Five Unique Places to Eat Around the World

The diversity available in our world is simply surprising and when it comes to culinary diversity, it’s even more than complex and wider than the cultures who originated the culinary. However, to make the food and the splurge even more interesting, a number of restaurants have broken the orthodox methodology, and came up with some new and exciting way to please their guests. Here, we have come up with a list of unique places to eat around the world where you can not only taste some of the finest dishes, but the specialty in settings will stun you even more:

Five Unique Places to Eat Around the World

De Kas, Amsterdam

A spectacular restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been into a food traveler community for more than a decade. The specialty of serving a menu with a diversity of culinary, magnificently refreshing settings of the greenhouse and the uniqueness of harvesting ingredients within the premises makes the restaurant a worthy entry in the list. Order what you want to eat from the menu, and the staff will prepare your food from the herbs and vegetables brought straight from the greenhouse fields harvested on the very same day of your visit.

Dinner in the Sky, Montreal

If an indoor dining with the surroundings of greenhouse isn’t refreshing enough for you, then it’s time for you to take your dining experience to the next heights. And by heights, we actually mean it. Dinner in the Sky in the Montreal is among the most exclusive and unique dining experiences you can ever have where your entire dining table is lifted 160ft. by a crane after strapping you with your dining chairs for a blissful sight of the city’s skyline and refreshing breeze touching your cheeks. This mobile restaurant is one of the unique experiences that will take your dining experience to a new height.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

If you are afraid of heights, yet love to have a dining experience with unique factors, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Rangali Island Resort, Maldives is there for you. Designed approximately 16ft below the sea level, with a seating capacity of 14 people, this underwater restaurant is an awesome experience to have. Transparent acrylic roof with 270 degree view of the surroundings is an impeccable experience you can have in the Maldives. By keeping the safety of visitors in mind and constructing the restaurant with zinc paint coating and steel structure to safeguard the restaurant from saltwater and fauna collision.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, San Pablo City, Philippines

Underwater dining may scare a few of you if you don’t like creatures floating around you. However, a picturesque dining experience can be found in Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in San Pablo City, Philippines where you can have a beautiful view of the waterfall in front of you and soak your feet in the fresh and clean running water whilst tasting some of the most admirable delicacies from Philippine culture.

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

A completely bizarre dining experience awaits you at Modern Toilet Restaurant situated in Taipei, Taiwan, where dishes are served in squat toilet shaped dishes and make you sit in the dining area based on the bathroom. The restaurant where you can use the tissue from the toilet paper hanging on the wall next to you and seats that are in squat-shape toilet seats. In case you have a curiosity of how they serve drinks, the answer will terrify the soul out of you as they serve urinal shaped cups to serve and pour your drinks.

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