Top 5 Free Things to Do in Sydney

Australia is one of the most versatile and enthralling nations in the world, best described as a perfect place to be especially during the winters. Tons of travelers tend to plan their vacations in Australia, especially for Sydney and let’s admit it, it takes a lot more than courage and time to plan such vacations. When it comes to traveling all the way to Sydney from US, you might require some serious budget to enjoy the fullest. In case, you have sufficient money to arrange return flights as well as decent accommodation in Sydney, we are here to give you a bonus which will help you to save a fortune on extra expenses. Following are the 5 free things to do in Sydney that will offer you a spellbinding exposure of one of the most remarkable cities of the Australia whilst keeping your pockets warm.

  1. Walking Across the Sydney Harbour

Walking Across the Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is one of the biggest attractions of not only Sydney but also for entire Australia. Each year millions of travelers visit Sydney and enjoy climbing on top of the Harbour after paying a nominal fee. However, if you are planning to avoid such expenses whilst enjoying the similar beauty and excitement, you can always go for a walking tour across Sydney Harbour. The eastern edge of the harbor is open for pedestrians and travelers as well as locals tend to enjoy walking across the harbor bridge whilst having a beautiful glance of the skyline of Sydney. Take some pictures, admire the view of the city and feel the breeze touching your face and giving a refreshing experience whilst paying nothing and keeping yourself fit by a walking tour.

  1. Coastal Walk between Bondi and Coogee

Coastal Walk between Bondi and Coogee

Unlike many other coastal destinations around the world, Sydney has many beaches that are open to all. And to witness such an awesomely stretched sandy coast, all you need to do is have a coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee beaches. Comprising some fascinating natural landscapes such as rock pools, bays, cliffs, passes, beach shores and more as well as admirable view of horizon, the six-kilometer stretched walk will offer you many fantastic memories to cherish for the rest of the eternity. Covering many major attractions of the city including Tamara, Gordon’s Bay, Bronte, Clovelly and more, the walk will bring a freshness to your mind and soul and offer a panoramic experience to cherish the good memories of Sydney vacations.

  1. Visit to Royal Botanical Garden


The view of Sydney Harbour and Opera House from Royal Botanical Garden is impeccable and travelers can enjoy all the beauty of flora living in Sydney free of cost as the garden do not charge a penny from tourists as well as locals. Pack some food and carpet with you and you are good to go to experience the refreshing day out in the city center whilst exploring many historical places along with a voyage to click some picturesque images of two legendary landmarks of the city. Do not forget to visit Mrs. Macquaire’s Chair that is considered to one of the oldest and vintage attractions of Sydney by the bay.

  1. An Evening in Centennial Park

An Evening in Centennial Park

If you are traveling Sydney with family and friends, then the best time to experience the local lifestyle and culture would be in the evening when you can pack a picnic and enjoy some splendid hours at Centennial Park located at the eastern suburbs of Sydney and renowned across the region of New South Wales. Covering nearly 190-hectares of area, this spellbinding area is ideal to enjoy the evening and witness the dawn whilst admiring beautiful people of Sydney enjoying their evening with their kids and family and jogging across the park for a refreshing start of great evening. Featuring small ponds, horseback riding, cycling tracks, rollerblading tracks and more, Centennial Park is a perfect place to be for free in Sydney.

  1. Tour to MCA

Tour to MCA

Museum of Contemporary Arts of Australia or abbreviated as MCA is one of the most significant and attractive places in the city, best known for its exquisite position and a wide range of contemporary art gathered from around the world. Housing a fine variety of art-deco styled relics and a fabulous collection of artistic marvels, Museum of Contemporary Arts makes a perfect place available free of cost to access in the Sydney and visited by thousands of travelers every month. After being refurnished and costed millions of dollars, this spellbinding museum have become one of the most prominent highlights that too accessible for free.

No wonder Sydney is quite an exquisite destination when it comes to plan a trip. It is quite clear how people have been visiting Sydney frequently and exploring more and more blissful sites that are still unacquainted among the locals. So, if you too have been planning a trip to Sydney and making excuses under the fear of extra expenses, then all you need to do now is book your flights to Sydney with Travelation at discounted airfares and you can explore tons of places that are either free or have nominal fee to access.