10 Most Bizarre Driving Laws From Around the World

Traveling to various cities can be fun and adventurous, but sometimes the excitement can make you pay higher for your less knowledge about the various rules for that particular place/city. Have you ever been caught for using GPS while driving in an unknown city or for not carrying an extra pair of glasses with you in the car? Don’t be surprised because there are many more strange laws that could make you scratch your head in surprise. Here is the list of some bizarre driving laws in different parts of the world that you need to follow strictly whether you like them or not.

  1. Sweden’s 24-Hours Headlight Law: While driving a car in Sweden, it is mandatory to switch on the headlights even if you are in the broad daylight. Following the law is important as might be charged a fine if you are caught.

  2. Driving Rules

  3. Drink & Drive in Costa Rica: While other countries urge their drivers to don’t drink while driving, a law in Costa Rica asks people to drink a beer before starting their journey. It is strange but can be good for those who love beer!

  4. No Shirtless Driving Law of Thailand: So if you are driving just after the party and are too tired that you feel like taking your shirt off, then probably you are inviting the cops to charge you for the same as it is considered to be a punishable offense.

  5. Don’t Raise a Hand in Russia: What if you met an old friend of yours while driving? You’ll definitely raise your hand to say hello to him/her. But unfortunately you can be fined as it is an illegal act and can’t be done in the country.

  6. The Car Number Plate Law in Philippines: There is a law in Philippines that says you cannot take your car on a high traffic road if your car’s number plate ends with 1 or 2. There is no other option other than getting a new number instead.

  7. You Can’t Drive to a Historical Site in Italy: While you are planning to pay a visit to a local historical site in Italy, do not take your car along unless and until you have a permit for the same. You could be charged heavily if you are caught.

  8. Drive Faster or Pay a fine in USA: This might sound abrupt, but it is actually true. You cannot drive slowly in the country else a cop will follow you to charge a fine. Take a control on your speed or pay for your slow driving skills.

  9. Clean Your Car Before Taking it on the Road: A dirty car on the road in Russia makes you eligible for a fine of $55. You cannot afford to take the dust along or else you’ll be charged for the same.

  10. Check under the Car before Leaving in Denmark: A law in Denmark says that, before setting on for your destination, it’s compulsory to check under your car for people. Doing so can help you from getting fined or even arrested. So, check before you leave.

  11. Female Drivers Can’t drive in a Gown: A law in California has been regulated for women that states that they cannot drive while wearing a gown. Consider taking a taxi while you are going to a party, next time or carry a dress to be worn after your driving.

Though there are many more strange and weird laws in many countries, so it is advised to read the travel tips before driving at a new place.

10 Most Important Safety Tips for Travelers

Traveling is an activity that includes exploring new places, people and spend time with your closed ones. It can be adventurous, fun-filled and full of excitement and sometimes scary too. There are a lot of things and situations that might spoil your vacation and put you into some trouble. Here is the list of the precautions/tips that should be taken while leaving for your trip that will benefit you in a huge manner.

Lock all your luggage carefully: While packing your bags for the trip, make sure that all the luggage which you are taking along, should be packed and locked in a very careful manner. Also, do not forget to check all your luggage before packing it so that you did not miss anything at the time of leaving from your vacation.


Keep a scan copy of your tickets & passport: To avoid any kind of problem, it is suggested that a scanned copy of passport and ticket shall be carried along for the trip. By doing this, you’ll never get stuck in any kind of awkward situation and you can enjoy your vacation smoothly.


Know about the place you are visiting: Take a step further and collect all the information about the place you are visiting. The local language, currency, hotels, transportation, etc. are the few important things that shall be checked while planning your trip as you never know about any unexpected situation which can spoil your trip.

knw about place

Do not carry jewellery and other luxury items: Traveling involves freely moving around and carrying a lot of things might hamper your fun during your vacation. It is better to keep the luggage less and luxury items like jewellery, cash, etc. shouldn’t be taken while going on the trip. The threat of losing them may even become a hurdle in exploring the destination you are traveling.


Carry extra phone/gadget: While packing up all the essential items, keep an extra mobile phone/gadget with you so that you can use the same in the case of any kind of emergency. Carrying an extra charger or a power bank can also prove helpful for you during your holiday.

extra phn

Keep a record of the flights and hotel: Before leaving, make sure that your flight is on time or the conveyance you are taking along is well maintained to avoid any kind of unavoidable circumstances. Also, confirm your stay with the hotel you have booked an accommodation so that there is no confusion and you can travel happily.


Choose your travel buddy carefully: Whether you are traveling with a friend or any acquaintance, it’s better to choose the travel buddy carefully as the success of your vacation on him/her.

travel buddy

Get a health check-up: Before going for a trip, get yourself medically examined by your family doctor to avoid any kind of hassles. Doing so will not only make you enjoy the vacation freely, but would also warn you about any kind of medical disorders that might happen during the journey.

health check up

Keep an eye on your belongings: No matter how carefully you have packed your luggage, there are chances you might lose them. To stay safe, keep a regular check on all your luggage and watch for any kind of problems. A simple mistake can put you in danger too.

eye on belonings

Travel Insurance: While you are leaving for your trip, do not forget to check or renew your travel insurance as you might get to use it in case of any emergency. If you do not have one, it is advised to buy one before heading to the trip so that nothing goes out of our hands even if there is any tragedy.

travel insurance

Keep all the things in mind and create a checklist to keep a track of them. To travel at highly affordable prices, do not forget to check cheap airfare deals on Travelation.