Haunting and Abandoned Places around the World

Traveling is an adventure for everyone in some way or another. However, most of the people try to voyage across the world to find peace, tranquility, exploring the utter beauty of the world and so on. Yet there are a few who don’t flock to the most renowned and beautiful sites and try to find out a different approach. An approach that is much more amusing and adventurous, comprising some of the scariest and haunting places around the world. To those thrill lovers, Travelation has jot down a list of top 5 haunting and abandoned places around the world:

1. Hashima Island, Japan:

Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island is a small Island close to Nagasaki, this small island once used to be the home of nearly 5000 miners who worked every day to find the finest quality of coal from this fossil rich island. Once the coal mining got over and all the resources were consumed with the replacement of petrol against coal from this small island, the place was abandoned. Travelers tend to visit this place every now and then to experience what is left over here and explore the shadow from the past with a creepy look. You can find number of houses abandoned and in fragile condition as well as many leftovers of the miners who once lived here.

2. Isla de Las Munecas, Mexico City:

Isla de Las Munecas

Nestled in the outskirts of the Mexico City, Isla de las Munecas, also known as Island of Dolls is among the most thrilling, spooky and haunting places on earth. The home of endless creepy dolls, hung on the trees and walls of the town, is witnessed by tons of tourists every day. Once used to be an inhabited town, the city got deserted after the caretaker found a dead girl in the canal and collected all the broken dolls and hanging them to the walls and trees in the remembrance of the dead baby girl.

3. Garnet, Montana:

Garnet, Montana

One of the most renowned ghost towns of the America, Garnet in Montana once used to be the home hundreds of people back in 19th century who came in search of gold. Inhabited for more than 20 years by nearly a thousand miners and excavated for gold throughout, the town caught fire and was abandoned by the habitants and is ever since a wonderful getaway option for voyagers seeking a vacation with adventure and excitement. Garnet has been the site of famous movies as well as several documentaries featured across the world.

4. Tower of London, London:

Tower of London

Tower of London is among the most renowned attractions in London as well as one of the most haunting and striking places on earth. With the rumor of spiritual presence in the place, several people have claimed to witness the ghost of Anne Boleyn (wife of King Henry VIII) nearby the hall areas holding a separated head of hers and searching for her husband who brutally executed her. With the blooded past and an association with the royal family, the site is extremely visited by the tourists as well as expeditors to have a sight of the notorious ghost.

5. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh:

Edinburgh Castle - Scotland

A historical fortress as well as one of the most preserved architecture of the Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle is among the most suspected haunted place in Scotland. With a reputation of one of the most haunted places in Scotland, where many visitors have claimed to witness the ghost of Phantom Piper and strolling spirits of several other characters from the history of Scotland. The Edinburgh Castle has been one of the biggest attraction for the regular tourists as well as paranormal researchers who have made several visits here to find the trace of paranormal activities.

Our world is huge and is filled with many unexplained phenomenon. If you are among those who have been hunting down these places and in search of finding something concrete that can be adventurous enough to feast your crave for thrill, you will find plenty of places around the world and travel tips to conquer your fear while visiting these extremely striking sites. So, travel the world with Travelation and enjoy the vividness of this extremely spooky blue planet in the middle of the infinite

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