Most Beautiful Airports Of The World

Millions of passengers are flying on aircraft. It’s very hard to find out the best architect among the thousands of airport. Some airports have a special ability to encourage us to look up and around. Here are some of the best airports in terms of design, beauty and atmosphere:

Seoul Incheon Airport, Incheon, South Korea: - Never mind how it looks from the outside: Seoul’s airport regularly gets awarded for how well organized, efficient and relaxing from inside. The most exciting feature of this airport is to you are only few steps away from an entertaining, enlightening and Korean culture. Inside the airport you can find Korean craft workshops, dress up area where you can take photos in traditional clothing, free internet cafes, a museum and plenty of comfortable places to take nap. If you want to try traditional Korean bath house head to the basement.


Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 3: - You will be surprised to see this airport as you will think it as an amusement park. Singapore’s three terminals are widely considered to be the most fun you can have in an airport, and each one has its own attractions. Terminal 3 is the newest with “an automatic light modulation system” to give the whole place a soothing. Terminal 3 is home to Changi’s butterfly garden, an 18-foot waterfall, a huge indoor playground, a movie theater, TV lounges and the “Slide@T3,” a four-story spiral slide that’s a lot more fun than taking the elevator. The other terminals join in the theme of combining indoor and outdoor spaces, with more gardens and even an outdoor swimming pool available to the public.


Jeddah Hajj Terminal, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: - One of the world’s most radical airport terminals, it is only active during the “Hajj” a religiously mandated pilgrimage to Mecca for Muslims. During the six week period, it is one of the busiest airport terminals in the world. Formed by an array of gigantic tents aligned in the most orderly fashion, this is one the most unexpected airport terminals. It’s made of 210 open air white fiberglass tents which create a use like chimney that can cool the hot desert air by 50 degree without any cost. The tent has capacity of 80,000 people space. No other airline terminal has this unique feature.


Chek Lap Kok Terminal 1, Hong Kong: - The beauty of this airport can be attributed by its extraordinary functionality. The huge, airy and elegant airport was built in 1997 by Foster and Partners. Chep Lap Kok is characterized by lightweight steel and glass roofs, clear passenger routes, carefully modulated daylight, commanding views out to the aircraft and a vast central “market square”.


Dammam King Fahd International Airport, Dammam, Saudi Arabia: - Dammam is one of the oil rich cities on earth. And its airport is world’s largest airport and is based on the land it occupies. The airport was planned by the Japanese architect Yamasaki and Associates starting in 1976, the airport was opened for full commercial operation in 1999. And during the first Gulf War, it had served as a military base. It is 50kms from Dammam and reached by a road though a desert of camels, Bedouin tents and other scenes from traditional Arabian life. A lavish royal terminal here is rarely used and on the whole this enormous airport seems remarkably quiet.


Wellington Airport “Rock” Terminal, Wellington, New Zealand: - Many people called this the world’s ugliest airport terminal. But there is a reason the new international terminal in Willington has won many awards. The Rock is a pair of egg shaped buildings opened in last year covered in copper planting that’s designed to turn blue green in the sea air. Inside airport curving corners and geometric panels play peekaboo, also the passengers capacity is almost double from the previous terminal into the same space without feeling crowded.


JFK Terminal 5, New York, New York: - JFK is one of the greatest icons of the mid-20th Century. This terminal has been best airport food court in New York. In this airport you can Airtarin ride up to the home of “Catch Me If You Can” glamour followed by a smooth walk through a spacious, modern terminal. There is still one missing piece: you can’t walk into the Saarinen terminal main hall, as New York Authority has dragged its feet for years on finding a tenant for the space. The authority is actually trying to interest boutique hotelier, but the idea is not even planned yet.


Marrakech Menara Airport Terminal 1, Marrakech, Morocco: - This is the perfect example of culturally aware terminal design. The new Terminal 1 at Marrakech’s airport looks like a Moroccan palace 21st-century style, with classic Islamic geometric and nature motifs inscribed into a giant network of concrete diamonds. You could make a strong argument that the whole thing is one giant artwork. At night, colored lights dance along the front face of the building, illuminating the desert plantings along the arrivals roadway. A lounge inside evokes 19th-century Moroccan luxury, with rugs, chandeliers, and a wrought-metal dome.


So, not only these airports are beautiful but also the cities are. So, you can plan to visit these beautiful airports along with the amazing cities.

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