Amazing International Destinations for Fall Vacations

The season of fall is the perfect time when you will love to explore the natural beauties more than the historical sites and captivating culture. This time is considered worldwide to make an escape and enjoy a mesmerizing vacation with your loved ones. Hence people often opt to go for places near or far to witness the charming bliss of the Mother Nature and get refreshed by the eternal beauty that comprises extraordinary sites. Additionally, this time is also perfect to take the advantage of low airfares that can make your travel dreams come true. So, without waiting any further, we are presenting to you the most marvelous and exquisite list of amazing international destinations for fall vacations:

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  1. Edinburgh

The Scottish capital Edinburgh is among the most prestigious and captivating cities of the European continent when it comes to the fall foliage. Prominently known for its refreshing outskirts and enthralling cultural history, Edinburgh is a fantastic place for a picturesque fall foliage and enjoy the remarkable beauty and tranquilizing landscapes. Not only the wonderful weather conditions and exquisite culture of the city is a great reason to visit Edinburgh, but the discounted airfares during this time of the year will make you travel here more than anything. So, if you are looking for a quick and budget-friendly fall escape, Edinburgh is a place for you.

  1. Cape Town

The South African cultural hub Cape Town is always proven to be one of the finest places for fall foliage. The thriving city of Cape Town is furnished with an abundant variety of attributes that include but doesn’t limit to the natural landscapes within and outskirts of the city along with loads of historical sites that can give you a charming getaway experience. Additionally, the fantastic array of beaches, cultural events and marvelous gastronomy will surely make your fall escape to South Africa a successful vacation with near and dear ones. Despite being Cape Town a frequently visited destination, this time of the year is quite affordable to visit here and make your fall vacations delightful.

  1. Mexico City

For people who can’t shed out a lot of time from their busy schedule at this time of the year, a fantastic vacation in Mexico City can be an ideal option for everyone. The magnificent conurbation known for its charming culture and enthralling lifestyle, Mexico City is a complete package of fun, adventure, excitement and joyful vacation. When many people can find Mexico City not so favorable for a fall foliage, other will find the city an exquisite one to explore as the city observes an abundant number of festivals and events during this time of the year. Also, the accommodations and flight fares are quite reasonable at this time of the year which can make your vacation even more enjoyable and delightful.

  1. Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is among the most beautiful and astonishing places in the entire Europe to witness the absolute bliss of fall foliage. Featuring wide boulevards with beautiful trees and a wide array of natural greenery, Amsterdam gives people the experience that can’t be experienced elsewhere. From the beautiful canals to the breathtaking culture, extravagant historical sites, enthralling lifestyle and loads of festivities and events makes the city a heaven for holidaymakers. Additionally, the fall season is observed as the shoulder season in the tourism of Amsterdam, hence the flight fares come out very cheap as compared to other times of the year and give you the perfect opportunity to visit this much and deservingly hyped city in such a beautiful season.

  1. Kunming

Fall foliage in Asia is something that is stunning and refreshing and despite being bustling with population, the cities like Kunming make the most picturesque experience you can ever have. Kunming is among the most adorable places in the province of Yunnan. Kunming has its own flavor to add in the beauty and charm of the fall season and if you are planning on traveling to the East Asian region, you will find the region of Yuanyang a perfect place to spend your fall vacations. Featuring a wonderful and colorful array of landscapes covering a widespread area, Yuanyang is a mesmerizing place where you can witness the utmost diversity of the nature.

Selecting a perfect international destination comprises many attributes and criteria and if you want your fall vacations to be perfect, then you should probably consider destinations mentioned above or places that have similar attributes. Though, we are unaware of your travel plans till now, but with the best range of fall travel deals available with Travelation, we give you the most astounding and engaging getaway experience with loads of happiness and enthralling experiences. All you need is to consider our services and opt for the discounted fall travel deals and you are all set for a superlative delight of fall vacations.

5 Reasons to Love Europe in the Fall

Europe, the world’s second-largest continent, is a popular destination for travelers from all around the world. Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, etc. are the renowned destinations of this wonderful country that add grace to its impeccable charm with their notable landmarks and eye pleasing spots, such as the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, and many more.

It never fails to impress its visitors and gives them a true experience of wanderlust. But have you ever thought that visiting Europe in the fall could make your experience all the more memorable? IF no, then here are the top reasons that will make you love this place in the fall and definitely urge you to take a trip.

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  1. The Majestic History: With 3000 years old civilization, Europe happens to be an amazing place with a rich cultural heritage. The fairytale castles, awe-inspiring architectures, old towns and the ancient spots will make you fall in love with it. And the colorful ambiance of the fall season is going to give you some amazing sights that will make you lose your heart for this alluring country. Delve into its historical past and discover the charm.

  2. Exotic Food: Having good food is a vital part of every traveler’s wish especially when he/she is at a place like Europe. It is a hub of foodies with endless number of restaurants and cafes that serve thousands of lip smacking cuisines and dishes that will give our taste buds a real treat. Planning a trip in the fall will make you discover more restaurants as compared to other seasons.

  3. Cheap Fares: Who would not like to travel at the lowest prices? Europe’s fall colors and the down fares combine together to give you a memorable vacation experience. The flights for Europe travel are comparatively cheaper than summers which adds to the extended budget of fun that can be experienced while being here. Whether you book a business class flight or an economy class seat, you can easily get one on huge discounts.

  4. Better Experience: It is always observed that being at a popular destination makes you witness huge crowd that sometimes become an obstacle in exploring its major attractions such as the Colosseum, Tower Bridge, Arc de Triumph, etc. If you plan a trip during the fall, you can discover the magic of all these spots in a better way, thus making your holiday an unforgettable one. Book a flight to Europe soon.

  5. Luxurious and economical Accommodations: Lastly, finding a good and affordable accommodation is a big challenge at a popular destination like Europe, but in the case of the fall season, you can find exuberant hotels and much lower prices. You can search for a hotel room online or explore a few while roaming around. Do not forget to negotiate even if you have booked a room earlier. The non-peak season can help you get a better deal.

Now when we have listed so many reasons, take benefit of the fall travel deals on Travelation and make magical memories.

Top 4 Hotels of America to enjoy the Colors of Fall

The Fall season is an amazing time of the year when the weather is simply perfect and the colorful ambiance adds a pinch of magic to it. Taking a vacation at this time and exploring the vibrant vistas of nature and its surroundings isn’t a bad idea. And a holiday cannot be complete without staying at a comfortable and beautiful place to enjoy the vacation fully. But have you ever heard that an accommodation that doubles up the fun of your holiday? If no, then here is the list of the hotels you should be staying at, during your fall trip and enjoy the wonderful aura which is definitely going to make your trip memorable.


  1. Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH: Surrounded by the white mountains of New Hampshire and the Mount Washington, this grand hotel tops our list because of the stunning panoramic views, beautiful landscapes and the numerous activities that can be enjoyed here. The eye pleasing beauty of the surrounding areas of the hotel is nothing less than a beautiful scenery. A stay at this hotel will not only give you a warm hospitality experience, but will also help you witness some of the wonderful sights that are hard to find anywhere else.

  2. Ashby Inn, Paris: Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ashby Inn has been a favorite stopover place for the tourists who are on a visit to the Sky Meadows State Park. The homelike culture of this hotel will make you enjoy your vacation fully and the exotic food is going to steal your heart away. The pleasure doesn’t stop here, the rooms facing the Blue Ridge with wood burning fireplaces and amazing ambiance of this place are the few more things to look forward to.

  3. Chebeague Island Inn, ME: Who would not like to stay in a king size room that faces the ocean? Well, if you too are dreaming for such kind of accommodation, do not look further than the Chebeague Island Inn. Located in the Maine’s island, Casco Bay, this extraordinary hotel is a place that will add joy to your vacation. Queen size-beds, ocean-view room with a private bath and a fireplace, all this can be found here under a single roof. Take a tour to the Deer Point to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island.

  4. Stonover Farm, Lenox, MA: If you are in a mood to relax and seek isolation and peace, Stonover Farm is the place to be at. Surrounded by an area of 10 acres of open land with a duck pond, this alluring place is nothing less than a dream destination. With over 8 luxury suites, a gallery with beautiful paintings and photographs, fireplaces and cozy rooms; this hotel is a perfect place to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay together. There are even rock cottages and school houses that make it a unique place.

The pictures are just a synopsis, you need to visit them in order to give a treat to your eyes and savor the bliss. Take benefit of the cheap fall travel deals on Travelation and fly at highly affordable prices.

The Best Fall Destinations

The fall season is an amazing time of the year when the colors of the trees become brighter and the weather becomes cooler. The transition makes us experience the best sights of the nature and puts us in the state of awestruck. Fall/Autumn usually starts from the end of September and stretches till March. The bright colors of the season brings prosperity and smiles on the faces as it is apparently one of the most favored seasons of the year. It is also known as the ‘shoulder season’ as many destinations and places get influenced by its passage. Thus, makes it an ideal time to visit them and enjoy their vistas. Make the best of this offbeat season and plan a vacation soon. But if you are wondering where to go, here are the top destinations you should visit this fall to make some magical memories.

Fall Travel

  1. Atlanta: This sprawling capital of Georgia is on top of the list of the destinations that you shall visit this autumn. The amazing culture and the lovely weather will make you fall in love with this city. There are many festivals and events being organized during this period, so you’ll be lucky if you plan a vacation here in the sea. There are many attractions that will make your vacation a memorable one.

  2. Denver: The second spot on the list is owned by the capital city of Colorado, Denver that makes a wonderful spot during the fall season. The beautiful landscapes, attractive sights, astonishing sights and the favorable weather acts as an asset for the destination. This cultural city has many reasons to visit, including the craft beer, skiing, adventurous activities and much more. Plan a trip soon to discover the best spots of the city and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

  3. British Columbia: Surrounded by eye-catching mountain ranges along the pacific coast, British Columbia is a flawless destination that has been the choice of many frequent travelers since ages. Known for its parks, reserves and skiing spots, this wonderful city welcomes all its visitors with great warmth and serves them with the best sights during the season. The majestic valleys, attractive vineyards and exotic cuisines will make your vacation filled with joy.

  4. Napa Valley: Located on the northern part of the San Pablo Bay in California, Napa Valley is a world-famous wine growing region that makes an awesome destination to create some good memories during your trip. The warm weather, scenic beauty and the spotless natural sites are going to steal your heart away. The Californian culture and the harvest festival combine together to give you a pleasant experience of discovering its charm. Visit it soon to feel the magic yourself.

  5. San Diego: This is another masterpiece of California, which is famous for its art galleries, museums, beaches, parks and warm climate. This seaside city is going to captivate your eyes with its phenomenal charisma and leave you stunned. Talking about the fall season, there cannot be a better time to delve into the magic of this city as the natural beauty of this city is at its best during this season. Adventure and fun will be always around if you visit this destination.

There are many more destinations that can be visited, so pack up your bags and get ready for a wonderful excursion. Travelation offering you huge discount on airfares for Fall Travel.