Must See Scuba Dive Sites in Bahamas

Scuba diving is a sport followed by people living in all parts of the world. The thrill of being unfamiliar, looking at the most stunning coral reefs in the crystal clear water and getting close to beautiful sea creatures. These are the enough reasons to inspire anyone for scuba diving. Bahamas scuba diving will be one of the memorable experiences that will remain in person’s mind forever. Surrounded with warm and clear water, there are around 1,000 dive sites spread across the 700 islands of the Bahamas. These Bahamas scuba diving spots have a lot of beautiful sights and diverse creatures to show off. At Bahamas you can dive with dolphins and feeding sharks. Here are some Scuba Dive sites that you must visit:

Scuba Diving

Shark Rodeo: - The famous Shark Rodeo is known for its large number of sharks that come here for food. It is located at Walker’s Cay. The sandy beaches are about 11 meters/35 feet of water surrounded by coral reefs. Normally, you can experience more than 100 reef and blacktip sharks in one time.

Abacos: - The area with a lot of wildlife, parks and full of colorful corals and fishes. Green turtles, porpoises, seahorses and moray eels can also be found in the Abacos islands. The USS Adirondack, a Civil War gunboat that struck a reef in 1862 is quite well-known for enthusiasts of wreck diving. Because a lot of Spanish galleons sunk in the waters near the Abacos, divers may want to profit from their trip by looking for the lost treasures that went down with these ships.

Andros: - Andros Barrier Reef is the third largest barrier reef in the world. This is also called “The Tongue of the ocean” because of its shape. It is also great to explore the haunting and fascinating blue holes. These deep holes are actually deep fissures that were formed by water erosion before it was flooded at the end of the ice age. This area is also known for its wreck diving. Here also Potomac River which sank after World War II. Since most sunken ships end up as artificial habitats for marine life, some grouper, parrotfish and barracuda reside in this area.

Cathedral: - Cathedral is an area within Dog Rocks Reef in the Exumas. The incredible reef can be found starting at 11 meters, but you can follow it to 15 meters before it drops deeply into the Exuma. This spectacular swim-through features sunlight that streams down into it from above. Explore the variety of corals along the wall, and look for rays, sharks, and other colorful fish as well.

Jeep Reef: - If you are looking for a superbly attractive reef then you don’t want to miss Jeep Reef, located in the central part of the Exumas Land and Sea Park. An abundant array of various fish species call this area home, as do a variety of hard and soft corals that are fed by the strong currents that sweep through the area. Be sure to dive here only when the currents are calm. The maximum depth is around 11 meters, so divers of all levels can enjoy it.

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