Most Outstanding Beaches in the World

Beaches, this only world will create a picture of sandy shoreline, ocean waves drenching your feet, sailing, surfing and loads of volleyball. It is often said that you can’t have enough of beach. The proverb that can only be understood by the professional travelers and beach lovers is absolutely perfect on some extent and to make the best experience of all time, you must visit the most outstanding beaches across the world. Beach holidays that are known for parties, relaxation, adventure, excitement and enjoyment is something most of us desire deep inside our heart. To give you an outline, following is the list of best beaches of the world that are absolutely spectacular and enjoyable:

  1. Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Fraser Island

Being one of the most successful and pleasant countries of the world, Australia is featured with tons of islands and beaches that are renowned for being finest of all time. Go for fishing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling and more or get indulged in the parties, sunbathe, relaxation and much more while being in an absolutely gorgeous beach like Fraser Island of Queenstown. An enthralling getaway destination comprising all the attributes of a fine destination, Fraser Island has one of the finest beach of all time and offer tourists from across the world a spellbinding experience of joy and adventure.

  1. Cala Saona, Formentera

Cala Saona, Formentera

A spellbinding and culturally rich island of Spain, Formentera knows how to please its guests. Take cheap airfares and board your flights to Spain and get delighted by this spellbinding white-sand beach comprising turquoise blue shallow water with plenty of attractions at the boardwalk. Being the smallest island of Balearic Islands, this pleasant beach has been drawing thousands of tourists each month and offering them a relaxing, adventurous and joyful getaway experience. You can go for snorkeling, sailing, surfing for adventure or can enjoy some relaxing time getting indulged in the parties and many other activities at the resorts nearby.

  1. Starfish Beach, Panama

Starfish Beach, Panama

Starfish beach or commonly known as Boca del Drago is among the finest beach getaways of the Americas. Featuring a spellbinding shoreline, exquisite surroundings and a connection with the marine wilderness, this beach sure knows how to portray its beauty. Go and have a dip in the clean blue water to explore the underwater world with plenty of features and coral life. You can also relax at the opulent, budget and friendly resorts and enjoy magnificent array of activities such as beach sports and water sports as per your preference. Starfish Beach is quite renowned for its family-friendly environment along with the liberty for couples.

  1. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Beaches of Brazil have always been the highlight when we speak about the beach getaways and if you are on the subject of finding the best beach of the world, you can never forget Ipanema Beach of Rio de Janeiro which is considered to be the best year-round beach of the country. With late night parties, exquisite scenery in the surroundings, sandy beaches and beautiful coastline, the beach has become the beating heart of the city. Each year, millions of tourists taking cheap airfares for Rio de Janeiro tend to visit here and feast the craving of endless parties.

  1. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset Beach, Oahu

Beaches of Hawaii are among the finest not only in the Americas, but also in the rest of the world. Carved after volcanic activities and thousands of years of processing, the beauty of beaches in Hawaii have surfaced. An eye of attraction for couples visiting Hawaii, Sunset Beach is a great experience to rejuvenate the love among them and cherish the golden moments for the rest of the life. The enthralling surrounding and sun setting down in the horizon are the best things you can come across here. Besides, the exquisite resorts and hotels are gorgeous and opulent while being budget-friendly.

There are thousands of beaches spread across the planet and most of them have the same beauty, yet there are several that outshine among other and give the tourists a reason to visit there and make the dream getaway come true. If you have a dream beach getaway in your mind and looking for cheap airfares to make this happen, consider Travelation as your travel partner and get going on the most exciting beach vacation of your life.

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