Top Must Visit Destinations of Australia

Australia, the largest island in the world is a kaleidoscope of different cultures, places, spots and attractions. This lively island is also a country, which is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans and has a lively ambiance that will make you fall in love with it. Its exotic cuisines, natural heritage, flawless charm and wonderful spots. It has been a popular tourist destination since the 17th century and has a treasure trove of attractions, sights and places that are going to steal your heart away.

Beaches, landscapes, mountains and deserts; there is an ethnical diversity in this wonderland that makes it an amazing destination to be at. While you are wondering what is so special about this wonderland. Here is the list of the top places that you must visit to feel the magic:

  1. Sydney:


    The largest city of Australia, is the eye-catching attraction of this wonderland that adds charm to its elegance. Situated in the country’s southeastern coast, it is a modern city that has a rich historical heritage. Port Jackson, Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Shelly Beach, St Mary’s Cathedral, etc. are its major highlights that can be explored while being here.

  2. Great Barrier Reef:

    Great Barrier Reef

    This coral reef is another jewel of Sydney that has made it shine like a star in the night sky. The 2,300 eco-system with thousands of islands and reefs make it an incredible spot that will leave you awestruck. An ideal spot for scuba divers and underwater explorers, it is a wonderful destination that is a must visit during a visit to Australia.

  3. Alice Springs:

    Alice Springs

    Situated in the heart of the nation, Alice Springs is a bundle of alluring landscapes, charming history and awe-inspiring sights that attract a wide range of travelers from all over the world. It is a popular spot for hikers and has numerous trails to be explored. Add it to your must-see list and delve into its majestic charm.

  4. Cairns:


    Known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, this tropical city has to be on your list while traveling to Australia. Situated in the North Queensland, it is a wonderful spot to enjoy sailing, diving and snorkeling. Its lively bars, restaurants and cafes shall be explored too.

  5. Melbourne:


    A visit to Australia can never be complete without visiting Melbourne. This coastal city has the influence of the 19th-century civilization, which is going to leave you spellbound. The vibrant nightlife, iconic landmarks and numerous art centres add charm to its grace and make it a wonderful place to be at. Do not forget to visit the National Gallery of Victoria and other attractions to make the most of your vacation.

Australia is an island and a nation with some of the most mesmerizing spots, wonderful attractions and beautiful places that are worth exploring. Plan a trip soon by booking a cheap flight to Australia with Travelation and witness the magic yourself. Do not forget to take your favorite travel buddy along to create some magical memories.