The fascinating Ancient Cities of the World

Ancient cities show the influence – Positive and negative of human civilization. The oldest cities in the world boast beautiful architecture and amazing stories, yet remarkably few ancient cities stand today. Here is the list of ancient cities in the world:

Athens, Greece: – The first image that comes to mind is the Parthenon when we are talking about ancient Athens. The 5th century BCE temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. But archaeologists say this Acropolis site on the rocky bluff was inhabited thousands of years before the Parthenon existed and thousands of years before Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle walked the city streets. The ancient home of philosophy and the birthplace of Western civilization, Athens also has bragging rights as the first host city of the modern Olympic Games.

Athens, Greece

Gaziantep, Turkey: – Previously known as Antioch, and as Antep, the city of Gaziantep lies where the Mediterranean meets Mesopotamia, an area considered the center of the first civilizations. In 300 BCE, Alexander the Great’s generals founded Zeugma (now part of Gaziantep) before it was conquered and ruled by the Roman Empire as an important outpost on the Silk Road to China. Several ancient sites remain in Gaziantep and 13 different museums house impressive collections of artifacts.

Gaziantep, Turkey

Luxor, Egypt: – This city was the capital of the ancient Egyptian empire during its heyday. The Nile River cuts through the center of Luxor, dividing the modern city on the East Bank from the ancient necropolis and mortuary temples on the West Bank. Legends say that the ancient Egyptians buried their dead in the West Bank because the setting sun in that direction symbolized the journey to the afterlife. The West Bank is where you’ll find the tomb of King Tutankhamun and tombs of other ancient kings and queens. The East Bank, which symbolized life for the ancient Egyptians, boasts some of the country’s most upscale hotels and spas.

Luxor, Egypt

Fayoum, Egypt:- About 60 miles southwest of Cairo, Fayoum is part of Egypt’s largest oasis, where the Pharaohs built pleasure palaces and the Greeks built temples paying homage to the Lake Moeris (Lake Qaroun) crocodiles they believed were sacred. Fayoum, called Crocodilopolis by the Greeks, became the most significant center for the cult of Sobek, the crocodile god. The Ruins of two temples dedicated to Sobek still stand today. The modern city is home to large bazaars, mosques, and baths.

Fayoum, Egypt

Varanasi, India: – Varanasi (also known as Benares) is in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Jains and Hindus consider it to be a holy city and believe that if you die there you will attain salvation. It is the oldest habited city in India and also in the world. Found along the river Ganges are ghats – stops along the way in which believers can perform religious ablutions in the river.


Take a trip to these ancient cities of the world and experience the beauty of old heritage yourself.