Top 5 Theme Parks in the Europe

Exploring Europe is a delightful experience and when you are planning a vacation in the Europe, one of the prominent attractions that are going to be a part of your itinerary would be visiting the theme parks. The adventure parks of the Europe have always been the biggest highlight of the region and have a lot of diversity in themes and nature. In case, you are traveling with family or have toddlers accompanying you on your trip to Europe, it is more preferable if you add a visit of theme parks into your itinerary. So, here we are with a list of the top 5 theme parks in the Europe that are ideally preferred by a large number of travelers from around the world to visit and enjoy some quality time with adventure, excitement and fun:

  1. Disneyland, Paris, France

Disneyland, Paris

There is no better way of living your childhood again by visiting the fabulous Disneyland Park, Paris, France. A city that has been the symbol of love and affection is also the home of a fabulous piece of marvel, designed to give kids and teenagers to enjoy their favorite world of animated life in the real world whilst for adults, it has been a pleasant experience of remembering the wonderful days when the world was simple and beautiful just like fairy tales. With a standard fee between €40 and €47, you can enjoy the fabulous rides, themes, adventurous rides and more. The opening timings of Disneyland Paris are between 10AM till 11 PM all days.

  1. LEGOLAND, Windsor, United Kingdom


Among the hot favorite British theme parks, LEGOLAND is one of the finest and innovative theme parks of the Europe, located in Windsor. With its wide range of rides, games, activities, stays and more, this theme park has been generating enough of exposure among travelers. Hence, people from around the world have begun to take flights to London and visiting Windsor with a train ride to explore the enthralling beauty of this outstanding theme park. Offering fine quality stays, shopping, slides, rides, games and a lot more, this theme park costs between £6 to £20 based on the season and age. The opening hours of LEGOLAND are from 10 AM to 5PM every day and may vary as per the season.

  1. Popeye Village, Anchor Bay, Malta

Popeye Village, Anchor Bay

Constructed on the theme of famous teenager cartoon series of Popeye, Popeye village is among the finest and bewitching places in Anchor Bay, Malta, known for its cliff side construction and a magnificent setting that gives a feeling of living in the world of spinach-eating sailor man. The colorful huts and variety of rides as well as theme activities will give you a spectacular experience along with a superb view of the Anchor Bay. This theme park is often used as a wedding venue and gives a completely different way of reading your vows to get bound by love forever. A perfect place for all ages, Popeye Village costs between €6 to €10 per person depending on the age, time and season. The opening hours of Popeye Village are from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM daily.

  1. Siam Park, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Siam Park, Tenerife

Enjoy the beauty of Southeast Asia and fabulous decor of Europe at one place whilst enjoying some of the finest rides and activities at Siam Park, Tenerife. This spellbinding water park was built in the year 2008 and has an abundant variety of splashing, sliding, rocking and many more rides along with access to the sandy beaches for some quality sunbathe. The Siam Park is perfect for all age groups and people of all interests, giving a magnificent time for an entire family where kids can go splashing in the water, teenagers can get to vertical splash rides and older people can enjoy some quality and tranquilizing time at the beaches. The opening hours of Siam Park are between 10AM to 6PM with a cost of between €25 to €35 per person, based on the season and age.

  1. Bakken, Klampenborg, Denmark

Bakken, Klampenborg

Constructed in the year 1583, Bakken is the oldest functioning amusement park in the world, located in the heart of Klampenborg, Denmark and sharing a fabulous experience of riding some of the most bewitching and thrilling rides ever. With a close proximity from the capital Copenhagen, Bakken is something that everyone should visit for at least once in the lifetime to experience the magical legacy of theme parks that have brought new dimensions of joy in our lives. The opening hours are between 12 AM till 10 PM based on the weather conditions and special occasions, whereas the entry fee is between €17 and €25 per person till date.

Europe is the home of many outstanding and extraordinary cities that are filled with myriad admirable attributes and when you are a lover of visiting theme parks, there are dozens of cities and regions that are the home of world’s finest theme parks and are perfect to have some quality time with kids and rejuvenating your childhood again. So, if you are planning a visit in the near future to the extraordinary continent of Europe, then all you need now is to consider the services of Travelation and book your flights to Europe with us to save more with our magnificent range of deals and offers available online for a happening and pocket-friendly getaway with the people you love the most.

European Shopping Scene

Traveling Europe has always been a pleasure for everyone where we all can explore the utmost diversity of cultures, traditions, heritages, religious values, natural bliss and outstanding lifestyles. With a lot to offer, Europe have always been a delightful option to plan an escape as solo, couple, family or friends and you will find millions of travelers boarding flights to Europe from around the world to fulfil their travel fantasies and unveiling the new range of dimensions this continent has to offer. In case, you have this strong urge of traveling Europe and go cartful of shopping in near future, then here we are, showcasing the outstanding shopping scene of Europe that will give shopaholics a strong doze with loads of adventures and excitements that follows. So, here we are with the most magnificent cities in the Europe, ideal for shopping vacation:

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Among the most thriving getaways of the Spain these days, Barcelona is among the most enthralling getaway destinations for tourist in the Europe. With an outstanding array of picturesque architectures and marvelous landmarks, Barcelona also has a wide range of shopping markets and malls covering a major part of the city. With places like El Born, Barri Gotic, Placa Catalunya, Porta de I’Angel, Maremegnum Mall, Las Arenas Shopping Center, El Corte Ingles and more, you can enjoy a pleasant time in Barcelona, shopping your heart out and saving a lot with some outstanding seasonal offers and deals available throughout the year.

  1. London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

The British capital, known for its strong historical background and an outstanding range of picturesque sites, London have always been a dream getaway for most of the tourists. However, when it comes to shopping, people often find London disappointing without exploring the most bewitching marketplaces and malls of the city that includes Carnaby Street, Regent’s Park Road, Camden Town, Greenwich Open Market, Bond Street, Neal’s Yard, Convent Garden Markets and many more places across the city that are regionally famous for the diversity of products and great quality at affordable prices.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

When we hear of Berlin, we always think of only parties and spellbinding lifestyle of the city whilst overlooking the most spectacular attribute of German capital that have been a prominent reason behind locals flocking the boulevards of the city. Berlin is also the home of an array of delightful shopping hubs of the country and have been offering the most bewitching shopping extravaganza at Kurfürstendamm, Friedrichstrabe, Schlossstrasse, Hackischer Market, Alexa Shopping Center, Europa Center Berlin, Mall of Berlin, KaDeWe and many more places that are seamless for some incredible shopping in Berlin and offer a great experience of exploring the diversity of Germany.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Irish capital Dublin is famous around the travelers for a reason. A blissful conurbation of the Europe, Ireland is the home of an abundant variety of outstanding attractions and landmarks, yet there are a big number of travelers who tend to take flights to Dublin to explore the seasonal markets that are perfect to get some fantastic shopping during the festive season. Dublin Christmas Markets are the biggest highlights of the country during the Christmas month where travelers from around the world fly across Dublin and explore the spellbinding markets an incredible range of products to purchase at a reasonable price. The factory outlets here have been the reason behind a giant tourist exposure.

  1. Milan, Italy

 Milan, Italy

Milan, a picturesque city that have been leading the world when it comes to the fashion and lifestyle trends is among the finest getaway destinations for shopaholics for a reason. A fabulous city of Italy has nothing much to offer apart from a few heritage sites, some wonderful landmarks and more. Hence, if you fly to Milan, the only thing you are left with is to go shopping till you feel satisfied. The wide range of boutique stores and weekly markets are the highlights for tourists and have been appealing voyagers taking flights to Europe. Places like Fiera di Senigallia, Viale Fauche, the Brian & Barry Building, Corso Buenos Aires, Corso Di Porta Ticinese and Excelsior Milano are the finest places to go and have the best shopping experience in the Italy.

Although, there are plenty of other cities like Zurich, Rome, Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Paris, Budapest, Warsaw and many more that are perfectly suitable to feed your urges of shopping in the Europe and have a spellbinding, vacation with loads of shopping and strolling around the markets, yet what makes it your perfect shopping destination will always be your interest of goods and services as well as the budget. So, if you have been thinking to have a spellbinding vacation with your loved ones to explore the utmost beauty of the Europe whilst going for shopping side-by-side, then all you need now is to consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and get going on a superb journey to the most outstanding European destinations for shopping with our great offers and deals on flights to Europe.

The Cheapest Cities in the Europe That You Need To Visit!

It is commonly observed that if you are traveling to the Europe, you might require a lot of funds and savings in order to enjoy the fullest. However if you have been planning a trip to the beautiful cities of the Europe, you might need to understand, that there is no such thing as expensive destination. It all depends on how you plan your itinerary and what sort of luxury you opt on your getaway. There are plenty of destinations out there that are buried under the myth of being expensive and are quite affordable like any other part of the world. To blow the huge bubble of myth, we have jot down a list of the cheapest cities in the Europe that you need to visit:

  1. Budapest, Hungary


The picturesque land of Hungary boasted with a tremendous amount of Gothic architecture, pleasant lifestyle, exquisite weather conditions and a heritage worth exploring. However, being a nation with rich heritage and architecture, people get misguided and consider the capital Budapest an expensive destination. Whereas the city is quite affordable when it comes to traveling. An average three star room costs around £50 per person for two nights near the central parts of the city. There are plenty of eateries that offer great amount of quality food at budget prices and have a big number of attraction that doesn’t charge a lot. Also, the local transportation is quite reasonable and falls within budget.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic


A budget-friendly version of Paris for romantic travelers, Prague is one of the most affordable destination in the Europe. With a total average expense of accommodation around £70 per person for two nights in a 3 star hotel, the city offers a tremendous amount of attraction and pleasant things to do. Besides, there are a big toll of budget restaurants that serve quite scrumptious food with great taste and hygiene level. If you are planning to take flights to Europe with your love, visiting Prague will give you a very budget-friendly yet equally dreamy getaway experience of all time.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey’s star city, Istanbul has been receiving millions of tourists throughout the year and has become one of the most thriving destinations of the region in last decade. The prime reason is considered to be the attraction and sum of heritage the city possesses, however frequent and smart travelers have found the city quite reasonable and cheap to stay for a week or so. So, if you fond of heritage and seek a getaway that don’t put a heavy toll on your pocket whilst giving you a splendid traveling experience, the cultural and financial epicenter of Turkey will welcome you with open arms.

  1. Riga, Latvia


One of the most bewitching artistic cities of the Europe and the proud Latvian capital, Riga has made its way to one of the most amazing and affordable destinations when searched in recent researches. A pleasant getaway destination with plenty of art galleries and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Riga makes a great destination for solo, couple and family travelers. With its enthralling variety of attractions and striking culture, Riga has drawn attention of thousands of tourists every month. Hence, travelers taking flights to Europe tend to search about great options to stay and find some of the finest accommodation deals for Latvian capital. Also, the cost of living here is really low and you can have the best time in Riga whilst spending a fortune.

  1. Warsaw, Poland


Poland holds the reputation of being one of the most elegant and stiff countries of the Europe and when it comes to the capital Warsaw, it is often considered quite an expensive destination for travelers. However, if you see a regular cost of living including accommodation, traveling, dining and sightseeing, you will find the city really cheap and amazing. The average cost of living for one person in Warsaw for a day sums around £160 and offers an immense quality of getaway experience. So, if you are planning to fly your way to the Europe and looking forward to a fabulous and elegant getaway experience, Warsaw is one fine choice.

Besides all the destinations mentioned above, there is a huge list of the destinations in the Europe that are really affordable and comes in a normal international traveling budget. All you need is do a research and you will come across plenty of destinations out there that awaits your gracious visit and to be explored by an expert traveler. So, next time you plan a trip to the European continent, all you need to do is consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and find out the most affordable flights to Europe for a dreamy getaway.

Real Life Fairytale Villages in Europe

Europe, a continent that have been read and understood as a magical land in our literature for years. A combination of nations that have been into a few fairytales and have given us the infinite space to explore our imaginations still possesses some of the greatest, finest and renowned fairytale villages that we have remembered for one or more reasons. Enjoy the beauty of the Europe with rich heritage, great sights and impeccable elegance while discovering some of the most outstanding fairytale villages spread across the Europe. To give you a ride back in the childhood with all the bedtime tales we used to listen from our parents, we have brought a ist of real life fairytale villages in the Europe.

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

The colorful village spanned on the coasts of the Italian Riviera known for its architectures made on steep slope and hues of houses, Cinque Terra of Italy is no lesser than a fairytale village of the Europe. A small village that has been witnessing a huge number of tourists each year, Cinque Terre give an astounding getaway experience despite its small size and limited resources. The magnificent fan following and increasing fame has accolade the village a delightful array of comfort and luxury to please the guests visiting here year-round. Besides all the picturesque places, the city has preserved a really informative and mesmerizing heritage which can only be discovered once you reach there.

  1. Rocamadour, France

Rocamadour, France

Not as colorful as Cinque Terre yet equally astounding and captivating village of France, with a close proximity to Alzhou River, Rocamadour is among the most splendid and bewitching getaway destinations in the France. Often described as a village came out of the book itself, Rocamadour has become a spellbinding pilgrimage for dream getaway seekers. Located at the south-central France, this clifftop village is truly a mesmerizing place and feature plenty of heritage sites and a nearby bird park. With all the beauties lies around, travelers tend to take cheap flights to Europe and visit these extraordinary attractions spilled across the south-central part of the France.

  1. Filzmoos, Austria

Filzmoos, Austria

A romantic Austrian village which is often acknowledged as a Christmassy getaway destination throughout the year, Filzmoos is among the most top-notch getaway destinations in the Europe. Deriving tourists from across the world by its small yet picturesque beauty, this outstanding village sure makes a perfect fairytale village where you can imagine to find elves and Santa himself working round-the-clock to prepare Christmas gifts for kids. Ideally located at the foothills of Dachstein Massif, this pleasant getaway makes a perfect family escape especially when you have curious kids who like to explore magical places and beautiful landscapes.

  1. Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

A resort town cum fairytale village of Portugal, Sintra is among the most prestigious, renowned and favorite getaway destinations of the Europe. With a close proximity with the Portuguese capital Lisbon, this small village makes a perfect getaway for the tourists taking cheap flights to Europe and heading towards one of the most prosperous, culturally rich and remarkably beautiful capital of the Portugal. Nestled on the hilltop, this splendid village makes a perfect fairytale village with whimsical views and amazing architectures popping out of the tip of the mountain. Reminding of impenetrable fairytale castles this incredible place is worth a visit while you are visiting Lisbon.

  1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

A volcanic island village of Cyclades Group, this Greek village is quite famous for its remarkable sunset, exquisite white houses and an array of heritage and cultural sites. Often considered as one of the most visited and a must visit attraction of the Greece, this spellbinding getaway destination is apt for both romantic couples as well as family travelers. Featuring beaches, resorts, natural attractions, myriad sunset points and a lot of fun and excitement, this place makes a perfect dreamy fairytale getaway destination of the Europe. While visiting here, do not forget to visit Oia, a hilltop town that has the best views of Santorini to be seen at the dawn.

Europe is a combination of heritage, culture, art, architecture, natural landscapes, beautiful tradition and so much more which makes the fairytale writers often take the inspirations from the villages as well as towns. Hence, you will always find one place or another used in the books of past or present. So, next time when you take cheap flights to Europe and search for a great getaway destination, do not forget to visit one of these splendid and dreamy fairytale villages of the Europe and book your tickets with Travelation to bag some handsome discounts and offers on flights.

Top European Cities You Must Visit in Your 20s

There is an age in which, you must experience the diversity of the world and if you are looking for myriad dynamics and cultures in the world, Europe is the best example of it. Be it history, culture, lifestyle or colonial background, Europe possesses ample of cities that have features alike. In your 20s, it is the best time to experience all of it and learn a lot about the various civilizations. Be it England, Greece, Italy, Spain or any other country, you will get enough chances to get the exposure of tempting information which will help you to broaden your thought process in many ways. Here are the top European cities you must visit in your 20s:



The engaging city of Canals, the magnificent capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam has always been a catch for people in their 20s. The engaging lifestyle, captivating history and mesmerizing canals has always been an attractive thing for travelers. A city which has a lot to learn from, Amsterdam has been a captivating city for teenagers who have a keen interest in traveling and Dutch history. The marvelous libraries and heritage places scattered across the Amsterdam are simply superb and easily accessible with bike rides.



Among the most artistic cities in the Europe and the capital city of Iceland, known for Northern lights, Reykjavik has plenty of things to explore. In your 20s, you can enjoy the marvelous landscapes, captivating lifestyle and engaging culture to explore. Visit Reykjavik during summers and enjoy a daylight of approximately 22 hours in a day. With number of adventurous activities to indulge in like fishing, hiking, biking on mountains and sledding, you can enjoy the thrill along with the exposure of the city which is the northernmost capital in the world.



The city of love and home of one of the seven wonders in the world, Paris is among the most desired, loved and visited cities in the Europe. All the adults have the desire to visit Paris once in their lives and if you are in your 20s, you probably love to have an exposure of exquisite lifestyle, captivating culinary and endless architectural marvels available in Paris. Get the experience of an unplanned trip with loads of improvisation and quick thinking when you are in Paris and learn a lot about the history of France from numerous museums scattered across the city.



The largest city in the Europe and the capital of United Kingdom, London is one of the must visit cities in the world. Whether you are in your 20s or 60s, the exposure of visiting London is unmatched. Magnificent restaurants, theater shows, bustling streets and captivating street festivals are the most engaging things for teenagers who are up for their London exploration. Visit Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and a number of other fascinating architectures of British capital and soak yourself in the marvelous beauty of London.

Bunol, Valencia


The city that has earned its fame in last a couple of decades for an exhilarating and unique festival of tomato fight, Bunol in Valencia is among the most hyped and engaging destination to visit in the 20s where you can learn a lot about different dimensions of cultures in the Europe. Visit Bunol during August and experience the thriving and the captivating festival of La Tomatina which has been one of the most spectacular events and a panoramic festival to attend for last a few years.

The 20s is the time when you stumble upon various experiences and we all have heard that experience is the key to success. Hence, book your flights to Europe now and get ready to have an exposure of completely different, diverse and fascinating cultures in the European continent.

4 Must Visit Destinations of Europe

Europe is a continent surrounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It is one of the most popular regions on earth that has a treasure trove of eye catching sights, alluring landscapes, huge mountains, breathtaking islands and exotic beaches. The impeccable charm of this wonderful destination is worth exploring and will give you a wonderful vacation experience.

No matter what kind of a trip you are looking forward to, all your desires will be accomplished when you are in Europe. It is the second largest continent in the world with around 50 countries. Since it is not possible to explore all of them in one go, here are the top 4 destinations that are as must, if you wish to make the best of Europe.

  1. Paris:


    This major city in Europe is one of the most visited cities in the world that has been on the list of all the frequent travelers and tourists since ages. Nicknamed as the ‘City of Lights’, it has amazing architectures, lively ambience and vibrant culture that will make you fall in love with it. Renowned globally as the fashion hub and an ideal spot for spending a romantic break, it happens to be an amazing destination that has something for everyone.

  2. London:


    Yet another gem of Europe, London is a popular tourist destination and happens to be the heart of the country. Home to several queens, palaces and royal landmarks, it is a stunning city that will make you wonder in surprise. With attractions like the Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, Science Museum, etc. it captivates the eyes of all its visitors. The lively streets, vibrant nightlife and music scenes add charm to its elegance. So, when are you going?

  3. Italy:


    Italy is a country in Europe that is known for its powerful influence on western culture and the ancient ruins of the French culture. It is the third largest economy in the region and has been among the top list of the most popular destinations of the world. Picturesque landscapes, a Mediterranean coastline, canals, small towns and eye-catching sights make it an awesome place to be at. The major attractions that can be explored while being here include the Colosseum, Florence Cathedral, Trevi Fountain, etc.

  4. Switzerland:


    Located in the central Europe, this mountainous country is a wonderful place with numerous lakes, villages and the Alps that add grace to its beauty. A popular spot for hiking, ice skiing and sightseeing, it is an incredible country that will steal your heart away. No matter whom you are traveling with, its charismatic elegance and sparkling style will double up the fun of your excursion. Lake Geneva, Swiss Alps, Jungfrau, Swiss National Museum, Olympic Museums, etc. are the major attractions of this wonderland.

Now when you have the whole list of the best destinations, how about striking them off your list? Book a flight to Europe today and get ready to create some magical memories.

TravelChecklist 5 Best Cities of Europe

Europe is the world’s second-smallest continent that has been among the top choice of the visitors from all over the world. The cultural and historical heritage, mouth-watering food, picturesque villages, vibrant nightlife and the amazing ambiance of the place make it worth spending a vacation. While you are planning a trip to Europe, have a look at the top cities of Europe, without which your holiday is incomplete. Add them all your to the bucket-list and strike them off all on your next visit to Europe.

  1. Rome, Italy: The capital city of Rome, Italy is a sprawling cosmopolitan city which is famous for its culture, art and globally renowned architecture. Before planning a trip to Europe, Italy is the first city that should be added to the list of its must visit places. The top tourist attractions include, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Basilica, etc. that will make your trip all the more exciting and memorable.
  2. Rome

  3. Paris, France: Paris is the capital city of France, which is a major European city that boasts a blend of culture, art, fashion and gastronomy. To create some magical memories, Paris is recommended to be visited for sure while exploring Europe. Visit the lively café-city, Notre Dame, watch the amazing architecture, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Disneyland Paris and much more. The city has so much to see that you’ll fall short of time.
  4. Paris

  5. Florence, Italy: Florence happens to be one of the most beautiful and artistically-inspirational cities in the world. This capital city of Italy is a famous spot for tourists from all over the world who get captivated by its impeccable beauty. On your visit to Florence, do not forget to visit the famous places, like Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Basilica of Santa Croce, Piazza della Signoria, Historic Centre of Florence, Giardino Bardini etc.
  6. Florence

  7. London, United Kingdom: Located on the River Thames, London is a major city in the Europe that happens to be the capital of England. You cannot afford to miss the chance of watching London’s wonders while on a visit to Europe. The magnetic charm of the city will make you spend a longer vacation here. The Tower of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, British Museum, Madam Tussauds, etc. are the top places that shall be visited, the next time you are here.
  8. London

  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam is apparently the most popular city which is on the list of many frequent travelers. The city is famous for its artistic heritage and numerous sites that will leave you awestruck. The galleries, museums, laid-back bars, boat rides and world-class museums make it an extremely unique place to be explored. Its popular spots include the Anne Frank House, Vondelpark, Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House Museum, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, etc. Do visit this Netherland city to delve into its unknown vistas.
  10. Amsterdam

There are many more cities that could be visited during your trip to Europe, but for now, pack up your bags and tick off all these cities from your travel list. You could book flights to Europe with Travelation and get exciting offers and discounts and enjoy a budget-friendly vacation with friends and family.

5 Secret Places that are a Must See in Europe

Europe has been a popular country in the world because of some incredible destinations such as Amsterdam known for its canals, London for shopping & museums, etc. It has attained fame by the silhouette of the landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa only. But to our surprise there are many more places in Europe that are hidden, but are quite beautiful and can leave you in the state of awestruck. So, the next time you are planning a trip to Europe, visit them all to explore the hidden gems of the country. Here is the list of the secret places that are worth exploring.

  1. Olomouc, Czech Republic: Located on the Moravia River in the Moravia state in Czech Republic, Olomouc is one of the most valued cities of the country. This undiscovered gem is home to countless beautiful buildings, great culture and a large number of attractive sights that will make you feel like being in a paradise. The presence of a large number of historic monuments and architectures make Olomouc an amazing destination to be at.
  2. 1

  3. Sopot, Poland: This seaside resort town located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Poland is yet another hidden destination that hasn’t got its due worth in terms of popularity. Walks along the longest wooden pier and sporting events make this small town a must see to enjoy a blend of modern and historical culture. The exotic beaches add shine to the beauty of the town.
  4. 2

  5. Ostuni, Italy: Ostuni is a city in the province of Italy which is famous for its pristine beaches, historical architecture, as well as vibrant olive and grape vineyards. It has been given the nickname of The White City and it shines like a beautiful tiara extending across three hills. The variety of restaurants and stylish bars make it a popular summer destination for tourists from all over the world.
  6. 3

  7. Lugano, Switzerland: Lugano is a city in the southern Switzerland, which is famous for its mixture of Swiss-Mediterranean cultures. This vivacious city has amazing bars and pavement cafes that stand along the edge of a beautiful lake. Being the financial and business centre of Switzerland, Lugano has become a popular attraction in the region. It offers all the advantages of a world-class city, combined with the cachet of a small town.
  8. 4

  9. Colmar, France: As the capital of central Alsace, Colmar offers a delightful mixture of French culture and Bavarian architecture. The well preserved surroundings and the colorful half-timbered homes give a fairy tale view of this small yet beautiful town. A visit to this place will leave speechless as its astonishing beauty overpowers each and everything present around it. Plan a trip soon to experience the charm yourself.


There are many more places and spots in the country that remain unpopular but are a treasure of beauty and charm which is the perfect reason to visit them on a vacation. You can explore all these and many more by booking a cheap flight to Europe. Log on to Travelation and browse through the amazing offers on cheap flights to Europe.