All About the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. Built of concrete and stone, it was the largest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire, and is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. One of the most iconic The Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre in the world.


The construction of The Colosseum began under the emperor Vespasian in 70 AD and was completed in 80 AD under his successor and heir Titus. The main purpose was not only to be an amphitheatre to seat 50,000 to 80,000 spectators but also designed to impress millions of travelers who would travel far and wide to come and stare at this amazing building. Being one of the most visited hotspots in the city means that even today, people travel miles to come and see what is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture.

The most popular and well known games were the hunts or venations and the gladiatorial fights or munera. This fights involved gladiator against gladiator, gladiator against wild beast. As a venue, the Colosseum was able to accommodate an incredible 55,000 spectators and had far in excess of 50 entrances. Originally covered in marble, the structure was four storeys’s high and measured an impressive 188 meters by 156 meters.

The Colosseum is located in the heart of Rome’s large historic centre and next to it you will find the ruins of the Roman Forum. This is an ideal and privileged location to be based for discovering Rome as the most monuments and attractions can be reached on foot. In the starting period of time, the different tiers in the structure were allocated to different types of people when the amphitheatre first opened its doors; the best seats in the house were reserved for the Emperor and other royalty as they offered the greatest views. The levels above that were for poorer visitors and hard to view the event.

Now the building is preserved condition, after a number of devastating earthquakes and people stealing the stones. But after the 3 million restoration and structural reinforcement efforts, the amphitheatre is opening its doors to the public.

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