Australian Islands – Heaven on Earth

Australia, a country that contains a whole world within itself, is among the most prestigious, beautiful and dreamy country, comprising countless attraction, natural sites an exquisite culture to look upon. However, the real natural beauty of Australia is treasured at the bewitching Australian Islands that are often said the heaven on earth. Each year, millions of travelers from across the world head their way to the iconic and picturesque islands of Australia, scattered across the Tasmania Sea, Great Barrier Reef, South Pacific Ocean, Great Australian Bight and Indian Ocean. Following are the most heavenly islands in the Australian region that are tremendously beautiful and renowned worldwide for their vast variety of adventure and natural bliss:

Hamilton Island, Queensland

Hamilton Island, Queensland

Among the most renowned and largest inhabited island in Whitsunday Islands archipelago, Hamilton Island has this striking range of attractions and spellbinding natural aspects. Comprising bewitching beaches, azure water, tempting culinary, exquisite wines, wonderful event calendar year, marvelous flora, extraordinary fauna and so much more, the island is truly the greatest among all the other isles on the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy bushwalking, snorkeling, wildlife exploration, laid-back beaches and endless of other activities whilst soaking the pleasure of being on one of the finest islands of Australia.

Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean

Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean

Among the most bewitching as well as renowned islands on the South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is one of the oldest inhabited islands of the Australian region and is perfect for a laid-back beach holidays off the Australian coasts. Comprising cliffs, mountains, lagoons, beaches, pine trees, dramatic landscapes and so much more, this naturally blissful island is somewhat 150 minutes of flight away from the Eastern Australian coasts and remains full with tourists throughout the year. The optimum weather conditions and adorable attractions of the island makes this small isle an absolutely perfect heaven alike place to enjoy great escapes in Australia.

Abrolhos Islands, Western Australian Territory

Abrolhos Islands

The exquisite archipelago off-the coasts of Western Australian Territory, Abrolhos Islands are the most renowned beach getaways for locals as well as tourists from across the world. Known for a tremendous variety of flora and fauna spread across the archipelago, travelers love to explore the wilderness of various islands in the archipelago whilst enjoying the fabulous laid-back beach resorts scattered across the inhabited islands. An ideal place for coral explorers and snorkelers, this region remains lush by the sea adventure lovers throughout the year.

Flinders Island, Tasmania Sea

Flinders Island

Located on the Brass Strait, on the northeastern edge of Tasmania Sea, the sprawling island of Flinders is the largest as well as the finest isle from Furneaux group, known for its fabulous stretch of coral reefs. Often described as “Mountains in the Sea” Flinders Island was once known to be the home of pirates where they use to slaughter thousands of people. However, as the time passed by, the land became one of the naturally blissful and adorable island of the region, drawing thousands of tourists every year and showcasing its heritage, culture and history among voyagers. Enjoy the fascinating coral reefs and fauna beneath the calm ocean surface with fabulous diving sessions in Flinders Island.

Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island

Commonly showcased on various travel and wildlife TV shows, the Phillip Island is quite renowned for being the home of cute penguins as well as the wilderness. Every year, millions of travelers from around the world visit the Phillip Island to witness the unique penguin parade which is the finest nightly experience to have at this deserted part of Victoria Islands. Besides all the penguin parade, travelers can also enjoy the adorable view of fur seals that are quite rare to find in the other parts of Pacific Ocean.

Australian coasts are featured with thousands of islands under its territory and each island have its own feature and significantly drawing millions of tourists every year. If you too have a keen interest in the nature with a desire to enjoy the thriving culture of Australia, then quickly start packing and book cheap flights to Australia with Travelation.