Chinese New Year 2017 Year of the Rooster

The festive season has begun across the world and many civilization have lined up celebrations in following months. One of the biggest among all these celebrations is Chinese New Year which is quite commonly known as Lunar Year. Celebrated across the Asian continent as well as many other parts of the world by Chinese and Buddhist culture, this festival has been an eye of attraction of modern travel. So, if you are planning to have a first hand experience where the Chinese New Year festival is celebrated and looking forward to plan a getaway to the tranquilizing lands of China, here we have brought some information that you must know before planning your Chinese New Year, year of the Rooster. Following are the things that will come across during the 15 days of immense celebrations and rituals performed by the locals in China and you must remain aware to know and enjoy the most:

Chinese New Year

  1. Jie Cai Ceng

On the fifth day of New Year celebration, locals perform a few rituals that are known as Jie Cai Ceng, which is also known as “Welcoming the Gods of Prosperity and Wealth”. As per the Chinese belief, during the Lunar Year celebration the gods come to earth from the heaven when invited and bring the joy and prosperity among the people. It also symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and people follow the basic idea of lighting up firecrackers to show their gratitude to the gods of wealth and prosperity whilst requesting them to grant wishes to boost their work and bless them with great fortune.

  1. Yuan Xiao Jie

Commonly known as the festival of Lanterns, Yuan Xiao Jie is among the most fantastic and internationally renowned Chinese festivals that is organized on the 15th day of New Year celebration. Symbolizing the conclusion of the festive season, festival of Lantern comprises people lighting up the streets with lite lanterns of Red color with their wishes and messages for others written on it. Often seen in most of the Chinatowns of the states in United States of America as well as myriad parts of the world, this festival also symbolizes and bring forward the information about the zodiac of the year like pig, rabbit and in the case of 2017, Rooster.

  1. Symbolic Traditions

During the 15-day celebration of Chinese New Year, elders, married people and working people give a red envelope to their children and kids with no job filled with money to share the festivities with them. As per Chinese culture, the red color symbolizes the prosperity and good luck, hence the ritual is worldwide known as Red Envelopes or locally famous as “Hong Bao”. On the fifth day, you will find people gathering in the streets with huge and decorated artificial dragons and making them dance while all the crowd around will be grooving along. It is said that as per the legends, Chinese civilization is the descendants of the mystical creature known as Dragons. Hence, to bring the ancestors during the celebration, local symbolizes them in the form of artificial dragons made of paper, plastic and many other decorating stuff.

  1. Celebration Feast

The most important part of the Chinese New Year celebration is considered to be the feast that held on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Every year, millions of people take the advantage of Chinese New Year travel deals and head towards their home to join the festive celebration and gather for the biggest feast of the year. With dishes like cake, rice, rice-ball soup, duck, pork, fishes and more, people enjoy mostly a couple of meals with the family members as well as invited guests including relatives, friends and neighbors. Traditionally, all people from the family as well as guests tend to help in making all the dishes from the scratch. However, if you feel like having similar sort of experience yet unable to find a host, you can easily buy all the dishes in packaged form from the supermarkets as well as local shops.

  1. Bai Nian

The most important thing you will come across as the Chinese New Year celebration begins, “Bai Nian” also known as the New Year greetings are the most interesting and significant attributes of the festival. As the celebration of Lunar New Year kicks off, people will begin to wear new clothes and begin to greet the relatives, family and friends by bowing down in front of them (no age bounds), and congratulate them for a year full of happiness, prosperity and wealth. People living in the cities take a couple of days to visit the relatives’ home and greet them whereas the in the remote areas, it may take a couple of weeks to complete the congratulation ceremony. However, in recent days, the trends have changed and people have begun to send greeting cards to wish the relatives and friends with New Year wishes.

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations across the world as Chinese residing in myriad parts of the world tend to bring their festivities in their current cities and is observed by the locals as well. Yet, if you wish to have a real experience by visiting the origin nation, then all you need is to get your hands on Chinese New Year travel deals available with Travelation and you are all set to have the most magnificent experience of all time.