Apps That Will Make Traveling So Much Easier

In the world of modernization and drastic developments in the science and technology, we often forget the usage of smart accessories and applications while traveling and use orthodox methods during our trip. As a result, we either end up heading the wall or find an outdated outcome. To give frequent travelers an edge from other typical travelers, Travelation presents a new era of smartphone apps that allow you not only utilize the most apt device in your pocket, but also usage of technology to find better outcome. If you are planning a getaway in near future, following travel apps will be the best help for you to reduce pain and confusion:

  1. Road trip Apps


Driving along with family and friends is the biggest responsibility as well as the best experience you can have. For the travelers taking frequent road trips, these apps are the lifesaver. Try Waze for latest traffic updates on highway and follow your route according to the congestion. Apps like Gas Buddy, Toll Smart, iOn Road, Roadside Americas and Roadtrippers are the apps that will help you to determine your next stopover and find the gas station, toll charges, speed limit alerts, and attractions at roadside respectively. These apps are extremely helpful and will keep your kids occupied and make them feel like a co-pilot without a driving wheel. So, play a game while on road and enjoy a happy and safe road trip.

  1. Subway or Train Schedule Apps


There are several apps that are helpful to give you the routes to take, number of train/subway, number of stops and even the fare while traveling far away from home. Try some simple apps like a Metro, DB Navigator, MetrO, Google Maps Navigation and more that are somewhat accurate to give you some helpful information. It may seem quite easy to understand the local transportation, yet if you are in a city where language, driving patterns and even the gestures are communication barriers, the best idea is to stick with your phone and use these apps and reach to your destination in time without spending a fortune on taxis.

  1. Offline Maps

Using a smartphone for live navigation in a city of another country or continent can put a heavy toll on your phone bills and sometimes give you inappropriate information. To save some quality time and money while traveling abroad, it is advised to use some of the offline map options available for every destination. Apps like CityMaps2Go and Maplets are the most used and prominent offline map apps that are easy to use as well as helpful to find the local attractions and your local route. Download the map of your respective destination before leaving home and get delighted with the utmost variety of local attractions while exploring them without any extra spending.

  1. Airport and Airline Assistance Apps


It is quite a hassle when you are planning to leave for the airport and finding a way to save some time which can be wasted while standing in the unnecessary queues or sitting at the waiting lounge and watching every second passes by in the wait of your flight arrival. Well, with the apps like Boingo, Airport Ace, Fly Smart, Air Sleep and MyTSA, you can save some precious moments and know about the status of check-in, flight arrival, security check and more while sitting home and preparing for a much awaited trip.

  1. Language Translation Apps


The biggest barrier when you are traveling to the cities of South America, Mexico, Europe, Gulf countries, Asia and Russia. And when you are unaware of the local language, it becomes really hard to survive among the people who are not much familiar with the universal language English. To give you an edge and support your language barrier, there are some apps available over the internet that will help you to translate the sign boards and understand whatever is said by the taxi driver. Apps like Google Translate, Google Googles, Vorce, iTranslate and ImageIt are a few examples that makes life easier when you are facing so much trouble communicating with strangers.

Although, there are tons of other apps that can give you some fantastic user reviews of places to visit, giving a detailed travel guide and more which comes handy while traveling to a completely strange city. So, next time when you plan your getaway with family and friends, try the apps above and enjoy traveling like a boss. Stay tuned for more travel tips for a successful journey with Travelation.

5 Must Visit Destinations in September

September, a month where everyone is heading back to school or preparing for their new job while the scorching hot summer transform in to the beautiful as well as romantic season of fall. The time when most of the people are busy doing their thing, you can actually plan a wonderful getaway with the people you love. It gives an add-on advantage to the people who have sent their kids to the school and searching for a perfect window to rejuvenate the love among them. If you too are seeking a refreshing break after a scorching season of summers, following are the 5 must visit destinations in the month of September that may cheer you up and offer the most impeccable travel experience:

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, one of the largest national parks of the United States gives the most unparalleled travel experience to both domestic as well as international tourists. A place where you are not only disconnected from all the worries and honking streets, but where you can feel free and refreshed with natural beauty. Discover the pleasant backdrops and vast stretched natural landscapes while visiting to the finest geysers. Travelers can also get drenched in the pre-fall delight while hiking on the myriad trails and exploring the flora and fauna of this giant National Park nestled amidst Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is among the most bewitching cities of the South Carolina and certainly a pleasant place to visit before the beauty of fall hits the city. September is the month when the temperature lingers around 70s, giving ideal conditions to stroll around the city and explore its true beauty. Get going to explore the myriad attractions or explore the outskirts after taking flights to Charleston that comes at quite an affordable price if you are planning a getaway in the month of September. Besides, traveling to South Carolina during the fall gives an immense pleasure when you hold hands of your love and stroll around the bewitching boulevards and savor on the magnificent variety of attractions.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, one of the most extremely gorgeous conurbations of the Oceania and probably one of the naturally rich cities of the country gives the most pleasant experience to the travelers taking New Zealand flights right after the end of winters and beginning of fall. The Alpine slopes remain intact with snow and gives great options for skiing holidays. Enjoy a gorgeous time exploring the bewitching metropolis of the New Zealand while getting drenched in the infinite beauty and adventure available in and around the city of Queenstown.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

During the time, the city enjoy great weather conditions due to the beginning of fall as well as the tranquilizing shores of the city becomes more accessible and enjoyable. Travelers visiting Buenos Aires can stroll around the city and explore all sorts of outdoor attractions while savoring on some of the finest seasonal delicacies available at the restaurants and the food joints scattered across the city. The shoulder season will also help you to get the budget flight deals for Buenos Aires which is an indescribable delight of visiting the Argentine capital during September.

  1. Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris is often said to be the costliest as well as a year-round destination. However, if you are tight on budget and have a keen desire of visiting this perfect capital of love, September can possibly be the best time when you can afford visiting this picturesque French capital. September is the month when you can find some handsome deals on flights to Paris which will help you to save further on your travel budget and afford many activities you must have planned to do in Paris. Before the fall, Paris is extremely adorable to visit when the boulevards are blooming with green trees and beautiful weather makes it much easier to stroll around the city and visit the biggest attractions.

September is the month of budget traveling and if you have the curiosity of exploring the earthly beauty scattered around the world, September is possibly one of the finest months during which you can actually find some handsome deals and cheap flights. So, send your kids back to school and plan a perfect dreamy getaway to the beautiful conurbations across the world by booking your tickets with Travelation.

Worlds Most Affordable Destinations for Solo Travel

Traveling the world is a dream for most of us and sometimes, we have to walk towards our dream alone. Whether you are an adventure lover or history, there will be times when you have to step out alone and enjoy the destinations. Solo traveling not only gives a different exposure of seeing the world, but also hit seriously on your budget. If you are a true traveler, you might want to save some good money whilst traveling and here we are bringing best budget destinations for solo travelers.



The Portuguese capital Lisbon is among the most fascinating destinations in the entire Europe, encompassing vibrant culture, fabulous cafés, museums and much more to indulge a solo traveler. With a lot of things to do for free in Dublin, you can take the pleasure of dwelling into the Portuguese past via museums, art collection of Picasso in art museums, admire the fascinating Portuguese Gothic architecture, stroll around the market places and a lot more.



One of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and a perfect city to go solo, Bali in Indonesia is a great destination to visit. With a list of over a thousand places to visit and many astounding temples around the city, you can enjoy a trip to Bali at an affordable price. Go for the heritage walk, take trips to the wildlife sanctuaries and majestic cultural tours to the temples of Bali and you will cover most of the places without spending much.



Visiting the cultural capital of Australia solo is itself an exciting statement. With tons of attractions and number of natural bays, Melbourne offers an immense variety as well as a complete spell of fun to the visitors. Walking around the city, biking or using public transport saves a lot as the entry fee of places is quite nominal and will not require much of the spending.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap

Neighboring the largest temple complex in the world, Siem Reap is a city with loads of wisdom. The city which is known as the one of the most budget destinations to stay in South-East Asia, Siem Reap is a fantastic place to explore the magical places, including Angkor Wat, Angkor Archeological Park, Silk Farms, National Museum, Landmine Museum and many other places.



Flanked by Bhutan, Tibet and India, Nepal is a wonderful country that flourishes with many magnificent backdrops, and the capital Kathmandu is among the most serene and tranquillizing places in the world. Traveling solo and on budget in Kathmandu is the best thing you can do. The city where accommodation is quite affordable and most of the sightseeing can be done by foot, the city offers an immense variety to look upon.

The world is really big, and if you are willing to travel solo and wish to save a fortune, there are a number of other cities like  Bangkok, Reykjavik, Sydney, Goa, Cape Town and many other cities that worth visiting. What all you need is cheap flights and you are good to go any place you like and enjoy the best of it.

Top Places to Visit in May

The month of May brings a variety of opportunities and if you are a true traveler, you will like to cash the opportunity and get going for a beach, a place with cold climate or with better ways to beat the heat as well as loads of fun and excitement, without thinking twice. Whether you are a student, a housewife or a businessmen, you will surely would love to take some time for yourself, and get along for your dream destinations. Well, here we have brought a list of the top 5 destinations that are absolutely perfect for your May vacations.

  1. Malta


There is nothing in this world better than sitting on the European beach shores and sipping a margarita with your love. An absolute heaven, basking in the central Mediterranean, the archipelago of Malta is among the most exotic beach vacation destination and a perfect getaway destination in the month of May where you can soak yourself into adventure and tranquility at the same time as well as avail cheap airfares to explore this fascinating Mediterranean island.

  1. California


The western coasts of California are the best places to enjoy the enthralling month of May where you can get delighted by the adorable lifestyle. The weather, the cultural festivals and so much more will keep you indulged in the beautiful and lively lifestyle of the state. Dwell around the exotic beaches and tranquilizing resorts of San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Malibu and more.

  1. Punta Cana

Punta Cana

Typical sandy beaches and exotic all-inclusive resorts have always been the first choice for travelers on their Dominican Republic vacations. Encompassing sugar-white beaches, exotic resorts and fantastic shoreline, Puta Cana is a place to admire the absolute artistry of god. Travel Punta Cana in May and have an exquisite time adoring the nature and exploring the exotic sights whilst saving a fortune with cheap flights due to low season.

  1. Athens


Athens and the rest of the Greece is world renowned for being the best destination to visit in the month of May. With an outstanding culture and fantastic weather conditions, the city of Athens becomes a perfect host for every traveler. Explore the medieval architecture, fabulous natural backdrops and fascinating museums across the city that will offer you an immense insight about the rich culture, fantastic history and extraordinary natural bliss in Greece.

  1. Bali


Conversely an ideal city to visit in the month of May in Asian continent, Bali is truly a bliss to experience. The marvelous temples, tranquilizing beaches and adorable festivals are the specialty you will witness at first place when you visit here. Despite being a lesser-known city for summer season vacations, Bali is an unorthodox destination for May vacations.

We just have brought a glimpse of the options you have to enjoy May vacations away from home and countless of other options are there to be explored. Now, it’s your turn to book cheap flights for your favorite destination and fly away.

5 reasons why you must explore the Caribbean Islands St Kitts & Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a dual island country between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that has been catching the eyes of visitors from all over the world with the exotic beaches, breathtaking beauty and their flawless charm. The lively ambience and the serene views of the islands make it a wonderful place to spend a vacation at.

The cloud-shrouded mountains, postcard perfect beaches and beautiful spots captivate the eyes and minds of the visitors and make them fall in love with it. There are many more reasons that will urge you to explore its charm by taking a vacation soon. While you are still wondering what makes this double island nation so charming, here are the top 5 reasons that will make you trust us. Take a look at them:

    Saint Kitts & Nevis

  1. Mesmerizing Beaches: Saint Kitts & Nevis has a plethora of alluring beaches that are perfect for lazing, enjoying adventurous activities and having endless fun. The bright sun on the white sand looks like a pearl in the ocean and creates a heavenly scene that you would have never experience before. Want to know more? Take a trip yourself and feel the magic.

  2. Historical Sites: Dating back to the ancient history, Saint Kitts & Nevis happens to be first stop over of Christopher Columbus and has a huge range of architectures, landmarks and sights relating to the history. Independence square, Carib petroglyphs, Romney Manor, Bloody Point, Basseterre, Berkeley Memorial, Halfway Tree Village, etc. are the top historical sites you could explore during your excursion.

  3. Adventure Activities: With numerous mountains, beaches and islands; Saint Kitts and Nevis is an ideal spot for enjoying different adventurous activities. Hiking the black mountains, surfing in the Caribbean Sea and zip lining tours are the popular activities that can be enjoyed during your visit here. Take your travel buddy along and get high with the adventures. Do not forget to book some scenic tours as well.

  4. Foodie’s Hub: The influence of the Caribbean culture can be easily seen in its ambience and food and thus it caters a variety of exotic dishes, local food cuisines and many lip-smacking food items. This is another reason that makes the island nation a great palce to spend you next vacation. Savor them all and give a treat to your taste buds by booking your tickets soon.

  5. Vibrant Nightlife: Last but not the least, the vibrant nightlife of this wonderland is one of the top reasons that has been able to steal the hearts of its visitors. The Caribbean culture and beach-side resorts organize lively parties and feasts that are an amazing experience and can never be ignored at all. Whether you are a party lover or not, you won’t be able to control yourself from falling into the charm of its nightlife.

Since there are enough reasons that we have stated above for the popularity of this stunning destination, there shouldn’t more delay in your trip. Book a cheap flight through Travelation and enjoy a joyous vacation at highly affordable prices.

Top 7 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Traveling is the freedom of enjoying and exploring new places and making memories. Many people like to travel with their special travel buddies, family and even their family. There are several travelers who love taking solo trips and discovering different destinations on their own. This way they tend to make themselves independent and learn many new aspects too. A lot of people even travel alone to find like-minded travelers, and join them for a new journey.

The trend of traveling solo has become so popular these days that even women have started taking solo trips. Taking a solo trip is an exciting and wonderful thing that prepares a woman in facing the various challenges alone and becoming self-dependent. While it might sound interesting and exciting; there are certain facts that shall be taken care of, in order to have a safe and sound trip. Here are some tips crafted especially for the solo women travelers that will help them organizing and managing the excursion easily.

    Solo Women Travelers

  1. Take help of the GPS: Carrying maps is a traditional and unconventional way of finding directions, moreover, it gives hints to others that you are a stranger for the destinations. Use the GPS on your mobile phone to locate nearby places and get rid of the extra burden of the map as well.

  2. Pack Light: Usually, women tend to take a lot of stuff with them that becomes a trouble sometimes. Packing lighter helps a lot in making the trip convenient and happier. Carrying a small bag will help you move quickly. So, find a small bag and fit all your things into it.

  3. Stay Confident and Careful: The thing that you are traveling alone should not be known to everybody around you. Be confident and careful during your journey and never increase the vulnerability by letting people know about yourself. By doing this, you’ll be able to take a safe trip without any hassle.

  4. Travel in Daytime: No matter how far or close your destination is, always travel in the daylight if you are alone. This tip has been given by many experts, keeping in mind the safety of the solo women travelers as the chances of being caught in an unavoidable situation become less.

  5. Carry a safety kit: Prepare a small kit having a Swiss knife, pepper spray and even a whistle; keep it in your easily accessible bag and use whenever there is a need to do so. You’ll never feel scared if you have all these things, thus you’ll be able to enjoy your trip.

  6. Create a list of emergency numbers: Note down the contact numbers of the important people and keep it in your handbag so that you can use them in the case of any emergency. This tip not only ensures your safety but also helps in staying connected with your closed ones.

  7. Use public transport: Hiring private cabs and taxis are an easier way of reaching your destination, but taking public transport helps you in connecting with the local people and makes you familiar about the laws, traditions and the culture of that particular place too. It is convenient and safe too.

Though it’s good to be independent, but at the same time taking precautions is also necessary. Follow these travel tips and have a safe and happy journey.