Myths about Traveling Africa

Africa is one of the most diverse and captivating continent, featuring ample of countries from every size and culture, making it a great region to explore. However, there are tons of people out there who have always misunderstood this giant chunk of earth known as the second-largest continent following Asia and standing in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Despite being such a diverse nation, people have this perception about Africa for being a not safe place in many manners. To bust the myths in relation to traveling Africa, we have come up with the points that will encourage you to think again and plan your trips to Africa with confidence and zeal:

Myths about Traveling Africa

  1. Africa is One Single Country

Many people have this misconception that Africa is a country all together and have nothing but cities which is absolutely wrong. African continent is the second-largest continent in the world that consist of 54 countries (2 under dispute) and features many island countries as well as landlocked countries spanning from Somalia to Senegal and from Tunisia to South Africa. The magnificent diversity of Africa have been stunning thousands of tourists every year and giving them the most bewitching experience of all time. Needless to say, when you are traveling to a certain part of the continent, you have to take visas for your destination’s country and plan your trip accordingly.

  1. Crime Rate in Africa is Really High

Earlier, media used to showcase the international news and have many times showcased the pirates’ movement, car hijacking and many more illegal activities in various parts of the African continent. However, in recent decades, the scene of crime has changed drastically in Africa and the rate of crime committed in African continent have went down half than before. Thanks to all the governing bodies and change in system at various parts of the African continent, traveling is now safer than ever in this part of the world and people have found many places that are not just secure in terms of crime, but also safe for traveling solo.

  1. Africa is nothing but Wilderness and Have No History

Many people who overview the world with just a small mentality have this perception that Africa has nothing but wilderness and there are rarely any traces of  civilization where you can actually go and learn about the history of the continent. However, the real scene of Africa is quite the opposite. Although many parts of Africa are rich in flora and fauna and features many astonishing natural landscapes, but when you speak of the culture and history, there are tons of cities and towns across the continent that are rich in history and possesses many artifacts, leftovers and historic ruins that came into existence millenniums ago. Countries like Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Somalia, Nigeria and more are a few from the giant list of cities and countries in Africa that are rich in heritage and culture.

  1. African Destinations are Disease-Prone

Many people believe that Africa is all about poverty and disease and there is nothing but bad sanitation that triggers many health related troubles in this part of the world. Although, we cannot vouch for every destination existing on the plateau of African continent, but there are ample of cities and destinations that are really astonishing and genius in terms of health and safety of locals. Many destinations in Africa have recently brought into the list of the most livable cities by various publishes and you will be amazed after reading that there are tons of places across the continent that can match the charisma and high standard of life when compared to any European or American city.

  1. Africa is Technologically Deprived

With the perception of wilderness and animals strolling down at random places, people have begun to believe that African continent is technologically deprived and many people even live in the stone-age. Although, there are many villages and towns that are not as economically strong as others, but when you look at the broad picture, you will come to know that there are dozens of cities and destinations across the Africa that are not just rich in technology, but also are the pioneer in making new breakthrough in the field of science and technology. Needless to say, that the accommodation and infrastructural development have been affected by these researches and adaptations and same can easily be witnessed on your voyage to any picturesque destination of Africa.

Africa is a giant continent comprising over 54 countries (2 under dispute) and is featured with many bewitching landscapes, cultures, lifestyle, natural bliss, history and more which makes it one of the most diverse places on earth to explore. However, people often believe that the continent is not safe in many scenarios and often discourage people with their imaginary arguments. In case, you have been thinking to plan a visit to African destinations and have held yourself because of these senseless reasoning, then you should have probably got your answers now. So, enjoy the life and discover the utterly charming, unique and dazzling attributes of the second largest continent in the world and book your flights to Africa with Travelation right now to save massive on your airfares.