Top 5 Cities in Germany to Visit

European continent is among the most diverse and incredible regions on the planet and whether you believe it or not, this part of the world have always been the home to many incredible civilizations that have survived many eras and have been flourishing the region with their magnificent culture and heritage. Among all these nations, Germany have always been an outstanding place for exploring the heritage and understanding the history of modern world and if you have been thinking to visit here in the near future, you will find the cities of this country quite amazing. Through this blog, Travelation aims to inspire you for making a spectacular escape to this German utopia and explore some of the most incredible cities of Germany that will definitely stun your very soul:

  1. Berlin


The German capital Berlin is prominently known for its enchanting beauty and breathtaking historical element which have been giving the city a charisma like no other. Though most of the landmarks and historical sites are refurbished due to devastation held in World War II, yet if you are looking to follow the traces of rich culture and history, you can easily find many relics from the past that are still available to witness for tourists and locals in the various museums and galleries. The most prominent attractions including Museum Island, Holocaust Memorial and magnificent variety of shopping malls will keep you on your toes throughout your vacation in Germany.

  1. Munich


The capital city of Bavaria region, Munich is the hub of culture, art, technology and education in the region and prominently visited by youngsters seeking some inspiration in relation to their interest. The mind-blowing city of Munich is the third-largest metropolitan city of the country and sports a fantastic range of incredible landmarks and sites that are treasuring the culture, heritage, lifestyle and many more essence of the civilization. Places like Englischer Garten, Nymphenburg Palace, Linderhof Palace, Munich Residenz, Frauenkirche Church, Deutsches Museum, BMW Museum, New Town Hall, Hofgarten, Odeonsplatz, Old Town Hall, Pinakothek der Moderne and many more places are a must visit for you.

  1. Frankfurt


One of the largest financial centers of the Europe as well as a globally renowned city of Frankfurt is the crown jewel of the nation, prominently known for being the home emperors and rulers of the Germany over the centuries. Though, the outlook of the city have drastically changed in over the period of time, yet the charm and elegance of Frankfurt is still traceable and you can witness the wealth and exquisite lifestyle in a stroll to the most prominent attractions such as St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, St. Paul’s Church, Main Tower, Palmengarten, Goethe House, Stadel, Alte Opera House, Naturmuseum Senckenberg, Museumsufer, MMK, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and many more places that are the biggest highlights of the city.

  1. Dusseldorf


Often described as the German version of Milan by global voyagers, Dusseldorf is one of the most modern and tranquilizing getaway destinations of the Germany, prominently known for being the fashion hub of the nation. The thriving range of shopping malls, boutiques, shops, markets and eateries have been making this city a perfect place for a weekend trip for shopping and fun. When you are exploring the fun city of Dusseldorf, do not miss to visit Schloss Benrath, Dusseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Rheinturm, Museum Kunstpalast, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Kunst im Tunnel, Neandertal, Hofgarten, Aquazoo Lobbecke Museum of Dusseldorf, Krefeld Zoo, Dussel River and dozens of other attractions that are really delightful to visit and explore.

  1. Hamburg


One of the largest and oldest cities of the Germany, nestled in the northern region with a close proximity to the Berlin, Hamburg is a tranquilizing getaway destination, ideally renowned for being a major port hub for the country for decades. Known to be sporting as one of the biggest natural harbors of the Europe, Hamburg is featured with an immense range of fascinating attractions. While you are in Hamburg, try and visit some of the best landmarks and attractions of the city such as Heide Park, Reeperbahn Entertainment District, Miniatur Wunderland, Tierpark Hagenbeck, St. Michael’s Church, Alster, Planten un Blomen, Soviet Submarine B-515, Chilehaus and a big number of other magnificent places that will give you the glimpse of diversity in the northern port region of Germany.

Although, the country has many more cities to share the cultural brilliance and outstanding lifestyle such as Cologne, Dresden, Stuttgart, Rothenberg, Leipzig, Bamberg, Lubeck and many more, yet if you are looking to witness the best of the best Germany has to offer, then you should probably start considering to visit the places enlisted below. To make your travel even more enticing and enjoyable, Travelation is throwing some of the most fantastic and exclusive deals on flights to Germany that will give you immense pleasure of flying your way to this remarkable nation that is nestled in the very heart of the Europe. So, don’t wait any more and book your getaways to Germany straight away.