Mesmerizing Experience of Buenos Aires Tango Festival

There are ample of festivals take place across the world, but experiencing a festival that comprises the culture, art, heritage and uniqueness which is followed by the rest of the world is a splendid experience. This year, I went to Argentina and attended the world famous Buenos Aires Tango Festival which is an incredibly amazing festival featuring many marvelous events, galas, performances and much more in a span of 14 days. An annual event that have been dramatically increasing the popularity of Buenos Aires since 2003, this year, the festival started from August 10 and lasted for 14 days before concluding and leaving everyone spellbound with its charm, outstanding cultural presentation and the globally renowned World Championship. Tourists and art lovers from around the world literally flocked the flights to Buenos Aires and kept the arenas and other pathways of venues bustling by their presence. Here are the biggest highlights of the festival which intrigued me the most:

Mesmerizing Experience of Buenos Aires Tango Festival

  1. Understanding the History of Tango

In the beginning of the festival every major celebrity and people from the organizing committee came forth to shed some light on the history and development on the world renowned dance style of Tango. During the seminars and speeches, we came to know that earlier during the 19th century, the dance style of Tango was made by the low-class gentry and majorly was performed in the brothels. As the time passed by, the dance style got its fame and went overseas where the European people supported the dance form with a fusion of ballet and make it an international dance form which later returned to the birth place in Argentina and became a sensual, sexy and elegant style of dancing which was later on admired and followed by the elite class families and people. In recent years, the dance style have become an integral part of the culture of Argentina and have also claimed the title of Intangible UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity.

  1. The Learning Experience

During the span of two weeks there were many classes, courses and demonstrations by the specialists, world-famous artists and trainers of Tango dance class to spread awareness among tourists from the rest of the world and were indulged in teaching people the authentic and different styles of Tango without being concerned about the class, gender, color or any other discrimination. The festival was a great experience to witness the art and culture bringing people close to each other and making a mark among locals as well as international visitors. There were many more classes and institutes who were there to publicize their brand and talent and giving lessons on the basics as well as advanced level of dancing in the magnificent dance form of Tango. Here in the classes, I got to know that the dance style was invented to woo the people from opposite gender with their postures and facial expressions that were sensual as well as elegant at the same time.

  1. Salon Tango

The dance form of Tango is basically divided into two forms and one of them is the Salon Style. The Salon style of Tango is related directly to the roots of the dance form that was invented in the 1900s in order to impress the ladies in any get together and other social events with some great postures and incredible sensual expressions. The dance form was formed on the natural borders of Argentina and Uruguay and became a sensation as well as highlight of many gatherings. The complex lifts, exquisite dance postures and magnificent figures have made the dance form quite difficult to perceive and impressive to witness as a spectator. In the event, there were many performers who were insisting on performing the Salon Tango and have given a speechless demonstration of their artistic skills.

  1. Stage Tango

Even since the beginning of the 19th century, the modification of elements were existing and when you speak of the awesome dance style of Tango, expecting the modification and international fame is a bit obvious. The dance form of Stage Tango is a brilliant combination of ballet and Tango which requires less orthodox rules and more feel that leaves the performers out of the limitations of basic rules. A less complicated and globally used dance form of Stage Tango also have its own specific sort of choreography with different genres of music and songs. In Buenos Aires Tango Festival, we had the chance to witness the world class Tango dancers showcasing their talent on the stage and mesmerizing people with their electrifying act.

  1. The World Championship

Like every year since 2003, Tango World Championship was the highlight for everyone where dozens if not hundreds of participants from around the world brought their best foot on the stage and mesmerized everyone with their charm, sex appeal and charisma. Both the dance forms Salon Tango and Stage Tango were sufficient to woo people’s heart away and the choreography was simply beyond imagination. The perspective of artists was beyond explanation and each performance brought a new joy and happiness in everyone’s heart. Unfortunately only one couple got the title despite being their brilliance of dance and moves. This year, artists representing Argentina and Japan got the title of the best couple in Salon and State dance style respectively. The duos were brilliant in their own style and brought the ace game without any doubt.

The span of those two weeks were absolute heaven for me as a dance lover and cultural explorer and have exposed me towards many unknown facts and information which were absolutely amazing and have opened my eyes. The combination of demonstration of Tango dance style and making it a world championship is itself a great effort done by the government of Argentina and after receiving the title of Intangible UNESCO World Heritage Event, the event have become even more authentic and delightful. So, next year if you wish to experience what I have experienced in 2017, just book your flights to Buenos Aires with Travelation on the decided dates and make your dream come true and learn a lot about not just the dance style of Tango, but how it got famous and brought many communities together with harmony and joy.