Ten Most Beautiful Towns In The World

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany: - This town is in the midst of beautiful mountain views. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is an enchanting town in the heights of the Zugspitze Mountain, the tallest in Germany at a height of nearly 3,000 meters. The town was originally two separate settlements, one Roman and the other Teutonic.


Village in the Himalayas, Tibet: - In this town modern life is yet to start. This town built to support monasteries hidden in the Himalaya Mountains that are only accessible by foot or horse. Here you will observe traditional life, local food and buy souvenirs from the skilled artisans. Often there will be small, joyful festivals with dance and other performances.


Reine, Norway: - Reine is a fishing village that can be found on the beautiful arctic island of Moskenesoya. The total area of the village is almost 72 acres and the population is 329. Reine is voted the most beautiful village in all of Norway.


Gasadalur Village, Faroe Islands: - Gasadalur is located on the west side of Vagar, Faroe Islands. For many years, the islands were difficult to access. The sheer cliffs rises from the beaches and a single staircase built during the British occupation of the islands in World War II. Only 18 people lived in the village and are settled between two 2,300 foot tall mountains.


Colmar, France: - Colmar is considered the capital of wine from Alsatian district and is known for its lovely aromas. The town was founded in the 1200, during the height of the Holy Roman Empire which ruled Europe at that time. Also this town is famous with nickname “Little Venice” because of the waterways that twist through the Medieval streets.


Marsaxlokk, Malta: - Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing town located in the south eastern part of Malta and has population 3500. In 1900 BC, the Phoenicians landed and set up the vibrant trading port. The town is the main supplier of fish to the island nation and is well known for its enormous markets stocked with a vast array of magnificent fish.


Bled, Slovenia: - Bled was founded in 1004 and considered so beautiful by the Holy Roman Emperor that it was gifted to the Bishop of Brixen. The castle at Bled sits in the center of the enchanting Lake Bled which borders the town. The population of the town is 5,000 and is now famous for its most beautiful health saps in the area.


Hallstatt, Austria: - Hallstatt is one of the Austria’s oldest town, and was founded in 5000 BC. The vast salt reserves in the mountains that surround the town. The town has many salt mines, also town is considered a treasure of human history and one of the most beautiful towns in Austria.


Manarola, Italy: - Manarola is a beautiful town with colored houses carved into an impenetrable wall of stone. This is one of the oldest town in the region. Now days the town is more famous for its delightful wine and the paintings of Antonio Discovolos, who adored the town.


Bibury, England: - Bibury is the most beautiful town in England. The town is famous for its honey colored seventeenth century stone cottages. The town was first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and has thankfully been trapped in the past. Most of the town is still as it was hundreds of years ago and River Coin still dominates the main.


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