Hottest Asian Destinations for New Year Celebrations

Despite the huge popularity and dominance of the Europe and North American region, Asia is rapidly getting its fame and have become a hot favorite beacon for a fantastic New Year’s Eve. Every year, millions of travelers fly their way to various parts of the Asia and enjoy a thriving New Year celebration with their near and dear ones. Since the big day is not too far now and you must be thinking of planning of your travel in time, you are surely short on time. Hence, to land you some help in finding the best holiday destination for a perfect New Year vacation destination by giving you a hint of what you can find in the hottest Asian destinations for New Year celebrations:

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur has recently got its fame to become a hot favorite place of New Year celebration when the KLCC Park is giving people a perfect light and firework show on the time when the clock hits the midnight. Among the major business hubs in the Asian continent and one of the most fascinating, diverse and vibrant cities of the Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur have become a great treat for everyone. The fabulous range of captivating bars, clubs, pubs and outdoor events are sufficient enough to make your New Year’s Eve a great catch and give you some quality memories of welcoming 2018. Although, the crowd is nowhere near the Times Square of the NYC, but if you are looking for similar sort of experience with less crowd and a sorted skyline, then Kuala Lumpur can be your place.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Though, for most of us, the image of Bali has been a tranquilizing and a soothing place, but when the season of New Year comes around the city shows its wild side to the world. The scenic beaches become the party hub and outstanding landscapes become the glittering backdrops for New Year selfies. In recent years, the Indonesian city has received a much deserving hype among tourists and with great tropical weather conditions, people are preferring a vacation in this part of the Asia more than anything. With giant beaches, exquisite parties, tranquilizing natural scene and spectacular sunny weather are the reason why Bali has made its name into this list.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital has always been a favorite place for a great vacation with leisure, fun, parties and more, but when the occasion is of New Year, the charm of Bangkok gets higher in manifolds. The bustling city becomes even more crowded around the New Year when tourists from across the globe flock the markets, streets and beaches of this city and have a great amount of fun with endless parties, extraordinary beauty and incredible charm. The parties, events, galas and fireworks are the glimpse of rich diversity this Thai capital have been treasuring and you can make your New Year vacations in Thailand even more charming by staying here and enjoying the New Year’s Eve at an affordable price.

  1. Singapore


The city-state of Singapore is one of the most dreamed and extravagant regions of the Southeast Asia, prominently known for its extraordinary beaches that are absolutely perfect for New Year parties. Every year, thousands of voyagers take flights to Singapore from various parts of the world to witness the charming celebrations of the New Year at the cozy and bewitching beaches of Singapore. The exquisite history, diversity of culture and magnificent lifestyle is a plus to enjoy on the NYE in Singapore and if you are looking for a perfect leisure vacation in Southeast Asia, this place can give you a great experience with plethora of parties, exquisite celebrations, fireworks, great weather conditions and affordable stays.

  1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

The Chinese province of Hong Kong is among the most vibrant and reputed places in the region for great New Year celebrations. Each year, the city observes a great array of tourists flying to this part of the China and witnessing the extraordinary and captivating display of fireworks and lightshows. The fantastic concerts, galas, parties and events organized in Hong Kong around New Year are really enjoyable and if you are looking for something as beautiful and diverse as this, then there is no place better in the Asian continent that can meet or beat the charm of Hong Kong.

Asian continent is indeed the largest continent in size and it is quite obvious that there are dozens of options to enjoy a perfect New Year’s Eve in this part of the world. However, if you are looking for something that can give you both joy and adventure on such a massive occasion, then you have to be wise enough to pick a destination as per your preferences. So, if you have been through the best experiences of the region and have a perfect place for your New Year vacation in mind, then all you have to do now is to consider the services of Travelation and book New Year flight deals with us for a spectacular getaway experience whilst saving huge on airfares with our variety of deals and offers available online.

Must visit cities of the United Kingdom

Exploring the United Kingdom have always been a dream for many of us and that too for a good reason. With its exquisite history from colonial era, magnificent culture, outstanding heritage and spellbinding lifestyle, United Kingdom have always been alluring us all with its charm and superlative combination of attributes. Being the home of many world renowned cities that have been excelling and leading the world in different areas, United Kingdom is known to be a place full of diversity and surprises. To those who have been dreaming about their vacation in the United Kingdom and seeking a perfect vacation destination to begin their journey, we have come up with a list of must visit cities of the United Kingdom that will give you a magnificent experience to cherish for the rest of the eternity:

  1. London, England

London, England

The capital city of the United Kingdom and among the most prosperous, famous and diverse cities of all time in the world, London is truly one of the most spellbinding getaway options in the United Kingdom, best known for its superlative range of fabulous attractions, bewitching pieces of architecture, extraordinary culture, thriving lifestyle and incredible atmosphere. With its fabulous array of attractions such as London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abby, Natural History Museum and many more, London have always thrived among the rest of the United Kingdom and have given many reasons to take flights to UK frequently to explore more.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish capital, ideally famous for its fabulous heritage and remarkable range of historical structures and of course Scotch Whiskey, Edinburgh have been a prominent place to visit in the entire United Kingdom. Featuring a wide range of attributes including art, medieval history, city parks, outstanding history and cultural galleries, marvelous religious sites and more, Edinburgh have been one of the prominent reasons why taking flights to UK have become a trend these days to enjoy a peaceful and joyful experience for voyagers. Places like Edinburgh Castle, Mary King’s Close, Scottish National Gallery, Holyrood Park, Scott Monument and more, you can thoroughly enjoy a spellbinding and elegant vacation in the United Kingdom.

  1. Chester, England

Chester, England

Established as a Roman City in the 1st A.D., Chester is one of the most exquisite and historically rich cities of the England, located in the northwestern region of the country. With a wide range of historical structures made of red sandstones and marvelous range of architectural designs from various eras, you can actually learn a lot about the history of the United Kingdom whilst strolling around the bewitching boulevards of the Chester. The marketplaces in Chester are the great place to collect some valuable and memorable souvenirs as your arrival presents. While you are in Chester, do not miss to visit Grosvenor Museum, Eastgate Clock, Cheshire Military Museum, Roman Amphitheater, St. Michael’s Church, Chester Cathedral and many more places covering all major and minor regions of Chester.

  1. Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales

A prominent port city of the United Kingdom as well as the capital city of the Wales, Cardiff is among the most relevant and underrated getaway destinations in the region, ideally perfect to enjoy a perfect place where modern lifestyle meets with the ancient forts. The capital of Wales since 1955, Cardiff has an abundant number of peaceful and delighting attractions that complement the lively and tremendous culture and lifestyle of the city. With places like Cardiff Bay, National Museum, Wales Millennium Centre, Principality Stadium, Bute Park, Cardiff Castle, Llandaff Cathedral, Pierhead Building, Cathays Park, Chapter Arts Centre and many more, Cardiff has everything you require on a stylish and delightful vacation in the United Kingdom.

  1. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The capital city as well as the cultural epicenter of the Northern Ireland, Belfast is probably the most dramatic yet stylish getaway destination of the country, prominent known for being the birth place of the famous Titanic that got struck by the iceberg and got sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean. The awesome heritage that revolves around the titanic as well as many more eras from the history of the nation, Belfast have been a great place to enjoy shopping, historical exploration, cultural experiences and much more, all at one place in Northern Ireland. Places like the Grand Opera House, Ulster Museum, Belfast City Hall, Golden Mile, Belfast Castle, Albert Memorial Clock, Waterfront Hall, City Zoo and more are the prominent attractions that remain flocked by the tourists year-round.

Despite many other cities like Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cambridge, York, Leeds, Plymouth, Lincoln, Winchester and more, we have selected the best among best places for you to give you an absolute pleasure of exploring such a vast range of features United Kingdom is blessed with. So, if you feel like discovering all the hues existing in the charming and captivating region of the United Kingdom, then all you have to do is book your flights to UK with Travelation and you are all good to go for a superlative voyage filled with an incredible range of delights and adventures waiting for you in the United Kingdom.

A solo trip to Tokyo

Japan have always been one of the most popular nations in the Asian continent to have a voyage and even if you are planning on traveling solo regardless your gender, the cities of Japan will welcome you like no other. Not only the cities are high-tech and full of services, but the locals are equally welcoming and supportive. Many solo travelers from around the world have found the cities of Japan quite friendly and secured and if you are planning on a solo vacation to Tokyo, you will enjoy the fullest while not just exploring the attractions, but even when you are commuting, eating and strolling down the bustling streets of Tokyo. Normally flights to Tokyo from the United States land in the city post noon and you will find ample of things to explore even on your day of arrival. So, here we are with all the necessary information you may require during your solo trip to Tokyo:

A solo trip to Tokyo

  1. Getting around

Getting around the bustling city of Tokyo is really safe as well as simple as you not only get the guards at the train stations and stops, but also there is a strict surveillance across all major transport system that makes the public transport safe. Using public transport in Tokyo is not just safe, it is also economical and will help you save a fortune as compared to the private car rentals and taxis. The frequency of buses, trains and taxis are quite seamless in Tokyo and a major part of public transport system connects to the most prominent attractions of Tokyo as well as parts of the outskirts. Travelers visiting Tokyo can also opt for the water buses that are the ferry rides on the Sumida River as well as Tokyo Bay.

  1. Top attractions

Being one of the most massive getaway options in the Eastern Asian region, Tokyo is featured with a wide array of picturesque and reputed attractions that are not just gorgeous to look from the outside, but also hold a huge significance in the culture, heritage and lifestyle of Japan. Places like Meiji Shrine, Roppongi, Harajuku, Odaiba Park, Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyone, Tokyo Imperial Palace, City National Musuem, Yoyogi Park, Roppongi Hills, Edo-Tokyo Museum, DisneySea, National Art Center, Tokyo Tower, Nezu Museum, Ghibli Musuem and many more sites are the beacon for tourists to understand the nature, culture and lifestyle of the Japanese capital Tokyo.

  1. Must try food

Japanese culinary is majorly based on the seafood and arguably one of the best you can find in the Asian continent. The Japanese gastronomy has a profound taste of spices, herbs, cooking methods and of course the seafood and the best experience of Japanese gourmet can be savored when you try Tamagoyaki, Sashimi, Tendon, Tempura, Soba, Tonkatsu, Yakitori, Sukiyaki and of course the famous sushi. The locals in Japan often enjoy eating alone and you can easily find the authentic and delicious Japanese food in any part of the city at an economical price. However, you might have to wait a little longer than usual due to increased population and huge stack tourists occupying space in the restaurants.

  1. Best things to do

Japan is a big city with narrow streets and magnificent heritage which can easily be seen throughout the city. People often enjoy strolling down the boulevards of the city with easy access and understandability due to English translation of all sign-boards. Visiting Disneyland Tokyo, baseball games, boat ride on Sumida River, joining parties in the park (as people in Tokyo are really friendly with tourists and enjoy listening to their stories to improve their command on English), club hopping, learning calligraphy, martial art classes, tea making classes and more are the most indulging things for tourists these days.

  1. Essential information for tourists

Locals of Tokyo are really friendly and welcoming towards the tourists and often enjoy indulging into a deep conversation and stories of your lives. There are an abundant number of Wi-Fi hotspots available throughout the city with decent network speed. However, if you need a high-speed internet connection, you can easily rent a Wi-Fi hotspot for your purpose. Tokyo is among the safest cities of the world, but people should consider the basic precautions including strolling down unknown and stranded places in night, carelessly walking on the crowded roads, relying on the strangers and so on. The public transport is accessible from almost every major and minor part of the city, but, if you need to visit the places that are hard to point-out on the map, get a cab from the stand and consult the locals about the fare before hopping-in.

Tokyo is proven to be one of the safest places to travel solo even for women and if you too have been thinking to have a successful voyage to the Japanese capital and a bit nervous for your first solo trip to Japan, you should consider the points mentioned above as they will give you not just the best satisfaction of being safe and secured in one of the most popular and high-tech cities of the world, but also give you an idea to outline your entire vacation in this sprawling city. So, if you find Tokyo appealing for a solo trip, then quickly start packing and book your flights to Japan with Travelation to ensure a magnificent trip featuring loads of exploration, fabulous experiences and a delighting spell of your life in Japan.

Reasons Why You Should Visit to Iceland in Winter

Whenever we plan a winter vacation, we often rule-out the destinations that are colder throughout the year. Hence, we often miss the essence of witnessing the extreme and how locals treat themselves to stay on their toes and live life up to the mark. To give you an idea and break the stereotype thinking, we have brought to you reasons why you should visit to Iceland in winters. The nation that has been seeing the winter season across the year for centuries have been a delightful experience for summer travel to avoid scorching heat. However, if you have found yourself amazed, amused and astounded by the variety of attractions and things to indulge in during the summers in Iceland, the nation will provide you an unseen and unexplored array of delights during the winters. Here are the reasons that makes Iceland much more astonishing during the winter season:

Seljalandfoss waterfall at sunset, Iceland

1. Budget Traveling:

Since demand of tourists hit southwards like travelers, the overall traveling expenses to Iceland gets low. Hence, you can have more opulent and astonishing traveling experience whilst spending low. It is often observed that travelers tend to avoid visiting Iceland during the winters and hotels and airlines throw some great deals and offers in the market to allure the tourists and get some bread and butter during the off season. Since, the season is not clicking for the tourism in Iceland, you will find some awesome winter travel deals to get engaged and enjoy the so called “chilling vacations” in Iceland

2. Fewer Crowd:

The off season brings calmness and loneliness to the prominent attractions in the Iceland. The northern cities become deserted and locals enjoy a less crowded city with a purity of nature which spreads miles towards every direction covered in nothing but snow. So, if you feel like having a vacation where you don’t have to get into queues for your turn to visit a perfect attraction of Iceland, winters are the best season for you. People have always been considering that Iceland becomes much colder and unbearable to visit during the winters. However, the cities get a bit colder than usual, yet equally astonishing to enjoy in the winters.

3. The Real Beauty of Winter Season:

Since the season perfectly matches the climate conditions of the nation, you will find all the attributes to their optimum beauty. The Alps, wide-spread snowy grounds, astonishing huts, villages and major natural landmarks becomes more beautiful and appealing for voyagers. Hence, you will find only travel photographers and expert travelers heading their way to the incredible Iceland to enjoy the purity of the nature that comes into existence in the season of winter. Also, the view of aurora borealis gets easy to experience due to clear skies and fewer noise in the atmosphere, giving photographers a perfect opportunity to discover a spellbinding experience of dancing polar lights.

4. Unexplored Festive Celebrations:

Since travelers tend to turn their backs on the Iceland during the festive season due to so called extreme cold weather, people have no idea about how the major festivals such as Christmas and New Year is actually celebrated by the natives. Hence, you can be one of the selected people who have actually witnessed the real beauty of the Christmas and New Year that is celebrated by the locals and can have the exposure of culture and traditions followed by the natives to keep the culture in the roots alive. With the capital like Reykjavik that has a population of more than 100,000, travelers can be a part of the celebration where natives tend to gather around and have a remarkable amount of celebration among their own.

5. Bigger Nights for better Nightlife Experience:

Iceland is one of the most zealous nations in the Europe and often considered perfect for nightlife in the particular region. Hence, the nightlife becomes much more interesting and appealing since the nights are longer in the winters. So, it gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the nightlife and zealous lifestyle of cities like Reykjavik, Keflavik, Hofn, Selfoss, Akureyri and more. There are many bars and pubs that open early in the evening as the dusk begin and remain open till the standard times. So, the more night, the more you can enjoy the booze, dance and party extravaganza.

There are tons of reasons to avoid visit to such wonderful nation of Iceland, yet if you love to explore the world and treasure different experiences, all you need is to break the stereotype thinking and see the bigger picture. So, if you feel like having a cool (literally) traveling experience this winter season, all you need is consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and avail our remarkable winter travel deals available for your budget getaways.

The Best Places to Travel in November

The month of festival, excitement and joy is just round the corner and everyone around you must have started talking about their travel plans with family or friends. As the month of November begins, people will start flying to the exotic destinations or heading towards their home to celebrate the auspicious occasions occur in the festive month. In case, you haven’t planned anything yet and looking for a getaway suitable for your budget, theme and accompany, Travelation is proudly helping you out by giving you some ideas about the best places to travel in November. Following destinations are the most popular getaways with attributes to be enjoyed in the month of November as well as budget-friendly as you can easily find cheap airfares for your dream destination. So, have a look at the ideas below and plan your trip accordingly:

  1. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

There is no better time than visiting and exploring the beauty and diversity of Denver than the month of November. The month when you can experience the artistic diversity and intelligence of Colorado along with the creativity through myriad events including art galleries, exhibitions, film festivals and more. Besides, many art galleries and museums organizes different programs to showcase the immense collection and myriad themes as per the trend. You can also enjoy some great festivities going in and around the city that are perfect to explore with such a mild weather conditions and offering the true beauty with fewer crowd on the streets.

  1. New York City, New York

New York City

Visiting New York doesn’t require any specific time. It is often said that there is no bad time to visit the Big Apple. However, if you are looking to dodge the bustling streets with fewer crowd at the attractions, visiting New York City in the month of November will bring some advantages. The month when the artistic capital of the world showcase its real colors and offer the tourists the best of the scenes of its diversity, New York blooms with smart travelers and give them the best experience with optimum attributes. With huge celebrations of Thanksgiving and Halloween going around the month, you can thoroughly enjoy the real charm of NYC and have a wonderful time with family especially kids.

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

November is the ideal month for those who always look for a getaway to the beaches and there is no other destination in the entire United States that can beat the beauty, charisma and charm of Miami. One of the most popular destinations of the Florida, Miami makes a great getaway destination when it comes to a beach vacation. Also, the month of November offers great value for money travel packages and cheap airfares to Miami that are perfect to plan a family getaway and get your mind off from all the stress and saving some extra dollars. So, if you like dipping in refreshing beaches, Miami is the destination just for you.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

The charisma of Las Vegas have never been hidden from anyone. Even being surrounded by the deserts of Nevada, this enthralling city has shown its beauty and charm to the rest of the world and if you too feel like having a first-hand experience of Las Vegas, the ideal time would be the month of November. The month when scorching heat moved on and peak season of New Year is about to begin, shoulder month of November makes it quite affordable as well as enjoyable with fewer crowd and more beauty to explore on foot. So, if you are planning a group getaway or a trip with friends to the beautiful and dazzling city of Las Vegas, November is the month just right for you.

  1. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

The home of Hollywood and one of the most prosperous and delightful conurbations of California, Los Angeles is truly something that will give you a chance to explore the beauty, charm and vividness. The month of November gives an ideal time to save a fortune on travel deals as the peak season is about to begin, you can enjoy the dramatic sunset from the coasts or can enjoy the TV/film shootings going around the alleys of the city. If you have kids with you, hit a theme park or go for the beaches to enjoy some soothing time and take all the tension off your head.

Although, November is somehow in between peak traveling season and shoulder traveling season where you can have the best weather conditions, events going on and delighting cheap airfares. All that depends is what interest you more and you can plan your trip accordingly. So, if you have made a clear picture with the help of options suggested above, quickly pack your bags and book your last minute flights with Travelation.

Airport Expenses to Avoid

Traveling often involves many kinds of challenges and things that are not a part of the journey, but you still have to spend time and money on that. People who travel a lot can easily relate to the thing that no matter how long or short the journey may be, there are certain expenses which are very small yet look so big. But there are definitely several expenses that can be avoided that are going to make your travel easier.


If you are the one who travels by plane all the time, here are the top airport expenses you can avoid in order to make your journey convenient and cheaper. Follow them and see how much you can save despite of flying frequently.

  1. Airport Food: The first thing that usually occupies our mind is the food that is presented in such a good way that it attracts your eyes. The food on the airport and even during the flights might look tempting, but it is always necessary that it will be good and fresh. Buying food from the airport is not advisable at all as you are not sure about the quality and also, the price of this food is quite high that incurs extra cost on your travel.

  2. Airport Money Exchange: Many people travel to different countries for various purposes and it is always necessary to carry some cash along that can be used in case of an emergency. The chances may be higher that the currency of that destination might not be the same as that of your country. In this case, people usually choose the money exchange counters to save themselves from the queues. While doing this, they actually add another expense to their list as the conversion rates are different from that of other places.

  3. Airport Car Rentals: Taking a rental car from the airport is quite convenient for us, but it actually costs us more than that of what it is supposed to be. The car rentals at the airport have their own parameters and charges for the journey and may even charge you more even for a shorter distance. Taking a public transport instead will save you from the heavy charges of the car rental companies who have spread business dominantly on the airport. Skip the car rental and go with a public or private transport service.

  4. Airport Duty Free Purchase Outlets: The products at the duty free purchase outlets at the airport might seem cheap to you, but the truth is, only the taxes have been reduced on the products, the prices are higher than the normal ones. The deals are not always good, the prices may be higher than you think, so take a wise decision before buying it and do not forget to compare the same before buying. These outlets do cut prices, but only to attract the customers, so check before you proceed.

  5. Airport Cab Services: Just like the car rentals, the cab services at the airport are quite expensive. No matter whether you are a locale or a visitor, the cab services are going to charge you high with their taxes and extra fees of operations at the airport. Choosing public transport over the cab services is a better decision as the difference between the fares of both is quite high. You can even ask for a cab from the hotel you have booked a stay with and take the advantage.

These hacks are definitely going to make your travel much easier and thus help you in saving a lot. Follow these travel tips to enjoy a wonderful journey at comparatively low prices.

Adventure Travel Ideas for the New Year

After Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the exciting event that keeps our spirit high is the Christmas. This much awaited event is followed by the New Year that undoubtedly is the best time of the year and the time to begin a new phase. With each step into the New Year, we set new goals and resolutions for the same.

While following the procedure and setting ourselves into the next year, we usually forget to live and enjoy the moment. But this time, take a pledge to make your New Year adventurous and memorable. Don’t know how? Don’t worry, here are the top places we have picked up for you to give you a never before experience.

Adventure Travel for the New Year

  1. Everest: If you want to reach the heights of success, hike the Mt. Everest on the very first day of the New Year and half of the battle is won already. There is nothing like climbing the mountain in the winter season. Awesome weather, beautiful surroundings, frozen waterfalls and the towering mountains will leave you spellbound. Isn’t this the best way to give a kick-start to the New Year? What are you waiting then? Pull up your socks and get ready to feel the adventure.
  2. South Coast Track, Tasmania: Do you remember the last time you took an adventurous trip? If no, then it’s time for you to take your travel buddy along and plan an excursion to Tasmania’s South Coast. This 85 km long stretch of land has a wide range of remote beaches, rainforest and alluring landscapes that are going to steal your heart away. The wilderness of this particular spot is satiate all the desires of an adventurous trip and what could be better than spending the first day of the year with your buddy?
  3. Antarctica: Have you ever wondered what does being on the coldest, driest and windiest continent feels like? This New Year’s eve take yourself to this snowy wonderland and feel the magic yourself. The 22 hours broad daylight will give you countless chances of capturing the flawless beauty of this awesome destination. Visiting it in December and January can make you spot the rarest species of wildlife and give you the perfect dose of adventure, which will leave you awestruck. What’s the delay then? Book your tickets now.
  4. Kii Hanto Pilgrim, Japan: What would be your reaction if you get a chance of hiking the great mountains of Kii mountain ranges along with the blessings of the holy souls? This can only happen if you take a trip to the Kii Hanto Pilgrim in Japan. The local people head to the Buddhist temples of the nation in the midnight, just before New Year to make the best of the year. Detoxify your mind, body and soul and enjoy the impeccable charm and give a treat to your eyes.

Since there is hardly any time for New Year to come, start preparing soon by booking your flights. Take advantage of our New Year Travel Deals and have unlimited fun.

England’s Best Christmas Markets

With the beginning of the winter season, the preparations for the Christmas season start gearing up rapidly. People of all age groups eagerly wait for the event to come and take active part in the arrangements. Most of them start creating plans for the same while others are busy in shopping. Christmas has always been among the top celebrated and the favorite festivals which is renowned globally. The enthusiasm and joy the festival brings along cannot be described in words. But one thing that gives immense pleasure to all of us is the Christmas shopping through the special markets.

Taking a stroll through these markets has its own bliss and if you love being in the colors of the festivities, let us take you through the best Christmas markets of the England that are going to leave a glitter in your eyes. Create your shopping list and head to them to commemorate the beginning of this wonderful event.

England’s Best Christmas Markets

  1. Birmingham: Each year during the Christmas season, Victoria Square is lit up with colorful lights and other decorative items because the Christmas Market is all ready to set here. The market begins from November 14 and stretches till December 22 and has a treasure of things, articles and food cuisines that are worth exploring. This German-style market is a wonderful way of shopping different items for the Christmas. Visit it with your family and friends and have fun.

  2. Southbank: Considered as one of the world’s largest markets and art centers, Southbank is a market set on the southern banks of the River Thames. With more than 80 stalls the market boasts a vibrant and amazing range of products that will make you fall in love with it totally. Special stalls are organized for children where they can play and win games as well. The market starts from 16th November and continues till Christmas Eve.

  3. Manchester: The Manchester Christmas Market has been one of the most popular markets in the nation. With more than 300 stalls, it displays a wide range of attractions and products since 1998. The market has been recognized by the National Association of British Market Authorities and has been recognized as ‘Best Market Attraction 2010’ .You can get almost everything here without any hassles. The market has already started from 18th November and will be live till December 22, so shop till you drop.

  4. Hyde Park: Hyde Park is one of the largest and royal parks of London that shines like a diamond during the Christmas season. The Christmas markets beginning from 22nd November make it a wonderful place and add grace to its impeccable charm. The colorful lights, lively ambiance and the perfect weather make it all the more charming and amazing. No matter what kind of thing or gift you are looking for, this traditional market gives you the freedom of choosing from a wide range.

Since Christmas is just round the corner and the markets have already set up, how about taking a trip to them? Take advantage of the Christmas travel deals and fly to any of these destinations without any problem. These cheap Christmas day travel deals will double up the fun of shopping and exploring.

America’s Best Lakes for Vacations

A calm and composed ambiance, fresh breeze and the cold waves of water touching the feet, isn’t that what we all need sometimes for our vacation?! No, it’s not an imaginary thought, it’s the scene of a lakeside vacation. And if you are wondering that where in the world would you be able to get this kind of pleasing spot, then we are here to tell you about the top lakes that make a perfect spot for vacation. Don’t worry, you won’t have to travel quite far to find them, they all are present in the America. Get ready to rejuvenate yourself with a vacation by the lakeside and spend some quality time with your friends, family and loved ones. Check out the list of the America’s best lakes for vacation and head towards them on the next weekend getaway.

  1. Lake Champlain, New York: Located on the borders of the United States and Canada, Lake Champlain is a natural fresh water lake that makes an awesome spot for spending a vacation. Being a major part of the historical wars, the lake has many identical spots that were discovered during the American Revolution, the French and Indian War, etc. The delightful sights and the greenery around the lake is an ideal location for spending a laid back vacation and picnic.
  2. Lake Champlain, New York

  3. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming: Yellowstone Lake is the largest mountain lake in the America that is situated in the Yellowstone National Park. Forests, wildlife and the steady breeze make Yellowstone Lake an incredible vacation destination. You can even enjoy a sailing ride from the park to the lake and witness the unblemished charm of the destination. The jaw-dropping views are definitely going to steal your heart away. Take your best buddies along and make some unforgettable memories.
  4. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

  5. Crater Lake, Oregon: Located in the south-central Oregon, Crater Lake is the main attraction of the Crater Lake National Park. The deep blue water of the lake is going to blow your mind away. The serenity and wilderness surround the lake with some picturesque islands that add shine to its grace. Moreover, the lake makes it an astonishing spot for scuba diving that adds a pinch of adventure to your vacation. Isn’t that amazing! Get set for a fun-filled trip.
  6. Crater Lake, Oregon

  7. Lake Clark, Alaska: Situated in the southern Alaska, Lake Clark is yet another spot whose journey itself is full of thrill and adventure. The lake can only be reached by trekking the snow-capped mountains and walking amidst dense forests. The idea of spending a vacation here takes you to an entirely different world where you can enjoy kayaking, fishing and give your eyes a treat by watching the rare wildlife species. So, if you are looking for a camping expedition, visit it soon.
  8. Lake Clark, Alaska

  9. Lake Chelan, Washington: This 50 miles long lake is the largest natural lake in the Washington that happens to be an excellent spot for your next excursion. The huge mountains spread all over the lake make it an awe-inspiring visual that cannot be found anywhere else. Hiking the trails can be a part of your vacation that will make your trip all the more interesting. Add the spot to your bucket list and fly with your favorite buddies today.
  10. Lake Chelan, Washington

So, now when you have a well-versed list of vacation spots, why not take a break and visit these America’s best lakes on your next trip.

Top 5 Hidden Hot Springs in the World!

Mother Nature has a huge treasure of natural wonders that are a blessing for the humankind. Be it’s a natural waterfall, snowfall, caves, mountains or even the lush landscapes, each and every grace of the nature is an asset for you. One such amazing natural wonder is the natural hot springs that are no less than a modern spa and cure a large number of skin ailments without any side-effects. So, while you are still in the state of shock, take a list of the top hidden hot springs in the world which will leave you awestruck. Travel the world soon to explore the charm of the sacred legacy of the nature.

  1. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Alberta, Canada: Located in the Western Canada, these hot springs are surrounded by dramatic alpine views that make it a sacred place to relax and unwind in the lap of the nature. They happen to be the highest natural springs of Canada, which have abundant amount of minerals, such as sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate, calcium and sulfate. Take a dip in the soothing and skin-healing water of the spring and enjoy a hot natural spa.
  2. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Alberta, Canada

  3. Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan: The Ma’In hot springs are a series of hot mineral springs and waterfalls located between Madaba and the Dead Sea. It has been a popular place among the kings and queens too who came here to enjoy the hot and cold springs and the picturesque falls. It is known as the Hammamat Ma’in amongst the locals as it originates from the winter rainfalls in Jordan plains. Visit it soon to enjoy a roman bath.
  4. Ma'In Hot Springs, Jordan

  5. Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Blue Lagoon Island is a geothermal spa which is located in a lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is also one of the major attractions of Iceland, which has a huge variety of volcanic rocks, electric green moss, and streaming waters. Enjoy a massaging steam bath, sauna and enjoy the natural beauty of the place which is rich in minerals like silica, sodium, etc. A bath in the lagoon can help you get a Flammarion-free skin.
  6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

  7. Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica: Arenal Hot Springs are the result of the geothermal activity of six active volcanoes in Costa Rica that make it a prominent hot spring in the region. These natural springs help in strengthening the skin’s defense system and a rich source of healing the muscles-pain, making them to relax and stay calm. Plan a trip today to experience the most amazing views of this natural wonder and get a natural spa, free of cost.
  8. Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica

  9. Banjar Hot Springs, Bali: This natural hot spring is located in the north of Bali, where the hot water pours from the mouths of 8-stone carved dragon-like creatures. Gardens bursting with tropical foliage surround the pools and a small restaurant serving Indonesian favorites overlooks this tranquil scene of running water. The sulphur-rich water of the springs help curing a large number of skin diseases too. Surrounded with lush, jungle-clad slopes, it happens to be one of the island’s favorite spot.

Banjar Hot Springs, Bali

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