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A blissful visit to Brisbane

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

The capital of the Sunshine State of Queensland as well as one of the most populous conurbations of the Australia, Brisbane is often perceived as a destination that majorly revolves around the business and corporate affairs and good for business travelers taking flights to Brisbane only. However, those who have been wandering around the Eastern coasts of the Australia know better that the city has far more potential than one can think or read about in books or at blogs. Featuring a fantastic nightlife, exquisite range of landmarks, historical sites and marvelous stretch of landscapes in the outskirts, Brisbane have been a delightful experience for everyone. To those who are planning to have a visit to this superlative destination, we have come up with a brief information about what you can find best in Brisbane while having a wonderful vacation in the wonderful capital of Queensland:


  1. Best Time to Visit

Brisbane has its tropical weather conditions which makes it accessible throughout the year. However, if you are looking to visit here in the best possible conditions, booking your flights between August and November will be the best idea as the spring season brings down the humidity level and gives the best delight of exploring the outskirts without being in sticky and sweaty conditions. In case, you are looking for some budget deals, you can find the best deals available for Brisbane between December and February when the humidity level leave people to visit the northern regions of the Queenstown and leave the hotels and flights available at fewer cost. March to July is the time when you can have both the best conditions and affordable deals to explore the city with a win-win situation.

  1. Transportation

Being the capital of the Sunshine State as well as among the most prominent business hubs in the region, Brisbane has developed an effective and efficient transport system which makes strolling around the city safe and convenient. Youngsters visiting Brisbane on a vacation often enjoy riding a bike around as the bustling city requires more mobility and may leave you in huge traffic. You can also use the public transport which is as convenient as the cost. Use the GO Card services which is the most used service available in the city by foreign tourists to see the city whilst using the public transport accessing all major and minor attractions of Brisbane.

  1. Places to Visit

Brisbane is the home to a wonderful range of cultural, natural and informative sites that have been a major reason behind leisure travelers opting for taking flights to Brisbane from across the globe. With places like Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane Cultural Center, South Bank, Botanical Gardens, Story Bridge, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Hall, Queensland Zoo, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Parliament House, Government House, Manly Boat Harbour, Mt. Coot-Tha, New Farm Park, Old Windmill and more, you can enjoy each and every aspect you desire to know about the capital city of Queenstown.

  1. Things to Do

Brisbane is among the most beautiful and diverse getaway destinations of the country that possesses a wonderful array of activities to participate. People visiting Brisbane have found Kangaroo Watching, Bridge Climbing, Balloon Rides, Cruising, Vineyard tours and cycling tours quite attractive to enjoy. As a major tourist hub of the state of the Queensland, you can find a number of tour and activity organizers locally that will offer you some of the finest walking, cultural, bus and other sort of tours at a convenient price. Brisbane has been quite popular among tourists for its culture and the same can be witnessed in the myriad events and festivals organized throughout the year which includes religious events, galas, concerts, competitions and much more.

  1. Shopping

Visiting Brisbane will give the shopaholics their own share of heaven as the city is featured with an abundant number of markets and malls covering a major area of the metropolitan city of Brisbane. Places like Queen Street Mall, Albert Street Market, The Myer Center, Queens Plaza, Brisbane Arcade, and Broadway on the Mall, Markets on Edward Street, Eagle Street shops and Adelaide Street are the perfect places to get some souvenirs from the city of Brisbane. If you think what best you can buy from Brisbane, then you should consider visiting the local wine shops that sell the fine quality of wines and beers available in the Brisbane which might give you the best experience and memory of being in Queenstown on a picturesque vacation.

Brisbane is a captivating city nestled on the banks of the River Brisbane and incepted in the year 1824. A pool of many magnificent and spoiling attributes, Brisbane have become a preferred choice of both leisure and business travelers voyaging across Australia with obvious reasons. So, if you too feel like having an incredible experience of visiting such a charming and vibrant city, you should consider booking your flights to Brisbane with Travelation and get your hands on some of the most amazing deals and offers we have just for you.

Exploring the Planned Capital Canberra

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Australian continent is globally famous for its exquisite weather conditions, remarkable lifestyle and incredible range of beaches, but if you have been thinking that it’s all the country of Australia has to offer, you must consider visiting the magnificent metropolitan city of Canberra. The Planned capital that was crafted from the scratch in the early 20th century with the planning of making it the capital of the nation, Canberra have been giving away the vibrant and exquisite experience to its visitors. The largest inland city, nestled on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin, this spellbinding city has much more to offer. SO, if you plan on taking flights to Australia, then you must consider visiting Canberra and explore the key elements of this city that makes it even more interesting including:


  1. Transportation

Being a planned city with years of strategizing and execution, Canberra have got a wonderful and a seamless transport system that covers almost every major and minor part of the city as well as outskirts. The local bus system of Canberra is known as Action and has the coverage to all the major prominent sites and attractions throughout the city including many major suburbs. Passengers can opt for cash payment and prepaid smartcards to pay for the fare for traveling. Also, the cab services across the city are quite seamless and you can get the cab by using smartphone apps, giving a call or visiting to the nearest taxi stand to get a local ride.

  1. Attractions

Despite being a city that was planned and built on a plain surface in the early 20th century, the city is boasted with a big number of picturesque attractions that are majorly connected with the culture and lifestyle of the capital. While you are in Canberra, do not miss to visit National Library of Australia, Old Parliament House, National Museum of Australia, Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, Lake Burley Griffin, Questacon, National Zoo, Floriade, Royal Canberra Golf Club, Mount Ainslie and many more sites that are covering all the major regions of the city and gives the most thriving experience of discovering every inch of the capital. Many travelers from across the world tend to take flights to Australia to have a wonderful hot air balloon ride in Canberra and enjoy the aerial view of the city and its high-rise buildings.

  1. Shopping

Being a city that has been the home of many politicians, business giants and bureaucrats, Canberra have boasted itself with a big number of malls, markets and shopping complexes throughout the city. The biggest hub of shopping in the entire city is at the city center named after Canberra Centre that has a wonderful array of stores, outlets and shops of world-class brands as well as local vendors. Apart from the Canberra Centre, you can also visit to the Gungahlin, Belconnen, Woden and many more markets that are filled with almost everything you need during your vacation in Canberra.

  1. Nightlife

Like any other city of Australia, Canberra too shares the most astonishing nightlife experience along with its guests and there are a big number of bars, pubs and clubs that are quite amazing as well as exquisite to enjoy the zealous culture, sporty lifestyle and marvelous collection of both Australian and global spirits. Finding a bar/pub/club with less crowd can be a hassle as most of the people living in the city are students as well as young adults who tend to enjoy the nights more than anything. Visit Gerema Place, Akuna Street, London Circut, Northbourne Avenue, Alinga Street, Bunda Street, Griffith ACT, City Walk, Mort Street and many more places at both sides of Lake Burley Griffin.

  1. Gourmet

Australian gourmet is widely popular across the world and people have begun to consider as a sensation whilst understanding the taste and flavors that distinct it from other gastronomies of the western world. Although, most of the dishes comprises seafood and fresh ingredients. However, Canberra is a landlocked city and people often remain the impression that the food served here can be old or not fresh, but once you come across the most prominent dishes of the city such as duck pancakes, Yabby Jaffle, the shakes, burgers, pastries, cookies and many more dishes that are usually available in any bakery store, but when you are in Australia, the taste will be different and you can feel it in your mouth.

Australia has many cities that are quite popular around the world for their exquisite variety of beaches, coastal beauty, remarkable booze, exquisite culture and fantastic natural bliss, but when we speak of the capital city Canberra, the dynamism changes quite rapidly and you can get loads of exquisite attributes that are rare to be found on the plateau of Australian continent. So, if you enjoy what you read above and are keenly interested in having a first-hand experience, then quickly book your flights to Australia with Travelation and begin your voyage to the capital city Canberra whilst saving a fortune on your airfares with our wide range of deals and offers available online.

Australian Islands – Heaven on Earth

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Australia, a country that contains a whole world within itself, is among the most prestigious, beautiful and dreamy country, comprising countless attraction, natural sites an exquisite culture to look upon. However, the real natural beauty of Australia is treasured at the bewitching Australian Islands that are often said the heaven on earth. Each year, millions of travelers from across the world head their way to the iconic and picturesque islands of Australia, scattered across the Tasmania Sea, Great Barrier Reef, South Pacific Ocean, Great Australian Bight and Indian Ocean. Following are the most heavenly islands in the Australian region that are tremendously beautiful and renowned worldwide for their vast variety of adventure and natural bliss:

Hamilton Island, Queensland

Hamilton Island, Queensland

Among the most renowned and largest inhabited island in Whitsunday Islands archipelago, Hamilton Island has this striking range of attractions and spellbinding natural aspects. Comprising bewitching beaches, azure water, tempting culinary, exquisite wines, wonderful event calendar year, marvelous flora, extraordinary fauna and so much more, the island is truly the greatest among all the other isles on the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy bushwalking, snorkeling, wildlife exploration, laid-back beaches and endless of other activities whilst soaking the pleasure of being on one of the finest islands of Australia.

Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean

Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean

Among the most bewitching as well as renowned islands on the South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is one of the oldest inhabited islands of the Australian region and is perfect for a laid-back beach holidays off the Australian coasts. Comprising cliffs, mountains, lagoons, beaches, pine trees, dramatic landscapes and so much more, this naturally blissful island is somewhat 150 minutes of flight away from the Eastern Australian coasts and remains full with tourists throughout the year. The optimum weather conditions and adorable attractions of the island makes this small isle an absolutely perfect heaven alike place to enjoy great escapes in Australia.

Abrolhos Islands, Western Australian Territory

Abrolhos Islands

The exquisite archipelago off-the coasts of Western Australian Territory, Abrolhos Islands are the most renowned beach getaways for locals as well as tourists from across the world. Known for a tremendous variety of flora and fauna spread across the archipelago, travelers love to explore the wilderness of various islands in the archipelago whilst enjoying the fabulous laid-back beach resorts scattered across the inhabited islands. An ideal place for coral explorers and snorkelers, this region remains lush by the sea adventure lovers throughout the year.

Flinders Island, Tasmania Sea

Flinders Island

Located on the Brass Strait, on the northeastern edge of Tasmania Sea, the sprawling island of Flinders is the largest as well as the finest isle from Furneaux group, known for its fabulous stretch of coral reefs. Often described as “Mountains in the Sea” Flinders Island was once known to be the home of pirates where they use to slaughter thousands of people. However, as the time passed by, the land became one of the naturally blissful and adorable island of the region, drawing thousands of tourists every year and showcasing its heritage, culture and history among voyagers. Enjoy the fascinating coral reefs and fauna beneath the calm ocean surface with fabulous diving sessions in Flinders Island.

Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island

Commonly showcased on various travel and wildlife TV shows, the Phillip Island is quite renowned for being the home of cute penguins as well as the wilderness. Every year, millions of travelers from around the world visit the Phillip Island to witness the unique penguin parade which is the finest nightly experience to have at this deserted part of Victoria Islands. Besides all the penguin parade, travelers can also enjoy the adorable view of fur seals that are quite rare to find in the other parts of Pacific Ocean.

Australian coasts are featured with thousands of islands under its territory and each island have its own feature and significantly drawing millions of tourists every year. If you too have a keen interest in the nature with a desire to enjoy the thriving culture of Australia, then quickly start packing and book cheap flights to Australia with Travelation.

Top Must Visit Destinations of Australia

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Australia, the largest island in the world is a kaleidoscope of different cultures, places, spots and attractions. This lively island is also a country, which is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans and has a lively ambiance that will make you fall in love with it. Its exotic cuisines, natural heritage, flawless charm and wonderful spots. It has been a popular tourist destination since the 17th century and has a treasure trove of attractions, sights and places that are going to steal your heart away.

Beaches, landscapes, mountains and deserts; there is an ethnical diversity in this wonderland that makes it an amazing destination to be at. While you are wondering what is so special about this wonderland. Here is the list of the top places that you must visit to feel the magic:

  1. Sydney:


    The largest city of Australia, is the eye-catching attraction of this wonderland that adds charm to its elegance. Situated in the country’s southeastern coast, it is a modern city that has a rich historical heritage. Port Jackson, Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Shelly Beach, St Mary’s Cathedral, etc. are its major highlights that can be explored while being here.

  2. Great Barrier Reef:

    Great Barrier Reef

    This coral reef is another jewel of Sydney that has made it shine like a star in the night sky. The 2,300 eco-system with thousands of islands and reefs make it an incredible spot that will leave you awestruck. An ideal spot for scuba divers and underwater explorers, it is a wonderful destination that is a must visit during a visit to Australia.

  3. Alice Springs:

    Alice Springs

    Situated in the heart of the nation, Alice Springs is a bundle of alluring landscapes, charming history and awe-inspiring sights that attract a wide range of travelers from all over the world. It is a popular spot for hikers and has numerous trails to be explored. Add it to your must-see list and delve into its majestic charm.

  4. Cairns:


    Known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, this tropical city has to be on your list while traveling to Australia. Situated in the North Queensland, it is a wonderful spot to enjoy sailing, diving and snorkeling. Its lively bars, restaurants and cafes shall be explored too.

  5. Melbourne:


    A visit to Australia can never be complete without visiting Melbourne. This coastal city has the influence of the 19th-century civilization, which is going to leave you spellbound. The vibrant nightlife, iconic landmarks and numerous art centres add charm to its grace and make it a wonderful place to be at. Do not forget to visit the National Gallery of Victoria and other attractions to make the most of your vacation.

Australia is an island and a nation with some of the most mesmerizing spots, wonderful attractions and beautiful places that are worth exploring. Plan a trip soon by booking a cheap flight to Australia with Travelation and witness the magic yourself. Do not forget to take your favorite travel buddy along to create some magical memories.

The Best Adventure Travel of Australia

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Australia is a vast country and a huge continent, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, which is known for its charming grace, alluring beauty and some breathtaking sights. It has been a popular tourist destination since last many decades and attracts many visitors from different corners of the world. A wonderful spot for almost all sorts of vacation, Australia has a huge treasure of sights to explore, activities to do and places to see.

This beautiful destination has a wide range of beaches, islands and mountains that add style and elegance to its impeccable beauty. A favorite destination for travel enthusiasts and backpackers, it has numerous places and spots that are perfect for an adventure freak too. If you only know about one part of this wonderland, here is another that defines the new phase, i.e. Australia as an adventure land. Here are top adventure travels you can witness on your next trip:

  1. Great Barrier Reef:

    great barrier reef australia

    Spread in an area of 1,250 miles, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest eco-system in the world, which is situated off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. With over 600 types of coral reefs, 1,625 species of fishes and endless variety of marine animals, this 2,300 km long eco-system is a wonderful spot that happens to be a favorite activity for many snorkelers, divers and under water explorers. Diving, snorkeling and scuba diving are the best way to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place. If you too are a nature lover, explore it soon.

  2. Kakadu National Park:

    Kakadu National Park

    This national park is home to 2,000 plant species, hundreds of bird species, flatback turtles and saltwater crocodiles. This 19,804 km long natural preserve encompasses wetlands, rivers and sandstone escarpments that make it a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation in the lap of the nature. Situated in the northern territory of Australia, this biodiverse natural preserve is yet another adventure spots in the country.  Maguk, Gunlom Falls, Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls are its major attractions that can be explored apart from swimming, croc spotting, bird watching and taking walk tours.

  3. Sydney:


    This largest city of the country boasts a wonderful charm and many eye catching spots that could steal your heart away. With many beachfront harbors and beaches, it is a wonderful spot for spending a fun-filled vacation. Apart from its cosmopolitan culture, there are many more sights and iconic landmarks that will leave you spellbound. Lively beaches, world class restaurants, seas-side vacation and sailing with the seas waves, are the best way to feel the adventure in this awesome place. Take your travel buddy and head straight to experience it yourself.

  4. Perth:


    It is difficult to imagine adventures in a beautiful city but to believe in them, you need to be here soon. Situated on the southwest coast of Western Australia, this alluring city has sandy beaches and riverside parks that offer a treasure of adventurous activities to do. Skydiving, hot air balloon ride, paintballing, mountain biking, snorkeling, underwater diving, whale watching, hiking and walking trails are some of the exciting adventurous activities that you can witness while being here. To get the head over heels experience, plan an excursion soon with your buddies and create some magical memories.

Book a cheap flight to Australia soon and escape into wilderness to make the best of the adventures.

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