Best Black Friday Getaway Options

Since Black Friday is not so far away, you must be wondering about what exactly are you going to do to take the advantage of this big day where everyone is throwing the best deals, sales and offers to you and alluring with best prices for their product and services. Everyone across the US waits for this wonderful weekend throughout the year to begin their ultimate spell of shopping and get delighted by the offers and discounts given by the companies/shops. Thus, we have brought to you an extraordinary range of captivating destinations that are not just great to enjoy an extended weekend of Black Friday, but also give you sufficient options to enjoy the magnificent sales and offers of Black Friday through their impeccable markets:

Black Friday

  1. New York City

Frequently enlisted with the biggest and leading fashion and shopping epicenters of the world, New York City is truly a heaven for shopaholics and those who have been thinking to visit such a magnificent city can’t find any better time to witness the stardom and enthralling beauty of this charming city. Not only the exquisite sales and discounts will lure you out of your suites, the captivating airfares and discounted hotel deals on the occasion of Black Friday will give you plenty of saving opportunities before you even begin your voyage. The Times Square, East Village and many more marketplaces of the city are the places that will give you the utmost delight and enthralling beauty of the Big Apple.

  1. Chicago

The Windy City of Chicago have always been in the travel bucket lists of shopping lovers and have been among the most tranquilizing and enthralling getaway cities on the occasion of Black Friday. The outstanding charm of the markets like Chi-Town, Michigan Avenue, Woodfield Mall and many more places are the highlight for shopping lovers that are not just great places to witness the versatility of markets the city holds, but also give away many thriving and outstanding discounts and offers via Black Friday Sale. The discounted hotels and affordable airfares can also save you a lot of bucks in advance and give you the exposure of this superlative destination of Illinois.

  1. Los Angeles

The charming city of California, Los Angeles have never been prettier for shopping lovers except for the time around Black Friday. The incredible marketplaces, flea markets, malls and stores across the city have been the reason behind thousands of people taking flights to Los Angeles during the weekend of Black Friday and filling-up their carts with nothing but discounted products and outstanding stuff they have been thinking to buy the entire year. Being the second-most fashionable city of the USA, Los Angeles has an enormous range of malls and outlets that have been making people fall in love with this city around Black Friday. You can also save some more money by using some awesome discounts on airfares and hotel accommodation during this period.

  1. Minneapolis

Minneapolis – Saint Paul is among the most fascinating and incredibly rich places in the entire United States, prominently known for the gigantic Mall of America which is among the most renowned and versatile malls of the state of Minnesota. A destination that has the outlook of a giant mall itself, Minneapolis is truly a gem in the treasure of Minnesota that has featured with hundreds of outlets and stores from almost every brand existing in the United States. With more than 500 outlets in total that will be throwing the most alluring deals and discounts on Black Friday, you can have a heavenly experience in Minneapolis whilst getting drenched in the hefty discounts of hotels and flights on the occasion of Black Friday.

  1. Dallas

Dallas have been a heaven for shoppers because of its marvelous stores, malls and shopping regions scattered all over the plateau of the city and when you are planning a vacation to this part of the United States on the occasion of Black Friday, the charm of this city gets tenfold high. The superlative Highland Park and many more exquisite attractions, the city offer much more than just the shopping delight to its visitors. Hence, even if you are not as big fan of shopping as others, there is a lot to enjoy in this city especially on the occasion of Black Friday. Needless to say, the Black Friday travel deals will be making your transit easy and affordable to save a good fortune on air travel and accommodation.

Though, the European Christmas Markets will soon be following the charm of shopping and giving you the chance to travel overseas and enjoy the remarkable fun of shopping, yet if you don’t wish to miss any opportunity of taking the advantages of shopping anywhere in the world, then we have brought to you the most outstanding range of destinations to travel this Good Friday. You can also get the delight of booking with Travelation to take the advantage of our Black Friday travel deals that will help you to save a good fortune on airfares and have an amazing vacation filled with loads of shopping and superlative delights of sightseeing and exploring different places.

5 Alternative Activities for Black Friday

After Thanksgiving, it’s time to welcome the most awaited shopping event, Black Friday. There isn’t anything that cannot be bought or found during this sale. It is the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005 and has been among the favorite events for the people too. But since the event is so much popular across the nation, all the places are crowded with mobs who want to make the most of this occasion.

Since shopping is a regular activity and we often do it almost once in a month, this day can be utilized in a better way. Skip the old practices and try something new this time. So, while you are wondering what are we up to? Then, we are trying to make your Black Friday different form the previous ones. Here are the five alternative activities/things you can do to make your weekend happier.

    Black Friday

  1. Spend time with Loved Ones: There is nothing in the world that can be more precious than time. The best gift you could give someone is your time as it not only makes them feel good, but will make you feel special too. And if you are already having a holiday how about devoting that to your loved ones? Isn’t that a perfect idea? Sure, it is. You can talk, share, express and create some extremely new memories that will strengthen your bond.

  2. Watch a Movie: How long has it been that you watched your favorite actor’s movie? You don’t even remember when the last time you saw a movie with your bestie was. It’s the time now to watch down all the movies that you have not been able to because of your hectic schedules. Book a ticket in the nearest cinema hall or call up your friend and see the latest movies at your home theater. Go for that movie date.

  3. Catch up with Friends: We all love hanging out with our friends and nothing can be compared to the joy of meeting old friends after a long time. This Black Friday, plan a get together with your old and close friends and meet them at your favorite place. You can take advantage of the Black Friday shopping deals and buy gifts for them too. The pleasant weather makes a great idea to enjoy an outdoor meet, so you can even go for one.

  4. Read a Good Book: Books are our best friends and a great escape from the monotony to a new world that has a treasure of knowledge and many new things to discover. Sipping coffee, laying in the bed and reading a book; isn’t that heavenly? Well, it’s the perfect partner of your loneliness and solitude and will never make you bored. Thanksgiving has just left and you have enough amount of food for yourself so you can read numerous books.

  5. Travel and Explore: Exploring a new destination/place is yet another good idea of ending the Black Friday weekend on a good note. Take that long pending break to a new place or the spot that you have been dreaming to explore from long by finding a good Black Friday travel deal. Add a pinch of fun and excitement to your vacation by taking your favorite partner along. Book a cheap flight today as the event is approaching soon. Get set go!

Follow this list of Black Friday activities and do something unique this time.