First Timer Guide for Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The month of February begins with many astounding events throughout the year. Where at one side, cupid of love hits the cities of the west, Eastern region of the world celebrates the winter in much more astonishing manner. One of the festivities enjoyable enough to plan a getaway would be Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. A festival that comprises the optimum winter weather conditions where snow carvers make the biggest ice and snow sculptures in the northern China, Harbin makes a perfect place for an ideal getaway. In case, you begin to plan your family trip to this fascinating festival for the first time, we would like to offer you first timer’s guide for Harbin Ice and Snow festival.

Harbin Festival

  1. How to Reach

Being situated in extremely cold climate conditions, reaching Harbin have been a task for years. However, things have changed in recent years and you can now easily get flights to Harbin. All you need to do is go out and search for flights to China and specify Harbin, you will come across many flights bridging Harbin and key destinations of United States as well as the rest of the world. In case, you are in some other cities of China and planning to visit their through local transportation, you can board overnight trains available from all major cities of China that have a mandatory stopover at Harbin for being a great vacation spot as well as a major transit hub in the region.

  1. What to Pack

Due to its ideal condition to organize such a cool and chilling festival (both in literal and metaphorical manner), Harbin is really a cold place and require some special packing for your trip. Unlike many Chinese destinations, Harbin has this utterly chilling weather conditions most of the year and you may require to pack some warm clothes with snow shoes and plastic bags (to keep electronics and delicate safe from moisture). Also, because of freezing temperature, most of the electronics run on battery like camera, phone, shaver, trimmer etc. may go out of power. Hence, bringing some extra batteries or portable chargers would be a plus. Although, you can easily get all the electronics required in China as well, but bringing your own will save you from spending a fortune and getting ripped in many fake products.

  1. Biggest Attractions

Harbin is comparatively small yet large destination in size and most of the parts of the city are filled with great attractions. If your sole purpose of visiting Harbin is the Ice and Snow festival, then you must plan your itinerary for visiting two biggest attractions of the city i.e. Sun Island over the river and Zhongshan Park in central Harbin that hosts the biggest exhibitions of all time in Harbin. Once you are done with these two giant exhibitions, you can either go for myriad tours to visit many other attractions or can chose from visiting Siberian Tiger Park, Harbin Polarland, Historic City Center and more.

  1. The Food

Being a Chinese destination, Harbin automatically makes a perfect gourmet hub in the region. Despite huge distance from the cities in south and east, Harbin have this amazing gourmet delights served at the hotels, restaurants and food joints scattered all over the city. Once you are in Harbin, do not forget to try out Shaokao, Hot Pot, Dumplings, Pastry Shells, Khleb and many more dishes that have been ideal to savor on in Harbin. Shredded Chicken Stew and vermicelli stewed with fish will be a great option to save yourself from bone chilling cold weather conditions after sunset. Piece of advice, do not use tap water in most of the tourist areas as the drinkable water is available at a budget price and may save you from getting food poisoning.

  1. Health Tips

Being in Harbin require many safety measures to be followed. One must cover all body parts thoroughly while visiting in exhibitions, ski resorts and Alps of the city to avoid any frostbite. Also, drinking enough water and consumption of fluids will help you to stay hydrated and avoid many mishaps that are sufficient to make a fantastic vacation in China into misery. Try to eat at the restaurants that are hygienic enough and offer fresh food. Asking locals for a good diner will be a great idea as people in Harbin are really generous in guiding guests with grace. Do not forget to bring your medicines as many medicines might not be available in that region of China.

Harbin Ice and Snow festival is one of its kind and if you wish to experience the tendering feeling to visit this astounding festival, all you need is to follow the instructions given above and plan your trip accordingly. So, if you are ready to go and attend this fabulous and famous festival in flesh, then book flights to China from Travelation this moment and have a blissful vacation whilst soaking up the fantastic beauty of ice and snow in Northern China.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is an annual winter festival, which is celebrated from the last 17 years in Northeast China’s Harbin region. Considered as the world’s biggest winter festival, it takes place in the Harbin region of China where people from different parts of the world can be seen enjoying and having fun of the severe cold. This theme based event uses ice to make sculptures that captivate the eyes of the visitors.

The festival has a record of entertaining 15 million visitors annually and gives them the pleasure of watching different creations of ice and the winter sports that are being organized here.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival


Named on its city, the festival initially used to be a traditional ice lantern show and garden part that started in the year of 1963. It got merged with the Heilongjiang’s International Ski Festival after a cultural revolution in 2001 and got its current name. Its creative idea of designing themes with ice took it to the Guinness Record Book and thus gave a platform from where it got national recommendation and participation.


Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture festival exhibits a wide range of sculptures, swing saws, ice palaces and sand sculptures that are being designed by the artists top attract the visitors. Sun Island and Ice and Snow World are the major highlights of this festival wherein architectures are created with ice and illuminated with lights that make it a masterpiece. Ice lantern park touring activities are also organized in the park during the festival that has many more activities to enjoy such as the Yabuli alpine skiing, winter-swimming in the Songhua River and the ice-lantern exhibition in Zhaolin Garden, etc.

When to go?

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival starts in December and stretches till February. If you love freezing winters, then visit it between December and January, though the weather is cold in February too, but it is less as compared to the beginning of the festival.

Venues of Festival

The dates of the festival keep changing, depending on the weather. But generally the festival is divided into three venues, Sun Island Scenic Area, The Ice and Snow World and Zhaolin Park. The timings and tickets can be booked directly from the website without any problem. It has started already and expected to end in February 2016.

Since the festival attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, it is better to book a ticket beforehand if you are planning to explore its charm. Also, due to its popularity, the peak season for the flights has started too, so book a cheap flight to China before it is too late. You can take help of Travelation’s airfare deals that will not only give you a wonderful traveling experience but let you enjoy huge discounts as well. So, plan your trip soon and book your tickets sooner to save yourself from regretting later. Enjoy exploring and traveling at cheaper prices with Travelation.

                                                                                      Happy Exploring!