Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

There are a big number of cultural and annual festivals around the world such as Songkran, Tomatina and many more that have been quite amazing and exquisite, but if you are looking for something that can leave your mouth open and eyes popped-out with its charisma and uniqueness, then you should consider visiting the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. An annual festival that is organized every year in the picturesque city of Harbin, Ice and Snow festival is a perfect combination of natural bliss carved by the art and that too quite literally. Every year, the festival take place with great pomp and show during the winter season and transform the harsh cold weather conditions of the Harbin into a picturesque touristy phenomenon. So, here we are giving you everything you need to know about the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival:

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

  1. History

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival was initially introduced in the year 1963 when it used to be known as the traditional ice lantern festival and show. However, for several years, the festival was interrupted for various reasons and became an annual event from 1985 onward. The festival is always hosted by the Harbin City and giving people a magnificent show of outstanding sculptures of all sizes and colors. The festival has also been a platform to give tributes and felicitation on various occasions. In past, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival has attained the Guinness Record for showcasing the largest snow sculpture that was 250 meters long.

  1. Venues

Since Harbin Ice and Snow Festival has got its fame globally and is celebrated every year on a massive scale for a very big tenure, the festival is now celebrated in three different locations with their own specifications. For people who are looking to witness the fantastic sculptures during the day time and try to reach back to the hotel for warmth in the night will find the Sun Island Scenic Area a perfect place. Similarly, The Ice and Snow World will be a place for those who like to witness the massive size constructions of sculpture and won’t mind witnessing the beautiful colorful lights and sculptures in the night. Whereas Zhaolin Park is a place where you can enjoy the wonderful sight of ice lanterns, wonderful array of more than a thousand sculptures and much more. Additionally, Zhaolin Park will be a place where you can bring kids for some additional fun with the regional fauna.

  1. Top Attractions

Every year, Harbin becomes the home of endless fun and exquisite experiences that are rare to be described in mere words. This year, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival will be showcasing a massive range of picturesque attractions that are prominently divided into various events. The Ice Lantern Art Fair at Zhaolin Park, Harbin Ice and Snow World at ice and Snow World, Ice and Sculpture Competition in Zhaolin Park, Street ice Sculpture Art and Cultural Festival in Central Street, Songhua River Ice Snow Happy Valley near Songhua River, Children Art Variety Tournament in Harbin Youth Theater and many more events will be a great catch for you if you are looking for something really stunning.

  1. Construction

Many people wonder of how these sculptures and giant sized structures are made and what is the cost as well as inspiration of these amazing masterpieces. To answer that, many ice and snow artists have told that the swing saws are prominently used for such creations and the blocks are taken out of the Songhua River to make small and medium sized sculptures. The massive sized structures are made of various saws and huge equipment with the help of native organizers as well as artists. To give the look of mirrors and glasses, the deionized water is used, whereas the colors are basically nothing but the lights that are projected from both inside and the outside of the structures.

  1. Essential Information

Since Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is organized in the high-altitude terrains of the Harbin, it is strongly advised to bring warm clothes that can bear the harsh weather conditions and can perform well in the high-altitude. Additionally, bringing your hat and water-proof snow boots are highly advised. Winter socks, fleece, gloves and face covers are also great options to ensure you keep your body warm and don’t expose any part of the body to catch a cold. Dressing in layers is the best advantage as since most of the things made here are of snow which is the frozen water, you might need to change the clothes which can be difficult if you are wearing less layers. Additionally, the local attractions, resorts and dining areas use centralized heating system which may compel you to take-off a few layers because of warmth.

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