Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in the World

Have you ever dreamt of living near a beach front or in a coastal town? If no, then this list of these beautiful coastal towns will urge you to make your mind to settle on one soon. The alluring beauty, perfect weather and the impeccable charm of these beach towns is worth exploring and is definitely going to make you wonder in surprise. So get ready to sneak into a world of amusement and natural awesomeness that will leave you spellbound.

  1. Polperro, England:

    Polperro, England

    Polperro is a village and a fishing harbor on the southeast Cornwall coast in the south west of England, which happens to be amazing place with the influence and traits of the 16th The secluded coastline, traditional cottages, narrow streets and the colorful downtown make it a beautiful place that is hard to find anywhere else. The vibrant beauty of this place is going to steal your heart away.

  2. Saint George’s Bermuda:

    Saint George Bermuda

    Located on the island of Bermuda, this unique town has been among the third successful English settlement in the Americas. Originally known as the ‘New London’, this small place boasts the 17th-century’s cultural influence and has all the factors to leave you in the state of awestruck. The tropical climate, majestic stone arches and the colorful roofs of the houses make it a wonderful place with extraordinary scenic beauty.

  3. Manarola, Italy:

    Manarola, Italy

    A small town in the northern Italy, Manarola happens to be the second most visited of the famous Cinque Terre towns. This fishing town has a wild and rugged coastline along with small harbors and picturesque buildings that make it look like a beautiful painting. The amazing sea-facing houses will make you establish your own house here and get carried away in the influence of the medieval culture.

  4. Kotor, Montenegro:

    Kotor, Montenegro

    This coastal town is a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor, located in the Bay of Kotor that is supposed to be a World Heritage Site. The natural beauty and the magical charm of this stunning destination will make you fall in love with it. This historic city has a wide range of architectures, narrow streets and buildings that depict the 2,000 year old civilization. A visit to this place will make you discover its incredible grace.

  5. Lunenburg, Canada:

    Lunenburg, Canada

A Canadian port town in the Nova Scotia region of Canada, Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an astonishing charisma that will captivate your eyes and make you appalled. It’s beautifully painted buildings, traditional fishing points and the historic ambiance are the reason why we have added it to this list. To know more about this beautiful town deeply, you need to explore it yourself. Do not forget to watch the old houses, painted in black and white color.

These coastal towns don’t only have a different culture, but many unique things and sights to explore, so to take a never before experience, a visit to these beautiful coastal towns is necessary. Take your travel buddy and head straight to feel the magic yourself.

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