  1. Isla Holbox, Mexico

Isla Holbox, Mexico

Mexican beaches are quite famous around the world for their ideal weather conditions, magnificent access to the pacific shores and enthralling variety from rugged to rocky, sandy and green beaches. Thus people often enjoy flying to Mexico for beach vacations. If you love to flaunt your buddies on social media with beach wares and spellbinding backdrops, then visiting Isla Holbox in Mexico will be the most amazing experience one can have. Located just off-the-coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula, this bewitching place is really adorable to have a laid-back beach experience with turquoise blue shallow shores and enthralling beauty of the white sand. With a magnificent natural bliss across the beach stretch of the island, Isla Holbox makes a perfect place for nature photographers.

  1. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

With the close proximity from the Hahei at the Coromandel Peninsula, Cathedral Cove is a world-renowned beach for photographers where you can witness the spellbinding view of the beach and rocky surroundings while standing in a cave. The superlative beauty that gives the sunset a magnificent and heavenly outlook, Cathedral Cove is surely a place you must visit at least once in life. Photographer or not, all nature lovers who have visited Cathedral Cove have found this attraction as one of the most stunning and bewitching place in the entire North Island of New Zealand.

  1. Boracay Beach, Philippines

Boracay Beach, Philippines

To those who have been quite frequent in traveling towards the Southeast Asia, Boracay Beach isn’t an unknown name for them. Among the most popular attractions as well as beaches of the Philippines, Boracay Beach is among the most stunning beaches you can come across in the Southeast Asia. With its picturesque outlook that comprises astonishing stretch of white sand, enthralling view of the coasts, ideal surroundings of the beach and captivating attributes that are rare to be found elsewhere, Boracay Beach makes one of the most wonderful getaway options for travelers and a fabulous delight to capture for nature photographers.

  1. Kehoe Beach, California

Kehoe Beach, California

If you think that all the beautiful beaches are located far away from the United States and you can’t find any natural beauty of the beaches in the United States itself, then you will find Kehoe Beach in California a perfect delight. Known for being one of the most picturesque places for sunset on the West Coast, Kehoe Beach is truly a mesmerizing getaway option you can come across. With its spellbinding stretch of sandy and rocky beaches that becomes even more charming and enthralling during the dusk, Kehoe Beach is one of the first choice for those who have become a nature photographers and begun to make their portfolio. With captivating hiking trails coming along in sight, you can find many fabulous and indescribable experiences cherishing your soul once you visit here in great weather conditions.

  1. Prassa Beach, Greece

Prassa Beach, Greece

Greek islands are famous around the world for being a great place to experience the hospitality as well as true form of raw and beautiful nature. The stunning view of the Aegean Sea with picturesque backdrops of small mountains and rugged beaches, Prassa Beach makes it a perfect place to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Take a selfie or indulge in the group pictures facing any direction and you will find your photos that worth many likes and shares on the social media. Many nature photographers have praised the beauty and simplicity of Prassa Beach in their blogs and with its warm and cozy surroundings, you too will fall in love with this beach in an instant.

There are thousands of beaches out there and you probably have been through hundreds of them till now, but if you are looking to have a vacation at the beaches that are not so famous, but deserve to be on the top charts among nature lovers and beach explorers, then you should probably consider beginning your exploration through the beaches mentioned above. Though we are uncertain which place you will like to explore first, but if you are planning on visiting a photogenic beach in the near future, you can always find the best deals and cheap airfares if you consider booking from Travelation that give you the access to the most affordable range of flight deals spanning across the world.

A Road Trip from Manali to Ladakh

Indian subcontinent has been flourishing with many colors and travelers often tend to enjoy them all. The giant nation that is quite familiar among fellow voyagers for its diversity of geographical conditions, magnificent cultures, traditions, lifestyles and festivals, India surely is a place that will not cease to amaze you no matter what your hobbies of traveling are. Thus, thousands of international travelers tend to take flights to India from every part of the world and discover the hues of this thriving country that has been the home of one of the oldest civilizations of all time. India is visited for many reasons and to those, who enjoy road trips the most have found a trip between Manali and Leh quite amusing. During our previous expedition to India, we have had a first-hand experience of the delight to drive to one of the highest motorable highways in the region and had a lot of fun and great experiences all together. To share with you all the same experiences, here we are with the most amazing experiences that you can have during your trip between Manali and Ladakh:

  1. Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit

A road trip from Manali to Leh, Ladakh comprises a pass from various landscapes that are majorly remain disconnected from the rest of the world and are carved by the joint efforts of local authorities as well as armed forces of Indo-China border. Hence, the roads itself remain closed during cold weather conditions. As per the most of the locals and expeditioners, the ideal time when you can go on the trip between Manali and Leh, Ladakh is between May end till the fall of September where a small tenure of rain makes the road trip hard to follow. The other months remain the highway between the cities closed due to heavy snowfall and reduced visibility because of extreme weather conditions which can only be accessed by the defense teams of the native country.

  1. Things to Bring Along

Things to bring along

Since most of the route is stranded and have no traces of human life what so ever, it is essential to bring your supplies with some buffer as per your usage. This includes food, drinkable water, tent, sleeping bag, mattresses, toiletries, tanks for extra fuel, sufficient local cash in different denotations, medicines, electrical gadgets like phone chargers, power banks, and extra batteries for car and more. There are a few villages and small towns in between that have a limited supplies of these things and you can buy your requirements from these places as well, but it is highly advised to bring your supplies from the base as a limited quantity can reduce your purchases and small number of ATMs can make you leave with no money.

  1. Top Attractions

Top Attractions

A 300-mile stretch of Himachal to Himalayan Valley consist of many stopovers which are the most favorite things for bikers (cruise bikers especially) to take a stop and witness the beautiful view. If you are starting your journey from Manali itself, then you can have the best sights of Rohtang Pass, Sissu, Shipting, Keylong, Jispa, Mansingh, Rangyo, Bharatpur Village, Suraj Tal, Gata Loops, Nakee La, Keylong, Pang, Meroo, Debring, Upshi, Thikse Monastery, Leh, Khardungla Gompa and many more places that are known to be the biggest landmarks to check-in on your social media profile and flatter others.

  1. Must Try Activities


Although, the most of the area is raw nature and you will hardly find any trace of human existence throughout your journey from Manali to Ladakh except for a few small villages that are remotely connected from the Manali-Ladakh Highway, but if you are looking for some experience that is solely connected with the road trips of Indian Mountain valleys, then you can always go for photography, small climbing trails, off-road driving, expedition to the nearby villages and more. It is highly advised to bring a guide who can give you the idea of the places that are not in the bounds of the locals due to the presence of the military bases.

  1. Essential Information


Many road trippers and expert hikers have found that the distance between Manali and Leh cannot be covered in one or a couple of runs in total as the oxygen level goes down gradually when you reach to the higher altitude. So, it is highly advised to the travelers to take a rest for at least 8-10 hours after driving a distance of 100 miles each time. Also, it is important to carry extra fuel for emergency as the gas stations on the highway are very small in number and are located far from each other. One must also bring some essential parts of the vehicle like extra battery, spark plugs, engine oil, break wires, brake pads and more to ensure they change them as soon as they find any trouble on such high altitude. It is also important that the area is full of landslide-prone zones, thus one must take all the precautions in the rainy days to avoid any mishap.

A trip between Manali to Ladakh comprises a distance of over 300 miles in total that includes Himalayan terrains, valleys, narrow roads, passes, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, villages, cityscapes and so much more which is the reason behind a huge popularity of this road trip among locals as well as international travelers. Besides, the picturesque sight of landscapes available throughout the journey is priceless and are perceived to be as a piece of heaven on earth by many travel photographers. So, if you too wish to have such an amazing and adventurous trip, then you should probably consider taking flights to India with Travelation and enjoy a beautiful road trip to the high terrains of the Indian subcontinent that takes you to the new heights of adventure, excitement, peace and tranquility whilst giving you enough opportunity to save a good fortune on your airfares to India.

Top 5 Cities in Germany to Visit

European continent is among the most diverse and incredible regions on the planet and whether you believe it or not, this part of the world have always been the home to many incredible civilizations that have survived many eras and have been flourishing the region with their magnificent culture and heritage. Among all these nations, Germany have always been an outstanding place for exploring the heritage and understanding the history of modern world and if you have been thinking to visit here in the near future, you will find the cities of this country quite amazing. Through this blog, Travelation aims to inspire you for making a spectacular escape to this German utopia and explore some of the most incredible cities of Germany that will definitely stun your very soul:

  1. Berlin


The German capital Berlin is prominently known for its enchanting beauty and breathtaking historical element which have been giving the city a charisma like no other. Though most of the landmarks and historical sites are refurbished due to devastation held in World War II, yet if you are looking to follow the traces of rich culture and history, you can easily find many relics from the past that are still available to witness for tourists and locals in the various museums and galleries. The most prominent attractions including Museum Island, Holocaust Memorial and magnificent variety of shopping malls will keep you on your toes throughout your vacation in Germany.

  1. Munich


The capital city of Bavaria region, Munich is the hub of culture, art, technology and education in the region and prominently visited by youngsters seeking some inspiration in relation to their interest. The mind-blowing city of Munich is the third-largest metropolitan city of the country and sports a fantastic range of incredible landmarks and sites that are treasuring the culture, heritage, lifestyle and many more essence of the civilization. Places like Englischer Garten, Nymphenburg Palace, Linderhof Palace, Munich Residenz, Frauenkirche Church, Deutsches Museum, BMW Museum, New Town Hall, Hofgarten, Odeonsplatz, Old Town Hall, Pinakothek der Moderne and many more places are a must visit for you.

  1. Frankfurt


One of the largest financial centers of the Europe as well as a globally renowned city of Frankfurt is the crown jewel of the nation, prominently known for being the home emperors and rulers of the Germany over the centuries. Though, the outlook of the city have drastically changed in over the period of time, yet the charm and elegance of Frankfurt is still traceable and you can witness the wealth and exquisite lifestyle in a stroll to the most prominent attractions such as St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, St. Paul’s Church, Main Tower, Palmengarten, Goethe House, Stadel, Alte Opera House, Naturmuseum Senckenberg, Museumsufer, MMK, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and many more places that are the biggest highlights of the city.

  1. Dusseldorf


Often described as the German version of Milan by global voyagers, Dusseldorf is one of the most modern and tranquilizing getaway destinations of the Germany, prominently known for being the fashion hub of the nation. The thriving range of shopping malls, boutiques, shops, markets and eateries have been making this city a perfect place for a weekend trip for shopping and fun. When you are exploring the fun city of Dusseldorf, do not miss to visit Schloss Benrath, Dusseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Rheinturm, Museum Kunstpalast, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Kunst im Tunnel, Neandertal, Hofgarten, Aquazoo Lobbecke Museum of Dusseldorf, Krefeld Zoo, Dussel River and dozens of other attractions that are really delightful to visit and explore.

  1. Hamburg


One of the largest and oldest cities of the Germany, nestled in the northern region with a close proximity to the Berlin, Hamburg is a tranquilizing getaway destination, ideally renowned for being a major port hub for the country for decades. Known to be sporting as one of the biggest natural harbors of the Europe, Hamburg is featured with an immense range of fascinating attractions. While you are in Hamburg, try and visit some of the best landmarks and attractions of the city such as Heide Park, Reeperbahn Entertainment District, Miniatur Wunderland, Tierpark Hagenbeck, St. Michael’s Church, Alster, Planten un Blomen, Soviet Submarine B-515, Chilehaus and a big number of other magnificent places that will give you the glimpse of diversity in the northern port region of Germany.

Although, the country has many more cities to share the cultural brilliance and outstanding lifestyle such as Cologne, Dresden, Stuttgart, Rothenberg, Leipzig, Bamberg, Lubeck and many more, yet if you are looking to witness the best of the best Germany has to offer, then you should probably start considering to visit the places enlisted below. To make your travel even more enticing and enjoyable, Travelation is throwing some of the most fantastic and exclusive deals on flights to Germany that will give you immense pleasure of flying your way to this remarkable nation that is nestled in the very heart of the Europe. So, don’t wait any more and book your getaways to Germany straight away.

Tips to book budget business class flights

Almost every person in the world expects to get better experiences while paying less and when we speak of traveling, most of our expectations are prominently based on the flying experiences where most of the horrifying stories of worst travel experiences begin. Although, the ratio of bad experiences during the flight are quite low as compared to other factors, but when you are taking the big world of travel into consideration, you can overlook this small number. However, still if you require to have a business class flight experience while exploring your favorite getaway destination or voyaging for a business or leisure purpose, you might find business class flights expensive. So, to land you some assistance for experiencing the luxury and comfort of premium classes, we here are giving away some tips to book budget business class flights:

  1. Know your fare

Know your fare

There are times when we only believe that the business class flight fares are expensive whereas they lie in the cheap fare category. It is a common mentality these days that no matter what, business class flight deals will always be expensive and you have to find some cheat to get the fare at the lowest possible airfare. Here is an example: If you find an economy class fare from destination A to destination B of US $600 and business class fare of the same route of US $1000, the fare ratio will be justified and you are actually getting the cheap business class flight deal. So, if you are planning to travel in business class cabin and seeking some best deals to save more, then you should start your research by knowing what fare is cheap and what is expensive.

  1. Subscriptions that help

Subscriptions that help

There are many subscriptions like travel agency newsletters, offer subscriptions from the airline and more that can give you an advance heads up related with upcoming airfare sale and special offers. Occasionally, many airlines as well as travel agencies release some of the best deals that are advertised very well in advance to indulge as many passengers as possible and provide them the platform to gain as much as possible from the deals and offers that are provided. So, if you are looking forward for a vacation or a trip in the near future, then you should start today by subscribing the newsletters and other alerts from airlines, service providers and the travel agencies you trust the most.

  1. Vital use of loyalty programs

Vital use of loyalty programs

There are many loyalty programs and schemes available in the market which we often overlook and are quite helpful to save a good fortune on our expenses. There are loads of loyalty programs associated with our credit card providers as well as the airlines which we use to travel, giving us some loyalty programs, travel miles and so much more in their own creative terms. If you have been using the credit cards and haven’t chose to divert your credit card points towards your loyalty program or if you have a membership of some group or society that can be a beneficial platform for you to save money, then it’s high time to choose them as your loyalty program provider while booking to get the occasional benefits of upgrading your flight to business class or even the first class.

  1. Correct Selection of Airline

Correct Selection of Airline

Selection of airline is an important factor to book any sort of flight ticket. Not only your level of comfort, but the airfare itself is majorly dependent on it. There are two ways of booking a business class flights based on the airline. First one is to book your flight with the airline that is majorly or solely dealing in business and premium class flight tickets. With such airlines, you can always get the best deals possible as they have plenty of space to accommodate more passengers in one go without adding any sort of extra expense. The other way is to book with lesser known airlines. These airlines are always behind to get more customers than before and acquire the market share as much as possible. In order to do so, these small airlines often offer the cheapest airfare possible.

  1. The correct technique of finding fares

The correct technique of finding fares

There are many other ways through which, you can easily find the cheapest business class flight deals including booking your flights between the most popular airports as these airports are the one that have the most traffic and major airlines often fly from them. Secondly, booking with the airline that has its home in either of the countries is a better option as they will be traveling to or from the hub and giving the best and cheap airfare. Splitting your journey with a third city in between your departure and destination is a better option as there are chances that you can find much more suitable deal without spending a good amount of time or endure the hassle of transferring between the airports in an unknown city.

There are many blogs and write-ups existing on the internet, where you can find hundreds of way that may get you anywhere close to the cheap business class flight fares, but if you are looking for the best ones that won’t leave you in any sort of hassle and give you the most stunning experience, then you have been through them all above. Although, we are not certain whether you are planning your travel now or not, but there is one thing that is certain that you can always find the most amazing and fabulous range of business class flight deals at Travelation that offer the most astonishing variety of deals and cities worldwide to have a pocket-friendly and convenient traveling experience.